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Felix escaped towards the roof of the building without dropping a sweat.

It seemed that climbing the hotel stairs was quite handy.

However, even though his stamina points get depleted slowly, he still wouldn\'t be able to survive running for three days straight, as the assessment was planned to be held three days later.

The only ones who could get him out of this mess were the elders and seniors of the family.

However, they wouldn\'t bother doing so.

Hell, they might even be watching this scene unfolds with amusement.

They would not interfere unless he was in danger of getting crippled or killed.

Besides so, anything was allowed.

This meant, that the only option Felix had was to play hide and seek with them, so they could split their manpower to cover bigger areas.

If they did so, he was confident in his combat prowess to beat at least five of them singlehandedly.

\'I still need to eat, **, and sleep during those three days.\'

His eyebrows frowned over this issue that made his survival even tougher.

He understood that his cousins were not fools to not see this problem as well.

This signified that they would leave some forces to defend those important checkpoints, especially the kitchens and cafeterias, as they didn\'t have enough to defend all the toilets in the building.

\'I need an insider to report me about their positions.\'

He thought about Olivia\'s deadpan expression as she looked at him before and shook his head.

\'Forget it, no matter how sweet she is, at this moment she also wants to beat me up, I can\'t trust her with my position.\'

So the only thing he could do was to head straight for the cafeteria, which was on the 40th floor, and steal some food to sustain him those three days before his cousins defend it.

He started increasing his climbing speed, passing floor after floor, until he reached the 40th story.

The moment he opened the door he was ambushed from three sides with punches and legs.

Felix calmly dodged the ones heading towards his head and balls and left the others to strike him.

He never let his guard down; as he always assumed that his cousins might use the elevators to reach those important checkpoints to block him from getting food.

After defending their attacks successfully, he tried to break out from their encirclement by aiming at the female cousin who used her army boots to aim at his balls before.

He put his arms in a guard position and dashed towards her.

She tried to defend herself by kicking him again in his nether region, however, this time Felix was prepared.

He sidestepped her attack easily; he then caught her extended leg and used his strength that took months to build, to throw her at the other two cousins who were left behind him.

AAAAHH Feliiiiiiiix! She could only scream hatefully as she collided with the other two.

Arugh! ARGH!!

Painful groans escaped out of their lips, as one got smacked in the face with her heavy army boots breaking his nose, while the other had his jewels shattered as the female head went straight for them.

Some may wonder if she had enmity with men\'s peaches.

Stop whining already.

You are disgracing your parents, who are probably watching. He walked slowly towards them and took their phones and said, I will give them back to you after this is over, bye-bye.

He then headed towards the cafeteria after making a peace sign at the security camera.


On the top floor of the headquarter, Tens of seniors and elders were watching big TV screens, showcasing their juniors searching all over the building, and Felix beating three juniors, effortless.

HAHAHA Abraham, Your grandson is probably not going to have kids anymore with how he is wailing and screaming.

What an embarrassment, thank god he is not my grandson, or else I won\'t dare show my face to others. The baldy Albert laughed mockingly while pointing at the cousin, who was curled up like a snail with his hands on his neither region.

Abraham, the white-haired elder on the board did not dare to retort.

Whatever he said would be nullified by his grandson loud wailing like a pig getting slaughtered.

The only thing he did was lower his head in shame while hearing the jeers and teases of those around him.

\'I will **ing break his two other legs, as well as his father\'s third leg for giving me such a disgrace.

We all know it is painful to have your balls smashed, but why the f*ck are you crying and wailing as someone cut them off! If you can\'t even handle this kind of pain, you won\'t even awaken you little dip **.\' He thought to himself.

On the other hand, Little Felix is truly blooming right now.

I really want to know what he experienced on the island to change him into this young confident lad.

To be able to defend three people ambushing him, and even counter-attacking successfully, his reflexes must have been honed greatly.

Pleased, an elegant middle-aged woman nodded while staring at Felix who was putting food in his backpack like a wild animal.

Her eyelids twitched after switching her vision to her daughter who was touching her face as she looked at her reflection on a small mirror.

She was probably fearing her makeup getting ruined.

\'How could the difference be this big If she keeps acting like this, she won\'t survive the training camp we prepared for them.\' She smiled bitterly.

Do you guys honestly think my little Felix will get beaten up by your wastrel children Robert scoffed and carried on, not caring about the piercing eyes he was receiving, Well think again, Felix spent one year and a half in that island doing nothing but practicing the finest martial arts.

All in preparation so he can defend himself from the bullying of your kids.

You should feel ashamed of yourselves, letting them always gang up on him and not fight him 1v1 like gentlemen.

Even now he is still getting ganged up by 38 juniors.

Just so you can see if he truly deserves the AP bracelet.

But now he will prove to you that he deserves it more than anyone.

Robert twisted old facts without a change of expression, turning Felix into the victim while the cousins who lived hell during their young age at his hands, turned into the abusers.

The parents of those juniors were having none of it.

One of them said, Old Donkey, there is a limit to how much bull** we can take from you.

You said our children ganged up on him to bully him.

But if he did not traumatize them in the first place by his vicious pranks, they wouldn\'t even touch him.

Another parent intervened and added her own piece.

What did you meant by telling us that we are holding a test to see if he deserves a Bracelet She sneered, If we did not agree he would not have been about to touch one in his life.

And since we agreed, there is no reason to test him.

The only reason they are targeting him is because of their hate, what has that got to do with us

We were preparing to hold a 1v1 battles to see if they have a solid combat power or not.

In the end, it turned into this fiesta we are watching now.

So stop trying to make him a victim you are not getting any more rewards for him no matter what you say.

Robert clicked his tongue and ignored them after his plan to help Felix earn some extra brownies failed.

So he just cheered his grandson who was beating two more juniors he found waiting for him in the bathroom.

BEAT THEM UP! That\'s it, Felix, break their legs for this daddy.

The elders face palmed as they eyed the legendary Robert Maxwell cheering like a little girl for his grandson to beat their children in order to vent his irritation.


Two days later, Felix was in the headquarter kitchen wearing a pajama and making his breakfast while humming a song comfortably.

During those two days that passed, he managed to beat up more than 36 juniors of the family senseless, leaving the others scared to approach him anymore.

The elders just watched stiffly the last 2 cousins, who they were putting their hopes on to salvage this situation, hiding in the toilet from Felix.

At this point they just wanted this hell to end and for the elders to fast forward the assessment.

They had enough of this constant pressure that Felix could find them and beat them as well.

They had no more thoughts of having revenge they just wanted to live peacefully.

The Family upper echelon finally had enough of this embarrassment and decided to stop this fiesta.

They had been insulted enough by Robert and Albert, who made a terrifying combination.

Just yesterday an elder vomited blood from anger as he was scorned by them when his grandson cried for his mom as he was escaping from Felix.

Those due rogues left no one safe; everyone fell to their brutal insults without a way to retort, since their children truly performed disgracefully when compared to Felix.

Comparison was truly a b*tch.

Enough, we had seen enough to make a judgment.

Felix is top tier seedling who will be heavily invested in if he had a good affinity to the elements, while others will get punished due to this trashy performance.

To actually lose 1 vs.

38, I can already hear the world laughing at our family if we sent them like this to represent us. Abraham sighed in disappointment and ordered the servant next to him, Make the announcement, tell them to group on the 35th floor.

That\'s where we will assess their element affinity; I hope it won\'t be as bad as their combat experience.

F*ck, we really taught them combat in their younger age for nothing.

Such a waste of time and effort. He cursed under his breath.


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