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Alas, the Jörmungandr didn\'t care about his plans as he chuckled, Your 1% human bloodline can\'t even handle having one ability etched in it without Asna\'s continuous oppression, don\'t even mention adding two.

The moment Felix heard so, he couldn\'t help but sweat heavily from his forehead at the previous plan that he had, which was etching Poison Immunity and Poison manipulation in his 1% human bloodline.

Poison Immunity was a must ability for Felix as without it, he would be the first to get affected negatively by his own abilities.

It wasn\'t just him who was required to do it, but every bloodliner with a destructive element.

Such as Ice, Fire, Magma, Lightning...etc.

As for those with elements like a plant, water, and such, they didn\'t need to as their elements were soft and gentle.

This meant, Noah, and Adam didn\'t have any other alternative than keeping those resistances in order to carry on treading their bloodline path smoother.

After all, if they unlocked an ability that includes being inside of it without a single resistance, the sight wouldn\'t look pretty.

Thankfully, after they etch the resistance, it would be theirs, which meant they could totally upgrade its rank from low, intermediate, advanced to even getting a complete immunity.

Though they wouldn\'t be able to make it that far as to upgrade a resistance, a bloodliner was required to expose himself to the vicious side of their element continuously.

Since Noah was an Ice Elementalist, he would need to expose his body to a freezing degree until even with his resistance he would feel the cold!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._51695000374801506 for visiting.

Felix wasn\'t required to do any of this as he straightaway unlocked poison immunity and with it, he would be able to use Poison manipulation to its maximum potential.

But now He realized that his thinking was too shallow.

Asna told him that with her being merged with him, he wouldn\'t be stopped at just 6 abilities etched in his 1% human bloodline like the rest.

In fact, she told him that he could etch 9 abilities!

This also meant that Felix could potentially etch two abilities at once instead of one.

But that information was given when Asna was considering that Felix was going to use Tier 7 bloodlines or below, not the primogenitor bloodline!

This signified that his original plan was bound to fail no matter what!

As even if Jörmungandr\'s poison manipulation was considered as an \'ability\' and Felix unlocked it at 99%, he wasn\'t going to be able and etch it.

After all, there was no way that he could give up on Poison Immunity!

At this point in time, Felix couldn\'t help but thank his lucky stars that Asna\'s information was crap about the Jörmungandr\'s poison manipulation being an ability.

As of now, he believed that he could give up on etching the peak active ability and etch only Poison Immunity in his 1% bloodline.

However, after Jörmungandr\'s heard his thoughts, he couldn\'t help but facepalm at his retardation, Child, is it just me or you are getting stupid by the second

Cough, did I say something wro... Felix\'s sheepish smile stiffened mid-sentence as his delayed wit made him realize how moronic his thinking was before.

God damn it, I am the f*cking Primogenitor of poison! How can my body not be immune to poison! Felix slapped his cheek once to make himself never forgot this again.

Do you see what I was dealing with for the past years Asna sighed.

At least he figured it out by himself. The Jörmungandr\'s chuckled as he told Felix, Those inscriptions in your body weren\'t just for decoration.

Felix massaged his reddened cheek as he nodded his head in understanding.

Well, Felix shouldn\'t really be blamed as his mind was still fixated on his bloodline system since he spent a couple of decades using it only.

Now that he was practicing another system and also a vague one, he was bound to forget or confuse some matters.

That being said, he quickly switched gears and grinned in excitement as now he was able to etch his peak active ability again!

Alright, are you certain about your choice The Jörmungandr asked, The moment the process ends, I won\'t be able to remove it as it will be ingrained in your own being permanently.

Yes! Felix nodded in a firm manner.

He already considered deeply each ability\'s strengths and weaknesses before making his decision.

For Superstrength, he was bothered about losing it since it was literally his backbone in the fights.

Without it, a single projectile from a higher-leveled bloodliners would mess up with Felix pretty badly.

That\'s due to his body defenses being as terrible as his integration level.

But Felix could only give up on it and wish dearly that in the 1st passives of the Sphinx that he would get another defensive ability.

As for Poisonous Aura, Poison Bombs, Poison Pillars, Poison Absorption, and Poison Revitalization

Felix didn\'t care about losing them as with Poison Manipulation he was bound to create them again or an even better version than them!

Meanwhile, for Ultra Infrared Vision, he wouldn\'t lie and say that he wasn\'t butthurt about losing it.

However, he got a new vision enhancement which might not be as useful as Infrared vision, but it had its own advantages.

Lastly, for the 4th active ability, Felix was actually torn whether to etch it or the peak ability.

That\'s how good it was in his eyes.

However, in the end, he chose the peak one due to its usefulness even in the future in comparison to the 4th active ability.

That being said, Felix wasn\'t going to lose them all at once after the etching process begins or something like that.

Felix would be losing them only after reaching each minor step and unlocking the new sand abilities.

For example, after he integrates 5% and reaches 15%, superstrength and Poison immunity would be replaced with two new sand passives.

This would keep going on in 30%, 45%, until 75%. 

As for 99% Origin Purity Felix wasn\'t going to replace anything in it since the peak ability would already be etched in his 1% human bloodline.

Just like this, a successful replacement stage would pass and open a path for the next stage! This process would keep repeating until he reached peak 6th stage of replacement.

Upon seeing that Felix was ready, the Jörmungandr snapped his finger casually and Felix winced in pain for a split second before he felt normal again.

I am done. The Jörmungandr lifted the card deck from the table and shuffled it again.

He looked at Asna and said, Be quick and ask what you want.

That\'s it In utter disbelief, Felix opened his eyes widely after hearing the Jörmungandr excusing him like this!

He understood that the Jörmungandr was going to have meticulous control of his bloodline just like Asna could manipulate her memories to her own will.

However, he expected that at least the process would last for a minute when compared to the normal etching process that lasts for over fifteen minutes to twenty.

Yet, it was evident that he was still underestimating the Jörmungandr\'s capabilities.

Damn, I wonder how others will feel if they knew about this. Felix smiled wryly as he stood up from his place.

You see, the normal etching process that everyone experience wasn\'t as instantaneous as this but quite troublesome and time-consuming.

For a bloodliner to etch an ability in his 1% bloodline, he would need specific gadgets and help from an essence extractor since the process was related to genetics!

That\'s right, a bloodliner does not just think about it and the ability will automatically etch itself in his human\'s bloodline.

If the process was this simple, humans wouldn\'t have been stuck in the purification realm for at least two million years.

They tried possibly everything to break through the bloodline shackles and not just replace the bloodline with another.

That was done before and it provided nothing but a change of bloodline.

There wasn\'t a clear or explosive increase in strength that would make the Replacement Realm be an actual realm.

However, Mariana changed this by stepping out and inventing the etching process, which made the bloodliners keep the ability and also get an explosive enhancement corresponding to the beastial rank.

If it wasn\'t for so, Mariana wouldn\'t have been glorified as a prodigy with monstrous intellect and respected from a generation after the other.

Felix didn\'t know exactly the core of the theory that Mariana relied on at that point in time since that was related closely to genetics.

But he knew that for a bloodliner to etch an ability, they would be required to purchase 6 Genome Specifier Needles and contact a trustworthy essence extractor with a good reputation.

After making the contact and creating a solid contract between them, the bloodliners proceed to use those needles for extracting the part of the genome sequence that was responsible for the ability\'s existence.

The full Genome Sequence of the beast was referred to by all as the bloodline\'s essence.

Those needles were called Genome Specifier for a reason as they were invented by the human race to automatically draw those parts without the bloodliner needing to do anything.

He just needed to buy 6 needles each correspondent to an ability.

After those parts of genome sequences, where the abilities exist were drawn into the needles, the bloodliner would then send them to the essence extractor for a reading.

The bloodliner would inform him about the ability that he was planning to etch in his 1% human bloodline.

The extractor would then read those parts in each of those needles and see which one was responsible for the ability that the bloodliner had chosen.

After so, the extractor would isolate that part of the genome sequence and place it in another highly advanced needle, which appeared like a gun.

This needle was called the Imprinter as it would be the one responsible for etching that said ability in the human\'s 1% bloodline!

By then the Extractor sends the Imprinter needle and the five Genome Specifier needles back to the bloodliner.

After the bloodliner received them, he would simply need to use the Imprinter needle on his body and it would automatically etch the ability in his 1% human bloodline.

This process lasts between 15 minutes to 20 minutes.

After so, the bloodliner injects the essence back from the five needles, returning those abilities in their place.

With this, the bloodliner would have finished the first etching process and obtaining the explosive enhancement of having the essence truly merged with him, unlike normal integration.

Since the etching was permanent, this meant any mutation that was related to the etched ability would remain permanently as well. 

As it could be seen, the process wasn\'t efficient and instantaneous like having the owner of the bloodline taking care of it by himself.

But humans did their best to make it less troublesome and problematic as possible than Mariana\'s original method.

Improvements like, Inventing those needles, making the extractor occupation teachable to the masses instead of holding the knowledge, and creating foolproof standard contracts that could be used between bloodliner and extractor.

After all, the extractor literally receives the extracted 6 abilities of that bloodliner in his hands, leaving the bloodliner defenseless like a commoner.

If it wasn\'t for those contracts, which forbid the extractors from f*cking up the request like putting the wrong ability in the Imprinter or screwing with the bloodline essence by mixing it with random genes and such, no one would have dared to give strangers such a power over them.

However, with Queen\'s presence towering over everyone, those extractors didn\'t dare mess up the bloodliner\'s request.

Since the moment they signed a contract concerning the life of another individual, the Queen\'s would have the right to make a move on them based on their thoughts only!

There would be no such a thing as free will anymore as if the extractor thought about harming the bloodliner and planned on going for it, the Queen will hear it and see it.

She would act based on the terms signed in the contract.

If the punishment written was death, she wouldn\'t hesitate to explode the extractor\'s consciousness just like she was doing with the players in the SG Platform.

Thankfully, Felix didn\'t need to deal with any of this bull** with the existence of Asna and the Jörmungandr.

Since one of them was possibly the best extractor in the universe and the other, well...It was his own bloodline.

Hopefully, I received some good enhancements. Impatient, Felix closed his eyes, planning to head to the Measurement Center and test out his body and energies.


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