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\'I guess my handsomeness is not there yet.\' Felix chuckled in his mind while sipping from his glass of champagne as nothing happened.

He knew that what she did wasn\'t intentional as the path next to his table was truly the shortest of them all to the bathroom.

Plus, she wasn\'t childish to provoke him like this for no reason.

She was elected as the captain of earthling\'s team in Felix\'s previous life due to her serious attitude and maturity.

Of course, that was merely the cherry on top as the real reason was her leadership, overwhelming strength, and astonishing demonstration in the World\'s competition.

Currently, Felix didn\'t know her exact integration but he was certain that she was at minimum a lesser purity in the 1st stage of replacement.

For her to be in such a high integration percentage only meant that her affinity rating was above 75% and she was integrating with large amounts each phase.

However, the exact data about her wasn\'t shared by her or the Russian Goverment.

The only thing which they announced proudly was Slyvia\'s successful bloodline replacement with an epic tier 2 one, a month ago.

This actually made her the first one to pull it off in the world as the rest of the bloodliners at that point in time weren\'t ready to replace their bloodline even if they were at origin purity.

Adding everything to her breathtaking beauty only resulted in her being respected and sought by most bloodliners, males and females alike.

Meanwhile, in the eyes of Felix, Slyvia being the first one to reach the 1st stage of replacement amounted to nothing.

The number of 1st stage bloodliners that he had killed had far surpassed the number of attendance in this banquet.

As for her beauty With a goddess living in his mind, she appeared the same as any girl.

Thus, he didn\'t have any thoughts of wasting his time chasing her down even though he had a crush on her in his previous life.

Alas, his nonchalance to the entire interaction had just made the interested captains in approaching him, forgo those thoughts and just carry on interacting with each other.

They knew that if it was them, they would have at least gestured for Slyivia to take a seat.

But, he didn\'t budge from his place.

If he treated Slyvia, the current number one bloodliner in the world like that, why would he bother to treat them any better

Just like this, Slyvia did Felix a favor unbeknownst to both of them, letting him enjoy his upcoming food in peace.

After having enough of feasting his eyes on the beauties, wearing their homeland cultural dresses, Felix switched his sight to the dazzling males, wearing suits or tuxedos.

Since he was as straight as a pole, he merely checked their mutations to pass time until his food get served.

\'He is truly big.\' Felix\'s eyes couldn\'t help but land on a giant bald-headed man, who reached two-meters and a half in height, towering over everyone in the banquet.

Unlike his terrifying size, he had an abashed smile as he conversed with a couple of girls, who didn\'t even reach his waist.

\'Damn, no wonder they nicknamed him as the Colossal of China.\' He mused.

He then switched his sight from him to a slender man with long ash-grey hair, reaching his waist.

Looking at his gentle visage as he conversed and laughed with multiple captains, Felix\'s memory was refreshed at his identity.

His nickname on the internet was quite easy to remember...The Maestro of England! 

William something I believe Yeah, he is a sound Elementalist.\' Felix rested his hand on his chin as bits of memories about this man resurfaced in his mind.

Just as Felix wanted to check another one, he suddenly cringed at the thought of his nickname given to him by the internet.

While Slyvia, the captain of the Russian team was nicknamed on the internet as The Ice Queen of Russia due to her ice element and cold treatment to most people.

And the other two due to unique characteristics about them, Felix had gotten the worst nickname anyone could think of.

The moment Felix noticed how the people were referring to him on the internet after the national finals, he never stepped a foot in it again.

He would rather not get nicknamed than get a **ty and cringy one.

Thankfully, he was saved from thinking about it as the waiters brought him the dishes and the bottle of wine after only ten minutes.

Guten Appetit. The waiter said after placing down the dishes on the table.

Thank you.

Without further ado, Felix emptied his mind and focused on seething his hunger by finishing off a dish after another.

Even though he was eating quite fast, his table manners were impeccable.

The captains, who were still glancing at Felix from time to time didn\'t show any mocking or weird reaction to him eating in a banquet.

After all, that was the god damn meaning of it.

An elaborate and formal meal for many people.

As Felix reached his 4th and last dish, Slyvia exited from the bathroom and walked towards the open hall, choosing the same path again.

Felix didn\'t notice her coming from behind him, as his mind was entrapped by the food\'s deliciousness.

Thus, he got quite surprised when he smelt her enticing perfume as she walked right next to him with her black high heels, not making a single sound in this noisy hall.

After lifting his head, he was met an enchanting view of her exposed pale back due to the design of black dress.

Yet, Felix wasn\'t enchanted by this alone but by the two breathtaking butterfly-like wings attached slightly above her rear.

The wings were grey and stripped with blue lines, but since they were folded to the limit, minimizing their size, Felix noticed just as much.

Since her wings were attached closely near her rear, Felix\'s eyes automatically focused on it.

Seeing her peach going up and down with the rhythm of her walk, Felix\'s desires resurfaced for a second before he suppressed them again.

Feeling a sudden heated look aimed at her back, Slyvia turned around and noticed that Felix was having his head lowered, probably looking at his feet.

Seeing so, she tilted her head in confusion before continuing on her path.

\'God damn it, It\'s just an ass.

can you chill\' Felix complained while looking at his trouser.

Well, his willy shouldn\'t be blamed for reacting like this as it was quite a while since he relieved himself.

After all, he couldn\'t contact Nora due to the fact he wasn\'t in the VR Pod those past three months.

If he slept with her while using only the bracelet to connect, it would get messy even in real life.

Unless he turned off the shared senses, making his body feel nothing from what he experienced during s.e.x in the UVR.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._51327595718952587 for visiting.

If he did so, it would meaningless to even have s.e.x in the UVR as his real body\'s biological needs wouldn\'t be fulfilled.

In other words, Felix spent the last three months doing absolutely nothing but suppressing and suppressing without an outlet.

Now even simple simulations like seeing Slyvia\'s rear were enough to poke those desires.

\'Should I take one home tonight\' He wondered while feasting his eyes on the beautiful array of girls, glamorous and brightening the evening with their diverse visage.

Alas, he soon removed that idea from his mind as he knew that not one of them was an easy catch.

There was no way in hell, they would want to spend a one night stand with him after talking for just half an hour.

He wasn\'t that confident in his appearance to pull it off.

Those girls were proud captains of each country team, and they might look beautiful and charming in different dresses, but they were definitely not sweet and that easy to convince.

Unless Felix showed an interest in a real relationship, none of them would bother to waste time on him.

Girls like Nora were few and between, and if Felix attempted to pull the same ** on those girls, he wouldn\'t like the outcome.

\'Screw it, might as well connect the VR Pod in the hotel\'s room and contact Nora.\' He thought to himself as he continued eating peacefully.

After a while...

Felix finished eating the last dish as well, not leaving any left-overs.

He wiped his mouth and drunk two big gulps of wine.

Then, he stood up while fixing his tie and sleeves.

He glanced one last time at the captains, who were clearly not planning to leave anytime soon, and turned around, heading to the open gate.

He was quite thankful that no sudden drama rose in the 20 minutes that he was in the banquet.

He came, he feasted his eyes on the beauties and seethed his hunger.

His night wasn\'t ruined by any childish actions or unnecessary provocations.

Now, he was heading to the hotel to play with Nora in the UVR, hoping that his lucky streak continues and not meet with her guerrilla brother, who would definitely c.o.c.kblock him.


Peep! Peep!

Two days later, inside Felix\'s Androxa house, in the bedroom, the noisy alarm sounds abruptly went off at seven in the morning.

Turn it off, Felix. Nora murmured softly with her eyebrows knitted in irritation.

Well, her annoyance was understandable, as they were going at it from midnight to dawn nonstop, leaving her only two hours of sleep before this damned alarm woke her up.

This was happening every night for past the three days, which they spent together in bed.

Well, Felix thought that by doing it once, he would curb his desires but in reality, they just erupted like a volcano, making him contact Nora three times in a row to finally feel satisfied and cleanse his mind from those thoughts.

Peep! Cluck!

After Felix turned off the alarm, he stretched on the bed while gazing at Nora with a content smile.

She was sleeping like a kitten, covering herself in bedsheets while in a curbed position.

Seeing how cute she appeared, Felix went and kissed her on the lips before whispering, I will go back to reality and won\'t be returning for the next week or two weeks.

Mmm. Hearing so, Nora merely made acknowledgment sound without opening her eyes.

After he received a response, Felix didn\'t bother to get out of bed as he logged out straight away.


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