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Let\'s take a shower first before figuring things out.

Smelling the nasty stench that his body kept emitting, Felix curled his lips in revulsion as he swiftly entered the glass door behind him. 

Just as he closed the door, his tail swung to the left without his control, shattering the glass door into tiny pieces!

Still holding the doorknob, Felix glanced speechlessly at his tail that was flailing left and right playfully.

Worried that he might break the other three glass doors too, Felix clenched his tail tightly from the middle and started showering awkwardly with one hand, using it to clean himself up.

First, he wasn\'t having any difficulty with his body but after reaching his overgrown hair, he couldn\'t handle it with just one hand.

In the end, Felix just smiled bitterly as he thought, \'The room was already threshed.

Adding a broken shower is nothing I guess.\'

Thus, he let go of his tail and wished that it behaves properly for the next two minutes.

Alas, before he learns to control it, the tail was resembling a child that just wants to play around and create trouble.


By the time Felix finished showering, the four glass doors were all destroyed, filling the bathroom floor with sharp pieces of glass.

Yet, Felix simply threw a towel on himself and walked on them unbothered.

After reaching the mirror and seeing that his wet golden hair was dripping with water akin to a waterfall, Felix didn\'t want to leave the bathroom anymore.

He already f*cked up the hotel room and there was no need to flood it as well.

Screw it, might as well cut it now.

Impatient and quite bothered, Felix beamed a small black box, which held all the kits needed for his daily uses, like glue, screwdriver, hammer, and such.

He opened it up and pulled sharp scissors.

He then measured how short he wanted it to be and started cutting it slowly, lock by lock.

After a while, he put down the scissors and checked himself in the mirror.

Seeing that his face was in the open with only a few golden and black locks of hair dangling slightly down, he smiled faintly in approval.

Though, he didn\'t keep looking at his reflection for long as he swiftly started cleaning the floor from both glass and hair.

It took him more than 15 minutes to finish.

When it comes to blood in the room, he could ask for room service to deal with it since the blood already dried up and they would probably need to replace the carpet and bedsheet with newer ones.

But he wasn\'t that lazy to not clean up after his mess in the bathroom.

After he finished, he went to the door and pressed the light switch, wanting to turn it off.

However, instead of turning dark, the bathroom actually turned brighter and clearer!

This made Felix witness a whole new world as his eyes were feeding him plenty of new details, making him doubt that this was the same bathroom.

Weirded out, Felix narrowed his eyes at a tiny minuscule piece of glass that was lying at the corner of the shower.

It was tiny to the point, Felix believed that it had the same size as a grain of rice!

Yet, he was capable of even seeing the light reflection on its surface!

That\'s how good his vision got, and he didn\'t dare to believe it.

He knew that abilities followed after eye mutations were extremely rare and wished upon by every bloodliner!

After all, if they managed to keep them permanently that\'s the same as having a vision passive belonging to them that consumed not a single ounce of mental energy!

Although Felix was quite agitated and excited by the sudden gift, he still didn\'t forget that his vision was pretty normal before clicking on the light switch.

Thus, he clicked on it again, wanting to check what was the cause.

Immediately after, his vision was back to average again like his eyesight score dropped from 40/10 to merely 9/10.

Felix wasn\'t a retard to not figure out the weirdness of the situation.

The turned off light bulbs in the ceiling were more than enough for him to conclude that he was showering earlier in a f*cking pitch-black darkness!

The bathroom\'s door was closed, the light bulbs were off, and the bathroom had only a small glass window, which was showing a gloomy cloudy sky!

Anyone who stepped into the bathroom wouldn\'t be able to even see his fingers.

Yet, Felix didn\'t even notice that the lights of the bathroom were off!

Only now did he understand that his eye mutation had enhanced his eyesight to the point he was able to see as clear as daylight in total darkness!

That being said, Felix recognized that he simply didn\'t just get a normal night vision but actually the Sphinx\'s vision, which was clearly a hundred times better!

So far, he only noticed two traits about it, night vision and super-enhanced eyesight in daylight.

There might be more or this might be just it.

This was the difference between unlocking abilities and actually possessing mutations.

Since Felix\'s eyes mutated to the Sphinx\'s, this meant he was able to possess all of her eyes\' abilities that she owned!

Elder do you k...

I told you that I don\'t know her that well. The Jörmungandr denied his question before its completion.

Although his attempt ended up in failure, Felix\'s excitement wasn\'t hit in the slightest.

He was more than satisfied by getting those two traits for now, and with enough time in his hands, he might discover the rest.

Heck, he could even ask the Sphinx after he reaches 99% and wakes her up as he did with the Jörmungandr.

Though, this method wasn\'t guaranteed. 

\'Just by this, using 10% was beyond worth it.\' Felix grinned widely in satisfaction while leaving the bathroom.

He didn\'t care if the lights were on or off anymore, as he simply went to the closet and got dressed.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-eyes!_51375248364328805 for visiting.

After doing so, he called for the room service to bring him dinner as he didn\'t eat for half a day.

During his wait for food, Felix kept playing with his tail, seeking to control it.

Alas, he orders it to move left and the tail ends up standing straight.

Although he was familiar with using tails, that was a long time ago.

Hence, he needed at least a couple of days to get familiar with it and a month or two until he starts using it just like his other limbs.

Knock Knock!

Hearing the door getting knocked, Felix stood up from the carpet and waited ten seconds in front of the door.

After hearing the withdrawing footsteps of the hotel\'s staff, he opened the door and carried inside the food plates, which were being placed on the ground.

He sat on the carpet again and started wolfing down a dish after the other like he didn\'t eat for ages.

If he wasn\'t worried about his tail smashing the table into two, he wouldn\'t be eating like a barbarian on the floor like this.

He already figured out that his tail\'s strength was more than enough to splatter someone\'s with a single playful swing.

After a while, he burped in satisfaction as he emptied all of the dishes.

He soon stood up and went to clean his hands and mouth.

Then, he placed the dishes on the table and went back to his position on the carpet.

The replacement went pretty well but now it was time for Felix to etch an ability in his 1% bloodline!

He had to do so now.

Otherwise, he wouldn\'t be getting that explosive enhancement to his entire being.

Energy capacity, Mental energy, Physical strength, enhanced Senses, Mental defenses...etc.

All of this would receive a large enhancement compared to what Felix was getting whenever he reached a small milestone, like 15%, 30%..60%...etc.

Before, Felix\'s body was merely taking small benefits from each integration.

However, after he etched an ability in his 1% bloodline, he would be getting the real deal.

That being said, the enhancement wasn\'t going to be great for everyone as it was related to the rank for the bloodline, where the ability was being taken from.

Let\'s take the physical strength enhancement as an example.

The boost after each replacement was always limited to 1000 BF in case the bloodliner etched an ability from a legendary bloodline!

It didn\'t matter the tier of it, it could be tier 1 or tier 7 legendary bloodline.

The enhancement was always limited to 1000 BF.

After doing extensive research, the humans had found that the cause of this limitation was fundamentally due to the fact that they were etching only one ability instead of two, three, and more in each process.

Frankly speaking, 1000 BF wasn\'t that bad considering that uncommon bloodliners receive merely 200 BF extra boost, rare bloodliners 400 BF boost, and lastly, epic bloodliners get at most 600 BF boost!

Those numbers might appear small, but they were added to the already 1000 BF that a bloodliner obtained from 1% to 99% in his integration.

When Felix was at origin purity, he also reached 1000 BF.

Adding it to the massive boost from his superstrength passive and he got 2950 BF!

If it wasn\'t for this massive strength, Felix\'s body wouldn\'t be able to handle a single projectile fired from a peak 1st stage epic bloodliner.

This was just an example of the physical strength enhancement.

As for the energy capacity, mental energy, and the rest They had their own limitation and specific increase related to the rank of the bloodline as well.

Felix hoped that the known enhancement limit was different in his case since he was using the primogenitors\' bloodline and also his human bloodline wasn\'t the same as the others due to merging with Asna.

After taking deep breaths, Felix requested in his mind, Can you guys please help me etch poison immunity and peak active ability into my 1% human bloodline

Upon hearing his voice, Asna and the Jörmungandr glanced at each other across the table.

They were each holding few UNO cards in their hands.

Soon, they narrowed their eyes at each other and said simultaneously, Whoever loses will help him out!

Half a minute later...

I won! I won! I won!...

The Jörmungandr was looking speechlessly at Asna, who was dancing on the table in pure delight and excitement.

Well, her happiness was understandable as she lost 20 times in a row in the previous days!

The amount of information that the Jörmungandr had extracted from her after she lost those bets, would make Felix drop into the ground with foam in his mouth.

Can you stop Vexed, the Jörmungandr complained while creating a new set of cards as the old ones were utterly ruined by Asna\'s barbaric dance moves.

Heh, can\'t I express my joy Asna snickered, Did I complain when I caught you cheating in Royalty

No wonder they switched to another game! The Jörmungandr\'s essence of winning the game was found out eventually!

You did complain and quite a lot actually. Not embarrassed in the slightest by getting exposed like this, the Jörmungandr merely shuffled the cards and said, Let\'s go for another round.

I still didn\'t find the essence of winning this game.

Not so fast.

Help him out.

Asna jumped from the table while pointing her finger at Felix, who was talking to himself like a retard, requesting over and over for help.

Upon getting reminded of what Felix said, the Jörmungandr placed the cards on the table and said to Felix, Kid, aren\'t you looking down on my bloodline a little bit too much to request for two abilities instead of one

Felix, who was about to enter his consciousness and check on the reason for their unresponsiveness, felt a slight shiver coursing on his spine after hearing the Jörmungandr\'s voice.

He knew what the Jörmungandr\'s was implying and he didn\'t dare to believe it as it was going to affect so many plans of his.


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