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Lobna did the same as Felix by beaming her hover platform in her spatial card.

She climbed the stairs first and gestured for Felix to follow her, Let\'s go, we don\'t want to leave the Headmistress waiting for long.

Felix chased after her, completely ignoring the witches who gave him weird looks after hearing the Headmistress getting mentioned.

The moment he entered the building, he was met with a long wide corridor that was split into two paths.

Next to both paths, there were long wooden dark brown stairs that were leading to the upper floors.

Beneath the staircase, there was a long trophy case that was packed with pictures, green cups, medals, degrees, and more, making Felix raise his eyebrow in surprise, \'They sure are dominating most competitions.\'

Felix! Lobna called from above the stairs after seeing that Felix was admiring the trophy case.

Coming. Felix climbed the stairs after her, smiling politely every time he passed by a witch.

When he arrived, he noticed that Lobna was accompanied by a witch who appeared like she had just woke up from a coma.

Her face was deathly pale while her eyelids were constantly dropping down, hiding her obsidian-like black eyes.

She was weirdly hugging a bunch of books instead of having them placed in her spatial card.

Felix, come, come. Lobna dragged Felix next to that witch and introduced him eagerly to her, Ishtar, this is the human that I told you about an hour ago!

Hello Felix greeted, smiling wryly at Ishtar.

Ishtar opened up her eyes groggily while leaning closer to his face.

After inspecting him thoroughly, the first words that came out of her tiny mouth were, Why do you have holes in your face

Felix got a bit thrown off by her question as he didn\'t expect that a witch would be able to notice his mutation without relying on her spiritual eye.

He could see that her tail was hidden inside her robe.

This made him realize that she could see his mutation which wasn\'t supposed to be seen by normal eyes.

One needs to zoom in four times to spot those holes.

Witches\' normal eyes weren\'t able to do so.

Holes Lobna whipped out her tail from an opening in her back robe and used her giant green eye to zoom in on Felix.

Upon noticing them, she raised her eyebrows in surprise and asked as well, What\'s up with your skin

Felix would be lying if he said that he enjoyed the feeling of being inspected like this, but he was doing it to others before and it was time for him to be on the side of the coin.

Nothing serious. Felix waved his hand, It\'s just a mutation from my newest bloodline replacement.

That\'s interesting. Ishtar commentated with a soft tone, I believe that this is an evolutionary trait of the Avions

The hell Is it really that obvious Felix was quite shocked by her knowledge.

The Avions species weren\'t really that known by the public and one needs to look for them specifically to get some information about them.

The information available wasn\'t a lot.

That\'s why Felix didn\'t know about the mutation and its appliance.

Lobna tapped her finger on Ishtal\'s sunken pale cheek and boasted to Felix, Hehe, how do you find my bestie She is being referred to as the ultimate bookworm in the Academy due to the amount of knowledge she knows of and her natural-born photographic memory!

You know that I dislike being called with that nickname. Ishtar slapped Lobna\'s finger and walked downstairs while leaving behind a soft remark, Let\'s meet later again.

You don\'t want to keep the Headmistress waiting forever.

Lobna\'s boastful grin stiffened after she was reminded of her mission...Bring Felix to the Headmistress as fast as possible!

Crap! Teacher Dalilia will punish me if she caught wind of this. Lobna held Felix\'s hand and tried to dash through the corridor.


Alas, she ended up groaning in pain after almost dislocating her shoulder from tugging Felix this hard with her pitiful strength.

It was the same as trying to run while holding an affixed metal pole.

Why are you so heavy She complained tearfully while massaging her shoulder under the strange looks of other witches.

I am a 2nd stage bloodliner. Felix answered while looking at her speechlessly.

Don\'t look at me like an idiot, it\'s not my fault. Lobna whined while walking with a faster pace ahead of him, It\'s almost impossible to meet with a human bloodliner on the campus.

Is it because of security Felix asked after he caught up to her.

He was speaking out loud, completely ignoring the murmurs of the witches walking near them.

Yes. Lobna clarified, Only non-combat races and commoner humans are allowed to work in the Campus for the safety of the witches.

Understandable. Felix nodded his head.

He knew that witches might be strong enough to take care of normal humans and other non-combat races due to drinking strengthing potions, but they had absolutely no chance against even a peak 1st stage bloodliner.

Hence, Felix\'s existence in the Academy was actually like a butcher in a pig farm as he could kill any witch he wanted in a split second.

This made him realize that he was probably going to sign a contract in the Headmistress\'s office to avoid this from happening.

\'Hopefully, it\'s nothing too demanding.\' Felix thought.


In a short while, Lobna and Felix reached the Headmistress\'s office that was on the 4th floor, which was also the highest one in the building.

Although there weren\'t many floors, the building\'s size was still massive due to its width, making Felix guess that there were probably hundreds of classes on each floor.

I am leaving now. Lobna touched Felix\'s bracelet and waved her hand with a pretty smile, Call me later to hang out on the campus.

I will show you around.

Will do. Felix nodded his head in appreciation and turned around when he saw that she was leaving.

He quite liked this witch and decided to tour the campus with her instead of Lara.

But for now, it was time to deal with the last step of enrollment.

He walked to a desk that was placed near the Headmistress\'s office and introduced himself to the Headmistress\'s assistance, Felix, I am here to see the Headmistress.

ID. The Headmistress\'s assistance said bluntly.

Felix gave her his ID, not minding her tone since she was a dark half-elf.

He knew that all of them had a bit of a nasty personality.

Heck, he was more curious about the Headmistress\'s reason for hiring her as an assistant with her race\'s known impolite attitude.

The Headmistress\'s is in a meeting. The Headmistress\'s assistant informed, Go sit at the waiting lounge, I will call you when she is done.

Felix nodded his head in understanding and walked to the bench that was attached to the wall.

There were already two witches sitting on it.

They didn\'t even notice Felix as their attention was fully placed on their holograms.

Just like them, Felix opened up his student\'s profile and engrossed in reading it fully this time.

When he reached the weekly schedule, he clicked on it, and a square-shaped table appeared before him.

It was split into seven days and each day had multiple brackets, representing the period of time in that said day.

\'So there are 8 mandatory classes in each week and 10 more classes that aren\'t mandatory but advisable to enter them.\' Felix rounded off the entire schedule table.

In his eyes, it wasn\'t that bad since the mandatory classes last for two hours while the rest last for only a single hour.

If he decided to attend only mandatory classes weekly plus a couple of elective courses, he could still have a lot of time to train and deal with other matters.

\'I have a mandatory Concoction Class in half an hour or so.\' Felix closed the hologram and wished while gazing at the closed door of the Headmistress\'s office, \'Hopefully, I will catch up to it.\'

The moment he thought so, the door opened up, showing a witch exiting with her head bowed slightly.

Unlike students, she was wearing a red robe and a hat, making Felix instantly know that she was a teacher and not the headmaster.

Since every witch appeared like a young maiden in her twenties, the teachers and students were separated by the uniform\'s color and the logo in their uniforms.

The black color and a potion logo were for students.

Meanwhile, red color and a cauldron logo represented teachers.

As for the staff, they had a had different uniform.

Felix, you\'re up. The half-elf called indifferently.

Without further ado, Felix walked to the half-opened door and knocked it twice politely.

Come in.

After getting permission from such a reposeful voice, Felix entered the office and closed the door behind him.

When he turned around, his eyes came in direct contact with a penetrative gaze by the Headmistress\'s giant tail\'s eye.

It was chocolate brown in color while the pupil was three straight vertical lines, making Felix a bit doubtful if she could even see well with such a weird-shaped pupil.

However, he kept those thoughts to himself and merely bowed his head slightly in respect, not wanting to enter a staring contest with the Royal Academy\'s Headmistress, an authoritative figure in the empire with thousands of connections, A Sage Potioneer, and lastly Lady Sphinx\'s student!

She was stacked!

Take a seat. She offered with a soothing elderly tone, making Felix guess that her age must be close to Dalilia\'s.

Thank you.

Felix sat straight in one of the seats that were facing her desk.

Then, he went quiet, wanting to see what she had for him.

Surprisingly, The Headmistress didn\'t speak about Lady Sphinx or even mentioned anything about his eyes.

She simply manifested a holographic contract and said calmly, If you want to join the Academy and be anywhere near the witches, sign this contract.

Felix didn\'t show much of a reaction as he had expected this in his way.

However, what he didn\'t expect were the terms proposed.

\'Drink Weakening Potion every time I enter the faculty\' Felix raised his eyebrows in surprise at first before chuckling in his mind, \'It seems like Elder hasn\'t informed her about my poison manipulation and poison immunity.\'


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