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Hmmm...I have met with the Fire Primogenitor once and she was from the bird species. Thoughtful, The Jörmungandr rubbed his purple goati while trying to recall those old memories.

Oh Wait, let me enter the consciousness space so I can see her. Felix closed his eyes quickly after he received a positive confirmation.

In a short while...

Felix grouped up with the Jörmungandr and Asna who were chilling in a mist-made beach.

The sand was grey; the water was grey; everything was grey making Felix feel gloomy just by the sight of them.

The Jörmungandr and Asna were holding two soft grey drinks while lying on beach chairs.

Felix frowned his eyebrows and thought, \'If only there was a way to connect them to the UVR, it would be much better to have them hanging there with me.\'

Felix thought about this issue the moment Asna entered his consciousness.

Alas, he didn\'t find a method to help Asna connect her consciousness with the Queen.

After all, to connect with the Queen, an AP bracelet was a must.

The one he was wearing was already bound to his consciousness only.

This meant the Queen never actually knew about the existence of Asna or the Jörmungandr.

She could hear Felix speak but not them since they weren\'t connected to her.

This made it seem like Felix was talking to himself like a retard always.

The Queen in his bracelet was just a basic version meant to assist him so she never thought too deeply about matters not concerning the rules.

Felix even attempted before to request the Queen to log Asna in the UVR but she simply told him she didn\'t know what he was talking about and gave him the protocol to log into the UVR.

Since the protocol required an AP bracelet, Felix was left stumped.

Don\'t mind us. The Jörmungandr smiled gently after hearing his thoughts, We are enjoying our time as it is.

Don\'t lump me with you, old snake! Asna removed her sunglasses and glared at the Jörmungandr,  I want to leave this **ty place!

If you spent less time whining and more time thinking, you could have found a method to connect to the UVR. Annoyed, Felix scolded while taking a seat next to her.

Asna went gloomy after hearing so.

Felix raised his eyebrows in confusion at her reaction.

He didn\'t know what came up to her to react like that instead of cursing him back.

But, seeing that she just wore her sunglasses back and stopped talking at once, Felix didn\'t continue pondering on the matter.

If she didn\'t want to talk then he wouldn\'t force her.

Elder, can you please show me the Fire Primogenitor Felix asked while leaning closer to the Jörmungandr.

The Jörmungandr waved his hand lazily and a darkened mirror-like screen was manifested in front of Felix.

A second later, it brightened up and displayed the Fire Primogenitor.


Felix couldn\'t help but drew a deep breath after seeing an image of a cosmic swan-like bird nesting on an active red star that was probably a million times bigger than the Sun!

Felix barely noticed her at the start since her entire body was burning, making her appear like she was made from fire!

Seeing his shock, The Jörmungandr chuckled and said, She is called Phoenix and her few worshipers refer to her as The Star Goddess.

The Star Goddess It fit perfectly. Felix praised with a slight head nod.

The Jörmungandr laughed in mockery, That\'s just a glorified title for a lazy head like her.

What do you mean Felix wondered.

She spends 90% of her time sleeping on a star since it\'s warm and cozy. The Jörmungandr smiled wryly, She was one of the few Primogenitors who missed the Pact Meeting as she forgot to wake up for it.

For real Felix was left speechless by the sound of that.

He didn\'t think that even Primogenitors could sleep over important matters.

Suddenly, his eyes widened in shock after rethinking what the Jörmungandr had mentioned.

Does that mean she is still alive to this day

The Jörmungandr lifted his sunglasses just to give him a side-glance meant for morons.

This made Felix feel embarrassed as he didn\'t know what did he say wrong.

I just told you that she spends 90% of her time asleep. The Jörmungandr wore back his glasses and said, Why would she get depressed like us and seek death when she wakes up for only a couple of millennials than sleep for millions of years again

That\'s true. Felix facepalmed after realizing he was indeed a moron.

Plus, I doubt she can even kill herself. The Jörmungandr added with a sympathetic tone, Just like flames can burn for eternity; she will always revive from the ashes no matter which ways she killed herself.

So she is a true immortal Felix\'s thought process was different than the Jörmungandr as he was only interested in the fact that she couldn\'t be killed off like Asna\'s Unigin Race.

The Jörmungandr nodded his head calmly, making Felix feel slightly envious of Malak.

She was going to use the Phoenix bloodline and there was a high possibility of unlocking an ability related to the revival of eternal rejuvenation.

Felix always looked down on common elements, thinking that uncommon elements were much better and more unique.

But just now, he realized that was flawed thinking...No, more like subjective human thinking.

The Phoenix was the Fire Primogenitor, controlling one of the most common elements in the entire universe.

Yet, she was actually unkillable unlike the Jörmungandr and the Sphinx!

The fact that she owned something unique to her than the rest of the Primogenitors changed his entire perspective on elements.

\'So what if it was common, uncommon, or rare What I should be thinking of from now on was the compatibility of the elements I am using instead of their rank.\' Felix made a firm decision to start ignoring his prejudice against common elements.


It\'s good that you have corrected your flawed thinking.

While Asan straightaway insulted, the Jörmungandr praised Felix with a faint smile.

Then, he asked, Do you want to see the Wind Primogenitor

Yes please.

He was a buddy of mine and we have spent a couple millions of years roaming together.

Nostalgic, The Jörmungandr sighed while waving his hand, replacing the Phoenix\'s image with an image of a celestial bird that resembled an eagle.

However, he had autumn brown feathers and a smooth scaled head with a Yellow Sapphire color.

His eyes were red and had a black slit in the center, appearing like a black hole with his mindblowing size.

Unlike the other times, the image was moving as the eagle-like bird could be seen flapping his wings once and he was already gone from sight.

Before Felix could blink his eyes, the bird returned while grasping a small gas-like planet with his pitch-black claws!

This was from one of our hunting sessions for energy during our aimless wandering.

We ended up eating that gas planet since we didn\'t find another alternative. The Jörmungandr chuckled nostalgically, That caused him to burp and fart throughout the entire journey...Oh, good old days.

Good days my ass! You nasty snake. Asna pulled her chair away from the innocent Jörmungandr who was simply retailing his stories.

It wasn\'t like he was the one who was farting since it was unlikely for him to be affected by gases due to his poison immunity.

Meanwhile, Felix\'s image of the Primogenitors was crumbling each time he heard a story from the Jörmungandr.

Lady Sphinx was an odd-ball who spoke in riddles every ten sentences; Lady Phoenix was a lazy head who missed one of the most important meetings in the history of the universe due to her sleep.

Now, he heard this about the Wind Primogintor

Felix was quite scared to hear about the rest as none of them seemed normal.

What\'s his name elder Felix coughed as he asked.

Oh...I am used to calling him Rocky but his real name is the Roc and his worshipers refer to him as the Celestial Roc.

Sometimes even as The Cosmic Predator. The Jörmungandr responded.

Upon seeing how the Roc was clasping into a planet that was hundreds of times the size of Earth, Felix believed that title fit him perfectly.

So both of them are from the bird species. Felix abruptly frowned his eyebrows after realizing that another issue had just come up.

Birds Species were 20% more expensive than others due to the possibility of providing wings mutation or ability!

\'Whatever at least they are from a common element and there are plenty of firebirds and wind birds.\'

This was some consolation news since Felix would have a faster time collecting the essence.

Thank you for the information elder. Felix bowed his head and said, I will be on my way to the market.

Don\'t mention it. The Jörmungandr waved his hand dismissively at Felix and closed his eyes behind his sunglasses, returning to his chilling position.

Felix stood up and went to Asna who was lazing under a grey beach umbrella.

He looked at her from above with a wicked grin.

What do you wa...


Ouch! Are you seeking death, you bastard!

Asna immediately raged after getting tapped in the head by Felix\'s knuckle.

Alas, Felix\'s body had already exploded into mist after the deed was done.

\'That\'s for hiding something from me.\' Felix criticized, \'Every time I meet you and  you don\'t mention it, I will tap you in the head.\'

\'You...\' Asna wanted to insult him but held back.

She merely kept massaging her head in silence.

The Jörmungandr turned around and saw that she was a bit downcast.

Little Asna, just tell him. The Jörmungandr advised gently, He will definitely agree to your plan and won\'t hate you for mentioning it.

Who knows, it might work and you can use the UVR just like him.

What do you know. Asna turned to the opposite side while murmuring, I have already screwed up once and he forgave me for it.

I won\'t repeat the same mistake.

I saw his memories. The Jörmungandr chided her, If you haven\'t noticed, by not telling him, you are repeating the same mistake.

Seeing that Asna wasn\'t responding, The Jörmungandr shook his head in disapproval and closed his eyes again.

He said more than enough already and it was up to Asna to make a decision.

\'Will he really not mind it\' Asna covered her eyes with her hands as she sighed to herself.


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