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Too bad for her, Felix wasn\'t planning on wasting time fooling around when his class was already half-finished.

Seeing that he was ignoring her order, the angry mushroom tightened her hand grasp on her staff and insulted, Lowly lifeform who doesn\'t know his place! You need to be taught!

Is Lilly going to beat him up as she did to that goblin yesterday A witch murmured with a worried expression.

I hope not. Another witch complained softly, not wanting to be heard by Lilly, Why can\'t she keep her superiority complex to herself She is giving us a bad rep in the Campus just like her stupid society.

The witches who heard her nodded their heads slightly in agreement.

Yet still, not one of them made a move to stop Lilly who was clearly planning to strike Felix from behind with that staff.

As the other witch mentioned indirectly, most of the witches have a superiority complex to races below them in the social ladder.

Some show it publicly like Lilly while most of them just keep it to themselves.

There was also degrees to it as some of them who held it in wouldn\'t bother talking on equal term with races below them while some wouldn\'t mind doing any of that.

Still, they might treat other races gently, kindly, and politely, it didn\'t mean that they don\'t consider themselves as above them.

It was the same as humans feeling inherently superior to animals no matter how they treat them.

Felix already anticipated that he would meet with a couple of racist witches who would be on his ass in the Academy.

But he had already created a mechanism to defend himself...That was to ignore them until they get tired and leave him alone.

Too bad, his strategy failed against his first target as Lilly didn\'t leave him alone but smashed him right in his head with that staff!

CRASH!! Awooo!!

The aftermath of the strike left everyone in disbelief.

They had anticipated that Felix would end up with a bloody head or even fall unconscious to the ground, but looking at Lilly who was crying while holding into her hand made them doubt their eyes.

Meanwhile, the staff had been broken into two halves and fell to the ground.

MY HAND!! YOU BROKE MY HAND, YOU OBNOXIOUS BASTARD!! Lilly cried with an ear-piercing high-pitched voice, irritating Felix\'s ears, making him want to kick her in the face to shut her up.

When the witches looked at her hand, they were astounded to see that Lilly\'s hand was truly a little bit wobbly!

Before they could enter another round of chatter, Felix finally turned around after clearing his hair from the splinters of the wooden staff.

He wasn\'t even scratched from such a pitiful ambush.

The first thing he did was smile warmly at the crowd before focusing on Lilly, gazing at her with a murderous gaze that sent shivers down Lilly\'s spine, making her forget her pain at once.

She felt like she was being gazed at by a predator who wouldn\'t hesitate to snap her neck at any moment!

However, Felix did nothing of such sorts.

Heck, he didn\'t even speak to Lilly.

He simply voiced his complaint calmly, Queen, I have been assaulted physically by another student.

Before the witches could comprehend what he said, The Queen\'s monotonous voice resounded in the area, Lilly, 2nd-year Apprentice Potioneer, you have broken rule-14 of the Academy\'s rules book...Based on the terms, 1000 contribution points will be deducted from your account.

In addition, please willingly head to the Disciplinary Department to receive your correspondent punishment.


By the time the Queen finished speaking, the atmosphere had gone stale and heavy like weights had been placed on the witches\' minds, making it tough for them to analyze the content of the conversation.

Assaulted physically by another student Queen listening to him and lying down one of the worst punishments in the Academy Doesn\'t that mean he is truly a student...

Questions like those coursed on their minds, making them have a single unison thought at the end.


Alas, they knew deep down that everything was happening for real since the Queen AI never made jokes.

You, You, you are a real student Lilly stuttered in disbelief while looking at Felix\'s composed expression.

The witches have grown even more silent after hearing her question, wanting to listen carefully to his response.

Even the Orc guards who were planning to escort Lilly away decided to give Felix the chance to explain himself since they wanted to avoid any further confrontations like those in the future...

What\'s going on here!

Upon hearing this devilish familiar voice, the witches all yelped in fear while lowering their heads, not wanting to attract the attention of teacher Djamila.

She was brown-skinned and had short curly black hair that goes well with her black eyes and the red robe she was wearing.

Her expression was stony and cold, making the witches tremble in their places.

\'Who is she\' Felix knitted his eyebrows at the sight.

He didn\'t know why the witches were terrified of her and he truly didn\'t want to know why right now.

I won\'t repeat it again. Teacher Djamila said, narrowing her eyes at Felix and the rest.

This time, a security guard approached her and whispered some things in her ears.

A few seconds later, the security guard went back to his position, leaving teacher Djamila to focus on Felix and Lilly.

\'Sigh, here we go ag...\'

Just as Felix thought that he would be targeted by the teacher as well, he was surprised to see her glaring at Lilly.

What are you still doing here Lilly

But, but, he, human...

You better shut up and head to the Disciplinary Department in under ten minutes if you don\'t want to run 30 laps in the field! Teacher Djamila said.

Upon seeing that she meant business, Lilly swallowed her disgruntlement and stood back up while holding tightly onto her broken wrist.

Then, she glared at Felix hatefully and said with a suppressed tone, This is not over, you filthy human.

You will pay for this!

Bye-bye racist mushroom. Felix waved his hand at her with a faint grin, making her nostrils flare up in fury at his insulting nickname.

Alas, one simple glare by teacher Djamila made her withdrew any thought of continue bickering with him and just sprint away, heading to get her punishment.

After she was gone, Felix nodded his head respectfully at teacher Djamila and turned around, wanting to leave as well.

Hold it right there. Teacher Djamila said while approaching him.

\'Hopefully, she won\'t lecture me or something.\' Felix sighed but he still stopped.

Your name is Felix right Teacher Djamila asked sternly after reaching his side.

Yes, teacher.

You appear different than the picture they had given me. She said while glancing at his hair and eyes.

New bloodline. Felix replied straight to the point.

Teacher Djamila sized him up for a few seconds before turning around, looking at the crowd of witches that was gathering in the area.

All of them lowered their heads at once.

If it wasn\'t for their curiosity to know the situation revolving around Felix being a student, they would have already bolted away from teacher Djamila.

This is Felix Maxwell, a human bloodliner who has been accepted into the Academy to learn potion-making.

He was born with special eyes that allow him to enter the microscopic world and utilize his mental energy at a fine level just like any other witch.

So, you better make him feel welcomed in the Academy instead of shaming our race in front of him. Teacher Djamila introduced bluntly.

By the time she was done, only loud gasps resounded in the area as the news was still too much to stomach for those witches.

I will be under your care. Felix nodded his head slightly to everyone with a polite charming smile.

Then, he looked at Teacher Djamila and requested, May I head to my class I am already late.

Let\'s go. Teacher Djamila said, I will guide you to your class.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at the sound of that but he didn\'t want to reject her offer publicly.

Hence, he walked with her through the dazed witches who were gazing at Felix\'s eyes with a hint of intrigue and wonder.

Most of them had only one question coursing in their minds...How


Sometime later, Felix and teacher Djamila had reached Felix\'s class that was held on the 2nd floor of the faculty.

Since Felix was accompanied by teacher Djamila, every witch who wanted to follow after them had decided to give up on that thought after getting glared at.

Hence, they reached it swiftly and without other problems rising up.

Knock Knock!

Teacher Djamila knocked twice on the lecture hall\'s door and opened it up slightly.

Felix managed to glance within the class and found that it was packed with tens of witches, who were sitting on long benches chairs that were connected together.

The classroom appeared somewhat like the earthling\'s universities lecture halls.

Sorry to interrupt your class teacher Sonna. Teacher Djamila said politely while dragging Felix with her inside the lecture hall, attracting everyone\'s attention due to his uniform.

Even the sleepy witches were forced to snap out of it by their friends.

You got to be kidding me... Lara murmured with her widened eyes affixed on Felix.

She was seating in the 1st first line, making her instantly find out about Felix\'s identity even though his hair and eyes had changed since the last time she saw him.

When Felix and teacher Djamila reached the podium that was placed in front of a humongous holographic screen, noisy chatter broke out in the lecture room as young pretty witches started pointing at Felix while conversing with their seatmates.

What\'s going on

Don\'t tell me a human is going to join our class!

Teacher Sonna fixed her large circular glasses clumsily while requesting with a soft tone, Please be quiet.

Alas, no one listened to her request as her voice barely echoed in the noisy hall.

Upon seeing so, she gave teacher Djamila a wronged expression that would melt anyone\'s heart.


SILENCE! Teacher Djamila shouted as she pounded the podium with her fist, scaring even teacher Sonna.

That did the trick as not a single peep was heard anymore in the hall.

Every witch acted as docile as a kitty.

\'Seriously, why everyone is afraid of her\' Felix wondered with a curious look.


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