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Madam Sandra finally pulled it off again with her 2% success chance! Gabrial pounded the armchair with his palm in excitement and eagerness.

You going for it again The Chief asked, Grand Elder still didn\'t find anything else to prolong his life

Gabrial sighed while shaking his head, Unfortunately, he has only ten years left to live and he had already given up on the search after gaining immunity from the longevity potions.

I see, then I won\'t fight it out with you for it. The Chief and the rest decided to give up on it for Gabrial.

Meanwhile, Felix had just finished reading the drawbacks of the potion.

He couldn\'t help but marvel at Witch Sandra for concocting such a heavenly potion.

As far as he read, it provided the user with extra 10,000 years to live!

It might not sound like alot but the potion wasn\'t made for commoners only but could be used by even Origin Realm bloodliners who were at their last stretch of life!

Potions that could extend the life of bloodliners were always rare and expensive as hell.

Even hundreds of years were almost impossible to get for normal bloodliners, don\'t even mention the Flask of Immortality. 

\'Should I try to get it for gramps\' Felix pondered deeply, \'Commoners could utmost extend their lives to 500 years with longevity potions meant for them.

But this one could extend his life without drawbacks, unlike the lesser counterparts.\'

Felix glanced at Gabrial, who was coiling his mustache around his finger with an eager expression, and frowned his eyebrows, \'I doubt I can outbid him with my pitiful capital.\'

Please start bidding.

Felix\'s focus was brought back to the Queen after hearing so.

\'Whatever, let\'s attempt it.\'

\'Queen, please increase the bid to 4 billion SC.\'

Alas, the Queen didn\'t even entertain him as the latest bid had already surpassed 5 billion in the blink of an eye!

6 Billion from room 544.

8 Billion from room 978.

16 Billion from room 641.

It didn\'t take even 10 seconds before the price surpassed Felix\'s entire capital and was still not showing any signs of stopping.

\'Hahaha, how does it feel to be poor again\' Asna didn\'t hesitate to throw jabs at the silent Felix whose ego was being brought down to the ground with each 2 billion bid.

When he had 36 billion in his pocket, he always felt like he could buy anything that his eyes landed on since he never actually saw something getting sold with more than 20 billion SC.

Naturally not including cosmic bodies, coordination...etc.

Yet, seeing that the Flask of Immortality had reached 25 billion SC and still climbing fiercely, made him know that even if he didn\'t buy anything in the past 6 months, he doubted that he would get anything from this auction!

He truly got his horizons broadened! 

\'The usual.\' Felix shook his head and smiled brightly again, \'I am used to the feeling of being a small fish anyway.\'

Although Felix said so, he didn\'t show any signs of planning to remain one for a long time!

He may not have reached a whale level but he would get there eventually if he kept doing his thing! 

In a short while...

45 Billion from room 641...

45 Billion from room 641...Going once, twice.....Sold.


In the end, the potion\'s price had finally halted at 45 billion, making Felix marvel at how much people were willing to pay to prolong their lives.

Sigh, I am sorry it didn\'t work out. The Chief patted Gabeiral shoulders, comforting him after he lost the bid.

All of them did the best they could by loaning him coins to secure it.

Even Felix shimmed in with 5 billion SC to show support...Naturally, it was a contract-based loan and his private details were hidden from them by the Queen.

Still, it wasn\'t enough.

Although they were kingdoms leaders with assets worth hundreds of billions SC, but when it came to liquidity They truly didn\'t have much.

No sane or smart king would keep holding into 100 billion SC in his pocket when it could be used to better their kingdoms, invest in research, upgrade their armies...etc

Everything revolved around their kingdom and holding 40 billion SC for personal matters was already too much.

Since it was against the rules to place assets as collateral, Gaberial was left hopeless.

Well, at least you raised the price until the other buyer would feel hurt by it for a long time. The Chief tried to brighten the mood with a joke.

After all, their main target from this auction was actually sitting right in the middle of them.

Gabrial wasn\'t required to be told twice as he swiftly switched gears back to being natural.

When Zosia saw so, she glanced at Felix asked softly, Mr.

Landlord, did you by any chance place a unique bloodline in this auction

The Chief and the rest all held their breaths in anticipation of his answer.

This question might seem like a normal yes or no type of question, but it had multiple layers to it that could decide many things based on Felix\'s response.

\'So that\'s why they wanted me in this auction.\' Felix recognized their target instantly.

He understood that the seniors didn\'t meet with him in any other auction since if he had auctioned his \'unique\' bloodline, it would straightaway be chosen as one of the ten best items to be auctioned in the entire event.

After all, it was a \'Mythical Bloodline\' placed by Landlord himself.

By meeting here, they had an actual way to bring the subject to light without appearing aggressive or demanding.

The seniors thought of everything to make Felix feel like he was a friend of theirs invited to enjoy his time and not be interrogated...Although that was indeed the case.

They wished dearly for the answer to be yes since it would mean that it was possible to obtain Felix\'s bloodlines.

They wanted just one bottle.

Not for their use, but to be experimented on and researched!

They wanted to reverse engineer what was done to the bloodline to make it always stronger than its counterparts.

If they acquired that

Felix wouldn\'t even be needed anymore since they could create their own unique bloodlines.

That what they were planning on and hoping to achieve.

Alas, all of their wishes and hopes were dashed after Felix replied with a simple, Nope!

The Chief and the rest all exhibited some signs of a disappointment for a split second before their expressions returned to normal.

Why so Zosia asked casually, I believe that you will earn at least 50 billion SC for one of them.

Even if it was just a tier 1 bloodline.

Simply because those bloodlines don\'t belong to me. Felix replied with a leveled tone like he was stating a matter of fact.

The seniors went quiet for a second after finally receiving an indirect confirmation.

Well, they didn\'t fully believe that it was the truth since they only have Felix\'s body language to guess if he lied or not.

Since Felix didn\'t really lie as those bloodlines belonged to primogenitors, he didn\'t exhibit a single subtle subconscious sign of lying.

The seniors could only somewhat believe what he said and move on.

I don\'t know if I mentioned it before or not, but I have watched all of your games and was quite fascinated by your abilities uniqueness. Gabriel confessed, This made me appreciate the owners of your bloodlines and also intrigued about their research.

Oh Is that so Felix asked, smiling.

Haha, I am also quite curious. The Chief said while laughing, trying to make the conversation stay on the casual side.

The rest followed after him by voicing their desire to learn more about Felix\'s bloodline.

Felix looked at them and replied with a light chuckle, I guess that makes 6 of us.

Zosia arched her eyebrows in displeasure and asked, What do you mean

I am also curious about their research results and how they created those bloodlines. Felix shrugged his shoulders while admitting, Too bad, I have no clearance to such a sensitive intel.

Haha, how can it be like that The Chief laughed as he doubted, I mean, you are using their bloodlines right So how can you not be an important asset

Important asset Huh, you will be surprised if you hear what\'s my position in the Organization. Felix chuckled faintly in ridicule.


\'Is his position that low to mock himself\'

\'Again, I didn\'t see any signs of lying.\'

\'Still, take every word that he said with a grain of salt.\'

The telepathic conversation between the seniors never stopped for even a second as they analyzed every word and action that came out of Felix. 

While they were assuming that he was meaning the Organization, Felix was hinting at his Universal social status compared to Asna and the Jörmungandr.

Hence, he truly didn\'t lie.

Can you tell us more about your \'Organization\' then\'\' Zosia asked.

Instead of answering, Felix rested his hand on his chin and remained silent.

\'Is he thinking whether to tell us or not\'

\'He must have signed an NDA contract not to divulge information.

I believe that he is considering what can he say without breaking the contract\'s terms.\'


\'It could only be so.\'

While they were trading messages without a change of expression, Felix was rechecking on his bull** story for any last loopholes before committing to it.

After not noticing anything wrong with it, Felix removed his hand from his chin and looked at them with a solemn expression.

For smart experienced individuals like you, I assume that you know that I have signed an NDA contract.

The Chief and the rest nodded their heads.

But what you don\'t know is that immediately after saying anything that could expose the Organization, the Queen will pop my consciousness. Felix informed.

Before the seniors\' expressions turned dark, Felix looked at the Chief and said, But since the Chief treated me like a close friend, I am willing to tread on a fine line to give non-sensitive information about my Organization.

Although the seniors were still not liking the sound of that as they knew that Felix was probably going to give some useless information that couldn\'t be taken advantage of, they remained silent and placed their entire focus on his words.

Let\'s start by the grand purpose of my Organization. Felix smiled faintly and said, It\'s to make the Human Race replace one of the 10 Ruling Powers in the SGAlliance!


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