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How about I invest in your company then Felix suggested, I can buy 20% shares in advance with 100 million SC.

100 million! Robert\'s eyes widened for a bit after hearing such a large number.

He always knew that Felix was filthy rich but he never asked him about how much he was making or the names of his projects.

Unless Felix came clean about them, he wouldn\'t stick his nose in his grandson\'s matters.

In his eyes, he was already a man of his own.

No, that\'s too much. Robert shook his head vehemently after regaining his senses, The company net worth is barely 30 million SC.

True. Felix admitted it with a head nod.

Then, he followed with a confident tone, But, I firmly believe that under your leadership, the company would earn more than that, and I will recover my capital in no time.

Vrrr Vrrr

Before Robert could respond, Felix\'s bracelet started vibrating.

Felix glanced at the screen and noticed that it was from The Maganda Chief.

Gramps, I will call you back later in the day! Felix swiftly added before hanging up, You can expect the money to be wired today.

Good luck!



Felix hung up and quickly turned off his phone and messages so he wouldn\'t be reached by anyone.

Then, he requested, Queen, wire 100 million SC to my grandfather...Oh, and wire addition 100 million SC.

Tell him to bet on the Earthling team winning the first game.

The Queen asked for confirmation since the number was quite large.

Felix confirmed it and the Queen sent it immediately.

After seeing the notification that marked the successful transfer, Felix chuckled to himself, Hehe, he must be fuming right now.

Vrrr Vrrr!

Better get going before they assume that I ditched them. Amused, Felix stopped thinking about matters concerning his grandfather after his bracelet vibrated again.

He swiftly clicked on the small screen and noticed that it was truly an invitation to the Chief\'s auction room.

It simply said that he was eligible to accept it and join the Final Auction in the event.

That\'s because Felix had spent more than 5 billion SC in the last 6 days and could automatically enter the Final Auction if he wanted to.

However, he would have gotten a single room to himself and that wasn\'t proper when he had made an agreement to meet with the Chief and the rest in a single room.

\'Queen, please accept it.\' Felix requested after choosing a random disguise.


Inside an enormous star-shaped building that had its endings supported by humongous floating boulders, thousands of authoritative individuals were spread out each in a room or multiple in a single one depending on their choice.

What mattered most was that anyone attending this auction had spent 5 billion to earn their room.

Heck, some of them spent it on items they didn\'t even need just to get a ticket inside.

They understood that the items showcased here were the best of the best.

If one couldn\'t obtain an invitation, he could always turn into a ghost and enjoy the show without the ability to access rooms.

Inside one of those rooms, Felix\'s body was in the process of reconstruction.

A second later, he opened his eyes and was met with the sight of The Maganda Chief smiling gently towards him and the rest of the Anti-Royal Alliance sitting each in a chair of their own.

Not sensing a single ghost presence, Felix looked around him and noticed that Princess Bird wasn\'t in the room.

\'I guess he didn\'t want her to hear the content of our conversation.\' Felix thought to himself while bowing his head respectfully towards the seniors, Thank you for having me.

Haha, no need to be polite. The Chief gestured for Felix to take a seat next to them.

Felix nodded his head while seating himself right in the middle of them.

There were six seats in the room placed horizontally and only one meter next to each other.

The only seat left open was the one in the center, making Felix gets sandwiched by The Chief to his left and Zosia to his right.

The rest were spread on both sides.

Felix didn\'t know that the chair placement was meant to make him feel important or just to build pressure on him since he was literally being sandwiched by Legendary Peak 6th stage bloodliners.

Whatever it was, Felix didn\'t show much of a reaction.

In fact, he had placed one leg above the other, getting comfortable sitting within them like he was their equal.

Why wouldn\'t he feel like that when he was always sharing a table with Asna and the Jörmungandr, two beings whose statues were cosmos away compared to those seniors

It seems like you have enjoyed your time in the past 6 days. Zosia said calmly.

Felix smiled politely and replied, Indeed, it was a fruitful 6 days all thanks to the Chief.

I am glad. The Chief said while laughing in a heartful manner.

However, the conversation he was having in his mind was nothing but that.

\'As we decided, Zosia you will be the one who breaks the ice and start the conversation about his bloodlines.\'

\'Understood.\' Zosia sent a message while having a forced faint smile like she was trying her best to not appear cold and indifferent.

\'Gabrial, stop staring at him like that, you are creeping me out, don\'t even mention him.\' Chief sent another message to the youthful man with a long white mustache that reached his chest.

Truly, he was staring at Felix like he was his son in law, sending shivers down Felix\'s spine.

However, after the warning, he coughed and regained control of his emotions.

He was the man from the previous gathering who proposed to invite Felix into his palace to check out his daughters.

He seemed like he still didn\'t give up on that thought even though he never received a response from Felix.

Well, Felix didn\'t even see his email as he filtered only the auction ones before.

Just as the mood was about to grow awkward since no one was speaking, the window in front of them started reflecting bright blue light.

After a second, the blue light was replaced with a beautiful blonde woman who was wearing a long tight dress and moon-shaped earrings.

She was standing in a circular stage while appearing as clear as crystal to everyone no matter their distance.

She smiled charmingly and spoke with her arms spread apart in a welcoming manner,  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Annual Co-hosted Auction that was brought to you by Aquatic Auction House, Beethoven Auction House, Daylight Auction House...And lastly, Dragonair Auction House!!

Clap Clap Clap!...

Resounding applause replied back to her greeting, making her smile get even wider.

After a short moment, it died down and she began speaking again, This might be your hundredth time attending this yearly co-hosted auction or it might be your first time.

But as always, let\'s take a look at the auction\'s rules together since they are quite different than what you are used to.

Felix listened carefully to what she had to say as he never attended this auction even in his previous life.

He didn\'t find a lot of information about it after extensive research.

The presenter manifested a hologram that had 5 rules written boldly in red color.

After reading them in his mind, Felix noticed that he only knew one rule out of them.

That was the fact that there were only 10 auctioned items and they weren\'t known to any bidder.

It was written that only the auction\'s owners who were co-hosting this knew about the items and they signed a contract to keep it to themselves.

The 2nd rule was simply stating that one must bid with a minimum of 500 million SC each time.

The 3rd rule was about the time allowed to make a bid.

It had gotten increased from the usual 15 seconds to 1 minute, allowing the bidders more time to consider their bids.

The 4th rule was also about time but it was related to the time allowed to read the details.

They were given 10 minutes this time instead of the known 2 minutes.

The 5th rule and the last rule implied that it wasn\'t allowed to place assets as collateral or asking for a loan from the auction.

The only method accepted was hard cash.

After the presenter read them out loud and explained each one briefly, she bowed her head with a beautiful smile and said, Enjoy your time bidding and good luck.


She exploded into light particles, emptying the stage.

However, it didn\'t stay like that for even a second as the holographic image of the Queen had manifest in her place.

Without nonsense, She brought out the 1st item, which appeared as a triangle-like white flask filled with black matter, and said, The first item is a Flask of Immortality concocted personally by Madam Sandra, a rank 5 Witch. She paused for a second and followed after, The Starting Bid is 2 Billion SC.

You have 5 minutes to read its details and start bidding.

\'Dear God, if this was the 1st item, then what the f*ck are they going to auction as the last one\' Shocked, Felix gulped a mouthful while staring at the Flask and its mindblowing details in the window.

Yet, the five seniors didn\'t seem to care about his reaction as their entire focus was placed on the details as well.

They appeared more agitated and shocked than Felix since this Flask concerned them even more!


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