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Afterward, they entered into a casual conversation about the Academy that lasted for only two minutes before the Queen\'s voice resounded in the hovercar, We have reached the Royal Academy Campus.

Campus Felix\'s eyelids twitched after he glanced down and saw that the \'Campus\' had the size of a small town!

Heck, it appeared like the entire Royal Academy had its own floating rock, separated from other massive cities!

We are here. Lobna turned off the auto-pilot and hovered downward towards the Campus\'s entrance that was guarded heavily.

There were multiple vehicles, carriages, and such standing in a long queue to get checked up by the campus\'s security.

I forgot to give you this.

Lobna beamed a blue card and passed it to Felix.

When he caught it, he realized that it was the Academy ID!

Scan it to read all of your details registered in the Academy\'s database. Lobna informed, It will show you the class you were enrolled in, your classes schedule, your homework, your contribution points, the dorm room number...etc.

Upon hearing so, Felix scanned it immediately and a long hologram had emerged in front of him.

//Full Name: Felix Maxwell.

Age: 19 years

ID number: DM451197881134

Enrollment Time: 2026/11/13

Dorm Assigned: 18th Building (Press on the building to see the map leading to it or just request the Queen AI to guide you)

Dorm Room Number: 314

Parking Lot Number: 477874 (Press on the number to see the map leading to it or just request the Queen AI to guide you)

Contribution Points: -400 (Reason: Absent for a month and three days)

Current Semester: First

Class Name: B-2

Classes schedule: (Click on it to receive the entire weekly schedule)

Mandatory Classes skipped: 32 (Please visit the discipline department to receive the appropriate punishment.)

Homeworks Assigned: Two (Read the first volume of Sage Nonna\'s biography/Two hours practice of rejuvenation potion in the UVR)//

Felix was left speechless after realizing that he was being held accountable for everything that had happened during his absence.

He even owned 400 contribution points when he didn\'t even know about them.

Senior, is this solvable Felix turned the hologram visible, showing Lobna his terrific start in the Academy.

The moment she saw the number of his missed mandatory classes, she burst into laughter while jerking the wheel, scaring the ** of Felix after seeing that they had almost collided into another hovercar.

You are lucky that you have a solid excuse. Lobna held her laughter in and said, If it was me, I will be punished with rewardless mandatory potion-concoction.

How about the points debt that I have

I think that the Headmistress will reset everything for you. Lobna mentioned, Teacher told me to deliver you to her.

That\'s good to hear.

Felix felt relieved at the sound of that.

He knew that the Headmistress was Lady Sphinx\'s student and she wouldn\'t mistreat or discriminate against him.

Sometime later, their turn in the queue had arrived.

While their car had slowly gone through the checkpoint, Lobna asked casually, You don\'t have any banned items or materials in your spatial card right

Understanding what he meant, Felix did a quick inspection of the items he owned.

Upon seeing that he wasn\'t in possession of anything to worry about, he gave her a thumbs up.

Felix had gone through those checkpoints many times and they were controlled by the Queen AI herself.

Everyone going through them would automatically give the Queen permission to scan all of his belongings in the spatial card.

Naturally only she knows that private information.

But the moment the person had been found to possess a bomb, a banned material, poison that could cause a plague, smuggled good...etc, the Queen would rat him out to the security guards and they would punish him as they seem fit.

If it wasn\'t for those checkpoints, anyone could destroy a city or a space station by sneaking inside a Plasmic Bomb that could wipe out everything.

Thankfully, Felix and Lobna passed through the checkpoint without an issue.

Though, Felix\'s student ID card had left the guards a bit bewildered when it crossed their screen.

Too bad, the moment they regained their wits, the hovercar had already wheezed away.

It was traveling close to the ground in a wide straight street that was leading to the main faculty building of the Academy.

Anyone who saw it would guess so since it was placed in the center of the vast Campus while all main streets were leading to it.

However, Lobna didn\'t drive towards it but turned left, heading to one of the many parking lots at the ends of the campus.

Felix didn\'t feel surprised by it as he could see that not a single car or large vehicle was on the streets.

Instead, it was packed with witches either walking or riding on hover platforms with different shapes and sizes.

Heck, he even saw a witch that was riding on a broom stick-like hovering platform!

Whatever it was, the Campus appeared clean and tranquil without the cluster of large vehicles that always ruin the atmosphere of cities.

Felix liked having this peaceful atmosphere, especially when the campus was mostly gardens and flower fields under the pink sky, painting a scene straight out of paradise.


Sometime later, Lobna and Felix had reached the parking lot that was assigned for Lobna\'s use.

After she parked her car within the hundreds of other vehicles, she got outside and stretched her hands behind her back while taking a deep breath.

How I missed this. She said with her eyes closed shut, clearing enjoying the frangent breeze caress her freckled cheeks.

Uhm Were you away from the Acadamy Felix inquired while beaming a normal black square-shaped platform that he purchased online in his journey.

Yep, I was helping the teacher with some matters.

I was gone for two weeks or so. Lobna replied while beaming a brown cookie-shaped hover platform that was bitten from the side.

Felix\'s eyelids twitched at the design but he still remained in the same subject, Wouldn\'t you get punished for missing classes Or did you receive permission to leave

Even though my teacher is the Queen\'s Advisor, she still has no right to bypass the Academy\'s rules. Lobna shook her head and clarified, There are only three ways to leave the Academy without punishments; on a mission, an emergency, or a holiday.

So teacher needs to place a mission in the Missions Board and I will accept it. She continued on, Naturally, I will be paid by contribution points if successful in the mission while my teacher needs to pay for the fees.

\'It seems like the Academy\'s rules are a bit strict.\' Felix reasoned, \'Probably because the witches\' time is too valuable with the potions market being always needy.\'

After they joined the main street, Lobna kept pointing her fingers at buildings while explaining their purpose.

Some buildings were self-explanatory like the dorms, cafe shops, bars, while some buildings needed extra attention.

That\'s the students\' library.

Lobna pointed her finger at an artistic building that gave a sense of solemness to those seeking to climb its long staircase and enter its gateless wide-open entrance.

It had been built with grey stone and decorated with statues of witches holding into either potions or books.

Tall, large windows added to the overall look of the library and had been added in a mostly symmetric way.

There was a well-made grey book sculpture that was placed at the top of the library, making it clear to anyone that this place was built for those seeking knowledge.

Only students and the library staff are allowed to enter it. Lobna explained, You can rent any book you want.

Even books about rank 5 potions.

However, you can rent only up to ten books each time and you need to return them in the allocated time you have paid for.

Is it different from one to another Felix asked.

Yes, the allocated time increases if you paid more contribution points. She gave him a tip with a smile, Before you start renting, check on the books in all of the semesters\' curriculum since they will be given for free.

It is always good to save contribution points since they are the currency in the Academy.

Thank you for the advice senior. Felix nodded his head in appreciation, feeling glad that Lobna was the one guiding him instead of that ice block Lara.

He didn\'t doubt for a second that she would just drop him in the headmistress\'s office and ditch him.

Senior, is there a way to learn about this stuff on my own Felix inquired.

Although he knew that Lobna was warm and kind-hearted to explain all of his questions, Felix didn\'t want to weigh on her too much.

He still had hundred of questions.

Of course! Lobna manifested a hologram that was showing a website and said, This is the Academy\'s website.

It is available to students, teachers, and administration staff.

It has everything that need you to know about the Academy.

You can even see missions posted here and accept them.

Neat, let me take a quick look.

Without further ado, Felix typed the website\'s names and he was sent to another tab that was requesting to have his student ID scanned.

Felix did so and had obtained access to the main page.

However, before he could check it, he realized that they were about to reach the main Academy\'s Faculty.

He closed the hologram and focused on the crowded entrance of the colossal building that was packed with hundreds of breathtaking witches, wearing black robes with long sleeves and a pointy black hat.

Wanna head to the library or bar

Neither, I am too tired.

I slept through the last course, please give me your notes.

Pleasant voices kept resounding in Felix\'s ears as he stood right in front of the entrance, allowing him to hear bits of witches\' chatter.

Unsurprisingly, the witches merely gave him a curious look before continuing walking on their way.

Every one of them assumed that he was a staff member and it wasn\'t rare at all to see humans or other races on the Campus, taking care of those matters.

I am finally here. Felix smirked faintly while jumping down his hover platform and taking the first step towards the main faculty!


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