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After a short while...

Clap Clap!

Silver Hammer clapped twice to attract everyone\'s attention to him.

Split up as per the level of your courses and head to your distinguished area.

After hearing so, the twenty bloodliners or so stood up and went in three different directions.

Felix was part of the biggest group as he followed them to an area packed with punching-like silver machines, standard AI dummies, and other unique-looking machines made specifically for tail\'s training.

This was the area for intermediate courses where Felix was currently at.

After Felix reached a punching-like machine with multiple pads installed on it, he stood before it and waited for further instructions.

The others also did the same.

Soon, the instructor sent each intermediate student a message, entailing to practice *Charging Devil* technique for 30 minutes and *Impregnable Defense* technique for 30 minutes.

No one reacted weirdly to given instructions by messages as they knew that the instructor always spent one hour with beginners, then one hour with them, and finally one hour with advanced students.

They didn\'t complain about such arrangements since they could practice what they learned previously in those hours.

Plus, the instructor could always teleport next to them and check on their progress or if they had any mistakes.

If it wasn\'t for the damned Ivy League taking 50% of his monthly profits, Silver Hammer could have hired another instructor to help him out.

Alas, every school in the city was forced to pay that amount to keep renting the floors.

Felix retreated from the machine, keeping forty meters away from it.

He narrowed his eyes at the red pad in the far right of the machine and abruptly sprinted with a moderate speed.

He knew that if he used too much, it would be even harder for him to pull off this technique that he learned only yesterday.

The moment Felix reached a couple of meters near the machine, he placed one foot before him and arched his waist fully to the right before using the momentum to propel himself forward!

The instant he saw the red pad, Felix snapped his eyes wide open as he channeled all of the built-up momentum from the sprint and his body posture to swing his tail at the target!


The wind\'s roar sounded promising in Felix\'s ears as he knew that without the momentum built up, there was no way in hell his tail could produce it!

THUUD! Thud!!


Alas, The bulgier end of the tail completely missed the red pad as it smashed into the hard metallic surface of the machine!

Meanwhile, Felix was the one who ended up having his head collide with the red pad!

Due to the built-up momentum, Felix ended up flopping mid-air twice before landing on his ass.


The bloodliners near him laughed at the sight before starting to bet between each other if Felix was going to end colliding with the machine next time or flopping three times in the air.

Upon hearing their bet\'s details, Felix merely showed them a middle finger and went back to his previous position.

He wanted to repeat the same technique!

He knew that if he succeeded in learning this technique, his tail could potentially deliver up to 5300 BF minimum!

That\'s a 300 BF increase just from the technique! After Felix lost his superstrength, every technique that could push his offensive power was a must-learn!

Thus, he completely ignored those jokesters, who were also struggling to pick up the technique, and carried on his practice.


30 minutes later...

In the end, Felix didn\'t manage to hit the red pad even once by his tail.

But he sure hit it with every god damn body part.

Now, he was walking to another silver-machine that had multiple cannons joisted to its body.

This time, he was planning to practice an impregnable defense technique, one of the hardest ones to pull off at the intermediate level!

Since Felix had just advanced to the intermediate level, he practiced this technique just once yesterday after the instructor showed it to them.

Ahh! Ouch! F*ck my life!!...

Soon, the area around Felix was filled with pained groans and cries from grown-ass men and women.

They were seniors at the intermediate level.

Yet, they were still struggling to master it!

\'Hopefully, it won\'t be as bad as yesterday.\' Felix gulped a mouthful as he stood ten meters away from the machine.

He waved his tail left and right, then up and down.

He kept doing so while increasing his speed until he messed up the sequence.

Then he did it again and again for the next two minutes until he received a message from the instructor, \'Landlord, stop messing around and activate the machine.\'

\'I was just stretching.\' Felix coughed and stopped wasting time.

He looked at the gleaming mouths of the canon and relaxed his tensed shoulders; then...Fire!

Whoosh! Phew! Phew!...

The moment the abilities were fired from the cannons, all of Felix\'s body parts were frozen beside his tail!

This meant, either he defends perfectly with his tail or he gets rained upon like the others!

Boom Boom, Thud!

Thankfully, with his enhanced eyesight, Felix was capable of noticing the abilities trajectory before they even crossed half their journey!

This meant Felix knew which ability was the first to arrive and which one was the last.

By knowing this, Felix controlled his tail to precisely block the abilities in that order!

This led to a clean and perfect display of defense.

However, no one felt surprised by this as Felix had just passed the 1st level.

In this level, only twenty abilities were fired in gradual order.

The fun had truly begun in the next level, where Felix had to use his tail for blocking 30 abilities! Regardless, Felix managed to pull it off with some difficulty and cold sweat coursing on his back.

Then came the 3rd level and the fourth! Felix was still untouched!

Although he always seemed like he was about to reach his limits, he ends up pulling out of the salvo without a scratch on!

\'5th level already on the 2nd try Truly a talented uprising player.\'

Silver Hammer had already teleported a couple of meters behind Felix and was watching him ever since he passed through the 3rd level.

\'Let\'s see how he cope up with 60 abilities salvo lasting for 15 seconds!\' Silver Hammer rubbed his beard with a look of anticipation.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Phew!....

The instant the cannons started firing, Felix held his breath while his tringle pupils widened in focus at the volley of abilities, appearing like they were stacked to each other.

But in Felix\'s eyes, he was still capable of noticing their shapes, element, speed, and most importantly, their trajectory!

Thus Boom! Boom! Boom!...

His tail kept swiping left, right, up, down, forward in such a quick manner; commoners could barely see a yellow line, destroying those abilities the moment they touched it!

However, Silver Hammer could clearly see that Felix was using exactly what he was taught yesterday to protect himself instead of just swinging randomly, hoping for the best.

Small-sized abilities Use a soft and quick approach to save up energy and time since those swings could be switched mid-flight in another direction.

As for big-sized abilities Channel a heavy half-powered swing to get rid of them.

Since those attacks were heavy, the wind produced after the swing was enough to destroy small abilities and slow down the big ones.

This approach provided Felix a split second to recover his tail from the swing animation and repeat the technique\'s same sequence!

Silver Hammer appreciated that Felix was copying exactly what he demonstrated yesterday to the students instead of using his own way.

After all, he was fighting with his tail for his entire life, and the experience that he gathered was unattained for Felix or the others in such a short time.

If others used their \'ways\' to defend instead of the well-optimized technique that he taught them, that was honestly just a foolish move and a waste of their hard-earned points.

Whoosh! Argh!!

\'Oh He messed up.\' Silver Hammer immediately chuckled after seeing a transparent-like dagger piercing Felix\'s kneecap!

The moment that happened, Felix\'s focus was broken!

Such a fatal mistake doomed him as his rhythm and pattern that he was following subconsciously broke apart, allowing more and more abilities to bypass his tail successfully and land on him!

Boom! boom! Argh! F*ckk!!


While Felix was yelling in his mind, he was at the same time sending it to Silver Hammer, begging for him to pause the practice.

Who could blame him though

He was getting smacked left and right by those elemental abilities.

He might not die since Silver Hammer removed the option from his floor, but the pain he felt was 100% real!

Time Out Heheehehe. Silver Hammer chortled in amusement while teleporting back to the beginners\' area.

In his school, They get taught techniques, have their questions all answered, and even show them multiple demonstrations plus the mistakes to avoid.

The moment they start practicing the technique, there was no pause, no time-outs, no mercy!

Silver Hammer knew that pain was the best motivation to force those bloodliners into putting all they had into learning his techniques as fast as possible.

If they didn\'t want to feel it Master the technique!

Thus, he turned completely deaf to the cries and begs of his intermediate and advanced students while teaching the newcomers how to swing their tails properly gently like a patient elder.

Alas, the same couldn\'t be said about the newcomers as they shivered each time they heard those pitiful echoes.

\'Maybe, I should try other schools.\' Some of them were already showing signs of regret.

Silver Hammer utterly ignored those signs and just carried on doing his job.

If they wanted to leave The door was right behind them!


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