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The moment that happened, the Queen sent Felix a message entailing that he had won the challenge and the room belonged to him from now on.

\'AI pay the 100k SC monthly fees and kick everyone outside of my room.\'

That was Felix\'s first order, as he had no intentions to converse with the dumbfounded players who were still having difficulty stomaching Manal\'s abrupt death.

Whoosh Whoosh!...

F*ck! Wai......Why is your sand colo.....I can pay for inform......

The players started creating a ruckus immediately after seeing that their bodies were forced into a teleportation process.

Alas, Felix acted deaf to their requests as he brought out the Seeker Shoes and started scrutinizing them.

\'Sir Felix, your room is currently being viewed by Miss.


Felix had to stop his examination after hearing the room AI saying so.

\'Frostbite Could it the girl that Miss.

Lisa had given her MVP to Heh, what are the odds\' Felix pondered about it while glancing at the sky.

\'AI, block her access forever.\' Felix ordered nonchalantly and carried on his examination of the shoes.

The AI did as she was told and Miss.

Frostbite had her hologram disconnected from spying on Felix.

Instead of getting bothered, Miss.

Frostbite merely yawned while covering her icy grey lips with her hand.

\'My family is definitely going to make me approach him for information if they knew that he is on my floor.\' Miss.

Frostbite sighed while standing up, \'So troublesome, couldn\'t he pick the midget\'s floor\'

Unlike the other club members who were dying to know about Felix\'s abilities and his bloodlines names, Miss.

Frostbite was completely disinterested in this matter.

In her eyes, Felix wasn\'t going to befriend anyone or expose his secrets unless he was an idiot.

So, she felt that it was just a waste of time to ask him about it or even interact with him.

Her time was too precious to be wasted on chasing fantasies.

Hence, she decided to ignore his existence and inform the rest of the club members to keep his existence a secret.

\'This should buy me a week or so to slack off before my family finds out about it.\' She smiled faintly and snapped her finger creating a floating bed and a pillow.

Then, she went to sleep right here and now, making the rowdy club members either chat telepathically or just split up and empty the floor.

No one wanted to disturb her sleep as a hellish beating awaits them after.

Just like the short leader on the 19th floor, she was also a peak 4th stage bloodliner who was probably in either high-tier or peak-tier platinum!

In the Training Center Mountain, the weakest club leaders were at peak 4th stage of replacement; since if the club leader loses a challenge, he would be forced to disband the club and give the entire floor ownership to the winner.

So, to be a club leader, one must have absolute strength above the majority of bloodliners.

Otherwise, challenges would be raining on them continuously and it wouldn\'t be long before their club gets disbanded.

Naturally, those club leaders all had noteworthy backgrounds behind them, making them create clubs to bring in some of those experienced fighters within their ranks.

After all, a normal bloodliner who reached peak 2nd stage of replacement by simply integrating without fighting would never amount to players in the same integration level as him.

This made gold players or above desirable by all backgrounds.

Felix didn\'t know about any of this since the Ivy League City system was more brutal than what he was familiar with in the Androxa Training Center.

With that being said, he still wouldn\'t care about it even if he knew.

Felix was here to train first and foremost not to enter into club fights or such.

Currently, he was trying on the Seeker Shoes after careful examination.

Although they appeared like they were Nike shoes for running, that was just from the front.

If someone looked at them from the back, they would notice two hexagon-shaped gems attached at the heels.

Those gems appeared darkened like two ordinary stones that couldn\'t even reflect light.

\'Queen, please connect with the Seeker shoes\' chip.\' Felix requested while modifying his room to have as many different surfaces as possible.

There were walls, Trees, boulders, small lakes...etc.


\'The Seeker Shoes have been connected with your bracelet.

You can turn them on or off either by relying on me or by a simple touch on the bracelet.\'

After the notification sound came the Queen\'s voice.

Felix nodded his head in understanding and requested for the Queen to turn them on immediately.


>The Seeker Shoes are live!Flight40% Less WeightAnti GravityOne hour later...

Felix stopped his \'turn on and off\' practice and walked without major issues this time towards the wall.

He placed one foot on it and smiled in satisfaction after feeling like gravity had stopped working on his foot after reaching it.


Sadly, after he placed the other one, he had his head smashed into the ground since gravity was still working against the rest of his body.

\'Idiot.\' Asna mocked him reflexively without even glancing above and seeing what he was doing.

Her attention was fully engrossed in her chess game with the Jörmungandr but she could still sense when Felix makes retarded mistakes like those.

If I want my body not to be affected by gravity, I need speed. Felix shook his head while detaching his feet from the wall.

He knew that wasn\'t happening soon unless he first mastered working properly without thinking about it.

Whatever, let\'s try walking on water. Felix swiftly stood back up and walked towards a small-sized calm lake.

He placed his foot on the water\'s surface gently and tried to submerge it deeply.

However, no matter how much he forced, his foot refused to penetrate the water!

After seeing so, Felix grinned slightly and stepped forward with the other foot.

Just like that, he was truly standing on the water without any signs of him dropping down!

Felix started walking and realized that it was difficult since the water surface made it resemble like he was walking on jelly.

\'Let\'s test swamps now.\'

Felix didn\'t stay for long on the water as he went to the next station.

After seeing almost the same results as in water, he went to another station.

He kept doing so until he tested all surfaces in the room.

Then, he started jumping ten meters in the air before gliding down and repeating the same process.

Sometimes he mixed it up by deactivating the shoes mid-air, allowing his body to be pulled by gravity.

When he repeats this sequence fast enough he realized that it was the same as having the ability to jump ten meters without any drawbacks!

This was the beauty of Artifacts, the hidden potential each one had!

Only the rightful user could take advantage of their full potential that even the Dwarven who created them didn\'t know about those mechanics.

It was like a video game, where the developers create complex characters while the players create jaw-dropping mechanics that wouldn\'t have come up in the developers\' minds! 


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