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Immediately after the order was given, a large amount of black sand had erupted from Felix\'s palm and landed on the shell right in front of him.

The sand started to gather and converge until the 1st Guardian had been brought into existence.

It was the eight-meters tall Blacky with his Eagle head and long spear.

After Blacky\'s creation, the sand stopped releasing for a split second before starting again with colorless sand, appearing completely transparent like water!

It gathered to create a female body this time.

She was short compared to Blacky but she was thin and had an extremely narrow waist, appearing like an hourglass.

Meanwhile, her head was that of a Cat and her hands had exceptionally long nails, reaching at least a meter in length.

The moment her creation had ended, the sand that came from Felix\'s other hand had already finished manifesting two more guardians!

Both of them shared Blacky\'s height but were different in everything else.

One of them had the head of a Serpent and the other had the head of a Lion.

While the Serpent-headed Guardian was a green female being that was holding a long spiked whip, the Lion-headed Guardian was golden and had a long exquisite golden blade attached to his back.

After so, Felix closed his palms and waited until the final detailing of each guardian finishes.

It took only a couple of seconds before all of them turned into almost realistic versions, making it impossible to discern that all of them were created from the sand!

What the hell He had more!

How is every one of them is more unique than the last one!

Someone please tell me if they are golems or not They look more f*cking beautiful than me!

Leader Emma and the rest who glanced in his direction quite often were left in shock at the sight of those four Guardians, all bowing their heads as they kneeled in front of Felix.

Felix gestured for them with his hand to stand up and went to touch each one of them, creating two copies for a Guardian!

Since the copies always took Felix\'s memories and personality as their guiding compass, those newly risen guardians appeared more comical than the stoic real versions.

The Cat Guardian\'s copy even curled up on the ground and closed her eyes shut, planning to sleep right now and here!


\'Get your ass up!\' Irritated, Felix kicked her in the knee and started lying down his orders since there wasn\'t much time to waste.

\'Guardians, your job will be mainly to distract the Kraken.

If you managed to hurt his tentacles in the process, go for it so he would lose more control.\' Felix warned them strictly, \'No matter what, don\'t let yourselves get caught.\'

The Real Guardians nodded their heads in understanding while the copies were doing their own things.

Felix didn\'t care if the others were going to act as planned since the main reason he created them was to add numbers and make it difficult for Kraken to differentiate between the real and the fake.

By doing so, Felix couldn\'t escape getting found out by Lisa as his Turtle was carrying a f*cking army of giant realistic unique beings!

Yet, before she could even react to it, Felix had ordered for the Lion Guardian to leave his blade behind.

The Lion Guardian nodded his head and placed the long golden blade gently near Felix.

The blade was at least 6 meters long and two-meter wide, making Felix appear quite tiny next to it.

Felix didn\'t touch it as he merely pointed his palm at the Lion Guardian and a new blade was created on his back.

This was caused by the limitations of the ability, as Felix couldn\'t create blades or such, but he could use sand to restore whatever lost on his Guardians\' bodies.

After doing so, Felix ordered the secondary Turtle to link with the one they were standing on.

Then, he sent all of the Guardians on it and ordered it to head straight to the Kraken!

Landlord is attempting to slay the Kraken!! Thrilled by the sight, Lisa cried loudly making the viewers baffled by her sudden exclamation.

Look! She quickly split the camera focus into two halves and placed Felix in one while his Guardians in the other.

Their reaction was exactly like Felix\'s fans and Lisa as no one expected that Felix had more than one sentient sand being!

In their eyes, having one was more than abnormal! Yet, now they were seeing twelve of them heading to do what their idols couldn\'t!

After glancing at Felix\'s screen, they were even more shocked as they could see that he was pathing around the Kraken, planning for a flank without being seen!

Landlord has gone nuts! But I f*cking love it! Lisa cheered cutely with her fists raised in the air, feeling excited and delighted by Felix\'s daring attempt!

She knew that he could wait 4 minutes and he would be crowned as the champion!

This game was already secured in the pocket for him when the players failed to slay the Kraken! Yet, he was throwing all of that to fight that monstrosity.

She didn\'t know if he had something to rely on or he was simply an overconfident idiot!

Whatever it was, she loved the twist before the end of the game!

It wasn\'t just her as the viewers whether they were Felix\'s fans or not.

All cheered for him!

They weren\'t cheering for him to slay it but to attract its attention so their idols could survive!

The Kraken had fully destroyed a Turtle in the past minute and everyone on it suffered the same fate as the others before them.

Right now, the Kraken had already switched its focus to the Turtle\'s shell where Golden Elixir and Mikasa were staying inside!

Just like the previous one, it was in the process of cracking slowly but surely after each strike.

However, after Kraken noticed the approaching Turtle and the Guardians standing on it, he stopped at once and sent a single tentacle towards the Turtle\'s neck!

It learned from its mistakes and now it knew that the Turtles needed to die first to kill the others.

\'Withdrew your neck!\' 

Felix, whose senses were currently placed in Cat Guardian\'s copy, ordered immediately after seeing the approaching danger.


After the Turtle obeyed his order, the tentacle went straight above Felix\'s head, producing a roaring sound of the wind that made his mind short circuit for a second.

Only after being this near to the tentacles did Felix recognize the horror those players felt during their battle!

The Kraken was no easy foe!

\'Snap out of it!\' Felix shook his head slightly and narrowed his cat-like eyes at the next approaching tentacles that were aiming for them this time.

\'I can\'t be faltering now.

Otherwise, I should leave while I can!\'


The moment Felix regained control of his emotions, the tentacle had already lashed out on the surface of the shell, destroying one copy and missing the rest.

It didn\'t really miss as every real guardian had managed to dodge it successfully and the rest of the copies were luckily outside of the strike zone like Felix.


Felix didn\'t join the fight as copies weren\'t powerful enough to harm the Kraken skin.

However, the same couldn\'t be applied to the real guardians who were created by Lady Sphinx specifically combat!

Blacky dashed forward while spinning the spear behind his back, creating a whirlwind in the process.


The instant Blacky reached the tentacle in the process of lifting, He jumped in the air and used his spear to pierce one of its sticky suckers.

His strike was forceful enough; the spear had managed to exit from the other side of the tentacle!

Blacky didn\'t remain in the same position to admire his attack but swiftly pulled his spear and somersaulted back into the shell.

He then spanned his spear once and stood in a defensive position, waiting for the Kraken to attack again.

The entire sequence appeared clean and neat like Blacky was doing this for millions of years, astonishing the viewers alike!

Felix didn\'t want to share his senses with Blacky and the rest of the guardians since he knew that he wouldn\'t bring their full potential.

All of them dealt with a tentacle of their own while the copies were getting smacked left and right by the rest.


How could she move like that!!

Lisa couldn\'t help but exclaim at the sight of the Snake Guardian swinging from a Tentacle to another by relying on her long spiky whip!

She wasn\'t just swinging for the fun of it, but to confuse the Kraken and anger him after failing to catch her continuously.

If it wasn\'t for the Kraken\'s body being too large, her whip would have caused even more damage due to the green sand attribute being absorbing energy!

Meanwhile, the Cat Guardian was dodging nimbly every strike like her body was boneless!

Like Blacky, she was counterattacking by utilizing her long nails, slicing open wounds on the giant tentacles!

Slice Slice!

Since she was made from transparent sand, The Kraken was having difficulty spotting her on the shell.

Felix switched his senses to the Cat Guardian\'s copy due to her permanent stealth mode caused by her sand attribute!

Currently, he was standing at the corner of the shell while cheering them on with his fists in the air.

His eyes were on the Lion Guardian who was actually doing the most damage due to the long exquisite blade!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52548359088558733 for visiting.

Every slash from it was resulting in a shower of blood emerging from the Tentacles!

However, harming the Kraken was just a secondary task as the main mission was to distract it.

Hence, they kept counterattacking only when it was going to result in them not getting caught.

Without emotions or hormones affecting their decisions, they never greeded for another attack or froze in their positions from fear.

Just like that, an inconceivable scene was born on the Turtle\'s shell as the Guardians were dancing around systemically and gorgeously under the eyes of the viewers.

Is it just me or are those golems even better than some gold players Lisa commentated with a speechless expression.

Everyone felt the same as Lisa and they found it a bit difficult to believe.

In their eyes, a golem-like ability or summoned elemental beast was supposed to be retarded and wouldn\'t move nimbly unless they were given clear orders.

Yet, right before them, The Four Guardians of The Temples were showing graceful movements and enviable battle senses that were intangible even for Felix!

Adding to their masterful use of weapons and martial techniques, they were able to contest against the Kraken\'s tentacles that sent the players hiding inside their shells...Literally!


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