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After training his poison manipulation for over 8 hours, Felix finally decided to stop for the day as he was mentally exhausted.

Since the results weren\'t really that obvious, the training truly appeared like a rewardless daily grind.

But, Felix had no intentions of bailing out on reaching 2nd stage of poison manipulation as fast as possible!

When Felix went for a quick shower, the Jörmungandr had informed him about his desire to enter the UVR and the way to do so.

Naturally, the first thing Felix asked was Asna\'s chances of using the same method.

Although he was told that wasn\'t possible, Lady Sphinx did inform him about the potion that she was making for Asna.

Are you willing to drink it Lady Sphinx asked, Your life wouldn\'t be endangered but the pain both of you will experience would be beyond your comprehension.

Isn\'t just pain Felix chuckled, I am used it to by now.

\'Let\'s see if you will say the same when you taste pain based on soul.\' Lady Sphinx kept this thought to herself.

She didn\'t want to discourage him or make him stressful when the potion wouldn\'t be ready until a year later.

Elder, I will shop for an 11th generation or hopefully 12th generation Bracelet right now. Felix informed the Jörmungandr, I only have normal bracelets on me now and they lack too many useful features.

Alright, you know better. The Jörmungandr said, smiling.

Felix nodded his head while opening a website that belonged to the Metal Race branch in the Galaxy.

This website was responsible for selling all the technologies, equipment, gadgets, devices, bracelets, and every other invention by the Metal Race.

Naturally, Felix didn\'t have access to everything but just the public items.

He straightaway entered the Bracelets section and scrolled to the most expensive ones that were still available in stock.

Upon finding that 150 11th Gen AP bracelets were still in stock, he quickly purchased two online and obtained their serial codes.

Then, he sent it to Bodidi and told him to bring them with the rest of the 26 bottles.


Two days later...At 11:05 AM...

\'Sir Felix, the spaceship has stopped exactly 10,480 kilometers away from the VIP Wormhole expressway.\'

The Queen\'s monotonous voice resounded in Felix\'s mind, interrupting his training session.

Felix threw a poisonous liquid drop in his mouth and requested calmly, \'Log me out.\'


The moment Felix opened his eyes in VR Pod, the needles that were connecting to his bloodstream, automatically withdrawn while the glass door opened up slowly.

Felix stepped outside of the Pod wearing only his underwear.

His feet were touching the room\'s carpet naturally like gravity was still applied on the spaceship.

That\'s because of the Artificial Gravity of the spaceship.

Felix didn\'t bother to look through the science of it but he knows that the centripetal force wasn\'t required in the technology used.

Anyhow, Felix stretched his limbs for a couple of seconds before walking to the closest window to him.

Since the spaceship was finally not moving and there was no close star to emit light, Felix was left to marvel at the universe\'s breathtaking beauty.

Stars of different colors, appearing like tiny dots, colorful nebulas of different shapes and sizes filled Felix\'s vision, making him wonder about their astronomical size.

Although he had been to space many times and experienced its beauty on multiple occasions in his clan\'s spacesh.i.p.s, Felix always got mesmerized by it.

Waking up to such a sight is truly a delightful experience. Feeling refreshed, Felix smiled and walked to the spaceship\'s cafeteria.

When he was seated on a circular milky white table, he pressed on the holographic menu and ordered breakfast.

He wasn\'t worried about the food or taste being horrible since the kitchen was run by bots and the food stock in the spaceship was loaded to the brim.

The stock would probably last him a couple of years.

Naturally, Felix had ordered for his spaceship to be filled with all of this before it reached him.

In a short while, Felix started eating his breakfast while sending the newest coordinates to Bodidi.

Since he was in space, the coordinates were different as there was no altitude, latitude, or four directions.

Instead, it was a long serial code of 1000 letters mixed with numbers.

This code wouldn\'t make sense to anyone but the Queen AI.

That\'s because the UVR\'s roots were spread on a universal level.

That made it possible to map out at least 30% of the known universe and make the Queen be the GPS of everyone!

Hence, when Felix sent this code to Bodidi, the Queen would inform Bodidi of the exact place where Felix was currently standing!

Naturally, this wouldn\'t have worked if Felix\'s spaceship was in an area that wasn\'t mapped out.

The way to map out an area was simple.

The AP bracelet of every person was constantly scanning the area around him.

For example, Felix\'s 11th Gen bracelet was capable of scanning up to a 1-kilometer radius.

This meant right now, he was helping the Queen map out that 1-kilometer around him.

Though, in this situation, the Queen already possessed a map of his area since other people had gone through here for billions of times due to being in one of the directions to the Wormhole Expressway.

The reason people allow this to happen was because it was to their own benefit.

Without the Queen\'s Map and GPS feature, they wouldn\'t know where to go and how to arrive at another place fast enough without ending up crashing into a meteor, planet, or another unlucky spaceship in their path.

Only due to the Queen AI was it possible to fly at the speed of light without that kind of worry.

That\'s because she always chooses the perfect path to their destination.

If she couldn\'t do so, she would inform them to see if they were willing to risk going blindly or not.

This was another reason why the Queen was treated in high regard by everyone!


When Felix had finished dealing with Bodidi\'s situation, he went to the c.o.c.kpit, wanting to see the VIP wormhole expressway.

Alas, his spaceship was parked way too far for him to spot it.

Adding to the stars and nebulas around him made it impossible to know which dot it belongs to it.

Felix understood that if this was a natural Wormhole, its size would be noticeable even if he was hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

Too bad, Felix knew that The Space Worm Race wasn\'t capable of creating wormholes with that astronomical size.

Only the universe was capable of creating them!

The Space Primogenitor is capable of creating it. The Jörmungandr interrupted, I have seen him once do it.

Heck, I believe that wormhole is still up and running to this day if that fatty worm is still alive.

He is alive alright. Lady Sphinx said, He was also part of the primogenitors who decided to enter the illusionary world.

Upon hearing so, Felix clutched his heart in pain as he knew that his chance to use the space element had been forever butchered!

Alive Primogenitor = Bad choice.

If Lady Sphinx wasn\'t kind and had probably a thing for the Jörmungandr (He assumes), she wouldn\'t have spared him even if she saw his research value. 

Felix had no intentions of testing his luck for the 3rd time with another alive primogenitor.

I heard you order Avion species bottles before, have you finally made up your mind Lady Sphinx asked.

Yes, there is no point in delaying it any further. Felix nodded his head.

Naturally, to make sure that Felix ends up with a primogenitor that was willing to hand him his elemental manipulation, they discussed it days ago.

After all, Lady Sphinx was going to make experiments on Felix to turn him into the 1st person to host multiple elemental manipulations in the universe.

That wouldn\'t be possible if the primogenitors chosen refused to give their elemental manipulations.

That\'s why the primogenitors who were still alive were the first to be eliminated.

Followed by primogenitors who were dead but had hostile or unfriendly relations with Jörmungandr and the Sphinx.

Even ones who disliked lesser races were removed as well since they might straightaway kill Felix from disgust.

Heck, even the Illusion primogenitor was eliminated since he was still alive like Lady Sphinx.

This made Felix drop any thoughts of utilizing the illusion affinity that he had.

It was a hard decision but it had to be done to avoid getting killed.

In the end, Felix was left with merely 7 potential primogenitors who were dead and also had a familiar relation with either the Jörmungandr or Lady Sphinx.

Those primogenitors were representing 7 elements, ranging from common, uncommon to rare!

But Lady Sphinx told Felix to focus only on common elements first since she explained that uncommon and rare elements were more complex and it would make her research tougher from the start.

It was better to start simple and increase the difficulty as they go.

Felix had no issue with that.

He already dropped his prejudice against common elements!

The three common elements he was given to choose from were, Lightning, Wind, and Water.

The lightning element was belonging to Thor.

The Wind element was for the Celestial Roc.

Lastly, the water element as belonging to The Kraken.

Just because wind and water were going to be used by Erik and the Anti-Royalty Alliance, it didn\'t mean that Felix couldn\'t use them as well.

After all, 99% of the essence that he gathers from bloodlines wasn\'t the only amount out there.

In fact, if Felix wanted, he could continue gathering the Jörmungandr\'s essence from other tiers 5/6/7 bloodlines and create more 99% filled bottles!

But he didn\'t do so since he never had to and his capital never allowed him to go for side projects like those.

With that being said, Felix had still made his choice in the past couple of days after thinking deeply about it.

The lightning element is my final pick. He informed calmly, I will be awakening Thor, the elder\'s best friend, and rival.

Good choice. Lady Sphinx smiled, He is the one with the highest chances of giving you his elemental manipulation.

Felix nodded his head in agreement.

But he didn\'t only do it for that but also because the lightning element was the perfect one for him currently.

After all, the Lightning element was one of the best for destructiveness and also mobility!

Felix was missing both!

The only reason Felix was hesitating to pick the lighting element instantly was due to Thor\'s unique species.

The Jörmungandr had shown him how Thor appeared and his species when he was given the choices.

He belonged to the Avion species, an ancient and extremely rare creature that lived in planets with thunderclouds raging all year long.

This species was known for their eel-like resemblance as they were long, thin, and had fish-like scales with tiny holes in them.

Meanwhile, their scales\' color ranges from black and white.

While Eels were known for living in shallow water, the Avions lived in thunderclouds by consuming clouds and lightning!

While clouds were their source of food, lightning was their source of survival.

Without absorbing it ceaselessly day and night, their speed wouldn\'t be fast enough that gravity wouldn\'t work on them!

Because they never stop wheezing by inside the thunderclouds, it was extremely difficult to catch them and extract their bloodline essence.

Hence, their prices weren\'t a joke.

But with Felix\'s win in the 5th game and the upcoming load of coins from selling the water bottle to the Anti-Royalty Alliance, Felix stopped bothering with prices and just went for the pick!

Cough, elder you told me to pick an element but how am I suppose to land on it when I drink the elemental potion Felix asked with a tingle of hope, Or are you going to gift me a potion that could help me awaken lightning element

Naturally, I can easily make a potion that could achieve such a result. Lady Sphinx said.

Before Felix could get siked to hear this, Lady Sphinx said calmly, But I don\'t gift stuff.

I make trades and deals...Always.


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