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The moment that the conversation had died down, everyone\'s focus was brought back to the ongoing auction.

Currently, three items were auctioned during their conversation, leaving seven more.

Those last three items were just as good if not better than the Flask of Immortality.

There was even a flying serpent, that resembled one of the dragon species, sold as a tamed mount for 29 Billion SC.

Naturally, it was probably going to be used for statue and reputation instead of transportation.

Felix could only watch as those items flash past his eyes without any means to acquire one.

The 15 billion in his pocket felt like 15 pennies in this auction.

Absolutely useless and couldn\'t even help him raise the price three times to spite others.

\'Whatever, at least I have bought all the things I required for my integration and to further my plans.\' Felix comforted himself, \'Plus, If I used all of my capital to buy an item here, I will be broke and I can\'t have that now when I need to collect primogenitor essence for 4 bloodlines.\'

Although it was an attempt to make himself feel less bad about missing out on those items, Felix was speaking the truth.

1 bloodline essence was already hard enough to collect, don\'t even mention another 3 added to the mix.

\'F*ck it, better get myself busy than continue staying here for no reason.\' Felix quickly decided to ditch the auction while it was still ongoing!

Seniors, I apologize but I have to leave for an urgent matter. Felix said while tapping on his bracelet screen with a bitter smile.

Oh Is it the Organization Zosia asked in intrigue.

Felix nodded his head and straightaway activated the teleportation process after seeing that no one was adding any more questions. 

Please do remember to take care of our matter properly. The Chief reminded him with an easy-going smile.

Leave it to me. Felix waved his hand while disintegrating and said his goodbyes.

The moment he disappeared from the room, everyone\'s expression turned from friendly to solemn real quick.

Let\'s carry on our conversation. Zosia said out loud.

It seemed like they never stopped talking telepathically in the presence of Felix.

As I said, we have to prepare for both situations. The Chief informed, If we managed to get contact with the Organization and found out that they were real, we will go all out to ally with them.

If we found out that that lad is playing us. Zosia smiled coldly, We will hunt him down to the ends of the Universe until we find out about his abnormality.

Hopefully, he didn\'t lie. Gabriel sighed, Four of those five suspects turned out to be not him, leaving only Aladdin Musk.

if he also turned out to be not him, we will need to spend billions of coins and at least a year of effort to get some positive results unless Landlord gave us other clues.

How\'s the situation with your target Chief Zosia inquired, Is he still hiding

The Chief clicked his tongue in irritation, I have been using all of my resources to locate him on his planet, but the environment is making it extremely difficult.

Who would have guessed that everyone is living under the deserts Barry smiled wryly.

Don\'t think too much about this matter. The Chief promised, I will catch him eventually.

Hopefully he is going to be Landlord. Zosia wished softly while looking at the auctioned.


Meanwhile in Felix\'s Androxa House...

He was sitting in the living room while having a hologram displaying all the acquired items and their serial codes underneath them.

On another side, there was another hologram displaying a list of Witches.

Felix was checking it currently, wanting to see if there was any other witch besides Hala with a 49% success rate or above in concocting The Elemental Potion.

After a thorough search, he managed to find three of them! They had a 70% success rate.

Alas, they were all Rank 5 Witches and they rarely accept commissions for Elemental Potion.

They were focusing more on concocting rank 5 potions like Flask of Immortality.

Even if they accepted one, Felix would be required to wait at least a year for his turn in the Queue to arrive.

Then, pay triple the fees than what he paid to Witch Hala to make it worth a Rank 5 Witch.

I guess it wouldn\'t hurt to commission it to Madam Hala again. Felix scrolled back up on the list and clicked on Madam Hala\'s profile.

After a swift read, he noticed that her reviews had increased and that her Queue was smaller than last time by a couple of orders.

Felix went to the dial button and called her.

Just like before, he was answered by Madam Hala\'s assistant.

After a quick back and forth negotiation to reduce the price, a deal had been made.

It was for Felix to pay the full amount of fees without reducing a single coin.

Since he was using an Uncommon Elemental Flower again, he had to pay 360 million SC for the concoction.

Well, at least he would need to only wait 30 days this time for his turn to arrive, unlike last time.

Miss, can I be notified before Madam Hala start the concoction Felix requested, I am interested in watching the process of my potion concoction.

Naturally! The assistant replied enthusiastically, You are more than welcome to watch.

But, you will need to pay 2 million SC so Madam Hala could accept you around her.

Understandable. Felix\'s eyes twitched but he still wired the extra fees on the original paid amount.

2 million SC was quite worth it to watch live a Witch during concoction.

Felix wanted to watch her previously on his last order but his bracelet was **, not having the Ghosting Feature.

With his new bracelet, he could ask for permission to show himself as a hologram in Witch Hala\'s Concoction Lab.

After so, he excused himself and hung up.

Let\'s check on that fatty. Felix murmured, He must have gained weight again after lazing for almost a month.

Ring Ring!...Cluck!

Fatty, you dead yet Felix inquired lazily.

I will be soon if you don\'t give me a delivery! Fatty Bodidi whined, I am about to starve.

Heh, did you burn through all of your cash in a single month Felix mused.

Cough, something like that. Fatty replied with a held-back tone.

Felix got curious after realizing that he wasn\'t lying.

But, he didn\'t want to get privy to his private matters just like Fatty was respecting his privacy as well.

Hence, he changed the subject to the deliveries he needed to be brought back home.

Don\'t worry about coins; I have multiple deliveries for you. Felix glanced at the list to his side and informed, I have three things in the SG Mariana Empire Warehouse, and five more in the Guardian Empire.

Aight! Send me the codes so I can calculate the shipment amount. Fatty called eagerly.

Felix emailed them to him with a simple request from the Queen.

After waiting for a couple of minutes, he received the price, >10 million SC<

Felix wasn\'t surprised by the number since he was making a cross empires delivery and that was a long journey even for Bodidi.

Especially when it was from the Guardian Empire, situated on the opposite side of the Galaxy right next to the Bardot Empire.

He was thankful enough about getting relieved from paying the custom taxes on those auctioned items.

If it wasn\'t for so, he would have winded up with paying a minimum of 500 million SC just to get them to the Mariana Empire.

Then pay again to get them to the Alexander Kingdom since it was separated from the Mariana Empire.

By the time they reach him, his wallet would have beaten black and blue.

When should I expect them Felix inquired.

4 days.

That\'s good enough. Felix nodded his head in satisfaction and hung up after saying his goodbyes.

He wired him the payment and closed the holograms.

Then, he called Erik and Malak to check on their situation.

After hearing that they were about to depart in a spaceship, Felix wished them good luck and told them to meet up with him in the Androxa Capital\'s Training Center tomorrow.

Felix wanted to check on their combat upclose since neither of them was an SG player.

What\'s worse, Erik possibly didn\'t fight much in his life due to his mom.

Based on his young age and high integration level, he must have been integrating nonstop with integration materials until he reached peak 4th stage of replacement.

This implied that he rarely fought with his abilities since he replaced them the moment he gets them.

Thankfully, he still had his etched permanent abilities, making it possible to just integrate to the peak 4th stage of replacement then start practicing combat with them.

This integration method was more prevalent in rich families who were able to buy epic or legendary bloodlines from tier 1 to tier 7.

After all, no one would want to waste his future by using rare bloodlines or below unless he was retarded to rush it or truly hopeless for a way to get them.

Honestly, with the existence of the SG, there was always hope to secure those high-end resources.

Anyhow, Erik was probably integrating with this method.

Felix didn\'t know if it was his mother\'s choice or not, but he didn\'t care much as he would carry on using this method for both of them!

That\'s because he wanted them to reach peak 5th stage of replacement as fast as possible so he could turn them into Primogenitors Bloodliners.

I need to buy some epic tier 5 bloodline bottles for wind and fire element. Felix rubbed his temples after remembering this only now.

He knew that it was better to buy them now and send the serial codes to Bodidi so he could bring everything at once.

But first, he needed to know about the species of The Fire Primogenitor and The Wind Primogenitor!

Elder, do you know the species of the Fire Primogenitor and Wind Primogenitor Felix asked politely.


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