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Felix understood that negative-inducing potion like those wasn\'t effective at all on him since they were considered as poisonous substances.

Heck, they were actually made from poisonous materials.

Hence, drinking it was the same as drinking free juice, and he wasn\'t going to let her know about it!

\'Cheeky, trying to cheat my student\' Lady Sphinx smiled faintly, \'I allow it, just don\'t come crying to me when she finds out about it during your UISG games.\'

Felix flinched at the sound of that but he still didn\'t plan on telling the Headmistress about it.

He understood that the moment he signed this contract, the Headmistress wouldn\'t be able to modify the contract when she realizes that she had been duped.

Though that would happen months from now to even a year, depending on Lady Sphinx\'s research results.

After all, he couldn\'t participate in the UISG without Lady Sphinx\'s enhancements.

This meant, by the time the Headmistress finds out about his poison manipulation and such, she would realize that Felix had spent months in the Academy without harming a single witch.

That should ease her mind a little...At least, that\'s what he believed would happen.

This was much better than telling her now and ending up forcing her to change the method from potions to something more controlling like a collar or some bull**.

If you don\'t understand a term, feel free to ask. The Headmistress said calmly after seeing that Felix wasn\'t flipping to the next page.

I am good. Felix showed her a polite smile and returned to reading the rest of the terms, which were pretty standard.

Obeying the Academy rules, listening to the teachers and respecting them, giving permission to the Queen to supervise any cheating attempts, either in homework or exams...etc.

He wasn\'t having problems with them since he requested the Queen to compare this contract with the Academy\'s contract posted on the website, and she had informed him that they were the same one...Naturally, besides the power limiting term.

Hence, Felix signed it without raising a complaint.

\'Interesting He is really willing to weaken his strength\' The Headmistress raised her exquisite thin brown eyebrows in surprise at the sight.

Based on what she read about Felix and Landlord in the network after Lady Sphinx informed her about him, she understood that he was stubborn and uncompromising in such situations.

She expected that he would reject the contract and even pressure her to remove the contract by mentioning Lady Sphinx\'s name.

She thought like this because she wasn\'t informed about their relationship.

Nevertheless, she realized that Felix was quite important to Lady Sphinx since she was never given such a request before.

\'Was my first impression of him mistaken It can\'t be.\'

The Headmistress withdrew the signed holographic contract and thought, \'If he is willing to go this far to learn potion-making then his resolve is admirable...Sadly, it wouldn\'t change the trajectory of the media storm that the Academy would be exposed to when the news spread out.

Plus, the troubles he would face dealing with other witches with a superiority complex in the Academy.\'

It seemed like the Headmistress started considering Felix as a pain in the ass before he even got to wear the Academy\'s uniform.

That\'s to be expected as Felix would be drawing a lot of eyes on him from every race due to being the only non-witch who was in the Academy!

That\'s a piece of massive news!

Should I head to the class now Felix inquired after seeing that she was merely staring at him with a hint of annoyance.

Not yet. The Headmistress slowly stood up and gestured with her finger for Felix to do the same.

Then, she went to a wooden closet and opened it up.

It was filled with uniforms hanging on a metal pole.

The moment she touched one of them, it had turned into liquid and coursed on her arms like snakes before shaping up like a folded black uniform with a pointy hat on her arm.

\'Nanosuits!\' Felix was quite astonished by the sight.

It wasn\'t because of the process itself but the implication of the uniform being based on nanosuits!

It meant that every witch in the Royal Academy was wearing one! There were tens of thousands of them, making it almost unfathomable how much they would have costed the Academy!

This is your uniform, a 7th generation nanosuit. The Headmistress handed it to him neatly and said, I don\'t care what you wear in your room, or in the campus.

But, in this faculty, I expect to see only this uniform.



As you have read in the contract\'s terms, it is considered as the Academy\'s property. The Headmistress gave him a warning look, So, don\'t have any thoughts about selling it or throwing it because you have a better Nanosuit.

Cough, the thought never crossed my mind. Felix said with a serious tone, I will make sure to treasure it and take pride in wearing it.

\'Shameless, you definitely were planning on gifting it to your grandpa.\' Asna chuckled after hearing his real thoughts.

Felix indeed was going to do so since his obscurum suit was bought by 5 billion while this uniform could utmost be sold at 200 million even though both of them were technically from the same generation.

That\'s due to the futharks engraved in the obscurum suit.

Good, now do you have any questions or problems The Headmistress said after returning to her seat.

Yes, is it possible to remove the punishments and debt that I currently owned Felix inquired while showing her the hologram of his profile.

Instead of responding, the Headmistress requested in her mind, \'Queen, please reset his profile.\'

After the Queen got a second confirmation, she fulfilled the request and Felix smiled in satisfaction after seeing that his problem had been solved.

Is that all The Headmistress asked.

Oh, I am wondering if the teachers know about my existence or not Felix clarified with an abashed smile, I don\'t want to enter my class just to end up getting kicked out or something like that.

Everyone had been informed a month ago about your situation besides the students.

The Headmistress beamed thirty triangle-shaped bottles on the desk and said, If that\'s all, take your monthly batch of weakening bottles and get going.

I believe that you have a class right now.

Thank you for everything, Headmistress. Felix bowed his head deeply, I will make sure to study hard and make this Academy proud.

The Headmistress smiled faintly for the first time after hearing so, not knowing that Felix was being forced to aim this high by Lady Sphinx.

When the Headmistress saw that Felix was about to leave, she asked, Do you want a company to take you to the class or you are good on your own

I got the Queen. Felix rejected her offer indirectly and closed the door after him.

Sigh, so troublesome.

The Headmistress shook her head and sent a message to her assistant, \'Aredhel, please increase the security in the faculty and tell them to be on their tiptoes for incoming chaos.

Also, start preparing for a media conference after midnight.

We need to make an official announcement before my bracelet starts ringing nonstop.\'

\'Consider it done.\'

Aredhel sent a message while gazing at Felix whose formal suit was morphing to a black robe and a white shirt, making the witches on the corridor either exclaim in disbelief or just stare with widened eyes.

Why is he wearing our uniform!

Is this senior Lobna\'s prank I saw her hanging out with him before.

A human wearing the Academy\'s uniform, so funny! A witch giggled while pointing at mean-looking Orc that was wearing security\'s outfit, He will probably get roughed up for daring to pull such a stunt.

The witches next to her also believed the same and they stopped in their places to get some entertainment before heading to their classes.

Felix merely smirked at their reactions and continued walking forward, completely ignoring the security guard who was leaning against a wall like a statue.

Some of the witches\' eyes brightened up while others covered them with their palms, too scared to watch blood being spilled.

Alas, Felix passed right beside the security guard and he didn\'t even growl at him, don\'t even mention hitting him.

This sight baffled and dumbfounded the witches even more as some of them started to believe that the guard had been bribed by Lobna.

The hell is going on

Who knows, how about you ask him He is getting away. A delicate witch murmured softly to her friend while following behind Felix just like the rest of the witches.

All of them wanted to see the conclusion of this baffling scene.

No, what if I got associated with him Her friend witch replied with a worried voice.

Other witches were also pushing their friends to make a move on Felix but none of them wanted to anywhere near him.

A human wearing the student\'s uniform screams with trouble and none of them wanted to lose their contribution points as punishment.

It was better to wait for a teacher to solve this.

Hence, a peculiar scene had emerged in the long corridor as witches\' numbers kept increasing behind Felix, creating an army of beautiful maidens.

The sight made Felix\'s lips twitch in vexation as he had already expected such a level of unwarranted attention.

Meanwhile, Asna was cracking in laughter, \'How does it feel to be the first human to own a harem of witches\'

\'F*ck off.\'

\'Salty that you can\'t do anything to them\' Asna snickered, \'For a pervert like you, this Academy is the ultimate punishing ground.\'

Filthy Human, remove that scared uniform at once!

Just as Felix wanted to retort to Asna, an enraged high-pitched voice resounded in the corridor, coming out of the lips of a little witch who was holding into a long wooden staff that was two times her height.

To look at her properly, Felix had to lower his head.

The witch wasn\'t even 140 cm yet she had that attitude of a wild tiger as the other witches seemed like they were a bit scared of her.

Alas, in the eyes of Felix and Asna, she appeared like a little cute mushroom with her pointy black hat that was covering her fiery long crimson hair.

The Royal Academy started to even accept racist mushrooms What next, accepting a student from another race Felix sighed with a look of melancholy in his eyes, I guess its golden days had started to wane...Pity, it had to be in my generation.


Unbothered by the deathly silence that had fallen after his shameless proclamation, Felix continued walking forward.

When he passed by the dumbfounded racist mushroom, she broke out of her daze and shrieked at him with her cheeks flushed red in fury, HOLD IT RIGHT THERE YOU FILTHY PIG!


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