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\'Think, think...\' Felix\'s brain was going overload by the many possibilities and combinations he had from his abilities.

However, he kept discarding every one of them after finding some faults.

300 meters...200 meters...

The turtles kept getting nearer and nearer to each other.

Yet, Felix didn\'t make any drastic moves as he kept gazing at Blue Whale from afar.

\'I need to bait him into stopping!\' In the end, Felix decided on going with a discarded plan since he was short in time to think of the perfect one.

\'150 or so meters are left.\' He calculated the distance between Blue Whale and his Turtle one last time before switching back to his real body.

Immediately after opening his eyes, he placed a hand on his chest and created a copy of himself.

He then ordered it to jump into the water!

Thus, under the eyes of Drunken Cat, Felix\'s copy exited from behind the large bucket and walked to the edge of the shell.

\'Lucky! It\'s actually Landlord!\'

Excited, Drunken Cat sent a message while swiftly sliding down the neck of the Turtle.

The moment Felix showed himself, there was no point in staying on top of the Turtle\'s head.

\'Already saw him...What the hell!\' Blue Whale exclaimed after seeing Felix\'s clone jump abruptly headfirst into the water.

Doubtful, he switched his vision from the Turtle to his real body that was underwater.

He couldn\'t help but feel like his eyes were tricking him as he could see that Felix was trying to catch a luxurious diamond-like fish!

\'Landlord is trying to capture a rare fish with his hands.\' He sent this message while trying his best to hide behind other fish near him.

\'I can see that he left some black giant to guard the bucket!\'

Drunken Cat reported back while narrowing her slits at The Eagle Guardian that had emerged from behind the bucket as well and stood guard near it.

He was frozen in a peculiar position like he was trying to throw the spear in his hand.

Before, Drunken Cat couldn\'t see him since the Turtle\'s head that was deep in the Bucket was blocking her vision.

\'Plan\' Blue Whale asked straightaway.

\'I will keep watching.

You take care of him underwater.\' Drunken Cat sent a message solemnly, \'Something is fishy about the situation.

He can\'t be that stupid to jump into the water after noticing our Turtles.

Plus, that black giant seems like he was going to attack our Turtles.\'

\'Alright, you take care of that golem.

Leave Landlord to me.\' Blue Whale sent a message with a confident tone, \'No matter what\'s his plan, as long as I am in the water, I am invincible in this game.\'

\'Stop bragging and make a move.\' Drunken Cat said, \'Who knows he might be that greedy to jump for a rare fish in this situation and it\'s not a trap.\'

Upon hearing so, Blue Whale stopped thinking about it and started kicking with his morphed back fin, increasing his speed even further.

Felix who was looking at this sight got a bit tensed to succeed in a single attempt.

However, he didn\'t falter as he started his plan by transferring his senses to his clone in the water.

After doing so, Felix acted like he was terrified after noticing the incoming Blue Whale.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_52415519508191276 for visiting.

He started swimming back to the surface while glancing from time to time behind him with an agitated expression.

He always let out bubbles from his mouth, making it seem like he was having difficulty holding his breath.

Seeing him behave like this, Blue Whale removed all doubts he had about this being bait.

He understood if this was bait, Felix shouldn\'t have reacted excessively like that as it was too obvious that he was trying to bait him!

In his mind, any smart player would have acted a bit subtle and not make it as dramatic as possible not to give themself away!

\'Idiot, he truly jumped for a fish.\' Blue Whale glanced at the diamond-like fish that was swimming in circles and thought, \'Maybe it is epic and legendary After all, fish shouldn\'t have been able to swim next to the Rainbow Turtle.\'

Alas, he completely missed the hidden glint in the eyes of that diamond-fish!


\'Whatever, I will come back for it later.\'

Seeing Felix had reached the surface, Blue Whale removed those distracting thoughts from his mind and pointed his blue palm at Felix\'s bottom.


\'Hehe, sorry for your loss.\' Blue Whale grinned in ridicule and fired from his palm a Bubbly Hydro Beam of water at Felix\'s nether region!

The hydro-beam didn\'t take even a single millisecond to reach Felix\'s clone and smash through it like it was made of glass!

\'What the hell\' Blue Whale was startled by the sight as he was expecting a cloud of blood not brownish particles!


Felix who was watching this from the eyes of the diamond fish instantly switched his senses to the silent Eagle Guardian, who was placed in a perfect hurling animation!

Felix literally didn\'t even need to aim or make any time-consuming movements.

He tightened his grip and threw the spear exactly through the cloud of sand from his copy!! 


\'WATCH OUT!!\' Drunken Cat yelled in horrification after seeing the abrupt spear penetrate the water with an unprecedented speed that shook her core!

Alas, her warning came a little bit too late as the moment the spear appeared in the Blue Whale\'s vision, it was already 1 inch in front of his chest!


The black spear pierced the heart of Blue Whale and exited from the other side, slightly weakened.

But it still kept going and going until...THUD!

It struck a rock and stayed implanted on it with some drops of blood raising from the pointy eagle beak.

In denial and disbelief, Blue Whale placed a hand at the gaping hole where his heart was supposed to be and opened his mouth slightly trying to speak.

Alas, only blood managed to leave through his parted lips.

\'Blue Whale, are you fine.\'

\'Blue Whale, send a message already.\' 

The last words heard in Blue Whale\'s mind were from the Queen\'s monotonous voice, appearing like she was caring for him.

But in reality, the moment he was deemed dead a split second later, she didn\'t hesitate to explode his consciousness to oblivion, killing him straightaway in real life.

She was the Queen, the judge, the assistant, the leader...And lastly, the Grim Reaper.

\'One down, another to go.\'

Felix switched back to his real body when he noticed that his ambush had ended up being successful.

Then, he walked in the open with hands in his hoodie\'s pockets.

He merely kept standing in front of the Eagle Guardian while inspecting The Rainbow Turtle in front of him.

No matter how hard he looked, there was no sign of Drunken Cat.

If he had his infrared vision, he wouldn\'t be having difficulty locating her while she was invisible.

Alas, this was the human bloodline system.

You can\'t have it all.

While Felix was glancing everywhere with a lax attitude, Drunken Cat was actually gazing at him from behind!!

She had already used her peak ability to emerge from the bucket\'s shadow after not hearing a response from her ally.

She knew that he was either dead or unconscious but she didn\'t care much as they were merely ten minutes partners.

Heck, she was glad that he was taken down while helping her expose the strength of the Eagle Guardian and Felix\'s hidden ability.

She had already figured out that Felix had used a sand copy after seeing brownish particles from earlier.

Upon noticing that no one else was on the shell besides Felix and the Eagle Guardian, she believed that he was the real version.

However, she was still doubtful since there was still the inside of the shell!

That\'s the only reason she was still standing here instead of emerging from Felix\'s shadow and slitting his throat.

She didn\'t want to ambush him to end up killing a clone while the real him was hidden inside the shell.

She knew that she had only one strike.

If she succeeded, this Turtle would belong to her and if she failed, she could only retreat as there was no way in hell she would dare to fight against the Eagle Guardian after seeing that spear hurl!

\'Damn, if only there was a shadow near the shell\'s entrance.\' Drunken Cat glanced at the center of the shell in annoyance before focusing on Felix\'s back again.

She could clearly see that he was standing in the perfect position to make a swift assassination.

There was no barrier or shield.

Just emerge, slit his throat and submerge back in the shadow in a split second.

Drunken Cat had already done this type of assassination until she got infamous just because of it.

Yet, she still didn\'t make a rush judgment as patience was a must for assassins.

Guess it was just him Felix murmured while yawning lazily.

The instant Felix spoke, Drunken Cat\'s thoughts about waiting for the perfect opportunity evaporate into thin air as she knew that copies or clones couldn\'t speak!

\'Hehe, that\'s it keep lowering your guard.\' Drunken Cat\'s eyes gleamed behind the shadow at the sight of Felix slowly but surely lowering down his guard.

The instant she saw that he was facing the front, she didn\'t hesitate anymore to activate her ability *Shadow Teleportation*, which allows her to teleport to nearby shadows in a hundred meters area!


The process was almost instantaneous as she had emerged wholly from behind Felix while holding into a dark dagger that was emitting black fog.

Alas, just she entered animation to slit Felix\'s throat from behind.

The black sand of the Eagle Guardian instantly propelled itself towards Felix and created half a sphere that separated both of them!

\'What the...\'

Before she could even blink her eyes at the emergence of the sudden black wall, her hand passed through it with some difficulty but still aiming at Felix\'s throat.

Alas, one word from Felix had made her attempt obsolete and her fate sealed.



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