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A few minutes later...

Everyone\'s attention was brought up to the podium after the sudden emergence of a burly man with an unkempt blonde beard and hair.

He appeared like he just woke up after spending the entire night doing nothing but drinking.

The first thing he did after showing up was stretching his thick hairy arms behind his back while yawning widely, exposing his yellow teeth.

Both teams were left speechless by the sight as they had never seen such a look in the UVR before.

After all, who would pick personally to appear ungroomed and ugly in the UVR where you just need to pay a couple of coins and obtain a somewhat handsome face

\'Are we that low in rank to get assigned a homeless as a judge\' Leo sent a message that explained everyone\'s emotions right now.

Alas, the homeless-looking man didn\'t bother by the looks he was receiving as he simply lowered a big screen behind his back and turned it on.

He looked at them with eyelids drooped like he was about to fall asleep anytime and started speaking in a lazy manner, I am Tyson your judge and I don\'t like wasting time, so I won\'t explain anything about the PSG streaming rules.

Since both teams were actually on their first game ever based on reading their profile, it was expected that the MC would give them a quick rundown on the rules.

But Tyson seemed too lazy to even open his eyes properly.

They wondered how was he supposed to judge and hype the stadium with his attitude but no one made a sound of complaint.

They had already read everything that needed to be known about the PSG.

The streaming revenue and how it was split was one of them.

The splitting process was somewhat the same as the ISG but different at the same time.

First, the winning percentage was 10% from 100% instead of 3% since the reward goes to the team and the planet instead of just an individual!

That percentage gotten after the win would be split based on contribution between the players and also the planet.

Based on the contract that the team had signed, they would have 3% while the planet 7%.

The Contribution system was being handled by the Queen instead of humans, making it easier to not cheat someone out of his money.

The contribution system in the game could be anything that benefits the team in winning the game.

For example in this game, if Felix scored the most goals, eliminated the most players, and was active for the entire duration of the game, he would definitely earn a larger percentage than his teammates.

Naturally, if the team didn\'t like using this system, they could totally deactivate it and handle the splitting process on their own.

Meanwhile for the viewership revenue, recordings...etc.

It goes straight to the \'Planet Bank Account\'.

No one could get access to it alone...Not even Felix had the right.

The only way to withdraw coins from it was by making a unanimous decision in the Council after setting the reason why the amount was going to be withdrawn for.

It could be for ordering spacesh.i.p.s, building space elevators, buying space mines, exploring new planets...etc.

Whatever it was, it needed to benefit the planet as a whole instead of making the money goes into the pockets of those leaders.

That 7% from the win would also be put in this bank.

Due to the Queen\'s existence, it was impossible for any leader to steal a single coin from the withdrawn amount since they had a strict contract that forbad them from embezzlement.

With that, the team members could risk their lives knowing that the planet was benefiting as a whole from their efforts and not some greedy corrupted politicians. 

The rules of the game are simple, score most points and you win the game.

If a team had less than 5 players total, the game would automatically end in favor of the opposite team.

If a team felt that it was hopeless to win the game, you have the right to forward your surrender to me.

I will judge if it\'s eligible to accept it or not. Tyson mentioned in one breath before yawning widely.

He pointed at the rules that were written on the screen and said, You can ask your questions now.

Although everyone was baffled at how Tyson jumped straight into the Q&A segment, they didn\'t let it affect them much as they had many questioned that needed to be addressed.

However, not everyone lifted their hands as only Drago and Sylvia did so.

It was only natural that Felix had passed the rights to be the spokesperson of the team to Sylvia as he was too lazy to even ask a question in his individual games.

He only wanted the captain role to receive special treatment and also have real weight in his words when he addresses the Council.

You with the horns, be quick. Tyson nodded his head slightly at Drago.

Drago coughed to clear his throat and spoke with a deep voice, sounding like an old man in his fifties, I want to know if the referee is going to be you or a ghost referee like most team sports games

Ghost referee was simply a reference to a holographic humanoid AI who would be joining the game with them.

Since he was a hologram, he wouldn\'t have any negative impact on the game.

Plus because he was an AI, there would be fewer mistakes in giving out yellow cards or red cards.

I am too lazy to do it. Tyson gave an indirect answer and snapped his finger, showing them a hologram of a version of himself that was wearing a yellow shirt and black shorts.

He had a whistle around his neck and was holding a red and a yellow card.

After so, He pointed at Sylvia and gave her permission to ask.

May I know if the penalty of touching the ball with a hand would be applicable even to players who accidentally touched the ball She paused and clarified, I mean if someone got hit by the ball in his hands intentionally by the other party to offset the penalty.

George and the rest of the team held their breaths in anticipation, hoping that he would say yes since they had an entire synergy built on this strategy. 

Alas, Tyson shook his head firmly and explained, Accidents can happen in a football match that allowed battles.

It wouldn\'t be fun to spectate you guys trying to hit each other with the ball to offset the penalty instead of aiming for goals.

\'Sigh, I guess this game is going to be exactly as the ones we scouted in the UVR.\' George was a bit downcast at the idea of losing a superb synergy but it is what it is.

Tyson turned to the Drago and gave him permission to ask with a finger.

Do we need to deliver the injured teammates to the corners to be healed or are they going to be automatically teleported Drago wondered.

The former, next question.

In the case of losing both the goalkeeper and the substitute, can we make a defender be the goalkeeper Sylvia asked.

Anyone can be the goalkeeper after the death of the 1st two. Tyson added lazily, The first to step into the penalty area would be given the position.

Everyone nodded their heads in understanding besides Olivia who was promising the expressionless Noah that she wouldn\'t let him die.

Next, be quicker.

Who decides if a goal is normal or stylish Drago asked.

Me. Tyson smiled for the first time, Goals that amaze me will be given two points and the rest just one point.

No one showed signs of disgruntlement as they knew that Tyson wouldn\'t cheat them purposefully from their points.

After all, he signed a strict contract forbidding him from being biased to any team or individual.


How many points do we get for a normal goal, stylish goal, assist, and successful block Sylvia asked.

Normal goals reward you with 200 GP, stylish with 400 GP, assist with 100 GP, successful block with 400 GP. He said.


How are we going to decide who would have the 1st possession of the ball Drago asked.

I guess we can go with a coin flip. Tyson replied.


Do we get 1 minute to celebrate after the goal or has it been changed Sylvia asked.

Every rule about the game is exactly the same as other ones in the platform. Tyson growled, If you have seen them, don\'t bother me with the same questions.


What\'s the unique individual title and team title in the game Drago asked, jumping straight to a question that was related to only this game.

Tyson\'s cloudy eyes brightened up a bit as he replied, For individual title, you need to eliminate 10 players by using the ball only.

It\'s called the Ball Reaper.

\'Yeah, no thank you.\' Felix cringed the moment he heard the title.

However, the others were clearly excited about it since this was the 1st title they could contest for.

Meanwhile, for the team title, you need to win the game without getting scored at.

It\'s called The Dominators.

\'Oh, that\'s a good one.\'

Felix liked the sound of it but he soon shook his head as he knew that it was impossible to avoid getting scored unless the game ended in its first 10 minutes or so.

After all, Noah\'s energy wasn\'t infinite and he needed to know which kicks to stop and which ones to leave them to get inside.

Tsk, next. 

Upon waiting for a couple of seconds and seeing that no one was raising his hand, Tyson quickly stood up from his leaning position and said, I will be going to the stadium.

You have 15 minutes to interact.

And if anyone brought the matter of losing intentionally, you won\'t like the outcome.

Before his threat finished echoing in the lobby, he was already gone.

He left behind him an awkward silence that was probably not going to be broken for the entire duration.

After all, what\'s the point of interacting and faking friendliness when they were about to kill each other

It was much better to take advantage of those minutes to continue scouting for information.

That\'s what everyone did as the two instructors had given tasks to their team.

Some were tasked to find more about the captains and some were tasked to find about the goalkeeper.

Everyone was doing their utmost effort to pull as much info as possible from the network.

After five minutes, George stopped them and told them to report on their discoveries.

His expression got ugly immediately after finding out that everyone on the opposite team had awakened with epic bloodline and replaced it with another epic one!! The worst part, All of them were peak 1st stage bloodliners!

His worst nightmare had ended up manifesting in the 1st game!


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