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Unbeknownst to the newest development happening in his mind, Felix kept showering while thinking about his own matters.

\'Queen, when will my spaceship arrive\' He asked.

\'In seven days max.\' Queen answered. 

\'Good.\' Felix nodded his head in satisfaction. 

Then, he created a hologram and started reading about the news that had been getting better in some countries but only worse in the USA.

Upon seeing that some towns had been fully raided by multiple gangs, forcing the citizen to escape, he frowned his eyebrows in disgust.

\'Sc.u.m of the Earth, let\'s see how bold you would be after the Gama Organization gets destroyed.\' He thought to himself while closing the window.

He continued cleaning his body in silence after.

\'Aren\'t you going to tell him\' Lady Sphinx asked the Jörmungandr.

The Jörmungandr eyed the focused Felix and smiled warmly, \'Let him have his fun one last time before we start the training plan.\'


Seven days later...09:00 AM

Felix had just received the news that his spaceship had arrived and was currently parked at the dark side of the moon.

Naturally, no one was inside since the Queen was the one operating it.

In those seven days, Felix did a bit of shopping to prepare for the Gama Organization\'s destruction, harvest the symbiote\'s pieces, and lastly for surviving in space.

He bought 30 spatial cards, 30 basic AP bracelets, 30 Symbiote magnet devices that allow one to detect them and also pull them like a metal magnet.

They were extremely efficient.

Lastly, he bought an expensive spatial card in an auction that had triple the room space than the one he was using.

He needed it since he purchased multiple oxygen bottles and suits that could be helpful in case he ended up thrown into space.

After all, Felix was still a human and he couldn\'t really survive in space for even a minute.

Right now, he was leaving his room while wearing only the obscure suit, heading to the dome\'s entrance.

All of his stuff was in his spatial card, making him appear like he was heading for a stroll.

Morning Felix! Olivia greeted from afar after noticing him.

She was sitting with Sophia and Hina, eating their breakfast.

The girls greeted Felix as well casually,  not knowing that this was probably the last time they were going to see Felix in the real world.

At least for a long time.

Felix didn\'t have plans to return to the Island after dealing with the Gama Organization.

Morning ladies. Felix greeted back with a smile and continued on his way.

He didn\'t feel like he needed to say goodbye to anyone since there was always the UVR.

Hence, he didn\'t hesitate to cross over the other side of the dome and ride on a public hovercar that took him to the island\'s coast.

Seeing that no one was here, Felix activated the stealth mode of his suit and requested in his mind, \'Queen, please bring the spaceship 5 kilometers outside of the island\'s surveillance system.

Do make it invisible.\'

\'As you wish.\' The Queen said, \'Your spaceship will arrive in 15 minutes.\'

\'Not bad speed.\' Felix praised.

He understood that the distance between Earth and Moon shouldn\'t be underestimated as it would have taken days for Earthling rocket to close it.

\'Alright, time for a swim.\' Felix stretched his limbs while looking at the peaceful ocean.

Then, he jumped into the water and started swimming underneath it.

With his fish gills, he didn\'t even need to go above the surface and expose himself.

Felix was doing all of this just to avoid his absence getting noticed since Mr.

Rodrigas would be notified, then the Council, his teammates, and he wanted to avoid all of that nuisance that would follow after.

In less than 10 minutes...

Felix swam 5 kilometers and waited patiently with his head outside of the water.

Thankfully, the Queen\'s calculation almost never misses as Felix had been informed that his spaceship was exactly 10 kilometers above him.

\'Please send a mini scouting aircraft and make it invisible as well.\' Felix requested.

The Queen accepted the request and Felix had to wait only 15 seconds before he started feeling like he was standing next to a jet.

The wind and heat that was blowing on his face was an easy indication of its arrival.

Eager, Felix beamed a pair of glasses and wore them swiftly.

Immediately after, the world turned blue and the mini scouting aircraft\'s invisibility had been removed.

It had a spherical shape, appearing like a blue egg.

There were four jets attached to its front and back that were responsible for lifting it like this.

\'Queen, bring it down.\' Felix said.

Whoosh! Splosh

After landing on water, the aircraft started floating without an issue.

Felix swam towards it and scanned his bracelet with the glass door.

A second later, it opened up and Felix laid on a comfy chair, not worried by the water that was touching the dashboard.

He put the seatbelt on and the glass door closed after him.

Without touching anything, Felix simply requested the Queen to take him to the mother ship.


The scouting aircraft had lifted off and Felix didn\'t feel a thing in the process, not even a small vibration reached him.

Felix didn\'t put his focus on this but on his Dark Deviant Spaceship that appeared like a blue long sword due to those anti-invisibility glasses.

The closer he got, the more details he was able to see.

By the time he reached it, Felix already was satisfied by its entire design as it was exactly the same as he had ordered.

It appeared long and somewhat thin from afar.

But only upclose would one be able to appreciate its beauty.

It had two short triangle-shaped wings at the back near the main engine.

This part was the biggest and also the thickest when compared to the front of the ship that was abnormally long and had another mouth!

Felix wasn\'t surprised when he saw this as he knew that was the Divine Judgment Red Plasma Weapon.

Since it was a big-ass weapon, the spaceship got this appearance after it got modified into it.

Felix wasn\'t worrying about the weapon causing trouble like ruining the balance or something like that.

He understood that if it wasn\'t possible to merge the weapon with his spaceship, he would have been notified to change the spaceship to another one.

Meanwhile, the inside was spacious and open, making Felix feel comfortable right away.

There were no wires or exposed mechanical parts as the walls were all smooth and painted in white, contrasting to its dark color on the outside.

Good, really good. Felix kept nodding his head in praise and satisfaction while walking randomly through its long corridors.

\'Sir, do you want to see the spaceship\'s map\' The Queen asked.

\'Please do.\'

The moment Felix agreed, a holographic map of the spaceship\'s interior was displayed to Felix.

It was showing his current position and also the names of every room and area.

The open areas were highlighted in green colour while the restricted had a red colour.

There were living rooms for Felix and crew, a gaming room, a weapon room, a fuel room, a robot room that was housing all the bots needed to repair the spaceship in case it got damaged, and much more.

Felix read them with his eyes and pressed on the captain\'s living room.

Immediately after, it got expanded and showed Felix how it looked in reality.

Since he was easy to please, he felt right at home when he saw a kingsized bed, a closet, and a spacious bathroom.

To the side, there was a VR Pod that had a better design than the one he was using.

Felix knew that wasn\'t just a VR pod but also a small aircraft!

In his previous life, Felix had been into many spacesh.i.p.s and was knowledgeable about a couple of things.

This VR Pod/Aircraft was one of them.

He understood that most space travelers never actually stay awake during their journey since the spaceship would be traveling at light speed and it was impossible to move on the ship or see a single thing from the window.

Hence, everyone would enter the Pod to spend their time in the UVR during their travel.

Only when their spaceship stops traveling at light speed could they exit the pod and do their things in the spaceship.

Since most of the time spent was in the pods, it was only natural to turn them into emergency aircraft that were capable of helping them survive in space for some time.

They were also capable of landing successfully on planets with a forgiving atmosphere.

Upon checking a couple of other rooms for the crew, Felix pressed on the c.o.c.kpit room and started walking towards it while inspecting its appearance.

It was nothing fancy as it was a somewhat small room with 4 chairs facing a large transparent glass window.

Since the spaceship was modified, the glass window wasn\'t at the tip of the spaceship but in the middle right behind the plasma weapon.

\'We have 1st class seats to watch the fireworks.\' Asna said in delight while sitting at the chess table with the Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx.

\'Fireworks\' Lady Sphinx wondered while drinking a cup of tea next to them.

\'Hehe, you will see soon.\' Asna chuckled with a look of anticipation.

In a short while...

Felix finally reached the control room after a long walk.

When he entered it, he sat at the captain\'s chair that was sandwiched by the rest of the chairs.

As always, he made sure to put the seatbelt on.

Unlike the ones in cars, this one had affixed him to his chair without making it too uncomfortable.

Felix glanced once at the complex dashboard that was packed with turned off or on buttons and smiled wryly.

Operating a spaceship was way outside of his comfort zone.

Queen, please take us to space. Felix said while placing his hands on the armchairs, preparing for the thrust.

The Queen gave him three seconds warning before turning on the main engine while making the spaceship face slightly upward.

The moment it was perfectly aligned, the spaceship started moving slowly at the start.

But it kept pushing through the constraints of gravity until its acceleration had reached the point only a noisy blast was left behind in the area!


It spread far and wide even those living on the island heard it clearly!

Are we under attack!

Did a bomb just go off!

Did everyone hear that

The soldiers, the constructors, the Island staff, and even the team members all reacted differently to the sonic boom of the spaceship.

George even sent a swift message to Mr.

Rodrigas informing him about it while also asking for the team to gather at the Drop\'s bunker.

It was built under the island to survive against nuclear strikes or similar strength attacks.

Since it was an emergency protocol, the entire team dropped whatever they were doing and dashed on black platforms towards the bunker\'s room.

After they reached it, George frowned his eyebrows after noticing that Felix was missing from the bunch.

\'Where did that troublemaker go now\' George thought to himself.

Soon, everyone noticed Felix\'s absence and they started murmuring between themselves.

Did anyone see him

I saw him 20 minutes ago! Olivia informed them, He was heading outside of the Drop in his pajamas.

Upon hearing so, George\'s eyelids twitched as he sent a message to Felix, \'Where are you Didn\'t you hear the explosion Stick to the damn protocol and come to the bunker!\'

\'George, I am afraid I can\'t do that.\' Felix sent a message with a fascinated smile.

His eyes pupil were showing a Blue Gem floating in nothingness since eons and eons to come.

He was finally in space and only now could one truly appreciate the planet\'s breathtaking beauty.

\'What do you mea...\'

George\'s latest message couldn\'t be delivered as Felix had disconnected his bracelet from receiving any messages from his close contacts.

He glanced one last time at the planet and narrowed his eyes frigidly, Let\'s kill those sc.u.m.


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