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One hour later...

Felix was back to his Androxa house after brutalizing the opposite team in the 1st five minutes of the game, bringing it to an early closure due to their surrender.

It wasn\'t even a game but just one-sided bullying since the balls thrown at Felix and his team were easily countered by his absolute sand passive combined with the desert domain.

After all, he was already exposed and there was no need to not go all out.

Felix found it actually tough to deal with Olivia\'s frustration and his team\'s inquires more than the game.

Thankfully, with the exposure of the \'Phantom Organization\', Felix simply kept telling them that he had signed a strict contract to not expose information.

That led everyone to back off his back.

With some sweet words, Olivia stopped being displeased at him for blocking her number all this time.

Meanwhile, The ESG Organization and the Council were having the best day of their lives after realizing that Felix\'s exposure had brought all of his Landlord\'s fans and other interested viewers to watch the game!

This made its popularity explode so as the ticket prices! Not as much as Felix\'s individual game but it was more than they could ever hope for.

Since the planet was earning 7% of the revenue, Felix winning the game had resulted in the planet earning a whopping 7 billion SC!

Such a massive haul was truly imaginable to them and with it, so many things could be bought that could help the planet advance technologically.

Meanwhile, Felix had earned almost the entire 3% of the revenue since he single-handedly destroyed the game in the fastest time possible.

That netted him almost 3 billion SC while the rest received a couple of hundred of millions to split among themselves.

No one was complaining since that was truly free money falling into their laps without doing anything.

The rest of the players regretted not fighting hard to secure a spot in this game!

If they realized earlier that it would have ended in that manner, they would have done everything to take part!

The moment Felix left the team after a quick celebration with them, they were all expressing their desire to join the next game no matter what it was and how dangerous it was going to be.

Too bad, Felix didn\'t want to spin the wheel for now since he believed that everyone was too weak for the next games and he didn\'t want to keep going one against an entire team every time.

He understood that he was going to struggle when the team reaches the promotion game and enter the Universal Planetary Supremacy Games against other teams from different races.

Hence, he planned on postponing the next planetary game for two months until they all enter the peak 1st stage of replacement.

No matter how the Council disapproved of his take, they didn\'t dare to let out a sound against his arrangements.

Felix was the big boss and they knew that it wasn\'t smart to step into his foot lest they end up ganged up by other leaders without Felix needing to say anything.

Most of them were desperate to kiss his ass and it was a fully understandable gesture with everything that was happening.

Felix didn\'t care about any of this as the moment he teleported to his house, he took a quick shower and returned to reading the potion-making books like he just took a stroll for an hour and came back.


Days went by in a routine-like way for Felix.

He spent most of his time reading, applying what he read in the UVR by attempting to concoct rank 1 potions, and lastly training his poison manipulation.

He got to say that potion concoction was way harder than it seemed even though it was just a rank 1 potion.

For external concoction that was related to materials preparation and such, he was getting the hang of it quite easily.

But for an internal concoction that was related to the microscopic world He was having a tough time due to his mental energy control that wasn\'t optimal yet.

Meanwhile, he had already finished the Jörmungandr\'s task and was currently learning how to turn poison into medicine.

It was actually a simple process of choosing the right inducements and lessening their potency until their effects would be positive to the body instead of negative!

Felix managed to pull it off in the first three days.

However, since Felix had poison immunity, he couldn\'t benefit from this technique at all.

Hence, he struggled to heal himself with poison since he was resistant to everything.

The Jörmungandr didn\'t inform him straightaway with the method to create a passive like Revitalization but gave him fifteen days to think about the solution on his own.

Three days had gone by since then, leaving only twelve days for Felix to solve this dilemma.

Right now, the spaceship was only a couple of hours away from reaching the Capital Planet of the Empire, the center of the witches\' civilization in the entire galaxy.

Planet Fymagroth!

\'Lady Sphinx is there going to be someone waiting to guide me after my spaceship docks\' Felix asked while closing a book.

\'Don\'t worry, everything had been taken care of by my student.\' Lady Sphinx smiled a bit wickedly, \'They will guide you straight to my place.\'

Although Felix didn\'t see her wicked smile he still felt goosebumps coursing on his skin at her eager tone.

\'Cough, shouldn\'t I enroll quickly in the Academy since I am already late by a month\' Felix stated.

\'You have already been enrolled by the Headmistress, who is also my student.\' Lady Sphinx informed.

\'Headmistress\' Felix raised an eyebrow and wondered to himself, \'Was she the one who sent me those books Hehe, It seems like my life in the Academy won\'t be as bad as I am expecting.\'

Although Lady Sphinx heard his thoughts, she simply chuckled softly and didn\'t bother bursting his bubble.

Felix stopped bothering her after receiving the answer he wanted.

For now, he simply continued reading his books while waiting for the Queen\'s announcement.

Sometime later...

\'Sir Felix the spaceship\'s speed had been reduced to subsonic due to entering a restricted area.\' The Queen informed.

\'Alright, how far are we\' Felix asked.

\'Three thousand kilometers.\'

\'I see.\'

Felix expected this since each advanced planet would have multiple space stations, mined meteors, spaceships going to the planet or away...etc

This created some sort of traffic around the planet, making it impossible for spaceships to continue flying at light speed until they reach the atmosphere.

It seemed like Fymagroth had restricted an area of three thousand kilometers around it.

Since they were traveling at this speed, Felix decided to log out from the UVR and take advantage of those couple hours to filter the remaining 80 bottles.

Two hours later...

Finally!\' Asna dropped on her bed with an exhausted expression like she had just run a marathon.

Meanwhile, Felix was starting to feel a bit scarred from the needles with all the times he had to stab himself with them.

Fortunately, the results of filtration were quite celebratory since Felix had collected enough to push all of the bottles to have 85% besides the lightning bottles...He only managed to filter 41% essence, making possess 51% total.

This amount wasn\'t so bad, as it would get him four lightning-based passives and two active abilities.

This speed wouldn\'t have been possible without the Anti-Royalty Alliance.

Felix believed that they must be crying after they received the bills from those shops he purchased from!

As for the other three bottles, they were ready to be sold!

If even one of them was sold at 40 Billion SC, Felix would be earning 120 Billion SC! He had no idea what he could buy with that amount but he wanted it nevertheless!

He had already picked the two other backgrounds to sell the fire and wind primogenitor 75% bottles.

One of them was Galactical Army that was situated in the Guardian Empire and the other was the Ancient Bardot Family, the strongest member of the parliament in the Bardot Empire.

He chose them since they were the strongest representatives in their empires and it was better to sell those two bottles to them so it wouldn\'t appear disrespectful.

He had already disrespected the Mariana Royal Family by choosing to ally with the Anti-Royalty Alliance and there was no need to pick a bone with the rest.


\'Sir Felix, we have reached the docking queue.\' Queen informed.

The moment Felix heard the announcement, he dashed to the window.

The first thing he saw made his eye brighten up like a woman seeing upclose a 24-carat diamond in her proposal ring.

\'Fymagroth, what a beautiful planet.\'

Anyone who saw it would have to agree with Felix as the planet appeared somewhat like Earth with a mix of land and oceans, but there was a pretty huge difference.

The atmosphere was pink! This meant that the oceans appeared pink in color just like the sky! As for the land It somewhat resembled a jungle due to all the greenery it was showing.

There wasn\'t a single barred place.

Don\'t even mention a desert.

However, the land didn\'t have much mass on the planet...Probably not even 10%!

\'Lady Sphinx isn\'t it better for you to be on a planet with sand.\' Felix wondered.

\'No.\' Lady Sphinx replied calmly while reading a book in her bedroom.

Upon lifting her head and seeing his confusion, she removed her glasses and said, \'With my level of manipulation, I don\'t require a sandy environment.\'

\'Why so\'

\'Because I am the Sand Primogenitor.\' Lady Sphinx waved her hand dismissively, \'Now buzz off, let me read in peace.\'

\'Fair enough.\' Felix coughed and focused this time on the spaceships that were standing still in front of his spaceship.

There were some above him, some below him, and the line stretched to at least a couple kilometers.

All of them were waiting to be checked thoroughly by the customs officials to see if they had the proper documents, criminal records, and also if they were smuggling anything illegal.

Just as Felix wanted to log in until his turn arrives, his bracelet vibrated.

Upon seeing that it was Lady Sphinx\'s student, Felix raised his eyebrow in surprise but still accepted the call.


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