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The Gama Spaceship...1 minute before the Red Plasma Strike...

In front of a massive glass window that was peeking into the Grand Canyon, Mr.

Gama was standing there, doing nothing but staring at the desert in absent-mindedness.

Ring Ring!

Alas, the tranquil atmosphere was broken by a phone call to which Mr.

Gama accepted it right away.

Haha, I have heard the news scarface. A mocking laugh emerged from Mr.

Gama\'s bracelet.

Huh, word sure travel fast. Mr.

Gama replied calmly, not feeling offended by getting mocked.

Everyone else already knows that you faced a wall in that blue planet and planning to switch. That man asked, How about you ally with my Organization We Gravefoots welcome the Gamas to the new planet that we are targeting now.

It has 12 billion population and their average bloodline strength is currently at lesser purity.

What\'s the price Mr.

Gama asked in a straightforward manner.

Nothing much. The man let out an honest laugh and said, We just want 30% of the harvested abilities on our planet.

Buzz off, I would be a fo...



Gama\'s sentence was interrupted at the abrupt thunderous explosion that arrived from the ceiling, shaking the entire spaceship like it got struck by a major magnitude earthquake!

Warning, the spaceship is under attack.

Warning, the artificial symbiote defenses would last only five seconds.

Warning, please head to the safe room in area 27.

A series of monotonous warnings resounded right after the attack, shocking everyone in the spaceship.

Especially when they heard 2nd warning.

Bone-chilling fear took control over their body, making them tremble in their places without bothering to listen to the next warnings.


But some of them still managed to let out terrified screams while running headlessly like chickens.

Since the spaceship had yet to stop shaking, all of them fell to the ground and ended up covering themselves in turtle posture, shivering in their places.


Pink, The lanky man, the fat man, Mr.

Twelve, and the rest of the Gama executives had the same reaction as everyone, dropping their superiority and acting like terrified little rabbits in a storm.

Five seconds was too short to even have a proper thought in this dreadful situation!

Hence, Mr.

Gama didn\'t waste a single second wondering about who attacked, how did they do it, and why, as he simply roared in his mind, \'ACTIVATE THE SYMBIOTE PROTECTION SUIT AND BREAK ITS LIMITATION!\'

\'Are you sure\' The Queen asked for a confirmation dutifully.


Immediately after Mr.

Gama\'s agitated confirmation was heard, the pitch-black artificial symbiote that was in the walls, floor, and every place nearby, surged as one towards Mr.


Then, they quickly engulfed him like he was being eaten alive by a black slime!


A split second after the process finished, the Red Plasma Beam finally managed to penetrate the symbiote\'s defense and collide against the alloy.

Sadly, it didn\'t hold it even for a split second before rupturing wide-open allowing the sun to shine upon every being in the spaceship.

Miss Pink and the rest had managed to take a single glance at the beam before their bodies turned into dust, then into particles, leaving nothing out of them.

Their death was fast and painless, unlike Mr.

Gama who was the only one still surviving inside the beam!

The only reason he was still alive was due to the artificial symbiote absorbing the plasma energy like a hungry beast who never tasted food for years.

The more energy the symbiote absorbed the bigger it got!

This was due to the growth limitation getting released by Mr.


If not, the symbiote would have been broken into pieces like the spaceship!

Although Mr.

Gama was feeling a hellish agony like he was being cooked alive, the artificial symbiote had yet to break down or give in, making him continue surviving the blast that lasted for an entire 4 seconds!

By the time it ended, Mr.

Gama had already turned into that five meters monster with a massive amount of energy that could sustain an entire metropolis for two days straight!



Gama groaned in pain while trying to stand up.

Alas, he failed the first two times as he felt like his body was separated from the artificial symbiote body.

\'Queen, What\'s happened to me!\' Panicked and agitated, Mr.

Gama asked in his mind while looking around him.

Too bad, everything was in the darkness making him turn on his vision passive *Advanced Elemental Vision*.

Only now was able to see his body aura at least.

Even though he was inside the symbiote, he could easily move his head and other body limbs like he was suspended in mid-air.

If he wasn\'t feeling that his body was still somewhat alright inside this abomination, he would have already lost his mind.

\'It seems like artificial symbiote had absorbed more energy than it was allowed.\' The Queen replied faithfully, making Mr.

Gama let out a long exhale in relief after just hearing her voice.

He was worried that his bracelet had been damaged by the attack.

\'How can I get out of it\' Mr.

Gama asked.

\'I believe that you will need to exhaust all of the absorbed energy so the artificial symbiote could return to its normal size and dormant state.\' The Queen said, \'Only then would it be possible for me to order it to break apart.

For now, I can only order it to make basic movements.\'

\'Exhaust energy\' Mr.

Gama said with a questioning tone.

\'Simply use the artificial symbiote actively to exhaust it like a battery.\' The Queen said.

\'I see.\' Mr.

Gama wanted to sigh in relief after hearing so but he couldn\'t since he was holding his breath.

\'What about basic movements or control\' He asked, \'Can you open up holes for me to look outside and also breath\'

\'Yes, I can do that.\' Queen informed, \'I can also make it walk, sprint, jump, punch, kick, extended its arms far and legs as well.\'

\'That\'s good.

I have some way to defend myself since I can\'t activate my abilities in this state.\' Mr.

Gama requested, \'Please make it stand up.\'

The moment he said so, the giant artificial symbiote stood on its feet finally while its face was in the process of opening up holes for Mr.


When it was over, Mr.

Gama was met with the sight of heated red ground and smoke rising everywhere, hindering his vision.

When he breathed in, he started coughing his lungs out like he had breathed sulfur.

However, he didn\'t close those holes but simply beamed a portal small oxygen bottle that could stick to one\'s nose and feed him oxygen without holding it.

This wouldn\'t have been possible if his body wasn\'t free to move inside the symbiote.

When he created this hidden protection protocol, he truly didn\'t expect that it would end up saving him from such a large-scale attack and leave him in this state.

He created it simply because he was worried that someday the spaceship would get attacked in space and he would be propelled into space.

When that happens, he could be protected from the horrendous space environment while breathing oxygen from bottles in his Spatial Card.

\'Who did this! Did the earthlings sneak a one on us without our knowledge\'


Gama suppressed fury and confusion from the sudden ambush had resurfaced all at once after his thought process was finally cleared.

\'It can\'t be earthlings.

The Alexander kingdom has been keeping tabs on their Council\'s activities and they didn\'t seem like they purchased an energy weap...What\'s that\'


Gama stopped analyzing after seeing through the smoke a colored human-shaped thing approaching the blast zone from the sky.

He frowned his eyebrows as his passive *Elemental Vision* could only show him that.

But it was enough for him to realize that whoever was approaching had a hand in his Organization\'s destruction.

After all, what were the odds of someone entering a mushroom cloud resulting from a nuke-like explosion

\'You will pay for this!\'

He gritted his teeth and ordered the Queen to make him jump at the target...Then the rest was history.


Back to the present...

Felix and Mr.

Gama were in a staring standoff.

One on the ground and the other was 400 meters in the sky.

Neither one of them was moving as Mr.

Gama had absolutely no way to reach his target while Felix was brainstorming on a plan to damage the artificial symbiote-busted defenses.

Since he wasn\'t flying away, Mr.

Gama decided to wait and see his next move.

He honestly preferred if Felix remained inside the smoke but that ain\'t happening anytime soon.

\'My foot has healed and besides my brown futhark energy being at 20%, I am still at my peak form.\' Felix thought, \'Even I drunk the battle-oriented potions to boost my strength and lower my energy consumption rate, I would still not be able to damage him.

For him to survive a nuke-like blast, I doubt any attack I use would even tickle him.\'

Felix rested his chin under his hand and continued contemplating, \'Poison is useless as well.

The only time I actually affected him was when the Serpent Guardian managed to absorb his energy.

But that tiny amount was negligible...Uhm\'

\'But what if the amount was large enough to affect him\' Thoughtful, Felix rubbed his chin while his eyes kept turning brighter and brighter at a sudden brilliant idea that had surfaced in his mind.

\'Desert Domain combined with energy absorption attribute!\' Felix smirked faintly, \'If I managed to create a domain around him, I could bury his ass in the green sand until he is sapped dry!!\'

The moment he came up with a plausible plan, Felix didn\'t hesitate to beam multiple potions and drink them one after the other.

They increased his senses, reaction speed, hardened his body for extra defense, and protected his mind from mental attacks.

Although he doubted that he would be attacked by mental abilities, it wouldn\'t hurt to have his defenses up.

\'Queen, please make my bracelet vibrate after ten minutes.\' Felix requested while cracking his neck.


\'Good, let\'s see how it goes!\'


Felix folded his wings and nose-dived towards Mr.

Gama who smirked in his mind after seeing Felix\'s foolish action.

How dare you make the first move! In this state, even a peak 6th stage Bloodliner can\'t kill me! Mr.

Gama roared while having his hands fully prepared to extended towards Felix and caught him again!

Felix ignored what he said and simply shaped up his suit into a different outfit that allowed more of his pores to be exposed.

Naturally, this removed his stealth mode but Felix didn\'t care about it since it was useless in this fight anyway.

He only kept a helmet on his head, hiding his feature and hair.

When he finally reached 100meters, Felix snapped both of his fingers, and a flood of green sand particles streamed from his pores and showered Mr.

Gama and the area around him.


Gama didn\'t remain standing in his position as he kept moving away from the sand while sending out his arms at Felix!

Whoosh Whoosh!

Felix kept evading them with some difficulty since the green sand sometimes ended up blocking his sight.

After all, his ability wasn\'t meant to be used from the sky but to stand on the ground while the sand engulfs the area around him!

Stay still you rat! Mr.

Gama roared while whipping out his extended pitch-black arm from the side, forcing Felix to fold his wings and body reflexively!


The arm went past his head almost giving him a haircut! Felix quickly returned to his posture and started flapping his wings, soaring in circular motions around Mr.

Gama, filling the ground continuously with green sand.

He stopped aiming at Mr.

Gama when he realized that hitting him was a farfetched fantasy.

This made his entire movements appear confusing and peculiar in Mr.

Gama\'s eyes.

\'What is he trying to achieve\' Mr.

Gama questioned in his mind, \'Whatever he is trying to do, It\'s best that I leave this area.\'

Just as Mr.

Gama wanted to jump away, he froze in his place when he saw that Felix had actually landed on the ground 20 meters away from him!!

Then, the four guardians were manifested from Felix\'s palms without affecting his desert domain creation.

The guardians greeted Felix and entered battle posture while facing the dumbstruck Mr.


Felix was standing in the middle of them while holding that small dagger in his hand.

\'Is he really planning on fighting me upclose again\' Mr.

Gama questioned Felix\'s mentality at the sight.

Ugly **, let\'s start round 2. Felix smirked while gesturing at Mr.

Gama with his hand, I will return the favor of smashing my body so many times.


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