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What the f*ck is he wearing George said speechlessly, What happened to the hoodie and sweatpants!

I think he looks better this way. Sophia said, giggling.

It\'s not ab...

Shshs, the MC is going to interview him.

Their conversation was interrupted after Dallas had jumped into the ground and went straightaway to Felix who was receiving some \'tough love\' from the viewers as they were cursing him left and right.

When Dallas reached his side, he was surprised to see that he didn\'t have the damned \'No interviews\' tag on the top of his head.

He honestly was just trying his luck as he figured that maybe since Felix was exposed he wouldn\'t reject interviews anymore.

\'Lucky!\' He grinned slightly and brought out his mic.

He placed in front of Felix and quickly asked, fearing that Felix might change his mind, Mr.

Landlord, do you have anything to say to our dear viewers

He didn\'t bring the matter but he indirectly asked Felix about it.

No. Felix said bluntly, pissing off the viewers immediately as they started another round of booing that almost deafened Olivia and the rest.

Unbothered, Felix scratched his cheek and said, But for those flies who keep annoying me about handing the method to getting mythical bloodlines, all of you can just piss off as they don\'t belong to me.

They are not yours Dallas exclaimed in shock just like the rest of the players nearby and the viewers.

No, now stop bothering me. Felix said while waving his hand dismissively.

When Dallas tried to speak, he realized that he couldn\'t.

Knowing why, he looked on top of Felix\'s head and sighed in dejection before leaving.

Dallas picked another player to interview him but the viewers weren\'t interested in that as they were still discussing Felix\'s proclamation...Especially the VIP viewers.

Well, it was to be expected.

Based on his lowly background, It is truly impossible for him to get even one mythical bloodline, don\'t even mention two of them. Killa said calmly while seating with another otherworldly man.

He appeared to be in his late twenties but since he was seating in equal terms with Killa, the chief of the scouting crew in the Alexender Kingdom, he must be of higher status as well.

Indeed, he has a provider or someone backing him.

If it wasn\'t for so, those three superpowers wouldn\'t have allied with that little blue planet. The man said with a soothing tone.

It\'s possible that those three superpowers are actually the provider but again, I doubt they would have exposed the existence of mythical bloodlines this soon if it was them.

True, if it was us, we would have armed our people to the teeth until the information gets exposed. Killa said.

This means that background behind Landlord shouldn\'t be attached to any kingdom or empire.

They are free to grab and we must be the first ones to get hold of it. The man said.

I couldn\'t agree more. Killa asked, Tell me General, when are your fleets arriving on Earth

In the next three days. The General smiled, We will be the first to arrive and that would give us the advantage to position ourselves better than the latecomers.

That reminds me. The General asked, Have you spoken with that blue planet\'s leading power

Yes. Killa sighed, No matter what I said or offered, they refused to give us permission to enter or even a couple Earthling citizensh.i.p.s to some of our bloodliners.

It seems like being an ally with those three superpowers has given them the guts to refuse. The General sneered, Whatever, we will enter illegally and see what we can do from there on.

Killa nodded his head and stopped speaking at once, focusing on Felix who was squatting on the ground with a bored expression.

Thankfully, the interview segment was only 30 minutes long.

When it was concluded, Dallas returned to his commentary table and snapped his finger, sending all the players outside of the stadium.

When they opened their eyes, they found themselves standing between two translucent walls that were two meters in width and stretching for half a kilometer.

Felix looked around him and noticed that he was placed near two players who were staring at him with unfriendly looks.

\'Asna what\'re their names and strongest ability\' Felix asked the Wikipedia in his mind.

\'Uhmm, the one on left is called Frost Gauntlet.

He is known for his ability to freeze surfaces by emitting chilling airs from his hand.

The other on the left is called WaterMaker.

He could create a medium-sized tsunami.\' Asna informed while sipping from a can of coke all by herself.

She was lying on her side on a couch while sitting behind her were the Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx who seemed to be discussing quite an important subject based on their solemn expression.

\'Alright, thanks.\'

After Felix got informed of their abilities, he kept them in mind and focused on the \'start\' beacon in front of the Beastial City\'s gate.

That\'s the only thing he could do as he realized that it was impossible to move his legs.

He wasn\'t bothered or worried by it as he knew that all the players were frozen just like him so no one would start earlier than the rest.

Ten, Nine, Eight....Three, Two, One, Start!!


Following the sound of a gunshot, Felix felt that the stiffness on his legs was gone.

However, instead of sprinting like the rest of the players, he simply placed his hand on his chest and called in his mind, \'Perfect Sand Copy!\'

What the hell!

The players exclaimed in shock the moment they glanced behind them and saw that new versions of Felix were emerging from his palm and stand next to him!

A couple of seconds later, there were more than twenty versions of Felix all hanging in the narrow path, making it impossible to discerns the real Felix!

He is attempting to confuse the players! Dallas commentated while zooming on Felix\'s versions who had just started sprinting beside one copy.

He was left behind squatting on the floor while scratching his cheek in boredom, appearing like the exact image of Felix from before!

Is that Felix or just a copy Olivia asked in confusion.

Alas, no one answered her as they were just as confused.

Thankfully, Dallas was smart enough to highlight the real Felix by placing a red arrow above his head.

He is sprinting with the pack! Leo Bridge said while pointing at Felix who was in the middle of his copies.

Upon seeing his expression that was exactly the same as most copies, George and the rest knew that without the red arrow, they could have never spotted him!

The players who had just entered the city\'s gate removed any thought they had about bombarding Felix with an elemental salvo as they knew that would be a complete waste of time!

Felix could literally send copies one by one through the choke, forcing them to attack his copies and escape through the smoke!

By then, he could easily split his copies and make them run through the buildings and allays, confusing them even more.

Zyzyzyzyz!!! Whoosh Whoosh!...

Yet, What made them give up on the plan entirely was the sight of four bloodlines wheezing by the gate rapidly, leaving everyone behind!

One of them appeared like a lightning bolt, going so fast, his body barely was noticeable.

Two more were relying on their wings and the last one was riding on a smooth silver cheetah!

Speedster, Valkyrie\'s Cry, The Summoner, and Dreams Nocturn are trying their best to put as much distance as possible from the pack! Dallas commentated!

Silver Blade!...Feet of the undying!...Water Slide!...

The players didn\'t like that very much! Thus, they activated their passives or active abilities and chased after them fiercely, not bothering anymore with Felix\'s station!

40 Billion SC was on the line!

Whoosh! Whoosh!...

A couple of seconds later, Felix and the rest of his copies had entered the city gate at last.

Upon seeing that no one was here to welcome him, Felix smiled a little and turned on his infrared vision to the limit, giving him information about everything in 2 kilometers radius.

\'Four at the front and the rest are in a pack.

It seems that no one is fighting so far.\' Felix ignored the players and focused on the none-humanoid red auras in the city.

He got to say that the city was infested with beasts as he managed to spot at least hundreds in merely 2 kilometers while the city\'s length was at least 30 kilometers from the start beacon to the finish beacon!

Unbothered by being in the last rank, Felix grinned faintly while sprinting towards a gleaming metallic skyscr.a.p.er!

His target A thin four-legged beast that seemed to be four meters in size!

Where is Landlord going Dallas inquired with a baffled expression after switching the camera from the frontrunners to Felix.

What is that little rascal up to now Robert wondered just like the rest while sitting with the elders.

No one seemed to know Felix\'s motives since the skyscr.a.p.er was a little bit off track.

In this marathon, anything that wasn\'t leading to the finish beacon was off track!

In a short while...Felix finally reached the skyscr.a.p.er\'s wide-open entrance, which was leading to a clean semi-darkened lobby.

Yet, the darkness did nothing to hinder Felix\'s vision from seeing the four-legged beast sitting behind the receptionist desk.

\'It seems like the beasts were put to sleep in the 1st early minutes to give the players a chance to adapt to the city environment.\'

Felix reasoned while approaching the beast openly, not trying to hide his presence or minimizing his footsteps sound.

He understood that sneaking up on tier 3 beasts was almost impossible without using abilities since their senses were heightened to the max during their sleep.


As Felix thought, the instant his foot touched the beast\'s territory, it let out a furious roar while standing up on its paws.

Immediately after the beast stepped into the light, Felix exclaimed loudly, What a fine mount!


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