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Felix had concluded all of this in the span of merely two seconds due to his enhanced processing power!

Yet, this wasn\'t the time to brag about it as he could see that it wasn\'t going to be pretty for him if those racist witches pulled off their plan.

So please Felix, just stay home for the day or tomorrow. Lobna advised with good intentions, They can\'t protest forever since they also have classes to catch.

Lobna, it\'s not about the protest. Felix shook his head, The problem is what\'s going to happen after the news of me raping witches spread like wildfire.

Rumors would fly around and they would be getting exaggerated every time they pass to another witch.

By the time the entire Academy heard of this, I wouldn\'t be just a rapist but a vile person to associate with.

He added, Even if I proved that everything is bull**, the damage would have been already done and the image of me being a vile person would register in most witches\' minds.

That would definitely ruin my stay in the Academy.

Never understimate the power of rumors. Felix said grimly.

Rumors might start harmless but could end up causing misfortune to the targeted person, especially if his mind wasn\'t tough!

So, what are you going to do Lobna asked, Are you going to seek help from teachers or the headmistress

No. Felix replied bluntly.

The last thing Felix wanted to do was show everyone that he needed to be saved by the headmistress or the teachers like some hopeless victim.

The moment he decided to join the Academy, he knew that being discriminated against was going to happen one way or another.

Neither the headmistress nor Lady Sphinx begged him to come here or they had claimed that they would ensure his protection against everyone.

He still came while knowing so.

This meant, he made his own choice to deal with this crap and he needs to live up to it instead of just requesting to have his hand held for the next three years.

Senior, thank you for the heads up, I own you one. Felix said with an appreciative tone before hanging up.

\'Big mistake to target me with that accusation without making proper research.\' Felix narrowed his eyes while speeding up, \'This will be the worst day of your life.\'


Five minutes later...

In front of the main faculty, hundreds of witches were holding their bracelets up while shouting at the top of their voices in harmony, Expel the rapist!! Expel the rapist! Expel the rapist!

All of their bracelets were projecting large holograms that were showing either picture of Felix with red lines across it, entailing their request to cancel him.

Some of them were having holograms that were showing bits and pieces of a video that captured two naked witches getting get molested against their will by a humanoid shadow.

He had a male figure and his hands kept showing to be manly as well.

As for Felix\'s face There was no sign of it.

Yet, the crowd of witches that span to hundreds of them were all watching the video and discussing it between them.

There were even teachers, security guards, and a couple of staff members in the area as well.

The teachers didn\'t feel like this was their business to stick their heads into since there was no benefits to them.

The security guards were here just to keep a look at the protest and check if those witches didn\'t break the rules.

Lobna, Ishtar, and a couple of other senior witches were also watching this farce while conversing about it.

Seriously, you think that Felix will pull a stupid move like this right after the day he got accepted in the Academy Plus, it\'s impossible for him to molest a witch while everyone is wearing a bracelet.

It\'s very clear that this is a nasty counterattack by that b*tch.

A delicate witch scoffed while glaring at Lilly who was standing on a stool in front of the protest, clearly leading it.

Lobna and the rest who were standing next to her all showed different responses to her claim.

Well, it does seem like a deliberate move to ruin that human\'s reputation...But, A foxy witch arched her eyebrows and said, I read in the network that humans are known for being extremely lusty and can mate with anything that has a hole.

The other witches who heard their conversation felt a slight shiver in their nether area at the sound of that.

Where the hell did you read that

Cough, in the comment section of the mating websites. The foxy witch answered with an embarrassed tone, making her friends giggle together.

They didn\'t seem like they were judging her for visiting those sites since witches had a great curiosity about sex.

Some of them even pay millions of coins in the UVR to switch their race to humans or other races to get a taste of how other races have sex.

But not a lot of witches proclaim that they were doing so in public since there was a kind of stigma to it in the witch society.

After all, those witches were willingly changing their own race to have gentiles, sexual desires...etc.

For a race that was part of the top ten ruling power, this wasn\'t something to brag about.

First, didn\'t I tell you to stop watching those videos without me Lobna scolded, Second, why the hell are you believing the comment section of those sites They are filled with a bunch of weirdos who post all types of unrelated comments.

Just saying. The Foxy witch shrugged her shoulders, Humans do have high sexual desires when compared to most races.

Still, it is controllable and they don\'t have a mating season that makes them lose control like some rac...

Before Lobna could finish her sentence, loud exclamations of witches resounded in the area while pointing their fingers at an incoming hover platform.

That\'s him! He actually came!

Didn\'t he check the news posted about the protest He shouldn\'t be here for his own safety.

This idiot! Lobna scolded while looking at Felix who was approaching the protest rapidly.

Everyone could guess that it was him since he wasn\'t wearing the hat and his hair was giving him away.

By the time he stopped, he was already standing ten meters away from Lilly and her army of protesters.

Filthy rapist, you finally decided to appear! Lilly\'s high-pitched voice boomed in the area as she was speaking through her bracelet, adding more volume to her voice.


The witches behind her started chanting immediately, wanting to add pressure on Felix and also call him a rapist as much as possible.

That\'s their goal, calling him so many times like that under the public eye until the term would get associated automatically with Felix in the witches\' unconsciousness...Just like in high school, where students call each other mean names and get spread and stuck in the students\' minds for eternity!

Heck, twenty years later, students could remember those nasty nicknames but not the actual name of the person they were making his life hell!

This ** is as real as it could get.


The chants kept on going for at least ten seconds until Lilly closed her tiny fist in the air.

Silence descended in the area instantly.

Opposite to her tiny figure, she really was respected within her society to have such control over those witches.

Everyone turned to look at Felix, wanting to see his reaction to all of this.

To their astonishment, Felix merely shook his head and proclaimed casually near his bracelet, You should have done better research before going off with this plan to frame me.

Everyone raised their eyebrows in surprise after hearing so besides Lilly and her society, who felt a bit bothered by his casualness.

Everyone here knows that without a doubt that your video is made up. Felix praised while glancing at everyone, Not one of them is foolish enough to believe that someone with a sane mind would do such a thing in the Academy when everyone is wearing AP bracelets.

The witches nodded their heads as no matter how many rumors they read about the human race\'s extensive sexual desires, they knew that it was too soon and idiotic move for Felix to try and rape someone.

If this happened a year later, it could have been more believable...But now Only retards would believe Lilly\'s crap.

Lilly knew all along that it was almost impossible for others to believe her, especially if Felix simply gave permission to the Queen to disclose his whereabouts.

Since he was in his house, he had a solid alibi.

Though, she didn\'t care about any of this as she was planning on yelling to drown whatever he says and then retreat to avoid comforting those questions.

Once, Felix gets inside the faculty, that\'s where the fun would begin.

Upon seeing that he was gaining the attraction of the crowd, Lilly sent a message to her society members, \'Drown his voice before he speaks!! If he gets too close throw yourselves on him and make it look like he is touching you!\'

Filthy Rapist!...Filthy Rapist!...Filthy Rapist!

The noise had started yet again, making it impossible for anyone to hear their own voices since each witch was using the bracelet to increase their volume.

They knew that as long as they don\'t exceed five minutes of protesting loudly like this, the guards wouldn\'t touch them.

\'Prepare for retreat after 4 minutes!\' Lilly ordered in her mind while sneering at Felix, whose expression had yet to change from easy-going.

Just as everyone was about to start assuming that he was going to accept the \'L\' for the day, Felix did the unexpected by projecting a humongous holographic contract that was visible to even witches who were watching from the faculty windows!

The moment everyone saw three highlight terms in bright red, a collective silence had descended in the area as Lilly and her society had their mouths closed shut at once.

Felix smiled warmly while looking at the stupefied Lilly and said, Next time, make better research...Wait, I doubt there would be the next time after this.


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