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\'Guys play safely in the field.\' Goerge sent a warning while massaging his eyebrows, \'They are tougher than we expected.\'

Everyone nodded their heads with hardened expressions.

After they read about the small population of the Salvadorians and the hellish environment they were living in, they figured that their planet data wouldn\'t even be close to what Earth had traded with the Queen.

Hence, they shouldn\'t have that many coins to buy epic bloodlines for the entire team.

But their prejudice turned to be false as the Salvadorians must have gotten either an equal capital or one higher than the Earthlings.

Their small population and unison made it easier to take advantage of those resources, unlike Earthlings.

\'Besides Sylvia and Felix, they are stronger than us by 600 BF\' George informed, \'Not mentioning other enhancements to their energies.

So, never underestimate them!\'

The team kept taking glimpses in dread at the Salvadorians while listening to George.

Meanwhile, Drago and his team were having the opposite reaction after reading about the earthling team\'s average strength.

\'Haha, they must have only a couple of peak 1st bloodliners.\' An elegant man with extremely long blue hair stretching behind him for a couple of meters laughed in his mind while sending a message.

\'Don\'t underestimate all of them Bamur.\' Drago arched his eyebrows while staring at Felix, \'They might be weak but their captain is the strongest player here.\'

\'Tsk, he might have received a legendary enhancement but he must be still at greater purity.\' Bamur argued intelligently, \'Based on their information; he can\'t reach peak 1st stage in only 4 months.

That meant without him using his semi-morphing, he has the same strength as us.

Hehe, he can\'t keep it active for 90 minutes.\'

\'Bamur is right.\' The instructor supported, \'You should be cautious about him but not overly so.

This is a team battle and the first thing you guys need to do was not aim for goals but try to eliminate his teammates to force him into wasting his energy so he wouldn\'t be a threat anymore.


\'Who should we aim at\' The Salvadorians grinned fiercely while discussing who would be their first prey of the game.

Meanwhile, George and the rest were planning what to do if they won the coin flip.

Based on their hidden glints as they glanced at the Salvadorians, they also weren\'t meaning well!


Ladies and Gentlemen, please give your loudest applause to the Earthling Team and The Salvadorian Team!!

Tyson who appeared ugly and lazy in the Game Hall was now a completely different person as he had one of the prettiest faces in the game.

While his voice was loud enough it resounded in the stadium!

The stadium was exactly like what George had envisioned in his UVR\'s room.

It was a typical green football field while encased inside a humongous glass dome.

The only difference would be the addition of the stands around the football field.

There were layers to the stands, reaching up to seven layers!

Yet, all of them were packed to the brim with fans either wearing those two teams\' outfits or not.

Unsurprisingly, the majority were actually randoms who simply loved watching this type of game instead of buying a ticket to support any of the teams.

This was exactly like Felix\'s first bronze game where most spectators weren\'t really in it for the players but simply because they loved watching Racing Format!

The Earthling Team! I BET ON YOU TO WIN IT!

Salvadorians, please score 12 points under 10 minutes!

Hopefully, this game will be more exciting than the last one.

Each fan expressed their reason for being here and most of them were clamoring about the bets they had placed on this game.

Since both teams never played a game before, the odds were even.

However, the odds for special bets were different since it would be hard to land on them.

Like betting on the death of Felix in 3 minutes or such.

Since the players were forbidden from betting on themselves or the team they were representing, Felix had given his Grandfather 100 million SC to make a bet on the team winning.

He didn\'t tell him to do it for him since the Queen would block the attempt.

However, Robert was smart enough to understand Felix\'s intentions without needing Felix to word it out.

Since the odds were 1.5 to 1.5, Felix would be earning extra 50 million SC if he won the bet.

Which wasn\'t that big of an amount but Felix didn\'t want to give his grandfather hundreds of millions or billions lest he ends up scaring him to death.

Woah, it\'s sure is lively here. Hina exclaimed with her eyes widened at the tens of millions of viewers cheering for them to win their bets.

She was standing inside the central circle of the field with everyone else who got teleported here.

Although they were standing near each other, they were actually separated by the halfway line, making them each stand on a different side of the field.

Is it only me who is getting pumped by the atmosphere Leo commentated with his fists tightened in excitement and thrill.

Some of his teammates were getting affected by the atmosphere like him while some didn\'t show much of a reaction like Noah, Sylvia, and Felix.

Let\'s see what our dear teams had to say about their planets. Tyson said while jumping from the commentary table and smashing into the green field after his body went through the glass ceiling.

When Felix and the rest saw his new appearance, they got even more baffled by his quirkiness, making them somewhat believe that he had a split personality or something like that. 

Alas, Tyson didn\'t want to entertain their looks as he simply walked towards Drago and shoved the mic in his face.

Captain, can you share with us a short introduction of your planet and culture It\'s always fascinating to know more about the culture of newly discovered primitive planets.


Rodrigas, Jacob, the world leaders, Maxwell elders, and everyone else who was watching the game felt like their hearts was set on fire after being referred to as primitives again.

Looking at Tyson\'s casual expression as he asked so, they understood that he meant nothing wrong with it.

Calling newly discovered civilizations primitives was a natural occurrence and not an insult.

Even the millions of Salvadorians who were watching the stream reacted like earthlings.

They might be opponents but they were in the same shoes in this situation.

While Drago was introducing his planet with a fierce gaze aimed at Tyson, Felix examined the spectators with his enhanced eyesight, making him see that all of them had an air of superiority while looking down at him and the rest. 

Some of them were even yawning in boredom, not wanting to listen to the Salvadorians\' heritage.

If it was the Alexander Kingdom Team or the Mariana Empire Team; they wouldn\'t have shown those expressions even if they heard them repeating the same ** over and over again.

Felix merely grinned slightly while withdrawing his gaze back to Drago who was about to finish.

Naturally, Felix didn\'t like it one bit that his planet was being treated in disregard but he preferred doing something to change it instead of whining.

Hence, when Tyson shoved the mic in front of his face and asked him the same question, Felix didn\'t even bother mentioning the earthling\'s heritage.

He just fed him some useless words and forced him to switch targets to Sylvia who didn\'t hesitate to start talking about the planet\'s heritage.


Before long, the 30 minutes of the interviews had concluded after Tyson went on and got a couple of words from Bamur, Leo, Olivia, George, and a few more.

Thankfully, he didn\'t pick Noah.

Alright, substitutes and instructors, you can go now. Tyson snapped his finger and teleported those mentioned outside of the dome.

Before they knew it, they were already sitting on comfortable benches right behind the glass.

Meanwhile, Tyson had created a golden coin with a crown at the back and a number on the front.

He showed it to Felix and Drago and said, Crown or number

Crown. Drago said first.

Tyson glanced at Felix and saw that he was okay with whatever.

Thud, he swiftly flipped the coin in the air before catching it on the back of his palm. 

It\'s number. Tyson proclaimed loudly while zooming the camera on the coin for the viewers.

Immediately after hearing so, Leo and the rest showed elated expressions while Felix simply grinned faintly.

But Drago and his teammates didn\'t notice anything weird about their reaction since they would have reacted the same.

Soon, everyone\'s attention was focused on Tyson who had snapped his finger and created a holographic image of himself.

Then, he created a white ball that was striped with yellow lines and had the SG logo written in the universal common language appearing like this; \'ⴳⵖ\'.

Tyson went and placed the ball on the central white point of the field and shouted, You can take your positions now! 


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