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Sunday morning at the Drop, 07:00 AM...

Felix could be seen returning to the apartment complex from the Cafeteria.

Anyone who walked by him didn\'t dare even greet him as his knitted eyebrows and lowered head were clear indications of having a bad morning.

Felix truly experienced a bad morning since he didn\'t sleep a wink last night with all of the negative thoughts roaming in his head about the concoction.

The 1st time he ordered this potion, he also experienced the same feeling but thankfully the results were optimistic.

\'No need to worry.\' Felix comforted himself, \'49% is a high success chance and Madam Hala didn\'t disappoint me last time.\'


After entering his room and closing the door behind him, Felix laid on the bed and logged in.

When he constructed his Androxa home, he waited patiently for a call from Madam Hala\'s assistant.

Thankfully, the Witches were known for their respect for time, and Felix wasn\'t left waiting for even a minute before receiving a call.

Hello Mr.

Felix, Madam Hala is waiting for you in her lab. The assistant informed politely.

Thank you. Felix nodded his head and inquired, Is there anything I need to know before meeting her I don\'t want to step on her toes without knowing about it.

Hmm, Don\'t curse, yell, get too close to her or ask too many questions...You know what Just sit in the corner and watch. The assistant said.

I am fine with that. Felix accepted.

Alright, please enter Madam Hala\'s UVR ID in your bracelet and activated the synchronize feature. The assistant requested.

Felix did as he was told and informed the assistant that it was done.

After waiting a couple of seconds, the Queen informed him that Madam Hala had accepted the synchronization.

Then, he turned on the ghosting feature and informed the assistant about it.

Alright, just close your eyes and accept the invitation when Madam Hala sends it to you. The assistant said her goodbyes.

After she was gone, Felix laid on his bed and closed his eyes shut.

A couple of seconds later, the Queen told him about the invitation and Felix accepted it in a heartbeat.


Chirp Chirp, Szsshh...

Felix\'s body had reconstructed to the music sung by nature itself, as the birds chirped, the insects wheezed, and a hot summer wind blew on his face.

Feeling refreshed by the warm and cozy atmosphere, Felix opened his eyes with a pleased expression.

Immediately after, he was met with a wide-open window that had its curtains flailing by the wind and the sunlight reflecting on its glass.

Before anything, he looked outside the window and saw plenty of pink trees that had their leaves blowing by the breeze while small birds nested on their branches.

Although he was merely a holographic body that was created by his Bracelet and sent to Madam Hala\'s bracelet to bring him into the real world, he was still able to feel everything due to the synchronize feature.

A small breeze touching his holographic cheek would be processed by the Queen instantly and make Felix\'s brain react to it like it had truly happened.

Naturally, he couldn\'t really interact with anything, like holding a cup or something.

But, Felix wasn\'t complaining in the slightest.


Alas, Felix\'s enjoyment in nature was interrupted by the window getting forcefully closed and the curtains getting pulled up, blocking every sun ray from reaching the room he was inside.

I will start the concoction process now.

Felix turned around after hearing an enticing voice echo in the room.

After seeing Madam Hala standing behind three tables filled with almost the same equipment and materials in Lady Sphinx scene, Felix smiled charmingly without commenting.

Madam Hala started the concoction process by setting all of Felix\'s materials on the left table.

But Felix didn\'t focus on them for now as he appreciated Madam Hala\'s breathtaking beauty that could give even the prettiest human girl a run for her money.

First, she resembled humans immensely in her body shape and skin, as she was 1.7 meters in height and her skin was a bit tanned.

She was well endowed with her physical assets, making Felix glance once or twice at them.

Meanwhile, her face was somewhat like humans but her ears were longer and bent down, her eyes were scarlet, her nose was a tiny button while her lips were plump and scarlet just like her eyes.

She was wearing a wholly black uniform and had its sleeves stretched out, dangling by her elbow and exposing her forearm.

In her right chest, there was a logo that was surrendered by some peculiar-looking inscriptions.

Meanwhile, Felix couldn\'t see her hair fully as she was wearing a pointy black hat that goes well with her uniform.

Yet, before he could continue his outright ogling, he was surprised to see an extremely long thin tail emerge from behind her and start gazing at him from above.

That\'s right!

The tail\'s end was gazing at Felix since it was a huge scarlet eye surrendered by five black petals! It was as big as Madam Hala\'s head and when it blinks, it resembles an orchid flower!

\'So that\'s how Madam Hala\'s Spiritual Eye looks like.\' Felix was fascinated by it but not stunned as he knew about its existence beforehand.

It was common knowledge in the UVR that the Witches weren\'t born from two parents but grew from special soil just like plants!

That Spiritual Eye was in fact a flower that grew from the soil until it reaches three meters in height.

While under the soil the body of the witch gets created in a cocoon by itself. 

If Felix recalled properly, the Spiritual Eye opened up and started absorbing the sunlight in the day and starlight at night to provide nutrition to its body inside the cocoon.

This process usually takes a couple of years until a witch emerges from the cocoon fully nude and digs herself upward.

Although witches\' origin was clearly from a plant, their bodies were still based on flesh and blood just like humans.

They still need to eat, drink, and fulfill other biological needs.

The only difference between them was that the witches didn\'t have a gender or a reproduction system!

They sure appear as gorgeous as goddesses but they didn\'t have any s.e.x.u.a.l orientation towards anything.

That\'s why Felix was ogling Madam Hala before without worrying about being seen as rude since she never considers him someone from the other s.e.x.

In her eyes, Felix was no different than a monkey just like every male in the universe.

So, The Forsythia Witch Empire was truly filled with witches that were considered top-notch beauties but in reality no male desire to live in such a place where they could only feast their eyes without having action.

It was pure torture and anyone who thinks otherwise was asking for a beating.

Are you done staring Madam Hala asked calmly, breaking Felix\'s thought process.

Yes, sorry about that. Felix smiled faintly while glancing at the materials that were fully prepared on the left table.

Felix read yesterday that this table was called Preparation Table by witches.

It was meant for materials to be worked upon, like cleaned, extracting the essence from them, removing some parts...etc.

He could see that the DawnTree leaf was cut into four parts and placed on a small glass bowl.

Meanwhile, the 2 Voidling Scales and the Golem Brass had been sparkled by the Darkstar Fly dust and placed together in a glass plate.

On the other hand, the 20 Purity Fountain Drops had been poured into a small transparent flask and placed on the Glassware table.

Lastly, the Uncommon Elemental Flower had all of its petals removed and grounded together, creating a rainbow-like paste kept in a granite mortar bowl with its pestle.

Those were all of The Elemental Potion materials that Felix had purchased and sent to her.

4.6 Billion SC and 12k GP were placed on that preparation table.

Yet, Madam Hala\'s reaction was the same as someone seeing bread on the table for over 10 years now.

I will start now. Madam Hala requested calmly, Please don\'t make a sound.

Felix nodded his head and narrowed his eyes in focus at Madam Hala who started the concoction process by opening the lid of a bronze cauldron that had its inscriptions brightened up.

She poured the flask that was filled with fountain purity dropped inside and pressed on a button that was at the side of the circular table where the cauldron was placed at.

Orange flames burst beneath the cauldron and started heating the room slightly; even Felix felt that it was getting hotter.

Madam Hala waited for exactly 5 seconds before throwing one slice of the DawnTree leaf.

She repeated the same process with the other three, waiting exactly 5 seconds each time.

After she was done, she closed the lid and waited silently and patiently for an entire two minutes before opening the lid again.


A familiar fragment aroma escaped from the lid and drifted in the room until it assaulted Felix\'s nose, making him remember the time where he drunk the Elemental Potion.

Before he could bath in it, Madam Hala closed the lid again and waited for an additional minute.

But this time, she was holding the granite mortar in her hand.


When she opened up the lid, she quickly poured the uncommon elemental flower paste inside the bubbling milky white concoction.

However, instead of closing the lid, she did the unexpected by bringing her Spiritual Eye upclose to the concoction and froze like that.

Felix went as silent as a mouse after seeing so.

He knew that Madam Hala had just gone microscopic and it was the most important step in a concoction that would decide whether it would turn into a useful potion or a useless goo!


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