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The Gama members all focused on the stream while continuing their discussion telepathically.

Meanwhile, Felix and the rest were still not planning to kick off the ball since Noah was still getting healed by Olivia.

She was being chosen instead of Sophia since her new healing abilities were faster at dealing with flesh wounds than Sophia\'s abilities.

Hence, it took her only 15 seconds to heal every burnt mark on Noah and send him back to his goalpost.

\'All good\' Felix sent a message while glancing behind his back.

Noah nodded his head while cracking his knuckles solemnly.

He appeared like he didn\'t like the fact that he got scored on and overpowered by the Lava Ray.

Honestly, it wasn\'t much of a shock since his Chilling Ray was merely condensed chilling mist that made it appear like it was solid.

Against a Magma-based ability, it was only natural that he would lose the face-off.

While his teammates didn\'t bring the matter at all, Noah still felt that he had failed his responsibility.

That\'s how rigid he is when to comes to serious matters.

\'Alright, let\'s run it back again.\' Felix sent a message while tapping his black shoe on the grass.

Just like in the 1st time, he was standing ten meters away from Leo and Ronaldinho, giving him ample space to build up his momentum for his supersonic kick.

However, just as Felix planned on entering his semi-morphing state he stopped at once after noticing that the Salvadorians were sprinting around, changing their formation!

Previously, they were situated in the field in this offensive formation 1-3-3-3.

But now They had completely given up on the striking positions as they stood like this 1-6-3!

Yet that wasn\'t even the shocking part as everyone had their eyes frozen on a giant sakura-like Tree that was in the process of emerging from the grass!

Its stem was twisted like a rope while its branches were filled with pink flowers flailing beautifully with the wind, creating a mesmerizing scene.

The tree\'s position was right in the penalty ark, making it impossible for Felix to see the goalpost behind it.

\'Interesting ability.\' Felix rubbed his chin in intrigue as he had no idea what\'s the name of the ability and what it does.

\'Little plant expert, do you know anything about that tree\' Felix asked in his mind while gesturing with his finger for Leo to kick off the ball.

There was no point in holding it in that position since the Salvadorians had withdrawn back, giving them peace of mind to keep the ball next to the half-line.

\'Never saw it before.\' Olivia shook her head while peeking at everything that was happening outside of her dome.

\'Useless, start reading some books about your element abilities and beasts.\' Felix sent a message while having the ball placed under his foot after Leo passed it to him.

\'I am doing so, you bully!\'

\'Back off Captain or you won\'t like the outcome of bullying my cute Oli.\' Sophia sent a threatening message while accompanied by more messages from Sylvia and Hina.

Felix chuckled after hearing their threats but his eyes were still focused on the tree.

Now that he lacked knowledge about it, he didn\'t know if it could stop his supersonic kick or at least slow it down if he kicked it from half the field.

Whatever it was, Felix felt that only by testing it out would he know his answer.

\'I am going in a bit deeper to build more momentum.\'

The moment this message was received in his teammates\' minds, Felix had already dribbled past the half-line and reached 70 meters away from the goalpost.

\'Use your defensive abilities and never stay in the same spot!\' Drago ordered in his mind after seeing that Felix had made a move.

He was the 1st to encase himself in body armor of molten rocks while zigzagging in Felix\'s direction.

The rest each activated their defensive abilities if they had one and copied Drago\'s movement! Only after seeing so did Felix understand their reason for pulling back!

They understood that it would be extremely tough for Felix to land a supersonic kick on them if they kept moving randomly like this.

Felix knew that their plan was quite effective since his aim was absolutely garbage!

In the past three months, he merely trained in kicking a ball at static AI dummies or bullseye drawn on the wall!

Yet, he was still struggling to hit the targeted area even though his vision was monstrous.

That\'s only natural since three months was nowhere enough to turn Felix into a monster that never misses.

Although it was three months, he wasn\'t practicing for more than 1 hour a day since his time was too precious to be invested in a single game.

Hence, Felix never put any effort in shooting moving targets since he always believed that it was better to score goals and farm game points instead of specifically aiming to kill his opponents to get measly 200 GP.

That\'s why he completely ignored them and smashed his footbridge at the ball, aiming straight at the Sakura-like tree since it was blocking the goalpost.

Just like before, no one managed to spot the ball or hear its sound until the deed was already done!

BOOOOOM!! Crack!!

After the initial sound barrier explosion, it was followed by the tree\'s wail as it was forced to snap into two halves due to the sheer brute force that was carried within that ball.

It shouldn\'t even be called a ball anymore but an artillery shell!

But still, the ball didn\'t emerge unscathed from the collision as its trajectory had diverged slightly to the right while its power and speed were somewhat reduced, making it visible in Bamur\'s eyes.

Unlike before, he wasn\'t caught unprepared!

Felix and the rest of his team were stunned to see Bamur\'s Blue Hair being shaped up as a five giant hardened blue palms that were stacked one in front of the other!

Meanwhile, multiple hair locks were tied up tightly with the goal bars, making Bamur get lifted from the ground due to the tightness!

It was obvious that his hair had grown out of proportion to end up with those unbelievable hair mutations!

But will it be enough Everyone thought.


The thunderous noise produced from the ball\'s contact with the first palm showed the hardness of those hair strands!

This wasn\'t due to Bamur\'s hair being special by nature but simply due to a passive similar to Felix\'s *Sand Hardening*! The only difference was the target of the hardening process!


Too bad, the 1st palm still failed to stop the ball as it broke through it and caused immense pain to Bamur since his nerves were still connected to his hair no matter how much it grew!

The agonizing pain caused by hair strands getting pulled forcefully was unfathomable to those who never experienced it.

Thankfully, Bamur was somewhat resistant to it by now after experiencing it many times in his training.

Thus, he neither cried nor screamed out loud as he kept glaring at the 3rd Palm that was destroyed soon after the 2nd one!


Yet, he didn\'t show any signs of worry or agitation as he could feel that the ball had lost most of its momentum from the weak noise it produced after contact.

Just like he thought, the ball barely managed to destroy a couple of strands before finally stopping its revolving motion that caused smoke to raise on the hair strands due to friction.

Thud, thud...

The ball bounced twice on the grass after it dropped down under the viewers\' dumbstruck looks either live or on the field.

Especially Olivia and the rest who didn\'t dare to believe what their eyes were feeding them.

Felix\'s supersonic ball that traumatized them for months was blocked on its 2nd shot!!


The stadium went wild while the earthling viewers were thrown to the depth of despair after seeing that their best weapon and hope to win the game had been taken from them!!

How could they block it so soon. Jacob murmured in distress while sitting next to Mr.


Don\'t worry, this is a minor setback. Mr.

Rodrigas commentated confidently, Felix could keep kicking those supersonic balls until that plant Elementalist and their goalkeeper runs out of energy.

That\'s indeed quite true. Jacob exclaimed in understanding, It looked like they used everything just to block it.

This was the reason why Olivia and the rest had regained their confidence back instantly.

\'Nice teamwork everyone.\' Drago praised in his mind while grinning widely at Felix who was removing his semi-morphing.

Drago looked at Felix\'s expression and noticed that he was genuinely impressed.

Heck, he even started clapping his hands at Bamur while nodding his head in praise, Not bad, not bad at all.

Heh, where did your c.o.c.kiness go Drago sneered at him.

C.o.c.ky Felix smiled faintly, Aren\'t you the one who\'s getting c.o.c.ky after blocking only one of my kicks

Felix walked towards him with a playful smile and asked, But for how long you can use the same strategy Because I will keep shooting and shooting until the game ends.

How long You will be surprised. Drago smirked while gazing at Bamur, whose hair had gotten shorter to its original length.


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