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Meanwhile, outside of the consciousness, Felix was checking the purplish inscriptions in the mirror with a focused gaze.

He kept trying to decipher the weird-looking letters but to no avail.

He even asked the Queen, but she just gave him a negative response as last time.

The only thing he knew was that those inscriptions were the same ones that he saw on Jörmungandr\'s memories when he was slithering on the peaks of the mountains.

When he asked Asna if they had meaning, she replied with a positive response.

This signified that she either had an idea of what they might be or at least saw them somewhere.

However, before asking the stingy Asna, who loved keeping secrets, he was planning to see what the Jörmungandr had in mind about them.

I wonder what they are talking about. He was filled with curiosity on the matters spoken between Asna and the Jörmungandr, two beings at the top of the universe\'s pyramid.

He believed that everything that came out of their lips would be some high-level ** that he never heard about before.

He was quite bothered by not getting included in those conversations, which made him feel like he was being left out.

However, Felix was still sensible enough to give them the space they wanted, and he felt that when they see that he was ready, he would be informed by them.

For now He could only start attempting to harness the poison element even though he smelled like **.

He wanted to go take a shower, but the inscriptions refused to hide by themselves and he had no idea how to remove them manually.

He tried ordering them with a thought, but it didn\'t work.

Thus, he could only wait until the Jörmungandr finished his conversation with Asna before asking him about the method.

Alas, if only he knew that both of them were currently fighting with mist akin to children playing with snow, he would have cursed them both, dropping all sense of formality.

Harness the element.


Thoughtful, Felix sat in a meditation position while having his chin resting on his knuckles.

He was pondering on the most plausible ways to achieve so.

However, no matter how hard he thought about it, he always comes back to the belief that he only needed to use his mind to control the elements.

The Jörmungandr only mentioned that he needed to forget about using a single thought to activate an ability.

But he didn\'t reject the notion of using the mind to manipulate the element.

\'Let\'s start simple.\' Felix closed his eyes shut and started imagining a string made of poison in his mind.

He carefully thought of the shape, the size, the inducement used, and the duration that it would last.

He wanted to be thorough in his manipulation. 

After creating a clear image in his mind, he extended his palm forward, which had a single letter, appearing as \'ⵉ\' in the center of it.

Then, he split his focus between the poison string image and the poison energy that was coursing in his body.

He kept giving off orders for the poison energy to gather into his palm and exit through the pores before shaping it into the string.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=17669339406351905)/poison-string!_%!d(string=51187172836955414) for visiting.

Unfortunately, his orders were wholly ignored like he was merely speaking to himself.

However, Felix didn\'t lose heart as he continued on his attempts with a composed expression.

The reason he didn\'t lose hope was because of the tiny connection that he had with the poison energy in his body.

The moment he awakened and started absorbing the poison energy, he always felt it existing all over his body.

He didn\'t know how to control it, but it was always there.

If it wasn\'t for this slight feeling, Felix wouldn\'t be able to know how much energy he had or how much he was missing.

However, that\'s the only thing he was able to do with this feeling.

Just know the capacity, nothing more, nothing less.

It wasn\'t like he never tested before to use this feeling and control the energy into something more.

But, his attempts ended up in failure just like every other bloodliner throughout the centuries.

Trillions of coins were wasted by humans on research to discover a way to take advantage of that tiny feeling.

Alas, the final result was always blank without any new discoveries.

Heck, it was published in the UVR that the humans even commissioned this research to the Metal Race years back, but till now, not a single update on the matter was posted on the UVR.

Even the Metal Race with their fine intellect failed to deliver a different result.

By now It was already set in stone that the only time where the elemental energy in the humans\' bodies gets used, was during the activation of abilities.

However, Felix believed that with poison manipulation, the energy inside his body would finally start responding to his wishes and order, moving and shaping as he willed it to be.

Though his first attempts kept ending up in failure, he continued on repeating the same sequence over and over again without taking a break.

Minutes went by then hours.

The juniors had already finished their daily practice and entered the residence.

The loud noise of their chatter as they walked in the hallway kept resounding in the room.

Yet, Felix\'s focus wasn\'t broken at all, as he simply kept repeating the exact same practice like a robot.

He was already on his 70th attempt, as each time his focus was broken, he had to start all over again.

However, during those attempts, he realized that he was starting to feel the energy in his body clearer and clearer than the first time!

If it wasn\'t for those little advancements that he noticed, he would have already given on this method and tried to think of another.

But now He ignored everything, even his growling stomach, which kept complaining about not feeding it for more than a half a day now.

Four more hours passed by in the blink of an eye.

Exhaustion and hunger were finally beginning to wear Felix\'s out.

His focus kept being broken, making it almost impossible to continue the practice.

Thus, he decided to take a dinner break before continuing again.

Felix beamed three sealed shut food containers next to him.

He opened them one by one, displaying three types of food; green salad, vegetable soup, and finally chicken\'s chest with rice.

Felix had those meals containers in his spatial card for about a week now.

Yet, the chicken and the soup were still puffing out steam, like they were just cooked half an hour ago.

Anything that was put in the spatial card space gets frozen in the same state that it had.

And since there were neither elements nor laws in the spatial card, only lifeless objects get accepted inside.

If it wasn\'t for so, the Space Worm race would have started universal uber services, delivering clients in their stomachs.

After Felix ate his fill, he put the containers next to the door, so he wouldn\'t forget returning them to the cafeteria kitchen, where he \'gently\' coax the chef to cook him those take-outs.

Time for round two.

Comfortable and focused, Felix closed his legs in a meditation position and kept clearing his mind from any needless thoughts.

After doing so, he sealed his eyes shut and began imagining the poison string again.

Since he has already done so hundreds of times already, it didn\'t take him even a split second before the image manifested in his mind.

Soon, he extended his palm and started feeling the energy inside his body.

Unlike the first time, Felix was actually able to sense the energy like he was hearing his own heartbeats.

He didn\'t know if it was due to his prolonged practice or the dinner break, but after closing his eyes this time and focusing on the energy, he could actually sense it coursing in his body ceaselessly like his own bloodstream!

He knew that this was a massive improvement.

Regardless, if he still couldn\'t control the energy, this feeling was as useless as Asna\'s information.

\'Here we go.\'

Without further ado, Felix started ordering the energy to manifest into the poison string on top of his palm.

He waited for a couple of seconds, but he was still sensing that the energy was static!

He didn\'t want to believe it but the result was right before him.

Did I make a mistake in this approach Or was it the wrong method from the beginning Felix sighed in dejection, Maybe I shou...Hmm

Feeling a sudden tickle in the center of his extended palm, Felix brought his hand closer to his face and started examining it closely, wondering where the feeling came from.

Soon, his eyes were widened in agitation and delight after seeing tiny bits of red mist converging together into a long string before breaking apart and repeating the same sequence.

Shit! It\'s actually working!!

Thrilled and excited, Felix lifted his palm in the air while clutching his wrist tightly, shouting at the top of his voice, IT\'S F*CKING WORKING!!

Alas, he completely forgot that it was already past midnight and most juniors were sleeping.

Thus, his shout resounded thunderously on the entire floor, waking up Olivia, Noah, and the rest.

Thud! Thud!

Irritated, Noah pounded the wall with his fist, voicing his complaint.

He was the nearest to Felix, thus he knew that he was the one who shouted.

The rest though They just blamed and cursed each other out loud before returning to sleep.

My bad! Felix apologized near the wall while still having his eyes glued to his palm, which had the red mist still trying its best to converge into a string.


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