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After waiting for three days somewhat near the wormhole without entering it, Bodidi finally opened up a spatial bridge in the spaceship\'s cafeteria.

Like nothing ever happened, Bodidi simply threw the bottles and bracelets on the ground and went away just like always.

Felix didn\'t react much to this since he had spoken on the phone with Bodidi about the whole matter of him being Landlord.

Honestly, Fatty Bodidi didn\'t seem to give a ** about it since he wasn\'t a human.

Only humans cared about Felix\'s ability to own many abilities.

The rest of the races

It either appeared like a joke to races with limited manipulation or a farce to races who never bother with strength and fighting.

Since Felix and Bodidi had a strict lifelong contract that could be signed with only one client, Bodidi naturally wouldn\'t betray Felix and give away his coordinates since the penalty imposed was nothing like the one in regular contracts.

Hence, as long as Felix was making deliveries with Bodidi, he was in safe hands.

Sadly, he only had one more chance to make another delivery before exiting the Galaxy.

Bodidi was too young for cross-galaxies deliveries.

With that being said, Felix decided to think of a solution when he reached the witch empire.

For now, he quickly wore the newest 11th generation bracelet and brought it to his eyes, Elder, try calling the Queen.

The Jörmungandr was already prepared for this.

Hence, he closed his eyes and called Queen AI in his mind.

A few seconds later, the Jörmungandr had opened his eyes in the same basic white room where the Queen AI meet with everyone.

Just like she did with Felix, she asked if the Jörmungandr wanted to bind his consciousness with this bracelet.

To which the Jörmungandr agreed at once.

The Queen congratulated him and asked if he wanted to know more about the UVR, universe, AP bracelet...etc.

But the Jörmungandr had declined and requested with an intrigued expression, Please take me to this link.

He forwarded a long teleportation link like the ones Felix used to teleport to the yearly auction event.

The Queen did as he asked and his body immediately started deconstructing into light particles.

When he opened them up again, he was greeted by a cosmic golden pyramid that was suspended in space.

Meanwhile, he was standing right in front of a wide opened up gate.

Behind it, Lady Sphinx was waiting for him with a faint charming smile.

Welcome to my UVR\'s territory Jörmi. Lady Sphinx said while extended her hand behind her.

Thank you for your hospitality. The Jörmungandr smiled faintly and entered the gate with her.

The moment he stepped into the other side, the gate had closed up behind them.

Elder, did it work Felix asked after waiting for a minute without a response.

He is in my place now. Lady Sphinx informed him.

Pheew, that\'s nice to hear. Felix sighed in relief while glancing at his 2nd bracelet.

Although it was attached to him, he realized that he couldn\'t even turn it on to look at the time.

It was like the entire bracelet was dead.

But in reality, the Queen was considering the Jörmungandr as the real owner and she wouldn\'t give access to Felix unless she was given permission by the owner.

Elder, please tell him to make a bank account first so I can wire him a couple billion to work with. Felix requested while heading to the VR pod.

Don\'t bother yourself with such matters. Lady Sphinx said, He is under my care now.

Upon hearing so, Felix didn\'t bring the matter again since Lady Sphinx\'s care was a billion times better than him.

You\'re next Asna. Felix joked, Since the elder\'s bracelet had already taken my 2nd wrist, I will place yours above my left ankle.

My favorite place for my favorite girl.

I dare you to do it you f*cker!! Asna snapped immediately at the sound of that.

She couldn\'t imagine how humiliating that would appear but if Felix truly did it, she honestly would still not hesitate to enter the UVR.

Beggers can\'t be chosers. Felix snickered while contacting the VIP wormhole expressway.

Totally ignoring her second barrage of insults, he spoke politely to the company\'s employee for a few minutes.

The content of their conversation was about his ID and spaceship license.

When they got approved since he didn\'t have any criminal records, he was asked about the type of service he wanted.

Whether he wanted to subscribe with the company or just pay for one-time entry.

Naturally, Felix bought only one ticket for this wormhole to not leave any trails behind him since if he bought another one for the next wormhole that intel might end up in the hands of his hunters.

They would know exactly where to wait for him.

Even now, he wasn\'t completely safe.

Hence, the moment he received the ticket after he paid 5 million SC for it, he requested the Queen to enter the wormhole!

Because it was a VIP expressway, the spaceship entered it with the speed of light, not bothering with queues and checkups.

That\'s why Felix entered the VR Pod, he knew that he wasn\'t going to see the wormhole or experience how it was inside.

But he didn\'t care about it since he had experienced it plenty of times in his previous life.

If he had to describe being inside a wormhole, it would be quite difficult since he saw only a bunch of merged colors from the windows like he was inside a juice mixer.

That\'s the closest thing he could come up with.

\'Sir Felix, the spaceship has emerged from the other side of the wormhole.\' The Queen announced in his mind, \'You are currently near the center of the Mariana Empire.

Should I stick to the preset path\'

\'Yes please.\' Felix agreed.

He had no intentions of making a detour and going to check some of the popular hotspots in the empire when everyone was on his ass.

Hence, he entered another long journey to the next wormhole that would take at least 15 days.


Four days later...At 12:00 PM

Felix was sitting in his Androxa House\'s living room, wearing a suit and a disguise that changed his size, posture, face, voice, and everything else that could remotely associate with his real self.

This was the disguise he was planning on using for the meeting with the Anti-Royalty Alliance.

He had already created a fake name for himself, the Organization, the people working there...etc.

He wasn\'t planning on introducing them but it was better to be thorough in his lie.

Let\'s begin.

Felix took a deep breath to make himself focused and immediately sent his newest fake contact information to the Maganda Chief with his real email.

He simply informed him that one of the higher echelons of the Organization was ready to meet him and he should contact him right now.

After sending it, Felix waited for merely a minute before his bracelet started ringing.

Here we go. Felix fixed his attire and accepted the call with an indifferent expression.


The moment the call was connected, five holographic videos emerged before Felix.

Each one belonged to a member of the Anti-Royalty Alliance.

Meanwhile, the image those five were seeing was a totally dark background and Felix wearing a black suit.

Naturally, they didn\'t recognize him at all due to the disguise.

You have two minutes. Felix said indifferently, not wanting to wait for Maganda Chief to make the mood friendly like he always does.

His tone naturally displeased the seniors but they reeled it since they finally contacted the makers of the mythical bloodlines.

Hence, they decided to respect those two minutes and straightaway jump into the subject.

There is no need to sugarcoat it.

We are interested in your bloodlines and we want to enter a partnership that will ensure a steady stream of bottles for our people. Zosia said calmly.

Felix didn\'t speak as he simply kept looking at them with a disinterested gaze, making them frown their eyebrows slightly.

Before they could start feeling irritated by his scornful look, they were shocked to hear him say calmly, Here we are trying to create a path for the human race to surpass other races and remove this stigma of \'A weaker race\' from our name.

Yet, you are desperate to get this powerup for what To win a war between you and the Royal Family

Maganda Chief and the rest were left aghast at the sound of that without the ability to retort!

\'Impossible! How does he knows about our alliance and plans to declare war against the Royal Family!\'

\'Did one of your trusted subordinates leaked the news\'

\'That\'s not possible for me.\' Zosia sent a message while trying her best to hide her agitation, \'All my loyal subordinates are hidden slaves.

So, they can\'t betray me like this.\'

\'Same .\'...\'Me too.\'

A heated discussion was ongoing telepathically between the five as the bombshell that Felix dropped was too much for them to handle.

The information about their hidden alliance and the declaration of war were fully classified.

Only a few trusted people knew it.

They believed that it was possible for the Organization to figure out about their alliance since they had met with Felix together during the auction...But the declaration of war was off-bounds!!

You have 1 minute and 30 seconds. Felix said nonchalantly, making them break out of their discussion and focus on him.

This time, they were looking at him with a hint of dread as they had no idea how much information did he know!

Upon seeing the way he was treated, Felix smiled faintly and comforted, Don\'t worry, my organization never utilizes those kinds of information.

We simply collect them for security reasons.

\'Terrifying, their roots must be buried deeply in most of the backgrounds if they could even know about our classified information.\' Gabrial said telepathically.

\'We will discuss this later, we need to convince them to sign a contract as fast as possible in this remaining minute.\' Zosia said, \'They are the real deal!\'


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