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Felix ordered Moonlight wolf to change directions and head towards that building.

On his way, he got ambushed by two giants golden rats from the sewers.

But Felix dealt with them easily since he already saw them sneaking upon him.

With his Base Vision, it was almost impossible to ambush him as nothing physical could skip past his eyes.


Moonlight Wolf jumped at the wall and propelled itself towards the alley to not affect its acceleration by turning normally. 

The moment they entered the alley, the building with the teleportation circle had appeared at the end of it.

There it is! Felix ordered, Go!

The Moonlight dashed through the narrow alley and emerged safely to the other side.

Poof Poof!

Felix threw two blue bombs to his right and left the moment he exited the alley.

The viewers were shocked to see that his bombs had ended up connecting with two invisible green scaled-snakes that hung down from light poles!

How is he able to see them Dallas exclaimed abruptly, Does he still have his infrared vision!!

This question had set a new wave of exclamations in the stadium as no one expected that Felix was still hiding more abilities than the ones he had already shown!

This is madness!! What the hell is wrong with his bloodlines!

Someone find him already and extract the information from him! I can\'t wait to get my hand on a mythical bloodline as well.

Every bloodliner without an exception thought the same, even though most of them couldn\'t even afford legendary bloodlines.

Felix didn\'t care about hiding his vision abilities since he was going to keep relying on them and it was almost impossible to hide the fact that he possesses them!


Finding no obstructions, the Moonlight wolf dashed through the teleportation circle and emerged on the roof of the building.

The one that Felix chose was ten-story tall just like the rest of the buildings connecting with it.

The best part, they were leading almost straight to the beacon as there were a couple of streets that were separating the buildings.

But Felix wasn\'t worried about that at all, as he quickly ordered for his wolf to accelerate forward.

Poof Pooof!

Felix kept helping his wolf by throwing acid bombs at the clothes that were hung on the roof to dry like the building was populated.

Naturally, sometimes they get attacked by beasts who remained on the roofs.

But the journey was still much smoother than sprinting on the streets since they had to always change directions to go around buildings that were blocking their paths.

But now that they were on top of them, it was a straight path to the beacon!

When Felix pushed his infrared vision to the limit, he managed to notice through the chaotic red auras, that more players were on the streets than the ones on the roof.

That totally made sense since those teleportations circles weren\'t on every building but just a few.

If one didn\'t have an ability or some good luck, he could forget about stepping on the roofs!

Landlord has jumped into the 25th rank! Dallas commentated while showing the current ranking of the game on the large screen.


1) The Speedster

2) Dreams Nocturn

3) Valkyrie\'s Cry

4) Bladetaur

5) Shadow Hound


25) Unpaid Landlord.

26) DareDevil\'s Life//

Considering that Landlord\'s movement speed ability is heavily reliant on the sand, he is doing a terrific job! Dallas praised loudly, not caring about the boos he received for supporting Felix.

He honestly didn\'t give a ** about what others think of Felix as he was simply doing his job as MC/Judge and commentating unbiasedly.

That\'s why every time Felix moved up three ranks, he made sure to switch the camera to him and commentate on his climb.

By the time three minutes went by, Felix had already reached the 11th rank! Yet, he had still to even cross half the city!

This was where the Moonlight Wolf shone than the rest as most players that Felix had surpassed decided to slow their pace when exhaustion started hitting them.

Adding the fact that beasts were obstructing their paths and Felix might actually emerge outside of the city as part of the top 5!

Alas, just when things were getting smoother for Felix, the game decided that it was the perfect time to introduce the 2nd obstacle of the Beastial City Zone!

Rumble Rumble!!

Small tremors started spreading throughout the city, shaking smaller objects, like pebbles, glass pieces..etc.

Due to the chaotic and noisy atmosphere in the city, not a lot of the players felt or bothered to address those tremors as they could have been easily caused by a large beast walking or the ongoing battles.

Since Felix was on traveling on the roofs, those tremors didn\'t reach him at all.

Hence, he simply kept guiding the Moonlight Wolf towards the edge of a building that was looking at a wide street, separating them from the next building!

By the look of it, it was almost impossible for the wolf to jump all that distance, unlike the previous times.

\'Speed up!\' Felix ordered while narrowing his eyes at the edge.

The Moonlight listened obediently and accelerated even further by hunching slightly down.

When it reached the edge, it didn\'t hesitate to jump into the air!

He won\'t make it!

Leader Emma and the rest of Felix\'s loyal fans instantly knew that the Wolf and Felix were going to end up falling on the crowded street that was packed with beasts, waiting for a prey to feed on!

When Dallas switched the camera focus to Felix, the screen showed that scene! Olivia, Robert, and the rest of the earthling viewers drew a deep breath at the sight!

Yet, before they could feel worried for Felix, their eyes were opened widely in stupor at the sight of blue sand emerging from Felix\'s palms and encasing the Moonlight Wolf!

What the hell is he doing! All the normal viewers questioned his decision as they didn\'t know if adding more weight was the smartest thing to do in his situation.

However, the scene of descending that they were anticipating didn\'t happen! Instead, the Moonlight Wolf actually kept flying on his path like gravity wasn\'t working on him!


ANTI-GRAVITATIONAL SAND! The Maganda Chief shouted in shock, scaring the ** out of Zosia and the rest of the Anti-Royalty Alliance who were watching the game live in the VIP room.

The Maganda Chief was the quickest to know what attributed sand Felix had used since he had done some research on the blue sand when his friend brought it to him from his space exploration! He still remembers when he told his daughter Alicia about it during Felix\'s 4th game!

He explained to her that blue sand had an anti-gravitational attribute, making it float on the air for a while before dropping down!

Yet, not in his wildest dream would he have expected Felix to still show them another attributed sand.

How many he does have! He wondered out loud in agitation.

Zosia and the rest were half a beat late but they also saw through Felix\'s ingenious method of defying gravity to reach the other building!

He did reach it safely as he only needed to deactivate pumping his *Sand Domain* right on top of the building!

The moment the blue sand disappeared, Felix and his wolf fell into the roof! Thankfully, The wolf wasn\'t hurt in the process since the distance wasn\'t that far.

Though, both of them did end up rolling on the roof due to the momentum.


They ended up colliding into the other edge.

Felix quickly jumped back up and patted the Moonlight Wolf, Get up! We don\'t have time to laze arou...


Before Felix could finish his sentence the entire building trembled like it was hit by a giant sledgehammer!

Felix\'s footing was affected, making him drop on his knees.

Shit, the earthquake is here! Felix cursed while trying to regain his balance.

Alas, that was almost impossible as the building kept shaking left and right, transmitting vibrations to the roof that kept forcing Felix to remain seated while clutching into the edge.

When he peeked at the rest of the city, he was horrified to see that all of the buildings were shaking! Even the skyscr.a.p.ers!

As for the streets fissures had already started to emerge on the asphalt before spreading into the buildings\' walls!

Roars, sckree, kekeee...

A symphony of terrified beastial noise kept echoing in the streets as the beasts stopped bothering the players and listened to their survival instincts!

It told them to get as far as possible from the city! The players who were being harassed by them were left in peace to escape the city as well or at least hide in a safe spot until the earthquake pass by.


Alas, no one dared to entertain that thought anymore after the 2nd earthquake hit! It was more brutal than the 1st one!

Bloody hell! We need to leave this city before we get buried alive! Felix cursed while turning around.

Alas, the Moonlight Wolf was nowhere to be seen!

If Felix was paying attention or had a way to replay what happened during the 1st earthquake, he would have noticed that his wolf had been destroyed by the sudden vibrations!

After all, it was made purely from sand and no matter how realistic it appeared, it was still sand that could be affected negatively by counters to sand!

Vibrations were one of them since it separates the sand grains from each other!

This is truly the worst timing for Landlord to lose his mount! Dallas wondered, How is he going to sprint towards the \'finish\' beacon before the entire city ends up in rubbles!

This question resounded on everyone\'s minds as they kept watching Felix cursing in annoyance while trying to stand up.


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