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The players\' expressions couldn\'t help but harden as they knew that if the Kraken didn\'t die from that full-powered salvo, it only meant that he had recovered deep underwater!

The player who told them about its weak spot also informed them about its strengths.

One of them was the Kraken\'s monstrous rejuvenation speed!

Too bad, they had failed in their best attempt to slay it. Lisa shook her head and said with an innocent smile, Now that the Kraken has been provoked, they better bolt away!

Miss Mikasa and the rest didn\'t seem like they were planning to overstay their welcome as they had ordered for their Turtles to emerge from their shells so they could leave this dreadful area as fast as possible.

Their plan was revolved around the first salvo to be as powerful and forceful as ever.

If it worked, then the game was going to end with one of them being crowned.

If it failed They would retreat at all cost since the Kraken would be at peak form while they wouldn\'t have even 30% of their energy left.

After all, 4 hours had gone by in the game and they had wasted at least 30% in it.

In the previous salvo, they wasted even more.

It was too risky to attempt another united barrage because they would be left without a single way to protect themselves if it failed.

They weren\'t going to make such a foolish mistake.

Alas, the moment they stepped inside the Kraken territory, it wasn\'t up to them anymore to decide whether to retreat or not!

Splosh Splosh!...

Eight new healthy tentacles had abruptly risen from beneath the long extended neck of the Turtles.

Since the Tentacles were extremely long, the Kraken was able to send each tentacle for each Turtle!

Without giving anyone time to react, the tentacles had rolled around the long Turtles\' neck and tightened their grip until the Turtles were starting to have difficulty breathing!


One of them managed to let out a single pitiful wail before its breath was cut out again.

\'Withdraw your neck!!\' Horrified, Miss Mikasa ordered immediately after hearing the wail.

The Turtle acted like it had received a royal pardon as it swiftly retracted its neck back inside the shell, forcing the Kraken to let go of it.

Alas, not everyone managed to voice their orders as fast as Miss Mikasa.

This resulted in three Turtles\' getting their thin necks snapped from the brutal force of the tentacles!

The Kraken didn\'t seem foolish as it focused on the upper top of the neck which was the weakest part of the entire Rainbow Turtle!

The moment those Turtles died, they broke into light particles and anyone who was either on top or inside the shell was expelled into the stormy ocean!



More than 15 players had been cast away and were currently screaming for help while swimming towards the three remaining Turtles.

All of them had managed to withdraw their body limbs inside their shell luckily.

Thus, the owners couldn\'t order the Turtles to move and save the players in the water even if they wanted to.

Who would dare order his Turtle to expose its neck after what had just happened

Since the Turtles\' distance wasn\'t that short, the players were swimming and swimming yet they appeared like they didn\'t bridge the distance even slightly.

Fear started to creep up on them as they could sense that a predator had laid its eyes on their bodies.

Unfortunately, their senses weren\'t wrong as the Kraken wasn\'t blind to not notice those ants trying to escape from its tentacles.

All it needed to catch them was to send one tentacle and start dragging them to depths of the ocean one by one!

That\'s exactly what the Kraken did as it kept smashing from above anyone who had his head outside of the water.

If they dove down to avoid the tentacle, they get captured and pulled down by their legs!

Some of them tried to defend themselves, but underwater fights were a different world from what they were used to.

All of their abilities were getting countered one way or another by being inside the water.

That\'s only for the ones who actually had the ability to defend themselves.

As for the rest They could only let out air bubbles as they screamed in despair while being dragged into the mouth of the Kraken.

They were so small compared to it; the Kraken didn\'t even chew them.

He bundled them as one and threw them straight down its throat!

Ah, I am afraid to announce that we have lost Marking Goddess, Fiddlesticks, and 13 more players. Lisa said with a sad tone but her shining eyes were saying otherwise.

Splosh Sploosh!!

\'Quick, hide inside the shells; it can\'t do anything to us there!\' Miss Mikasa shouted in her mind, sending a message to everyone.

She was the first to jump inside the shell after seeing the fate of the players who fell in the water.

Upon hearing so, every player gave up on any attempt to slay the Kraken and just jumped inside the shell for protection.

Thud Thud!!

Thankfully, they acted fast as the Kraken had started smashing the Turtles\' shell randomly since it couldn\'t see from down there if the players were on it or not.

Scared out of their wits, the players kept trembling each time the shell got smashed by the giant tentacles.

The only thought that was coursing in their mind was if the shell would hold for the next 6 minutes.

That duration was the only thing separating them from life and death.

Thud Thud!...

The Kraken was furious alright as he didn\'t stop lashing for even a split second, striking the shells from every direction and angle.

Fortunately, the Turtles were humongous in size, making it impossible to get propelled away or straightaway gets eaten.

Those players\' fans all signed in relief after figuring out that their idols would be safe if the situation carried on like this.

Too bad, the Kraken wasn\'t stupid to keep doing the same thing over and over again after realizing that his tentacles weren\'t touching any of those ants.

Instead, he stopped his attacks at once and started swimming upward until it reemerged again.

This time, only empty shells greeted The Kraken\'s tiny black eyes.


It let out another high-pitched screech in fury and started bashing only one Turtle this time, putting its entire focus on it!


The viewers were left horrified just like the players within that shell as one Tentacle was smashing down just to be followed by another rapidly!

Crack! Crack!

Dear god!! A girl covered her mouth in mortification after hearing the cracking noises, which were drowned by the players\' agitated screams and the noise produced from the strikes.

Only she managed to hear them due to her ear-related abilities.

However, she didn\'t say anything as she merely sat down on the ground and closed her ears tightly, wishing that she remained ignorant just like the rest.

While she was cowering in fear just like the rest, a man was watching all of this happening from a kilometer away.

He was always here and till now, no one noticed him besides his fans as everyone was focusing on the Kraken\'s battle.

\'Felix, didn\'t you watch enough!\' Asna complained, \'Kill it already; there are only 5 minutes left before the game ends.\'

\'Kill it my ass!\' Felix scolded her, \'You are making it sound simple!\'

\'Tsk, stop being a coward and go for it.\' Asna provoked while munching on oreo\'s cookies, \'The plan you made is already foolproof! Even if you didn\'t kill it, you would escape unscratched.\'

\'Leave me alone!\' Felix rubbed his temples in irritation, \'It\'s still too much of a risk.

This beast needed to be killed by a single strike and the only way I can do so is by exposing the elder\'s peak ability.\'Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._52531648712991095 for visiting.

He shook his head and said firmly, \'It\'s not worth exposing it in front of the VIP viewers.\'

\'heh, after everything that you have shown, I doubt those VIP viewers are going to let you go easily.\' Asna sneered, \'You are already in their radars and probably going to be hunted down soon for real.

So, it doesn\'t matter what you show anymore.\'

Although he understood that Asna was merely baiting him to fight the Kraken so she could be entertained, what she said was indeed within reason and correct.

Felix had reached that conclusion before he even used the first sand ability.

However, he still used them nevertheless since this was still the SG platform and his information wasn\'t accessible to anyone.

Hence, he wasn\'t afraid that he would be searched upon by terrifying backgrounds especially when the only thing connecting him with his real self was the tail.

But, it wasn\'t a high-profiled and unique tail as quite a lot of bloodliners around the universe had it as well.

Even if they managed to connect it with his real self, they wouldn\'t obtain anything from him since he was planning to use a new set of poison abilities that his Landlord persona didn\'t have.

They weren\'t going to conclude off the bat that Felix had poison manipulation but it was just a coincidence to have the same tail mutation.

It was more believable than a HUMAN having the ability to manipulate the elements freely!

Despite making those countermeasures to separate the two personas, Felix wanted to avoid being too high profiled with his abilities overpoweredness.

Alas, Asna didn\'t like that one bit as it seemed to her that Felix was being unreasonably cautious.

If he kept acting like this, he would continue to miss opportunities to get stronger like those.

Before long, he would end up missing an opportunity that he would regret for a lifetime.

Felix realized this fact as well.

This was the first time he planned to give up trying just because he felt worried about others hunting him down.

But in fact, he was already going to be hunted down either way.

So why not seize every chance and opportunity to better himself faster so he wouldn\'t need to keep hiding the fact that he owned multiple abilities or even poison manipulation

\'F*ck it! I can\'t limit myself from using my abilities in real life as well as in the SG!\' Felix cracked his knuckles with a determined expression as he eyed the berserk Kraken still going at it.

\'Let\'s end this with a bang.\'

\'Yay!!\' Asna cheered in delight while watching him slid down the Turtle\'s neck until he reached the end.

Felix jumped on the shell and extended both of his palms forward.

He narrowed his eyes and murmured, Guardians of The Temples, rise!


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