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Soon, the half-hour designed for interviews had passed swiftly, as the MC interviewed as many players as the duration allowed him to.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, only 30 seconds is left before the game officially begins.

I ask all of you to count down with me after we reach 10 seconds.

Passionate, the MC bent backward with the microphone held close to his lips.

Saliva and spit stained the golden mic.

Yet, he didn\'t care about his image neither did the audience.

They simply lifted their heads and paid attention to the countdown on the large screen.

This countdown process was one of their favorite segments in the games, as it made them feel like they were part of the game.

It wasn\'t long before the countdown hit 10 seconds.

Immediately after, the quiet arena roared, resembling a beast waking up from its slumber.

The crowd counted backward, creating an unswerving harmony.



The MC spread his arms wide as he floated rapidly towards his platform.

Meanwhile, the players were teleported randomly in a massive battleground that had the same size as earthling\'s Hawaii Island.

The map was extremely diverse when it came to the environment, as there were deserts, jungles, lakes, rivers, mountains, volcanoes, and even nighttime.

It was created as such to support each player element, since if the entire map was based on a jungle.

All plant, earth, wood, and nature elementalists were going to have a blast in comparison to the rest.


The MC Titus rested a hand on his chin, as he watched in concentration more than 500 small invisible holograms, showcasing each player.

His eyes drifted rapidly from one screen to another without a single blink in between.

Such a difficult task was being handled easily by him.

For one to apply to an MC Job in the SG, he had to have at minimum, this unique multitask talent.

Otherwise, the application wouldn\'t even be received properly.

Delighted, his eyes brightened up, as he noticed a battle was about to begin.

We got our first battle my dear audience, let us watch it together.

He slid the small screen to the left using his index finger.

Simultaneously, the large screen displayed the battle he just mentioned.

Felix didn\'t bother to lift his head and glance at the heated ongoing battle between three players.

He simply kept his eyes fixed on Solid Wall, who was currently running towards the very edge of the map.

Something only idiots would do since this game mode was using a firestorm to push the players near the middle of the map.

Regardless, Solid Wall didn\'t show a hint of insanity as he kept running towards his doom.

His face was rough like a rock with dead ash grey eyes, which seemed lifeless.

Yet, nothing could hide that glint of light within, flicking like a candle that was about to extinguish.

Elated, Felix grinned and clapped his hands at this sight.

He knew that his bet was secured.

He couldn\'t help but grin foolishly at the incoming 80 million SC.


The spectators around him merely gave him a side glance and ignored him.

They had their own players to cheer.


20 minutes passed by, as the players kept dying like flies.

Every battle ended up with only two results.

A player either survives the battle, or everyone dies.

There was absolutely no mercy, as players couldn\'t afford to have it in this game mode.

So far, more than 90 players were turned into corpses, here and in real life as well.

Yet, this staggering amount was before the map even forced them to gather in the middle.

However, that didn\'t last for long; as a noisy sound went off abruptly on the battleground.

It resembled an air raid alarm.


The MC and the audience knew exactly what that sound meant, as they were staring live at the giant firestorm, shrinking in a wide circle around the edges of the island.

Its speed was quite slow though, as even a commoner could outrun it.

But that was understandable since the entire reason for its existence was to pressure the players to fight, not to flat out kill them.

If it wasn\'t for this, Solid Wall wouldn\'t even have the thought of implementing his plan.

The MC jerked his head in direction of the players near the edges, who were running for their lives away from the storm.

He clicked his tongue at their plan of avoiding fights as much as possible by hiding near the edges.

Only moving when the storm forced them to.

\'Fucking Donkeys.\'

His scornful eyes soon were replaced with joy after seeing an ongoing battle in the middle of an escapade.

He focused the camera on it and ignored the edges, which were getting empty each second.


\'Am I really going to do this, and even if I succeed by some miracle, would the SGA allow such a win\'

Wally wasn\'t able to sustain his expressionless face for long.

As now; he was biting his nails with nervousness and a hint of dread written all over his face.

Who could blame him though He was planning to stay within the firestorm until he gets declared as the last survivor.

If he told anyone of his plan, they would piss their pants from laughter.

Survive until declared as champion What kind of sick joke was this

Don\'t even mention surviving for hours within the storm, just 10 seconds and everyone would kneel in worship.

But Solid Wall wasn\'t trying to do this by relying only on bravery and courage.

He didn\'t lack common sense.

He understood thoroughly that only his epic tier 2 Galapagos Tortoise bloodline was able to provide him a chance to implement his plan.

However, that was the only thing it would provide him, a chance.

As for the hellish agony of his body getting burned to crisp, and then recovered to peak, using the passive ability *fast rejuvenation*, would be felt continuously until he either dies or the game ends.

The only one who understood Wally\'s upcoming agony was Felix himself, as his ass was blasted to flames by Asna\'s shameless technique before.

The only difference was that Felix felt burnt in one place, while Wally was going to feel it through his entire body.

Not a single part would survive the firestorm attacks.

From his brain to his balls everything was on the path of getting frayed then recovered to get frayed yet again.

\'I think it is better to just fight like everyone else.

At least if I won no one will say anything.\'

Wally\'s breaths quickened as he stood up, planning to step away from the storm.

He couldn\'t help but have second thoughts on his plan.

No one would blame him; neither would hate him for it, except for one of course.

Scared **less at this horrifying sight, Felix spew the beer that he was drinking in celebration, all over the faces of those in front of him.

Yet, he didn\'t care, neither bothered to explain himself.

He simply pointed at the storm behind Wally with bloodshed eyes.



The spectators didn\'t even complain about their faces getting dirtied by the beer.

They simply distanced themselves from this madman, not wanting anything to do with him.

While Felix was having suicidal thoughts after realizing that he was on the verge of losing 8 million SC, Solid Wall walked forward step by step with thoughts messing up his mind.

He wanted to speed up and run away from the storm that was merely tens of meters behind him, but his legs weren\'t responding.

Soon he gave up, accepting his destiny and sat back with a determined expression and eyes gleaming with lounging, \'For myself, for my family.

I have to win this game no matter what! Pain is only momentary, but my mother smile is EVERLASTING!\'

That was the last thought he had before he got engulfed by the storm.

No one saw what happened or bothered looking at his direction.

The tens of battles happening around the map captured their attention.

No one was bored enough to waste his expensive ticket and search for someone who was within the storm.

The only person who was watching the birth of a legend was Felix, who was clapping his hands with a genuine smile and clear admiration on his eyes.

Shivers always accompanied him, no matter how many times he watched the replay of Wally getting embraced by the storm in his previous life.

Now, those shivers of admiration and fascination hit on another level after seeing it live.


The Firestorm kept shrinking the circle every 20 minutes, forcing the players to create alliances and partnerships to protect themselves within a group.

It was always better to move in a herd.

Yet, those alliances didn\'t even last for long before they got broken by a member sudden betrayal.

The spectators whether watching life or on stream, cheered at those dramatic betrayals.

There was nothing more enjoyable than seeing two partners going through life and death situations, but in the end, betray each other for the championship.

Regardless of what was happening in the middle of the map, no one gave a crap about a small corner within the storm, where a man sat on the ground, clenching his jaw in anguish.

Only Felix kept his eyes on him.


Two hours later...

The game reached its climax, as only two players were left in a small-sized ring, with nowhere to retreat, or elemental energy to go all out.

Levi, just give up.

You can\'t win against me no matter what you do.

A man with one arm and bloodied face gave a smug smile towards another man with an even worse injury than him.

In his eyes, he already won the battle.

Cough, if there was a way to give up, there won\'t be 40 bodies laid around us right now Joshua. With a hand clutched on his chest, Levi tried his best to put pressure on the glaring hole near his heart.

However, the blood kept streaming down his chest unhindered.

He took a deep breath and lifted a rock in his hand.

Yet, even the act itself caused him to wince in pain.

But he could only suck it up and grip the rock even tighter.

This was it.

There was only one path forward and that was to smash that smug smile off Joshua.

This is for Miss.

Mercy! He dashed forward, uncaring about the scornful look he was receiving.

Look at you, can\'t even use one ability, and still want to fight.

What a joke, just die already.

Joshua snickered and pointed his finger that was half broken at Levi and said softly *wind string*.

A small tornado appeared on his finger and swiftly started to revolve and condense until it turned into string that was long and sharp, vibrating each time the broken finger trembled.

Good-Bye Levi, it was a good partnership between us.

Levi dropped the rock on the ground and stood with a horrified expression.

Impossible, your left arm was cleaved because you did not have any energy left to defen....

His brain was pierced from the *wind string*, leaving a small bullet hole in his forehead.

The poor lad didn\'t even manage to finish saying his final words.

Exhilarated, Joshua clutched his hand into a fist and raised it above his head in celebration.

Finally my wish can come true and have my revenge.

How long have I waited for this day. Tears mixed with blood, streaked on his cheeks and down his chin.

I feel sorry for ruining your bright future Joshua, but it is time to send you off. A chilling whisper penetrated Joshua\'s soul.

Yet, before he could even comprehend what happened, he saw his vision rolling in the sky.


The sound of his cleaved head landing on the ground resounded in the area.

Joshua\'s eyes landed on the previous penetrated body of Levi that was drifting in the air, as it broke off into tiny sand particles.

\'Sand Element active ability *Sand Mimicry*, you were a duel Elementalist all along with Levi.

Well played.

Well Play...\' that was that last thought that coursed through his brain.

Exhausted, Levi collapsed into the ground.

\'Thank god I listened to my master advice and refrained from using Sand Mimicry until the last moment, if not I would have been dead by now.\'

He sighed in relief and suddenly gave a warm smile as he glimpsed at the blue ring on his hand.

\'Master, I can finally get you a Life extension Substance that can add at least 2000 years.

It should be enough time until you find a healing fairy to treat you fully from your hidden injuries.\'

Unfortunately, his daydream was shattered, as an alarm resonated through the whole battleground faithfully.

\'TIRING\', \'TIRING\'...

The Fire Storm was moving again.


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