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The camera switched to what lays in front of Nocturn Dreams, making the viewers see the peaceful and soothing grass field like it was taken from paradise itself.

A huge contrast to the raging sea in front of it and the dreadful desert behind it! It was like a piece of land that was meant to bait the players into giving up!

However, when those three reached it, they didn\'t even spare the grass a glance as they continued flying towards the Desert. 

This \'half zone\' wasn\'t made for frontrunners but for the players at the last place who knew that it was impossible to win the game.

Instead of hanging around in those two dangerous zones, it was much better to stay in the grass field until the game ends.

Sometime later, Dreams Nocturn and Valkyrie had officially stepped inside the peaceful golden desert that resembled any regular one.

There were golden dunes that were big enough to be called mounds and...that\'s all.

Only dunes and sand stretched to the horizon.

If it wasn\'t for a beacon of light that was shining brightly at the other side of the desert, Dreams Nocturn and Valkyrie wouldn\'t have known where was the finish line at.


Finally, I am here. Felix laughed in elation the moment he crossed to the desert.

Without further ado, Felix dropped into the golden sand after deactivating his *Desert Domain*.

There was no need to create a path when the entire Desert was his playground!

The hell is that posture!

The viewers were left speechless when they saw him placing his bulgy tail\'s end on the sand while he sat on his folded long tail.

He was sitting in a mediation position while stretching his arms behind his back lazily.

As for his speed He was going only slightly slower than before due to him surfing on dunes instead of flying over them like the other two.

\'This is so unfair!!\' Valkyrie cried in her mind at the demoralizing sight of Felix catching up to them without wasting a single ounce of energy!

She knew that he was probably relying on passive *Sand Surfing* since it was a somewhat known ability, unlike the other unique ones.

Although the distance was getting a bit longer between them, she understood that she was bound to get exhausted in the middle of the desert if she kept going at this pace.

When that happens, forget about the marathon, they would either get killed by Felix or the beasts hiding under the sand!

Dreams Nocturn was no different!

Felix was killing them slowly but surely!

It seems like Dreams Nocturn and Valkyrie are at their wit\'s end. Dallas sighed, They are hopeless to reach the finish line and they can\'t even kill Landlord since their energy is too low.

Even if it wasn\'t, I doubt they were capable of killing him.

The only chance they got to win the game is by Landlord ending up dying to the beasts lurking underneath the desert.

The viewers agreed with his comment as they also believed that Felix had pretty much secured the win unless he got super unlucky with the desert\'s obstacles.

Unbeknownst to them, Felix was able to feel the vibrations in the sand, making him sense the beasts\' positions from kilometers under the sand!

Even if he didn\'t have it, he could easily utilize his vision abilities to spot them beforehand.

Hence, the moment he noticed that a two meters scorpion-like beast was about to emerge tens of meters in front of him, he changed his direction slightly to the left.


As expected, a brownish-scaled scorpion had emerged right next to Felix instead from beneath him.

Before the viewers could exclaim at its sudden appearance, the scorpion straightaway attacked Felix with its gleaming red sting!


Alas, the golden sand rose in front of the sting and blocked it automatically without Felix even glancing at it!

Looking at the frozen stiffly scorpion, Asna couldn\'t help but feel bad for it.

\'Why are you bullying the little thing like this\'

\'You want him to hit me\' Felix asked speechlessly.

\'I see no issues with that.\' Asna laughed.

\'Too bad, in this desert even if I wanted to let them hit me, they wouldn\'t be able to.\' Felix said while glancing at the poor scorpion who was chasing after him.

If this wasn\'t a race, he would have started farming the beasts here.

While Felix was being chased by a couple of new desert beasts that failed to kill him, Dreams Nocturn and Valkyrie weren\'t having the best time either.

Giant paige-colored worms kept emerging from the dunes and reach up to those two who were 10 meters in the air!

Felix wasn\'t exposed to the same worms since he was racing on the ground obediently.

Naturally, to balance things out, the game made it harder for those with flying abilities since it wouldn\'t make sense that only the players on the ground get exposed to the beasts.

Those worms weren\'t easy to deal with as they were long and flexible, forcing those two to continue evading even when they pass over the worms!

\'I can\'t do this anymore.\' Valkyrie said in dread, \'I am at 15% energy and I will drop to 10% soon if I kept dealing with those worms.\'

\'Same.\' Dreams Nocturn frowned his eyebrows as he sent a message, \'I suggest we turn back to the grass field before the 2nd obstacle begin and we get left stranded in the desert without energy to defend ourselves.\'

\'My thoughts exactly.\' Valkyrie said.

\'Sigh, it was a close game.\' Dreams Nocturn glanced at Felix and complained, \'Mythical bloodliners are truly too unfair to play against.\'

The moment he noticed that Valkyrie had made a sharp turn, Dreams Nocturn stopped thinking about those disheartening matters and followed after her.

Their lives were far more important than forcefully trying to secure a win with all of those disadvantages stacked against them.

\'I guess their energy tank had finally given up on them.\' Felix smirked as he gazed at them flying towards the grass field but not from his direction.

They weren\'t stupid to come near Felix since he could simply fly up and force them to fight him.

While they didn\'t know how much energy he had, they understood that it was much more than theirs.

As expected, Valkyrie and Nocturn were forced to make a tactical retreat. Dallas leaned against his chair and shook his head slightly, You can\'t just sprint in a marathon from the very start and expect to finish it.

While those two idols fans were sighing in dejection or booing for Felix, Emma and the rest of the club had already started an early celebration by chanting loudly;


It seems like Landlord\'s fans are believing in their idol\'s chances to break the current win streak record in the SG Human branch. Dallas commentated while switching the camera to Emma, Markus, and the rest.

It was common knowledge that the highest win streak record was 10 wins.

It was currently held by a retired SG player who became a bloodline clan leader in the Bardot Empire.

However, unlike Felix, he didn\'t skip to gold from silver and he also didn\'t win the first four placement games, making him obtain a single-tier advancement in each win and also have a **ty MMR.

That made it easier for him to win four games in bronze and four more in silver just to end his winning streak after winning two more gold games.

But still, to achieve so, he was extremely strong and skilled.

But most importantly, he had a stroke of defying luck to get games that he was good at and advantageous to his abilities.

Meanwhile, Felix could care less about the record as he was playing to climb as fast as possible.

\'Another win in the bag.

I wonder how much revenue would I be getting for this one.\' Felix pondered while scratching his chin.

Felix believed that he should be getting at least 40 billion SC since the expensive ticket prices alone were going to net him 30 Billion SC.

Don\'t even mention the stream, the recorded game earnings...etc.

If it wasn\'t for the SGAlliance deducting 5% taxes from his total, he would have earned more.

Thankfully, the SGAlliance gave him straightaway the deducted amount to not piss him off after seeing how much he was getting robbed.

\'40 billion SC.\' Felix thought, \'I should donate 1 billion SC to the planet\'s bank account for the troubles I brought to the citizen.

It truly won\'t be fun for them to know that most backgrounds are sending their people over.

But, if everything went well with the Anti-Royalty Alliance, they wouldn\'t need to worry at all.\'

Felix still felt responsible for the plight he caused by his exposure.

Though it was going to happen sooner or later.

Honestly, he felt that it was much better that it happened now instead of later since the planet was still locked from outsiders.

If he got exposed months or years later, the planet would have already integrated with other kingdoms, giving their bloodliners permission to roam the planet freely.

By then, the citizen would truly get harassed by those bloodliners due to Felix.

But now, as long as the Council never gives permission to anyone, those citizens wouldn\'t be approached by the non-natives.

However, those backgrounds could still potentially hire natives and make them do their bids like the Gama Organization.

Nevertheless, Felix wasn\'t worried about this as well since the 2nd planetary game was just around the corner and when he wins it, they would order for a Planetary Defensive Grid that helps them strike down spacesh.i.p.s that either land on their soil or in space.

If those background fleets got destroyed or kicked out from the planet, those earthling gangs and criminal organizations wouldn\'t dare to provoke the Council after they see their means.

Surveillance Tower and Planetary Defensive Grid were the backbones of every planet in this Era.

Only by having both of them could primitive planets afford to focus on their citizen without worrying too much about non-natives.

That\'s why he wasn\'t worried about his grandfather and Olivia getting kidnapped.

As long as his grandfather and family remained in Pearl Island, they would be safe from criminals, aiming for them.

Even if someone made it to the island, Erik and Malak were going to wipe the floor with them.

As for Olivia She was staying in the Earthling Headquarter, the safest place on the entire planet.

Whoosh Whoosh!!

Felix\'s thoughts were broken by the sound of the wind that had noticeably increased in speed.

Sand grains were lifted in the air and drifted by, making Felix rest his chin on his hand, \'It seems like the sandstorm is approaching.\'

Not a second later, Felix managed to spot a massive brownish cloud that was edging closer to him from the front.

It was long enough, it stretched past Felix\'s line of sight.

In terms of size, Felix didn\'t know how big it was but he believed that it was even bigger than the tsunami!

Yet, not a shred of fear had resurfaced on Felix\'s face as he kept surfing on his tail.

This game might not be over after all Dallas said, If by some miracle, Landlord ended up dying in the sandstorm, the players behind him who had yet to surrender, could still win it!

Alas, Dallas regretted those words the moment Felix had entered the sandstorm.

Felix\'s body didn\'t even get hit by a single sand grain as the moment they reach one meter to him, they freeze like he had some sort of a godly aura blocking them off!

But in reality, those sand grains were simply reacting to Felix\'s passive absolute sand defense.

How could sand harm Felix when he has this passive

Hence, the creation of a mindblowing scene of Felix surfing in the middle of a raging sandstorm without having a speck of dirt on his face or clothes!

He truly became a semi-god in the desert with his abilities. Dallas commentated with a wry smile,  making the viewers envy Felix for his sand bloodline that caused all of this.

When Dallas saw that Felix had passed through the sandstorm successfully, he murmured near his mic, Maybe he will reach beyond the four greats in the Universal Individual Supremacy Games.


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