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The results that the Queen informed Mr.

Gama were the ones with the highest search value by other interested people.

Hence, a result about Landlord\'s association with green sand was impossible to not be mentioned since information about attributed sand was kept hidden at all cost due to its immense value and rareness in the universe.

Heck, Princess Bird who was supposed to have more access to knowledge than the majority still didn\'t know about attributed sand, don\'t even mention commoners.

But after Felix\'s 4th game, the term had been associated with Felix since he had shown three attributed sand.

Black, green, transparent, while the golden sand appeared normal in their eyes.

But that didn\'t stop them from trying to know more about attributed sand and especially the ones in Felix\'s possession.

That what caused the 1st results to have a major connection with \'Landlord\', making Mr.

Gama\'s previous assumptions turn real.

\'He is really Landlord.\' Mr.

Gama knitted his eyebrows, \'Why did he destroy my organization I doubt that we have crossed paths with him\'

\'That\'s not important now.\' Mr.

Gama shook his head and smiled coldly, \'Everyone wants to know his location and I have it in my hands.

With the recording filmed, no one would doubt me....But, if I am going to expose him, I need to first secure my escape or the payments wouldn\'t even matter much.\'

\'I need to play this smart.\' Mr.

Gama closed his eyes and requested, \'Queen, keep giving me more information about Landlord.\'


A day later, inside the Dark Deviant spaceship...Felix had just woken up and grabbed a quick bite before switching his senses to a copy that he left above the pyramid to keep an eye out.

Naturally, Felix wasn\'t going to remain down there for three to four days since he still had his biological needs to fulfill.

But, he was constantly switching his senses to his copy, worrying about the army doing something foolish to the pyramid that had grown two times its size, reaching 100 meters or so in height.

However, upon seeing that nothing much changed and that the army was still focusing on gathering those artificial symbiote pieces, Felix returned to his original body.

Then, he went to the bathroom real quick.

Felix was thankful that the army didn\'t possess the symbiote magnet device like the one he gave to his copies.

Since without it, those soldiers were having difficulty collecting them because every object they used ends up glued with the symbiote skin forever!

No one dared to use their hands lest the symbiote glued with it and they end up cutting it.

Only the symbiote magnet and some unique devices were capable of collecting them fast and also separate later on without any issues.

That\'s why when Felix grouped up with his copies in the spaceship, he was delighted to see that they have gathered 29%.

All those pieces were inside the spatial cards and Felix decided to leave them there for now as the process of the coating was going to take time.

Though he was missing 1%, Felix was planning on getting it later.

Vrrr Vrrr!


Felix, you have received an email from Mr.


Felix\'s peaceful pooping session was interrupted by the Queen\'s monotonous voice.

\'It was really him.\'

Felix had requested the Queen before to inform him of incoming emails and messages that had relation to the Gama Organization.

Whether from the Organization itself, Mr.

Gama, or another member.

He did so because he knew that there was a high chance of being contacted.

After all, his Landlord\'s email was out in the open.

\'Let\'s see what he wants.\' Felix thought while opening the email.


I am a button away from selling the recordings and your location coordinates to all the parties interested in you.

If you want to keep the status quo as it is, then you better deactivate your ability.

Obviously, we are going to sign a mind contract with the Queen acting as our supervisor.

You have one hour to consider my offer.



\'It seems like he didn\'t find a way to escape on his own.\' Felix narrowed his eyes dangerously while closing the email, \'Good, let him suffocate to death like the sc.u.m he is.\'

\'I like the sound of that.\' Asna said, chuckling.

Felix didn\'t even bother replying back as he had no intentions of releasing Mr.

Gama back in the open.

Although the offer seemed tempting, Felix wasn\'t fooled by it.

In his eyes, the moment Mr.

Gama realized his \'Landlord\' identity, he already considered himself as exposed.

After all, Mr.

Gama could have easily sent recordings and location to his allies or trusted friends way before he even tried to blackmail Felix!

This was just one of the many methods that could ensure that Mr.

Gama saves himself, stay true to the contract terms, and also earn big from selling Felix\'s information.

Hence, the moment Felix had decided to use his abilities openly, he preferred raising his guard against those coming for him than sign the contract and live in a false sense of security.

Were they coming or not Did Mr.

Gama lie or not Felix had no intentions to live under this constant worry of the unknown!

An hour later, inside the green pyramid, the artificial symbiote was noticeably smaller compared to its previous state, unlike the Pyramid that was growing slowly but continuously.

\'F****ckk!! F*ck!! F*ckkkkkk!!!\' Mr.

Gama kept cursing in his mind like a deranged man after waiting an entire hour yet no response was sent to him.

Based on what he said in the email, this was a one-hour offer.


Gama chose this direction, wanting to add pressure on Felix and not give him a long time to consider his options.

Too bad, Felix didn\'t give his email even ten seconds of his time.

\'Landlord!!! Why you want me dead so bad!\' Mr.

Gama roared, \'I even gave you a way out!!\'


Gama was truly losing his mind since he was left with only 6 oxygen bottles remaining that could last him 47 hours and 20 minutes if he took them moderately.

Knowing exactly when he would die and how he was going to die was far worse than just receiving a swift death!

\'I can\'t die on this primitive planet! I still have too many ambitions to fulfill!\'

Without bothering about his ego, Mr.

Gama sent another email to Felix and this time he slightly dropped his aggressive tone and promised Felix that his information was still safe.

Alas, he waited another hour and still nothing.

Not giving up, he kept spamming emails each hour until he couldn\'t do it anymore.

It\'s wasn\'t because he got tired or lost hope but simply because he got blocked by Felix!!

>Apologizes, your email wasn\'t sent properly as you have been blocked from the other side.<


Gama could only hear this notification resound in his mind while falling into the depth of despair.

\'No, not yet! There must be another way!\' Mr.

Gama shook his head firmly inside the suit and started brainstorming on other ways.

After a couple of minutes, he opened his eyes and peeved with his elemental vision outside of the pyramid.

Upon seeing multiple humanoid auras around the pyramid, he laughed loudly like a madman.

\'That\'s it! if that bastard isn\'t willing to accept the deal then those greedy primitives would do it in a heartbeat!\'

Without further ado, Mr.

Gama wrote an email to Jacob, the spokesperson of the Council.

There weren\'t any hidden deals between them or anything, it was just that Jacob had his business email public.

A couple of minutes later, Mr.

Gama pressed send and waited patiently for the Council\'s response.

He decided to go all out in his email as this was most likely his last chance to save himself.

He already eliminated calling his allies to help him since they wouldn\'t make it in time.

As for using those native criminals They wouldn\'t dare to approach this area even if he promised them a billion SC.

Those native criminals had no problems fighting in the shadows and in the cities since that was their best environment.

But in the desert They knew that the army would steamroll them.

Hence, The Council was possibly the last chance of salvation for Mr.



Inside the Council\'s Assembly Hall, the world leaders were in a heated argument about the artificial symbiote\'s pieces.

Some countries wanted to sell them and split the profit between them while some wanted for the profit to be placed in the planet\'s bank account.

The division was obvious.

Strong countries like Russia, China, US...etc, wanted the former while the rest of the countries wanted the latter.

It wasn\'t because of their love for the planet but simply because they knew that the splitting wasn\'t going to be fair to them.

Hence, it was better than no one profit from it!

Vrr Vrr!

Jacob, who was watching the discussion from the podium, glanced at his bracelet\'s screen after it vibrated.

Seeing that it was an anonymous email, he decided to ignore it.

Unlike Mr.

Rodrigas who received a message in his private email, Jacob was receiving tens of emails like those on daily basis and he didn\'t have the time to read all of them.

Especially when most of them turned to be just troll emails without value.

15 minutes later...

Vrr Vrr...

30 minutes...

Vrr vrr.

One hour had gone by and Jacob\'s bracelet vibrated at least 20 times during it until he had enough and decided to mute emails from anonymous senders.

All of those emails weren\'t from just Mr.

Gama but other anonymous senders.

\'Finally some peace.\' Jacob pondered with an irritated expression, \'I should probably delete this email and create another one.

This time, I will make it private as well.\'

Deciding to do so later, Jacob refocused on the Council\'s heated discussion, not knowing that he had just missed one billion SC deal to destroy the pyramid!

Though, it was questionable if he was going to take it or not.

Meanwhile, Mr.

Gama was already on the verge of coughing blood after realizing that Jacob was a lost cause as well!

However, he didn\'t give up yet as he carried on searching on his contact list for anyone to help him out.

Alas, he ended up eliminating everyone due to the distance and time constraints.

He only had 2 days or so and no one could reach him from another planet in this period...

\'I am really going to die like this...Why, just why\' Mr.

Gama questioned in despair, \'Why did Landlord aim for me There must be a connection...Think, think, no one attacks others hard like this without having a bone to pick.\'

\'Either that or he was hired by someone to do the deed for him.

But, Landlord is earning billions from the games, who could afford to hire him to deal with my Organization Better yet, why even hire him when there are hundreds of cheaper options to deal with us\'

\'This is a personal matter, I can feel it.\' Mr.

Gama closed his eyes and dove deep within his memories trying to remember if he ever harmed someone that appeared like \'Landlord\'.

\'Impossible!\' Mr.

Gama opened his eyes widely, \'It can\'t be the earthling captain! But, they have the same tail, figure, and both of them can use poison!!\'


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