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Two months had quickly passed by after the bestowal of the triple-A citizenship...A lot of things had gone by in it but at the same time, it went somewhat in a routine manner.

The Academy had gone back to its original calmness by now as it became somewhat the norm to see Felix walking on the corridors while accompanied by Naima, Karry, and Naomi, the three witches he hit it off with at the start.

No more jumping out of the windows or witches camping his class to his delight.

As for universal-wide, there was that sense of calm before the storm currently since five attempts had occurred on Felix\'s head in those two months.

Two of them were carried in the campus while the other three outside of it during Felix\'s journey to visit Lady Sphinx\'s lab.

All of them failed miserably due to the campus and the capital\'s lighting fast responses plus the Queen AI\'s help.

Although they failed, they did show Felix that no one had yet to give up on his eyes or bloodline bottles.

Especially when the last attempts happened only last week.

So, he could never drop his guard down even in his room.

Speaking about bloodlines, Felix had already concluded the deal with the Galactical Army and the Bardot Family, obtaining 90 Billion SC off this freebie trade.

The news of the trade did spread galaxy-wide so the research results are done on those mythical bottles.

Those results were shocking alright as they had shown absolutely nothing unique or extraordinary in those bottles!

Billions of coins were thrown into the institutes responsible for trying to reverse engineering whatever was done to those bloodlines.

However, they were stumped by the reality that all of them were like any other bloodline.

When the news of their failure was leaked, the Phantom Organization had been crowned as the greatest research institute in the Galaxy and the future of the human race...Again, 180 degrees switch of emotions.

Though, Felix didn\'t give a ** about any of their proclamations as he kept doing what he knows best.

Train, Train, and more training!

By now, he had already solved multiple issues that were blocking his progress.

The first one was his **ty energy capacity as he managed to increase it substantially with the potion he traded with Lady Sphinx.

Plus, the potion had the bonus effect of making his energy control a tad smoother.

This added a bit of help in his journey to perfecting his finer energy control so he could obliterate 95% of microorganisms during the concoction...In fact, he did manage to reach 80% which was tremendous progress in the standards of the witches.

However, the moment he hit that mark, he started having difficulty progressing any further as he couldn\'t kill off more than 80% before the materials fully melt into the concoction.

Despite such a setback, Felix was acing most of the classes in terms of knowledge due to his photographic memory.

His only competitor in the class was Lara in this field as the number of books she read truly surpassed his number by far.

He knew that it was almost impossible to catch up to her since she was fully focused on potion-making while he was juggling with many things at once.

Just last month, he played his last Individual Game in the Human Branch and followed it up with the 3rd planetary game this week.

In both of them, he didn\'t utilize his lightning element at all since his sand abilities and barbaric strength that was sitting at 7100 BF were more than enough to demolish anyone in those games!

This pure raw strength was available to only peak epic 4th stage bloodliners.

Against those peak 2nd stage bloodliners, the existence of Felix was the same as a god playing with his pinky.

Thankfully for the players participating in that game, Felix wasn\'t in short of resources, making him hold onto his format choosing coupon and double points coupon for other games.

Even though he didn\'t use the coupons, Felix still managed to earn 18 Billion profit from the streaming revenue, pushing his total capital to a whopping 179 Billion SC!!

These were his fruits from the games, the business ventures, the bottles sold to the background plus the ones sold in his hidden bloodline shop in the Mariana empire, also his official clothing \'LL\' brand that was launched right before the game.

It turned out, the ones who bribed the employees to delay his brand paperwork had stopped paying after realizing that the tides were turning in Felix\'s favor...Reputation wise.

Yet, all of this capital and the wishes he collected so far didn\'t put Felix at ease.

That\'s because of the cultivation system that Lady Sphinx had chosen for him to get stronger continuously.

He had already been informed of it and its details!

He got to admit that the path was truly perfect for him but at the same time, the resources it needs would put his bloodline path\'s expenses to shame!

Currently, he was preparing both physically and mentally to head to the castle since the first live experiment was scheduled to be held in two hours.

He would be lying if he said that he wasn\'t nervous since Lady Sphinx was fully blunt that the pain was going to be way worse than his integrations sessions.

Hence, if he entered with the mentality of having a god-like pain tolerance, he would get bitten.

\'Ahh, how I missed hearing your b*tchy cries.\' Asna said with a sadistic glint, appearing quite eager to spectate the experiment.

Meanwhile, the Jörmungandr was also quite eager but for a different reason.

It was finally time for Felix\'s body to catch up to his elemental manipulation and dominate the primogenitor\'s games!

The Jörmungandr felt that he had done his part by helping Felix enter the second stage of manipulation in less than four months.

It was time for Felix to announce the return of the Ragnarok Bringer in the primogenitor\'s games by destroying every champion he ended up fighting with!

One hour and a half later...

\'I have finished the preparation and the final tests.\' Lady Sphinx announced in Felix\'s mind, \'The results are still the same, showing that if you survived through the pain that would occur after the surgery, the cultivation system wouldn\'t be affecting you negatively in any way possible...Besides, financially of course.\'

\'Good to hear.\' Felix let out a long exhale and stood up with a firm expression.

\'Let\'s do this.\'


15 minutes later...Felix made it safely to Lady Sphinx\'s castle by taking his own hovercar.

He didn\'t go to the lab in the underground but to another lab that was in this dimension.

After all, the surgery might last for a long time and Felix couldn\'t stay disconnected from the Queen for more than two hours.

When he reached the area of the lab, Lady Sphinx said telepathically, \'Come in.\'

Felix pushed the door and was greeted with the sight of Lady Sphinx in her humanoid furry form playing with some long needles.

Get fully nude and lay down on one of the tables. Lady Sphinx said without looking at him.

Felix was already past the embarrassment point.

Hence, he quickly removed his nano suit and laid fully nude with his eyes closed shut.

As Lady Sphinx had informed him, he was going to be unconscious through the entire surgery that could potentially last over 19 hours.

He wouldn\'t be feeling a thing throughout the whole surgery, which was a bonus.

After waking up, that\'s when things start to get ugly.

Count down from ten to zero. Lady Sphinx wore gloves and placed an anesthesia mask on his mouth and nose.

This was a modified version of anesthesia that could work even on Felix since it wasn\'t extracted by poisonous materials but from beneficial ones.

Felix did as he was told while breathing through the mask.

The moment he reached number five his eyelids were starting to feel heavy as well as his body.

After he reached three, his voice was barely undeniable.

At one..He stopped moving at once, entering a deep slumber.

Silence engulfed Felix\'s consciousness space as the only sound resounding in the area was Asna\'s chewing popcorn on a couch next to the Jörmungandr.

They could see that Lady Sphinx was taking this extremely seriously since she had transferred her real senses to the copy that was about to operate on Felix.

Let\'s begin.

Lady Sphinx snapped her finger manifesting two copies of her that would act as her assistants in the surgery.

Immediately after getting constructed, one of them went to the counter where a mini-fridge with a glass door was placed on it.

She opened it slowly, causing chilling steam to emit outside and hide the content.

Without waiting for the steam to go away, she put her hand inside and brought outside a blue glass container.

Inside of it, there was a beating medium-sized pitch-black ball, appearing like a heart.

The Heart of a newborn Devourer. Jörmungandr murmured to himself.


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