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Silent engulfed the room after the last echo of Felix\'s bold and preposterous words resounded in the seniors\' ears.

\'Is he talking for real\'

\'Ruling Power Huh, what a joke.\'

Felix could see the disbelief and doubt that had emerged in their eyes after hearing him out.

He didn\'t blame them for feeling like this as the purpose that he chose was truly impossible even if the entire race had united somehow and worked as one towards it.

Yet, he just told them that an unknown single Organization was attempting to do so.

They didn\'t know if they should laugh at their unfold arrogance or applaud at their boldness.

But, Felix didn\'t care how they see it since he only wanted the Organization to appear like it was too otherworldly.

Cough, Mr.

Landlord, I mean no offense when I say that your Organization\'s goal is truly on the point of insanity. Gabriel said.

Even the Chief, who always seemed optimistic, was nodding his head in agreement.

Felix spread out his arms in a carefree manner and replied, It\'s not like I support it or have a say in the Organization\'s decision making.

What do you do exactly Zosia asked with her eyebrows frowned.

My job in the Organization is pretty simple and anyone can do it actually. Felix scratched his cheek and continued bull**ing with a straight face, I am experimenting with Bloodlines given to me in the games so they would obtain data off it.

Experimenting Thoughtful, The Chief rubbed his chin while trading glances with his allies.

\'It does sound logical.\'

\'But, if they wanted to test and get data why not do it hiddenly without needing to expose the bloodlines in the first place\'

\'Ask him.\'

After a quick telepathic conversation between them, Gabrial was left to ask Felix, Don\'t you think that it\'s much better to carry out experiments hiddenly

They already did so. Felix pointed at himself and clarified, I am the final experiment and was meant to compete against the strongest fighters in the entire SG platform to see how the newer bloodlines fare against the rest.

The Chief and the rest traded glances again, making Felix wonder what they were thinking about his bull** so far.

Were they buying it or not Honestly, he doubts that they wouldn\'t buy it since they had no other option but to.

Unless they got to him in real life and extracted information forcefully from him by reading his memories or using some f*cked up item, anything that he  said was the truth and nothing but the truth.

What\'s the final goal from your \'experiment Zosia rephrased her question after realizing that it didn\'t make sense, When will the experiment end Did they give a rank set in mind Or after they finished gathering all the data they required

It will end when I reach the Origin Realm while using from awakening to 6th stage of replacement, nothing but Mythical Bloodlines! Felix dropped a bombshell on them while hearing Asna\'s enticing laughter.

She seemed like she was enjoying the show, unlike the seniors who were left utterly dumbfounded after hearing Felix naming his bloodline.

Mythical Bloodlines!! Stirred and excited, The Chief exclaimed loudly while standing up on his feet.

His brain got shut down the moment he heard the \'Mythical\' term, not processing the rest of the sentence.

It was an understandable behavior for someone obsessed with new bloodlines to place in his collection.

\'Easy now Chief.\' Zosia\'s eyelids twitched as she sent a message, \'You are starting to drool in front of him.\'

The Chief hastily wiped it out with his sleeve in a single motion while returning to his seat.

He looked at Felix and noticed that he was looking at him weirdly.

However, he didn\'t even explain himself as he straightaway asked solemnly, Was it you who named the bloodlines after seeing everyone calling you Mythical Bloodliner or the Organization

Naturally it was me. Felix didn\'t lie this time as he clarified, The Organization was using a **ty numbered name for the bloodlines and I think it\'s much better to call it Mythical Bloodlines.

He did lie partially but it was a must.

He wanted to make them know that the Organization was responsible for everything and that he was utterly useless without the ability even to name a bloodline.

He knew that he could have gone full ham in his lie by mentioning that Bloodlines were named Mythical way before it got spread in the network.

But in his eyes, that was a breach of the NDA contract.

Because he was telling them the actual name used by the Organization!

Names were banned based on the contract terms.

Like the Organization\'s name, the research\'s name, staff\'s names...etc.

Hence, the reason he mentioned \'Shitty numbered name\' on the fly.

Felix always needed to be on his tiptoes against those monsters who lived for probably thousands of years.

Mistakes like those were too fatal to his story and would expose him in a heartbeat.

Felix wanted to avoid that since he had plans to take advantage of them by relying on the fake Organization!

Not official, huh...That\'s unfortunate. The Chief was slightly disappointed by the sound of that.

After seeing that the Chief stopped bothering Felix with the rank, Zosia swiftly too over by requesting Felix to clarify what he meant by reaching Origin Realm.

\'I guess that should be enough fake information.

Too much and loopholes will start to manifest on my story.\' Felix made an instantaneous decision after seeing that they were getting too comfortable with their questioning.

I don\'t mind sharing it.

Well, only by reaching that real... Felix stopped speaking mid-way and kept staring into the void while trembling in his seat.

This sight confused everyone but Zosia who guessed what happened to Felix due to prior experience and sharpness.

\'Shit, he must have received a warning from the Queen after starting to mention something vital about the Organization.\'

\'Damn it; I was wondering why does it seem familiar.\'

The seniors all exclaimed one by one in their minds in agitation and worry.

They understood that to receive a warning meant that Felix wasn\'t going to speak a single word about the Organization lest he ends up getting killed straightaway.

Just as they expected, Felix looked at them with a bitter smile and said, Sorry, but I can\'t share much.

I have been given my 1st strike by the Queen.

The Chief and the rest signed in dejection and disappointment after hearing so.

There were alot of questions in their minds that needed to be answered.

Naming a few; Why was Felix the only one chosen to experiment in the games What\'s the background of this Organization and where did it come from...

Felix\'s information might sound good, but he didn\'t mention anything concrete that was useable by them.

\'We don\'t know if he is faking everything or he truly meant every word due to the Chief.

Whatever it was, we need to contact the Organization backing him up and speak to them personally.\' Zosia sent a message while showcasing a gentle smile towards Felix, appearing like she was comforting him.


\'We already have a headstart than the rest and we need to take advantage of it.\'

\'Chief, you deal with it.\'

\'Leave it to me.\' 

The Chief looked at Felix who appeared like he was pondering deeply.

The Chief patted his shoulder and told him, No need to squeeze your brain for more intel.

We appreciate what you have shared with us so far.

Are you sure Felix insisted with a guilty tone, I feel like I didn\'t pay you enough for the invitation and hospitality.

The Chief pointed at his eagle logo in his chest and said, We have a saying in my Tribe.

If you spent a week with a person without troubles arising, you would become his friend, his partner, and his ally!

Since you spent an entire week with my daughter and said that you enjoyed her company, that makes you a close friend of my family. The Chief said with a sincere tone, So don\'t consider yourself as an outsider and keep feeling like you need to return a favor.

Upon hearing all of this, Felix didn\'t know if he was being bull**ed or the Chief was talking for real.

However, he still bowed his head respectfully and said, I am honored Chief to be a friend of the Tribe.

Felix smiled innocently and requested, Please feel free to ask if you require anything from me.

Haha, as a matter of fact, I do have a small favor. The Chief rubbed his chin and requested, Can you contact your Organization for us

Instead of responding, Felix leaned back on the chair while going completely silent.

The Chief and the rest didn\'t bother or rush him as they waited for a response while holding their breaths.

\'They finally took the bite but I need them to feel unworthy for the Organization.\' Felix thought.

I don\'t mind at all.

But please give me four days to prepare. Felix clarified with a troubled tone, I need to make sure that when I voice my request it will be taken seriously and delivered to the higher-ups.

\'You never cease to amaze me with your acting and bull** level.\' Asna chuckled while covering her glossy lips, \'You already reached a godly level.\'

\'Thank you for the compliment.\' Felix replied while looking at the seniors nodding their heads at him.

Please take all the time you need.

Indeed, we are not in a rush.

They accepted what Felix had said since they understood that in large Organizations, small fry never gets taken seriously.

In their mind, if everything that Felix had said was real, then his contact request would be ignored if it wasn\'t serious!

They really hoped to meet with the Organization as the Anti-Royal Alliance plan depends on Felix\'s bloodlines!

Meanwhile, Felix has done his very best to make himself appear smaller in their eyes since he knew that if he showed them that he had useful information and was hiding it, they would use everything in their possession to get to him in real life.

That\'s only if he showed them that he got info about the bloodlines.

Now imagine him selling or auctioning the primogenitors\' bloodline!

Indeed he would earn 40 billion SC or more from the sell but he would be exposing that those bloodlines provide users with 10 abilities instead of 6 like tier 1 to tier 7 bloodlines.

What\'s worse, they could manage to awaken the primogenitor and know that Felix had been using the primogenitor\'s bloodlines instead of the made-up \'Mythical bloodlines.\'

He wasn\'t ready to receive that kind of attention and hunt that would most definitely move even the monsters hidden in the Galaxy.

Hence, Felix\'s bloodlines must not land in any human\'s hand unless they were loyal to him and would never release his secrets.

Felix also knew that he could have used some bull** lie like he had an Origin Realm Bloodliner behind his back or such.

However, he also understood that wouldn\'t really work since it would seem like he was attempting to scare them off actively.

Felix didn\'t want to leave that impression since it would appear like he was afraid of them.

It was a hundred times better when someone else brings the subject of those indirect threats.

With the seniors getting baited to contact the Organization, Felix would simply respond to them by using a fake high-echelon member of the Organization!

This would lead them to put their focus on the Organization instead of Felix in terms of contact.

By then, he would have every opportunity to make them give up on trying to locate the \'Useless member\' that he had built as \'Landlord\'!

This was merely the beginning of his plan.

It might work or not, but he was willing to take a shot!


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