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A couple of hours later...

Felix ended his training at midnight sharp.

He left the training room and walked through the players on the floor, who rained on him with questions and friend requests by sending their UVR ID.

Felix turned deaf to them and continued walking.

Although his attitude pricked them, no one dared to attack him as they needed to voice their challenge first.

If it wasn\'t for so, battles would have started in every place and ruined the atmosphere for everyone.

Hence, battles were allowed only in rooms and after a proper challenge.

Naturally, club leaders were exceptions to this rule as they could beat up their club members if they wanted to.

As long as they were part of their club.


Just as the elevator opened up, Felix\'s eyes caught a floating bed inside of it.

\'She\'s true that Miss.

Frostbite.\' Felix was left speechless by the sight of the woman, sleeping peacefully with a faint smile of contentment.


Felix cleared the way as the bed started floating towards the floor without anyone\'s control.

The rowdy floor immediately quietened up again like a spell was casted.

\'This is why I will never join a club.\' Felix shook his head in disapproval at the sight and entered the elevator.

Why would he willingly put his mercy at the hands of club leaders

Although he knew that clubs had many benefits, he would rather not have them if he would be forced to lower his head every time the leader walked by.


The Next Morning, at 10:00 AM...

Felix had already left the Ivy League City.

He was currently walking towards the Baleware Cafe at the corner of one of the thousands of intersections in the Androxa Capital.

Naturally, he wasn\'t wearing Landlord\'s clothes or displaying the tags above his head.

He used a randomly generated face as a disguise and walked inside the cafe.

Immediately after, he easily spotted Emma since she was displaying her name above her head.

She was wearing a formal blue marine suit, smart-looking glasses, and had her silky black hair made into a ponytail.

She was sipping elegantly from a small cup while focusing on thin air.

She seemed like a completely different person than she was cheering for Felix with a bandana on her forehead and paint done to her face.

Felix never saw her cheering for him before, so he didn\'t react much to her current appearance.

He just went forward and tapped the table with his index finger to attract her attention.

Good morning. He greeted first with a faint smile.


Landlord Emma was stunned and somewhat excited for a second after seeing his entire face.

However, her heart was cooled soon after remembering that he could easily pick any face he wanted and this was just another mask of his.

Good Morning. Emma hastily stood up and bowed her head slightly, It\'s an honor to meet you personally Mr.


Likewise. Felix nodded his head politely and took one of the empty seats next to her.

Emma sat back down and snapped her finger creating two menus for them.

I apologize for drinking first.

I was here since 08:00 AM.

Don\'t mention it. Felix picked a normal cup of coffee on the menu and pressed order.

He waved the menu away and asked in confusion, I believe that I said in my email 10:00 AM I hope that there wasn\'t some mistake.

Emma shook her head and said, I came here before schedule to work on some of the club\'s emails.

She showed an invisible hologram to Felix, which was showing a packed email inbox.

She sighed with a tingle of irritation in her voice, After your 4th game, I have been receiving hundreds of offers to sell the club management rights, unlike the last times.

They are quite annoying as no matter how many rejections I sent or how many emails I block, they always find a way to send another offer.

She looked at Felix\'s surprised expression and asked in confusion, Didn\'t you receive some of my emails I have been notifying you about this situation for a while now.

Cough! I apologize but I rarely check my inbox. Felix could only say so to hide his embarrassment.

He ought to feel that way as he had completely forgotten that his Fanclub wasn\'t really belonging to him and could be sold to anyone if the management team decided to do so!!

Since Felix was neither paying them a salary nor even showing them some appreciation for their massive efforts; to bring in new members, raid forums and promote him, edit highlights and share them...etc, he wouldn\'t have realized that his club was sold until the deed was already done.

Fanclubs were being sold daily to Idol Agencies for their own agendas.

If Idol Agencies wanted to recruit a player but refused, they could totally buy his Fanclub and leverage it to force him into joining their ranks.

After all, if he rejected again, the agencies would either destroy the club from within, making sure that most members jump to another player\'s club, or they could lowkey start promoting one of their idols to those members.

Whatever method they chose, the Fanclub could only disband later on since its main purpose was changed.

Naturally, those loyal fans would create another club and start from the beginning yet again, but all of their previous efforts would have gone obsolete.

After all, the website would be sold with the management rights and all the content inside.

That would lead them to start from scratch, which demoralizes most of them and lower the profits obtained by the player supported.

To avoid all of this, most players pay salaries and also make their Fanclubs legit and authorized.

In a sense, it truly belongs to them instead of being created by a ragtag group.

When that happened, no one would be able to buy the club unless it was sold personally by the player.

Felix always said that he needed to show appreciation to his fans but he kept forgetting about it due to his busy schedule that couldn\'t spare even a second.

Thankfully for him, Leader Emma was the sole creator of the club, making it impossible for the rest of the management team to sell the club if they were bought.

How much were you offered lately Felix asked in intrigue as he knew that the price wasn\'t going to be cheap in the slightest.

That\'s because he believed that the ones wanting to buy his club weren\'t just idol agencies but also other backgrounds aiming to twist his arm with any method possible.

Instead of telling him, Leader Emma clicked on an email and displayed its content before Felix.

//Dear Madam.


It\'s us again, Top Idol Agency.

We don\'t know if you haven\'t received our email yesterday or not, but we are willing to extend a different offer this time.

Sell us the ownership of Landlord\'s Fanclub for 399 million SC.

The requirements to accept this deal:

>The ownership of the website and all the content within it.

>You will not create another Fanclub or work in one that has any correlation to Landlord.


>You can not inform anyone about the deal.

If you agree to those conditions, please respond as soon as possible.

If you did not like any condition or the price, we could set up a meeting to discuss in detail.

Yours sincerely.

Top Idol Agency.//

The moment Felix saw the sender\'s name, he doubted that it was truly an offer by them.

He understood that a few agencies would be willing to pay that much just for a long shot at hiring him.

By now, it should have been already established that Felix had no intentions of joining an agency after ignoring thousands of their emails.

This meant, another background either used the agency to deliver their message or simply that background owned the agency hiddenly and used it to fulfill their agendas.

With that being said, 399 million SC was still a hefty amount, and Felix felt quite surprised and somewhat honored that Leader Emma actually rejected this offer.

After all, he read her bio in the club management and knew that she wasn\'t rich by any means.

Felix didn\'t hesitate to sate his curiously, May I know your reason for rejection I believe that the rest of the management team had received offers like those and were probably pressuring you to accept.


Leader Emma pushed the glasses up her nose bridge while removing the holograms separating her from Felix.

She looked straight into his eyes and replied calmly, There is no reason.

It was just a matter of principle.

I made this club because I was fascinated by your bloodline and way of dealing with things.

The majority of members who joined were the same as me. She showed him a sincere look and said, So, It\'s not my own club to sell it.

It belonged to all of us, especially you.

Before Felix could react, she smiled warmly while looking at him with a hint of zealousness that made him tremble in his spot, As for those disloyal dogs who were annoying me daily to sell it Heh, they have already been gutted from the management team.

\'Real fans are terrifying.\' A bit frightened by her ardor, Felix gulped a mouthful and asked, How many are left then

Leader Emma\'s cheeks reddened slightly as she answered, Only three.

Me, Murkus, and our video editor, Mr.


Felix was left at a loss for words after hearing so.

He knew that even his previous life club had more than 20 members in the management team.

Yet, his current club had only three How many did she kick! How the f*ck were they not getting overwhelmed by work!

The last time he checked, the Fanclub had f*cking 74 million members and the number was still increasing rapidly!

Although most of them were joining just for fun and wouldn\'t remain forever, Leader Emma was still going to have difficulty handling all of them by herself!

All of this was actually his fault since if he had gotten a private agent earlier, he/she would have taken care of his Fanclub legalization and hefty amounts of coins would tempt no one to betray him.

Thankfully, it wasn\'t too late to make adjustments!

I apologize for putting you in those situations.

Felix\'s first thing was to voice a sincere apology since Leader Emma truly deserved one over his f*ck up.

This left Leader Emma somewhat stunned as she was used to Felix\'s indifference in the games.

Before she could respond, Felix leaned closer to her and proposed with a faint smile, What do you think of being my private agent

Huh Come again


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