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The other representatives frowned their eyebrows as they had never heard this name before.

It was understandable as it was already impossible to know all the news on their own galaxies.

How could they bother with another SG persona in the Milky Way Galaxy

Yes, it\'s him. The Headmistress answered bluntly.

\'Shit, it\'s really f*cking him!\' The man exclaimed in his mind, \'Does the Phantom Organization have a way to give humans the ability to concoction potions as well! The leaders would lose their ** if they found out about this!!\'


No one cared about the excited man as they raised their hands up again after hearing the Headmistress.

Soon, she picked the elven goddess.

Thank you. The elven goddess stood up with her head lowered slightly.

When she came into eye contact with the Headmistress, she asked politely, May I know the reason for the human being accepted in the Academy

The other representatives nodded their heads at this question, wanting to know the answer as well.

They understood that Felix\'s reputation wasn\'t that big to warrant him a position in the Academy.

In their eyes, he should have been caught and experimented on or even worse get killed to avoid the public finding out that a human was capable of concocting potions.

He got accepted because he passed the enrollment exam under my assistant\'s supervision. The Headmistress lied through her teeth with a calm attitude, If anyone of you managed to pass the enrollment exam, you can also join the Academy.

Her answer was good but it wasn\'t what they wanted to hear.

They weren\'t stupid to believe that was the real reason.

However, since the Headmistress clearly had no intentions of telling the truth, they didn\'t want to push her too much lest she ends the conference early.

The reason the Headmistress lied was due to Lady Sphinx.

After all, she couldn\'t tell them that her master was the one enrolling Felix.

The primogenitors\' identity must remain hidden at all costs.

The Headmistress must have signed a contract to make sure that it stays this way or something else.

Next question please.

To avoid this subject being brought out again, the Headmistress pointed at a tiny cute fairy that was releasing sparking dust from her wings.

She wasn\'t even 30 cms tall, making her fly a bit higher than the rest to be seen.

I wonder what the witch empire\'s stance on the matter. The cute fairy placed her tiny finger on her sparkly lips and asked, Do you consider him as a witch or just a human who is in the Academy to learn lessons

Although this question was released from a cute little thing, it was screaming with bad intentions aimed at Felix.

Every representative had noticed the hidden meaning behind her question...Is the empire going to protect Felix at all cost and punish anyone targeting him just like they were treating Royal Academy witches or not

Since Felix Maxwell is now a full-fledged student, he is treated just like any other student in my academy. The Headmistress said with a calm tone, We don\'t discriminate between races.

This answer surprised some representatives as they didn\'t think that the Headmistress would actually proclaim that she had his back even though she knew that he was going to attract a lot of aggression from their superiors.

After all, they were most definitely going to either contact Felix and request him to meet them or straightaway kidnap him on the campus for his eyes.

But now The Headmistress made it pretty clear that no one should have any intentions of aiming at his head in her Academy\'s premise.

\'I can only relay this news to my superiors.\'

\'Whatever, he is bound to leave the campus in those three years.\'

Just as those kinds of thoughts crossed the representatives\' minds, the Headmistress announced abruptly, I forgot to mention that Felix Maxwell is going to be bestowed triple-A dual citizenship in the Empire.

The citizenship is going to be given by the Witch Queen Allura herself.

The moment this announcement resounded in the hall, everyone\'s jaws were dropped on the floor!

Even Aredhel reacted the same as she wasn\'t informed about this sudden major news at all!

That citizenship certification\'s rank was at the highest level!

It was given to only a few non-witch natives who proved that they were truly friends of the empire by doing achievements that were too extraordinary...Naturally, in the service of the empire.

The reason it was this high and grand was due to the fact that people with this citizenship were actually considered above in importance than Expert Potioners!

Those with that kind of importance shouldn\'t be touched at all by anyone lest they anger the Witch Empire as a whole and flip on their entire race by not selling them a single potion!

\'You are killing me, master.\' The Headmistress complained in her mind after seeing that most representatives\' expressions got dark instantly.

\'Shut up and keep doing what I say.\' Lady Sphinx\'s reposeful voice resounded in her mind akin to thunder.

\'That lad is too important to my projects and I can\'t let those morons kidnap him when he tries to reach my lab.\'

It seemed like Lady Sphinx didn\'t need to make her sign a contract as she was probably in the consciousness space of every student of hers!

For a primogenitor being, splitting a tiny piece of consciousness was too easy to pull off.

By putting it in her students\' minds, she could easily see what they do and also have the ability to kill them with a mere glance if they provoked her.

\'Don\'t worry about Allura, I have already informed her about this and she plans on dealing with their complaints.\' Lady Sphinx added.

All of this was happening while Felix was sound asleep, not knowing that Lady Sphinx was having his back.

But honestly, he already expected that he wouldn\'t be harmed at all in the witch empire due to his importance to Lady Sphinx.

It would only cost her an order or two and those high authoritative witches could only obey no matter how **ty it was going to be for them.

\'As long as junior sister knows about this, I don\'t mind doing any of this.\' The Headmistress stopped bothering with everyone\'s nasty looks and simply asked, Any further questions

Before they could raise their hands, the Headmistress gave a signal to Aredhel and she took it from there by informing them out loud, Since no one has any further question, this marks the conclusion of the media conference.

Thank you for joining and we hope that you were satisfied by the Headmistress\'s responses. She bowed her head to them and waved her hand, Have a nice day.

Whoosh Whoosh....

One by one, the representatives were breaking into light particles and disappearing at once without the ability to even speak!

That\'s right, no one was given the right to talk since the moment the Headmistress dropped that outrageous announcement!

They knew that their superiors wouldn\'t be pleased with all the answers since they clearly demonstrated two things: A human could concoct potions, no one should have a single thought of touching him as he belonged to the witch empire now!

After the hall was emptied, Aredhel went next to the Headmistress and asked in confusion, Is the Queen really going to give out a triple-A citizenship

Yes. The Headmistress said, I don\'t have a date yet but it is already set in motion.

She smiled wryly while remembering Felix\'s face, I can\'t believe that our tenth triple-A citizenship would be given to a kid who done nothing to the empire.

This was the reason why other representatives were disgruntled by her announcement.

They understood that it was a deliberate move to protect Felix against them since the moment their kidnappers or assassins try to enter the capital, they would be forced to sign a contract that forbids them from harming witches.

If they went and did so, they would end up getting thrown in jail for a long time or executed if the offense was that bad.

As for the rest of the races

The witches honestly didn\'t give a ** about them that much to force everyone to sign a contract to be completely pacifist or go to jail.

Thankfully, most races working for the witches were merely commoners with low strength and almost invisible.

No one would bother to target them for the fun of it.

Felix was supposed to be part of this group.

However, after the citizenship, he would be actually protected even better than Expert Potioners!

The punishment for harming a Master Potioner was either execution or working in hellish mines for the rest of the offender\'s life.

Since only by signing this contract could they enter the Capital, those kidnappers or such would find it extremely difficult to target Felix.

If they removed their bracelet, the authorities would be informed in less than 10 minutes and arrive instantly to investigate the reason.

Those layers of defense made for witches were now applied on Felix!

Forget about humans who were aiming for him due to his bloodlines, now he wouldn\'t be touched even by other races!

But as they say, if there was a will, there would be a way.

If Felix still ended up getting caught after all of this, then he could only blame himself for dropping his guard.


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