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The viewers were feeling edgy the entire time Felix was getting closer and closer to the England team.

And no matter how loud they screamed at their screen for him to back off and group up with his team, nothing changed.

Now They looked with an aghast expression and hands clasped on top of their heads at the cloud of dirt rising after the successful bombardment.

Felix!! Olivia yelled in fright as she bolted from her position.

Alas, before she moved a couple of steps forward, her back collar was latched into by Lena, stopping her in her place.

Let me...go! Olivia spoke with a bit of difficulty as the collar of her jacket was choking her.

\'Calm down Oli, he is fine.\' Lena sent a message with an imperturbable expression, \'Don\'t forget that he still got his peak ability.\'

Upon remembering Felix showing it to them after the gathering and how busted it was, Olivia regained her wits back and stopped struggling to escape.

Instead, she looked at the cloud of dust that was settling down just like everyone in the area.

Soon, the wind carried the dust away exposing slowly a shadow that was a bit hunched down akin to an old man supported by his cane.

The moment the sunlight touched the shadow, everyone was left slack-jawed at the sight of a Felix with his clothes slightly ripped apart, exposing dark-green scales, which were reflecting the sunlight akin to smooth mirrors!

Those dark-green scales were covering his entire skin even his face, making him resemble a humanoid serpent!

Yet, that wasn\'t all as his nails were transformed into long sharp dark-purple claws while his fangs got longer and were protruding from his closed shut mouth.

The only resembles that was left to the old Felix were his eyes, hair, and tail.

The Rest Completely morphed!!

I can\'t believe it! Micheal screamed in shock, IS THAT A F*CKING SEMI-MORPHING ABILITY

The viewers who knew what he meant all reacted in that same manner.

However, the majority of the viewers were clueless about the difficulty of unlocking this ability or the implication of getting it.

Micheal didn\'t hesitate to enlighten them with an agitated voice, Semi-morphing is the best morphing ability a bloodliner could unlock in the active abilities pool! Not a single morphing ability could topple over it!

Although Micheal told them that it was the best morphing ability, The viewers were still having difficulty gauging how much strength it was going to provide Felix and in what manner.

In Noah\'s case, anyone could guess what his Yeti\'s arms could do and could not do.

However in Felix\'s case, they could clearly see through his ripped apart clothes that his entire body was affected by morphing.

So how much boost did he receive exactly This question coursed every viewer\'s mind while looking at Felix cracking his neck casually like he didn\'t just get bombarded by tens of abilities.

Soon, Felix brought down his clawed hand while grinning slightly at the looks of disbelief affixed on the faces of the England team.

He could see their red hearts beating out of their chest and he had a feeling that if he wanted, their hearts would be in his hand in less than a second!

However, Felix removed that thought from his mind as he used his 4th active ability to give himself an excuse for his abnormal strength.

After all, he was already strong enough to beat the crap of everyone in the competition without even the need for the tremendous enhancement that he received after morphing. 

\'I guess 5% strength will do the trick.\' 


The moment Felix thought so, he took a step forward, then...There was no then! He disappeared from his place, leaving only the sound of wind!

\'Careful Sanda!\'

Alarmed, William yelled in his mind immediately after noticing the chaotic air vibration, heading in Sandra\'s direction!

Alas, Sandra\'s reflexes weren\'t fast enough to move instantaneously after hearing the warning.

She merely managed to blink her eyes once before she felt a slight pain in the back of her neck.

Then Darkness, she fainted immediately!

Since she was already in a lying position, her head merely touched the dirt, unmoving like the rest of her body.

\'Prepare your abilities, I will put him to sleep!\'

Before the England team could start to worry about her, William sent a mind message while activating his peak ability.

He extended his arm straight and watched four long thin strings manifesting from his shoulder to his five fingers!

Each grey string was attached to a finger!

This made it appear like he turned his arm into a violin!!

Thud Thud...Thud!

Four more dropped into the ground by the time those strings were fully connected!

Throughout all of this, no one managed to spot even Felix\'s shadow!

He was moving so fast, even 1st stage bloodliners were having difficulty following his movement with their eyes! Don\'t even mention the commoners watching the stream.

They only saw the aftermath of his speed as the branches kept snapping and leaves flying in the air akin to a whirlwind passing by!

Thank god that William was a Sound Elimantalist since no matter how fast Felix moved as long as he didn\'t surpass the speed of sound, William was able to locate his position and his direction by the air vibrations!

\'Shit! He is aiming at me!\'

Upon hearing the chaotic air vibration heading towards him, William knew that he didn\'t have a split second to overthink.

Thus, he swiftly placed his fingers on the strings and started playing them with his eyes closed shut.

♬ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♬ ♪ ♩...

A soothing tone immediately began to resonate in the area, resembling a lullaby tone played to put children to sleep.

The England viewers and the commentators, who saw *Slumber Tone* in play many times before, couldn\'t help but sigh in relief.

They knew that Felix would straightaway be put to sleep after hearing this tone since it was apparent that he neither had his ears plugged in like the England team or had a mental shield!

The best part As long as William kept playing the tone, Felix wouldn\'t wake up! This was just the first tone!

If it wasn\'t for this unique fighting style, he wouldn\'t have been nicknamed the Meastro of England!

What in the world!



Too bad, their confidence was shattered immediately after noticing that Felix had suddenly popped out one meter in front of William without any signs of sleepiness in his face.

Heck, he was nodding his head to the beat with his arms crossed on his chest, showing an expression of enjoyment!

Impossible! Why isn\'t he getting affected!\' William couldn\'t help but lose his gentleman composure as his expression turned quite unsightly.

Even with his eyes closed shut, he could sense Felix standing right in front of him.

However, he still didn\'t give up and stop playing!

♮ ♭ ♭ ♩ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♬ ♫ ♪....

In fact, he changed the tone from soothing to a wild one, releasing visible grey sound waves from his strings!!

Phew! Phew!...

The grey soundwaves passed through Felix\'s upper body, ripping his clothes up even more and slicing the branches behind him with a clean line!

Yet! Felix, the ability\'s main target wasn\'t even scratched! The green-scales remained as gleaming as ever.

You pass.

Your element and abilities are quite useful for the earthling\'s team.

Deciding that he showed more than enough, Felix placed a hand on William\'s shoulder and patted him with a satisfied smile.

Before William could comprehend what he meant, Felix hit him swiftly in his back neck, making his eyes roll instantly.

Seeing that he was about to fall in the other direction, Felix caught him by his collar and dragged him to the dumbfounded stout man, who had just finished morphing into a clay golem.

Take him and scram from my sight before I change my mind about keeping you in the competition.

Felix threw Willaim casually towards the stout man and turned around.

Then, he started walking at a normal pace from within the England team\'s formation, utterly nonchalant to their active elemental abilities.

They also didn\'t dare to fire at him after seeing their captain and other teammates\' fate.

Felix made it pretty clear by his actions that he had more than enough strength to brutalize them and send them packing home.

But he showed them mercy since he wanted William to still have a chance at joining the earthling\'s team.

After all, Sound Elementalits were useful in team-based battles and the Planetary Games were nothing but that!

Thank you!

In the end, the Stout man broke off his daze and nodded his head in appreciation at Felix.

He then carried William and ordered his teammate to carry the rest.

Felix left exactly five of them so they could carry the other passed out five.

He didn\'t straightaway aim for William as he wanted to show them first the disparity in strength so they wouldn\'t have any second thoughts about getting close to his team again.

In addition, he already popped out his 4th active ability and he wanted to give the supervisors a tiny taste of his hidden strength.

He had to do so.

Otherwise, Slyvia would always be considered the first candidate for the captainship of the earthling\'s team.

Felix had no issues giving off the captainship of the Maxwell team or even the national team.

However for the Earthling\'s team That was a different story.

As Felix walked step by step, the dark-green scales, fangs, and even the unused claws were withdrawing back in his body.

By the time he reached the package, he was back to normal, showing his trademark easy-going smile.

Upon seeing him come from a 1 vs.

10 without a scratch on, his teammates couldn\'t help but show him double thumbs up for the effort.

They were pretty cool-headed about the situation as they were expecting nothing less from Felix.

Especially when they already saw his semi-morphing after the gathering and tasted some of it.

However, others\' reactions weren\'t even close to that as both the American and the England viewers just kept staring at their screens in an utter stupor.

They were having difficulty comprehending how one could be so fast, so strong, immune to mental abilities and elemental abilities at the same f*cking time.

How could others fight him! How could the England team even have a shot at taking him down 

He was literally a god walking among men in this competition.

How the f*ck could others live after meeting him

Before, they were slightly questioning Micheal\'s hype on the semi-morphing ability.

But after this clear demonstration of bullyingFind authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._51675663089846204 for visiting.

They felt like he didn\'t hype it enough!!


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