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George understood that with Hokul\'s momentum, Noah would be in great danger if he tried to stop him on his own!

Sylvia and the rest realized so as well but it was already too late since only Aadav had enough penetrative power to destroy those sculptures!

Johnson had fog abilities, Sylvia already tried and failed, William was a sound Elementalist and lastly, Hina and Zhang Wie didn\'t have offensive range abilities!

The only two capable of making a difference were Leo and Rolandinho but they were hundreds of meters away!

\'Noah, give up on the goal.

It\'s not worth it.\' Felix ordered immediately.

15 meters!

Alas, Noah didn\'t seem like he was planning to listen to Felix\'s order as he pointed his grey horn at Hokul with an unwavering expression.

Then, he did the unexpected as he opened his mouth and roared at the top of his husky voice that sounded like someone tried to scream with a dry throat.


Yet, no one seemed too concerned by how he sounded as the sight of a clear grey shockwave producing from his mouth and supported by a chilling blue-ray left them agape! 


That shockwave had ended up impacting Hokul who already lost the front protection due to Aadav!

The result had astonished the viewers alike as they could see on the big screen that Hokul had ended up having his balance messed up due to his wings getting negatively affected by the shockwave\'s wind!! 

Yet, the worse part was having his eardrums puncturing as the *Yeti\'s Maddened Roar* which was Noah\'s peak active ability, was known for exploding even the heads of those with lesser strength than him!

Oh no! Tyson commentated with his eyes widened, Hokul had lost focus due to the attack!!

His reaction was at least moderate compared to the Salvadorians who were scared **less after seeing that the polar bears were dropping into the ground due to Hokul stopping his mental energy control!!

Yet, what made them almost faint was the sight of two sculptures smashing into Hokul\'s body from above!!!!

That was the last nail on the coffin as Hokul couldn\'t regain his balance when he was deaf, getting chilled by the blue ray and finally having his head get smashed by the sculptures that were meant to protect him from abilities thrown at him from the above.

THUUD THUD! Shatter!!

TAKE COVER!! Zhang Wie roared while picking the tiny Hina from her waist and sprinting outside of the penalty area that was being rained upon by those sculptures!

Aadav and William took off as well each by using their escape or defensive abilities, not wanting to get crashed.

Meanwhile, Noah had stopped his assault the moment he noticed that his combo had worked effectively.

Instead of running like the rest, he simply stepped inside the goal post and eyed the falling ball that was heading in his direction after Hokul had reflexively lost grip of it when his head got smashed!

Thankfully, Hokul soon lost consciousness when that happened, forcing all of his abilities to deactivate automatically.

This resulted in him falling into the grass, avoiding a certain death of being buried between his ice sculptures!

Noah didn\'t even spare a glance at Hokul as he simply extended his palm forward and caught the ball quite easily since it didn\'t have much momentum to it.

Since his arm was extended outside of the goal line, the referee didn\'t count it as a goal.

Silence descended in the field and the stadium alike before an explosion of cheers and shouts resounded boomingly!

Nice Block Noah!!

Reliable as always!

Holy **, he actually used his peak ability.

While George and the rest were praising Noah left and right for his godly save, Felix was left speechless the moment he heard the roar.

He always knew about Noah\'s *Yeti\'s Maddened Roar* and he actually only heard Noah use it twice since the moment he unlocked it.

That\'s because Noah hated using it since it hurt his throat badly each time!

That wasn\'t due to his muteness but because the ability was putting too much stress on Noah\'s vocal cords.

Heck, if he actually used it more than three times, he could actually turn into a real mute!

Though he could be healed later on, the pain caused by it would be remembered forever.

Hence, Felix was considerate enough to never force Noah into using it since as he said; it wasn\'t worth it.

If they scored a goal, he would score ten more. 

Fortunately, Noah always respected his responsibilities in every position he was placed in.

Since he was the goalkeeper he would make sure to do anything to block the ball even if it resulted in him getting heavily injured! 


After the initial shock, Felix swiftly ordered while sprinting past the stunned Drago whose eyes were laid on the unconscious body of Hokul.

Upon seeing that Felix was already on the move, Noah threw the ball in front of him and kicked it as hard as he could with his foot!


\'Shit! Aigror go take Hokul to Moria to get healed! The rest block their counter-attack and be careful of that f*cker\'s kicks!!\' Drago hastily chased behind Felix while giving off orders.

He wasn\'t worried about Hokul getting killed since he didn\'t have a ball and he doubted that any of the Earthling Team had the guts to kill an unconscious person and receive a 5 minutes expulsion penalty.

His assumption would have been correct if only the softies like Hina and Zhang Wie were near Hokul.

Too bad, Sylvia was near him as well and she would never let her emotions take control of her in such a critical game.

However, she still didn\'t make a move on Hokul since she could see that the ball had fallen into the possession of Rolandinhio.

If she attacked Hokul and he ended up faking his passing out, she would fail to kill him, receive a penalty, and also ruin the counter-attack!

After all, the referee would stop it to give her a yellow card!

Hence, she could only grit her teeth and switch her vision from Aigror who was picking up his ally to Rolandinhio, Leo, and Felix who had just crossed the half-line.

3 Defenders in the front while an army chasing behind them! Tyson kept commentating excitedly while spectating Rolandinhio dribbling the ball while fully encased in lightning charges.

His speed was clearly too much for the Salvadorians to catch up to him.

All of this due to his peak tier 1 active ability, *Lighting Dash*!

However, speed was one thing but having the ability to pass over three defenders was another!

Ronaldinho could see that all three of them were either morphed or having active abilities fully prepared to welcome him!

Instead of getting c.o.c.ky and trying his luck, Rolandinhio looked behind him hoping that Leo and Felix were close by.

\'Cap, I will pull them to the right-wing and cross the ball to you!\' Ronaldinho informed Felix of his plan while quickly piercing to the right corner of the field.

\'Understood.\' Felix nodded his head lightly while entering his semi-morphing.

The moment it was completed, Felix left Drago, Leo, and everyone else to eat his dust as his speed had surpassed even what Rolandinhio had shown!

There it is again! That busted semi-morphing ability! Tyson expressed his wonder, How much boost is it giving him!

No one bothered to answer him as everyone\'s focus was placed on Rolandinho who was running beside the glass while evading brown rocks, shadowy spikes, and even green roots that had emerged from under the grass trying to at least trip him!

Yet, he was as acrobatic as a monkey in a forest, making those three defenders grit their teeth in anger.

\'Solum, go intercept him at the corner! You two try to box that monster lest he ends up getting the ball passed to him!\' Bamur yelled in his mind while gazing fearfully once in a while at the approaching Felix.

The three defenders did as he said and Felix had ended up receiving the company of one man who wore blue earrings and a girl who had thick green roots emerging from her fingers!

Felix could see that both of them weren\'t terrified by him and that led him to conclude that they must have something to lean on.

Yet, he didn\'t put much focus on it as he simply kept his eyes affixed on Rolandinhio who was just about to reach the field\'s corner.

\'Cap! I am sending a lighting ball to you!\'


Immediately after Rolandinhio said so, he infused the ball with lighting element by using his active ability *lightning Infusion* and made a chip pass towards Felix!

The lighting ball flew high in the air while having a slight bent to it, appearing like it was curving from the inside to the outside!

Yet, it was at least 20 meters in the air, making the viewers and the Salvadorians assume that Rolandihino had failed his pass!

\'Prepare to recov...\'

Before Bamur could even finish his sentence, he was met with an awestriking sight that made every viewer question their eyes!

Felix was actually flying in the air with his l.u.s.trous green scales reflecting the sunlight off them!

He was about to reach 20 meters in the air!

They didn\'t know how he ended up there since their vision and the camera were focused on the ball.

But no one dared to waste a single thought on that matter as they didn\'t want to miss what was about to come next!


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