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The players all woke up from their stumper at the ear-pierce screech.

\'Stick to the plan!\' Miss Mikasa yelled in her mind while jumping inside the Turtle\'s shell to avoid the in-coming mini-tsunami.

The rest of the players swiftly deactivated their abilities and entered theirs own as well!

Only one player was left behind but he wasn\'t in danger as he was flying above the area.


The tsunami smashed the Rainbow Turtle but it didn\'t do much to it since the Turtle\'s size was humongous.

Heck, they were slightly bigger than the Kraken!

If it wasn\'t for so, the players wouldn\'t have dared to entertain the thought of slaying the Kraken since it could just roll its tentacles around the Turtle\'s shell and eat it whole.

Besides, they could always retreat inside the shell when things get dirty!

They weren\'t worried about water or the Kraken\'s tentacles getting inside since they had tested it out before.

They realized that only players or objects touched by the players could get access inside the shell.

The rest get blocked just like the hole wasn\'t even there.

If Lisa didn\'t leave during mid-Q&A they would have asked so without needing to test it out.

\'The tsunami had gone away.

You can emerge now.\' The flying player sent a report while gazing at the somewhat peaceful ocean and the giant eight dark red tentacles waving in the air.

The moment the players jumped outside of the shell, they were met with the same sight.

They didn\'t seem too happy about it since most of them had dark expressions while focusing on the nearest giant tentacle.

\'The Kraken is hiding his weakspot.

What do we do now\' Fiddlesticks asked.

It seemed like a player within the Alliance was knowledgeable about Kraken\'s strengths and weaknesses.

\'Tear apart his tentacles until he reveals his head!\' Miss Mikasa ordered.

Everyone nodded their heads solemnly and reactivated their abilities again.

Since the Turtles were still far from the Kraken, the owners ordered them slowly.

Unsurprisingly, the Kraken didn\'t move from his place since it wouldn\'t be possible even to touch it if it was given the freedom to move fully underwater.

Naturally, it was made like this so the players would actually have a chance to fight and display an epic battle instead of just getting ambushed from underwater continuously.

Despite its lack of movement, those Eight Tentacles were free to do as they please!

Whoosh Whoosh!

Hence, the instant those Turtles had entered the Kraken\'s territory, they lashed out at the Turtles\' long necks!

However, Miss Mikasa and the rest were already anticipating this reaction as they ordered their Turtles to withdraw back inside their shell!

Whoosh Whoosh!...

The tentacles ended up missing the Turtles\' head.

But the Kraken didn\'t withdraw them back as he switched his focus to the players who were still standing on top of the shells.


Golden Elixir roared while sitting on one knee to support the weight of a massive golden bazooka-like ability that was placed on his shoulder.

Right now, golden particles were being gathered on the mouth of the bazooka, preparing to fire!

Alas, the Kraken wasn\'t going to wait for him as he sent down his tentacle straight above his head!

Yet, Golden Elixir didn\'t move from his place since he could see that Miss.

Mikasa and the rest were standing right next to him with their abilities locked and loaded.

He knew that the Tentacle wasn\'t going to harm him since those players would need to protect themselves from it.

He didn\'t trust them to protect him but he trusted them to protect themselves!

Whoosh! Boom! Slice!!...

As he assumed, every player near him had used every ability in their possession to resist against the incoming tentacle!

Some used fire blasts, wind sweeps, and other elemental range abilities.

They truly ended up hurting it badly since the Kraken\'s defenses were butchered to only a legendary tier 3 beast.

However, the bloody tentacle still managed to survive the salvo and carried on its journey towards Golden Elixir.

Miss Mikasa  make your move!! Golden Elixir yelled with a tingle of nervousness.

Alas, Miss Mikasa neither responded nor moved from her place.

She kept her narrowed eyes focused on the tentacle while having her palm placed gently on Katana\'s handle.


Just as Golden Elixir was planning on deactivating his ability and evading the attack, Miss Mikasa murmured, Ittoryu Technique, Death Lutus.

A visible dark wave had emerged from her katana the moment she swiped it down.

Yet, before the dark wave could even reach the tentacles, Miss.

Mikasa swung her Katana five times from five directions in one singular motion that lasted a split second!

Phew, Phew, Phew!...

The dark waves connected midway, appearing like a revolving dark flower with many petals!


The Tentacle which managed to survive an elemental salvo was sliced immediately from the middle after those intertwined dark waves cut right through it!


A stream of blood had erupted from the sliced half that was still connected to the Kraken.

Meanwhile, the other half had already dropped in water!

Miss Mikasa\'s dual Elemental technique had displayed its infamous strength before us all! Lisa commentated passionately, A combination of the metal element and dark element abilities made Miss Mikasa famous for her unique swordplay!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._52525569203564083 for visiting.

Splash!! Skreeee!

Just as Lisa wanted to replay Miss Mikasa\'s attack, she removed that idea from her mind after seeing that the Kraken\'s head had emerged from the water while letting out a furious high-pitched screech.

He is pissed!

It worked! Focus on the scalp of its head now!!

Don\'t close your f*cking ears and just throw everything at its head!

Shouts like those were resounding on top of each shell.

Although the players felt somewhat terrified by provoking the Kraken, they still activated their long-distance elemental abilities.

All of them were aiming at the Kraken\'s wide-open mouth that was facing Miss.

Mikasa\'s Turtle!



Abrupt streams of black ink were spewed from tiny holes which were within its mouth!

Everyone near Miss Mikasa had jumped right inside the shell, wanting to avoid getting touched by that Ink.

Only Golden Elixir was left behind in the same position.

The only difference from before was that the golden bazooka\'s mouth was now emitting a blinding light.

If one looked carefully, they would notice that a tiny golden ball was being compressed over and over again until it couldn\'t get any smaller!

The moment Golden Elixir felt that his ability had reached its limit, he grinned fearlessly against the streams of ink that were merely tens of meters in front of him.

Take a stream of mine! He shouted immediately after finally firing his ability.


What an ability it was as a beam of golden light had flared up from the bazooka, reaching the Kraken\'s mouth with the speed of light!

Since it was created from condensed light energy, the beam had brightened the entire area, allowing everyone to see what\'s going on more clearly.

The only thing they managed to see was that the beam had penetrated the inside of the Kraken and had emerged from the other side of its skin, continuing its journey!

BOOM! BAAM! Poof!...

The abilities thrown before the beam had finally reached the Kraken as well and bombarded its mouth and the area around it!

Pieces of flesh and skin were being separated, burnt, frozen, corroded, and affected by multiple elements.

The bright explosions and colorful effects of elements had completely hidden the Kraken\'s head, making it impossible to his wounds anymore.

Skreee! Skree!

But his furious and pained screeches were evidence that he was hurt pretty badly by the salvo!

The players didn\'t just stand there and watch as they carried on spamming their abilities, uncaring about their energy consumption!

Even Golden Elixir, who was thrown into the water after eating a direct ink stream, had joined the elemental shower after healing himself back to peak form.

After all, he had a light element and he was bound to have either unlocked one healing ability in the three bloodlines that he used to reach peak 2nd stage of replacement.

Meanwhile, Miss Mikasa started swinging her katana in the direction of the Kraken\'s head, sending a dark wave after the other, trying her best to be the one that last hit the beast!

Everyone was using whatever they had recklessly simply for that reason!

It didn\'t matter who planned the attack, who gave the information, or who did the most damage.

What mattered was the last hit only! The hit that would truly kill the Kraken and crown the finisher a champion and the Kraken Slayer title!

Everyone was aiming for that!

Boom! Boom! Poof!...


In the end, the Kraken let out one last pained scream before he drove deeper into the water, bringing his tentacles with him this time.

The last thrown salvo was completely wasted as the abilities had ended hitting nothing.

But, the player didn\'t seem to care about it.

They were all holding their breaths in hope and anticipation while staring at the empty previous spot of the Kraken.

\'Please let it be me...Please let it be me.\' Fiddlesticks wished with his hands folded, appearing like he was praying.

Just like him, everyone else was wishing with their own methods for the kill to belong to them.

That\'s the only thing they could do while waiting for a notification or sign concerning the death of the Kraken.

Alas, they waited and waited, yet not a peep was heard in their minds or the sky.

After a couple of seconds that felt like years, a sound was finally heard from the depth of the ocean, but it wasn\'t the one they wanted to hear in the slightest.


The Kraken\'s infuriated screech was loud enough; it resounded as clear as crystal even above the surface of the water!

He wasn\'t killed but he was royally pissed!


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