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Alright here is a summary of the bloodline integration system to those who skimmed chapter 7.

Awakening>>Purification Realm( Lesser purity/Greater Purity/Origin Purity) >> Replacement Realm(6 stages) >> Origin Realm.

In the purification and replacement realm, the Bloodliner unlocks three passive abilities and three active abilities in this order.

At 15% passive.

/ At 30% active (Lesser Purity)

At 45% passive.

/ At 60% active (Greater Purity)

At 75% passive.

/ At 99% Peak active.

(Origin Purity)

Leaving 1% of the original human bloodline.


Bloodliner can only integrate with a beast if he had the same Elemental affinity as it.


There are 7 Tiers for beasts.

Tier 1 is used for awakening.

Tier 2 is for stage 1 of replacement.

Tier 3 is for stage 2 of replacement...

and henceforth until Tier 7 get used for the 6th stage of replacement.


After each replacement, a bloodliner is required to etch 1 ability of the replaced beast bloodline in his 1% human bloodline to be kept permanently.

This process will happen 6 times until the bloodliner reaches the peak 6th stage of replacement.

At that point, the bloodliner must devour the entire Tier 7 bloodline and emerge as a new sub-human race with major permanent mutations.

This marks entering the Origin Realm!



Jack has just awakened with 1% Pepe head tier 1 bloodline.

The moment he reached 15%, he would unlock a passive ability called *Never Soft Again.*

The moment he reached 30% (Lesser purity) he would unlock an active ability called *Shot Ten Times A day*.

The moment he reached 45% he would unlock another passive ability called.

*Optimal Flexibility*

The moment he reached 60% (Greater Purity) he would unlock an active ability called *Dazzle at First sight*

Then 75% another passive, and at 99% (Origin Purity) He would unlock the ultimate ability of that bloodline.

In this case, an ability called *Upvote my novel you Pepehead!*

The realm of replacement had the same formula.

Just with a different higher tier bloodline.

(It means replacing the bloodlines 6 times)



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