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4 hours later...

Felix was back in the real world as Olivia had notified him that she was waiting for him in front of the door.

After opening it up, Felix handed her the bloodline bottle and four double percentage potions with some rejuvenation potions.

You want me to supervise you Felix asked.

Olivia shook her head and said, The elders are just fine.

I know that you are busy and I don\'t want to eat up your time.

Felix caressed Olivia\'s flower gently and said, Good luck in your replacement, and don\'t use more than 15% even if you had double percentage potion.

Olivia nodded her head firmly and took off.

However, she soon paused and sent a message, \'What do I tell to the elders about the bottle and potions\'

\'Don\'t worry, there is no need to lie.

Just tell them it was from me.\' Felix said while closing the door.

Felix wasn\'t bothered by the elders finding out about his capital as he already told his grandfather that his UVR investments were more than successful.

The capital used The items he sold as a street vendor!

So, it wasn\'t abnormal that he had a lot of coins to spare unlike them.

At best, they would assume that his investments turned out to be a bomb.

The elders had enough integrity to not come and beg him to spare a few.

If it came to it, they would most likely just ask to participate with their coins at Felix\'s investment ventures.

Alas, the couple million coins in their possession would probably not be accepted in Felix\'s hundred million investment projects.


Three days later, in the evening...

Felix was wearing a formal black suit while changing the hairstyles in front of the mirror.

He was preparing for the pilot episode premiere event, which was going to start in half an hour.

He was already given all details about it and who was going to be on the invitation list by Mr.


Soon, Felix picked a low fade hairstyle and went to the garage.

After driving to the teleportation company, he chose a circle and thought about his destination.


After Felix opened his eyes, he went out of the circle and walked towards the crowded entrance.

Immediately after leaving, his eyes were greeted by neon lights of the darkened city.

In every building there was a well-lighted billboard, advertising a movie, a VR Game, series, anime...etc.

Obviously, this city wasn\'t the Mariana Capital.

In fact, it was the entertainment hub in the empire and it was much bigger and glamourous than the Holy Sinful City in the Alexander Kingdom!

The event was hosted in the 5th best Cinema in the city.

It might be the 5th but in an entertainment center of the empire, it was better than anything else.

Felix neither walked nor called for a hover cab, he just dialed on a number.

Then, he waited for a couple of minutes before a curvy silver hovercar stopped in front of him.

From the startled and awed looks this car had attracted, it was clear that it was a rare and expensive piece.

Felix sat on the backseat and praised the driver, Nice piece you have here.

Sigh, you know me boss.

I hate driving in those but we can\'t be shaming ourselves in the event with a piece of junk. Mr.

Igris smiled bitterly while pressing the autopilot button on the dashboard.

He then pressed another button and his seat turned around, making him face Felix.

The car was already driving on its own and there was no need to worry about the risks of crashing.

True, image is everything for those people. Felix relaxed his bowtie a bit and asked, Do you have an update about our company\'s paperwork

Yes, I paid for some information from the registration office and it turns out the paperwork is about to be stamped soon. Mr.

Igris added, I believe I will receive it in three or four business days.

That\'s good enough. Felix scratched his chin, When the series gets released in nine days and hopefully turn out good, the company\'s name would have its first win on its first day of getting founded.

Not a lot of companies can have that. Mr.

Igris smiled cooly and asked, How about the name Have you decided on it yet

Name..Uhmm. Thoughtful, Felix rested his chin on his hand while gazing at the neon streets.

Putting a name on a company that was going to turn into a business empire was truly tough for him.

Heck, most gamers couldn\'t even name their character under one hour, don\'t even mention for such a company.

\'Pick me! Use my name!\' Asna abruptly interjected in his thoughts and said excitedly, \'Think about it! Asna\'s Investment Company.

Doesn\'t that just roll out of the tongue perfectly\'

\'Oh You are right.

Using the name for another is truly perfect.\'

Just as Asna felt a bit warmed by his agreement, Felix carried on by asking politely, \'Elder, what do you think about using half your name\'

\'Oh I am flattered, but I pass.\' The Jörmungandr waved his hand dismissively while lying on his bed, watching a movie.

\'I see.\' Felix arched his eyebrows for a few seconds before his eyes brightened up.

How about Primo Investment Company He suggested.


Igris said the name twice out loud and felt that it wasn\'t a bad choice.

Sounds good to me.

Is there a hidden reason or meaning to Primo

It simply meant Unique and Remarkable. Felix said, smiling.

In reality, he chose the name from primogenitors since his bloodline path and fate were connected to them.

Since primo also meant those two words, Mr.

Igris didn\'t find it weird at all.

Primo Investment Company... Mr.

Igris kept repeating the name softly to register it in his memory.

He needed to have it always at the tip of his tongue.


15 minutes later...


Igris took control over the wheel as they had reached their destination and the hovercar was still a hundred meters in the air.

Soon, he started gliding slowly downward, allowing Felix to glance at the sea of people standing behind long blue holographic barriers.

Between those barriers, there was a long and wide red carpet that was leading to a humongous pyramid-like building made out of see-through glass.

Neither the red carpet nor the ground floor of the building was empty.

They were actually packed with reporters, either using their AP bracelets as a broadcasting tool or as a microphone for the guests in the event.

Felix soon noticed the three gorgeous girls standing behind a well-made poster and taking pictures together with pretty smiles.

Looking at the posture, Felix asked Mr.

Igris, Did they modify it since the last version you gave me

Yes, the director felt it was quite misleading putting Molly in the center of the frame while having the two personas of the Main Characters besides her. He said, They thought it makes Molly seem like she was the main focus of the series.

That\'s true. Felix said, The current one is quite good as well.

After saying so, Felix ignored the posture and focused on Molly, Stella, and Nathalia, who were all dressed glamorously like their sole intention was to enchant the onlookers and steal their attention from other beautiful girls on the red carpet.

Honestly, that was actually close to the truth as the actors/actresses on the red carpet might be invited to enliven the event and project the series to their millions of fans, they were also taking advantage of it to market their own image.

Thus, the red carpet was more of a silent ongoing war between them on whom would receive the biggest attention.

Heck, some of their dresses were either extremely revealing or culturally inappropriate.

The Universe was wide and filled with multiple cultures and races.

And for those actors/actresses, it was the same as having an unlimited wardrobe to pick their clothes!

However, that didn\'t apply to everyone as some came out dressed normally like Felix and Mr.


But, the reporters\' focus was rarely on them.

Soon, Felix leaned back on his seat as the hovercar had finally made it to the ground.

But, he still didn\'t get out as their car was currently the last in a small queue made out of flamboyant vehicles.

Slowly, those cars kept pulling over one by one in front of the red carpet\'s mouth.

After the guests get placed down on it, the cars swiftly take off.

This process kept going until Felix\'s car stopped in front of the red carpet.

Seeing a new arrival, the reporters and fans both aimed their bracelets at it and waited in anticipation.

Alas, the moment Felix set foot on the carpet, everyone lost interest as they had no idea about his identity.

Quickly, they switched their bracelets\' focus to Mr.

Igris, who stood next to Felix.

Seeing his face, some reporters identified him and swiftly went to interview him.

After all, Mr.

Igris was all over this series not just as an investor but as an active member in marketing and such.

Thus, he was quite known within the ranks of reporters.

Seeing that Mr.

Igris was being held up, Felix left him behind and walked forward in direction of Molly and the girls.

Throughout his entire walk, only a few reporters bothered to ask each other about his identity.

Since they ended up with negative results, no one came up to Felix for an interview.

Well, it was only logical as they couldn\'t interview him without even knowing his name.

Felix didn\'t seem bothered by the lack of attention even though the entire purpose he came here was to build a reputation of his own and for his company.

He just kept walking through the guests until he got spotted by the girls who were being interviewed separately.

They instantly recognized him since Felix was using the Jörmungandr\'s appearance and he wasn\'t planning on changing it for his UVR Felix Persona.

Can you excuse us Miss Molly offered a lovely smile to the reporters and said, A dear friend of ours has just arrived.


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