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I will keep it fair and continue eating my breakfast. Felix looked at the juniors, who had their abilities active while surrounding the camp, and said calmly, Just don\'t aim at me or those two.

Don\'t listen to his bull** and target the healer and buffer! A well-toned man with a scar on his forehead, ordered coldly while pointing three hovering bronze daggers at the worried Olivia and Lexie.

Alas, he should have just listened.

Phew! Peng!

By the time the sound of wind resounded in the ears of the well-toned man, his forehead was struck by a small pebble, making him stagger two steps behind before standing stiffly.

Startled, the juniors near him turned around and promptly gasped out loud at the sight of their captain, having a pebble stuck right in the middle of his forehead.

A tiny drop of blood coursed down from the wound, letting them know that his injury was pretty serious!


Mortified and stunned, The juniors kept looking at their captain suddenly falls to the ground with his eyes rolled at the back of his head.

If it wasn\'t for his chest raising ever slightly, they would have pissed themselves in fright at the thought of him dying from a single f*cking pebble.

Soon, they switched their vision to Felix and saw him withdrawing his hand from a flicking animation while taking small sips of soup.

Be good lads and let me eat in peace.

I won\'t repeat my warning. Felix said gently while wiping his mouth.

However, his gentle voice sent chills coursing down the spine of everyone, even Adam and the viewers in the monitor room.

They knew that Felix was strong to the point it was uncanny, but to use a small pebble to take down the leader of the ambushing squad, who was definitely in greater purity

That was a bit too frightful.

Does he even need a team The director said with a tingle of disbelief.

This was the first time he saw Felix, demonstrating his superior physical strength, as in the practice runs in the camp, Felix rarely bothered to use more than his deadly para-acid combo.


The sound of Noah\'s Ice Mace, smashing into the ground, brought everyone back in their senses.

This wasn\'t the time to be shocked!

Seeing Noah making the first move, Adam and the rest popped off their abilities, entering a battle formation.

This was one of the many ones they trained in the camp until it was ingrained in their souls.

STRIKE! Walton shouted as he lifted himself in the air and started aiming his wind blasts at the juniors, who were mainly standing on branches.

Meanwhile, Kenny and johnson went off the radar, probably already about to reach the backlines and start taking out the defenseless ones.

Phew! Phew! Phew!...

Hiding behind a tent, Amelia kept taking down one junior after the other using her green arrows.

Surprisingly, her arrows weren\'t traveling in a straight line but actually zigzagging through the branches until they get implanted on a red target, that was appearing only in Amelia\'s eyes.

It seemed like she already reached origin purity and unlocked her strongest ability!

However, the red targets were placed on the juniors\' non-vitals as the familiar faces of some of them were enough to let Amelia know that this was merely a drill by George.

Lena shields! Composed, Adam ordered, taking over command of the team after Felix decided to be a spectator.

Swoosh! Swoosh!...

That being said, Lena didn\'t need him to order her around as she was already engulfing her teammates in water bubbles, each time she noticed that they were in a difficult position.

Those water bubbles might seem like they had a thin layer and weak, but in reality, their defenses were correspondent to Lena\'s integration.

Since she was actually on origin purity as well, none of the juniors\' attacks managed to penetrate her ability! After all, the strongest of them was merely in greater purity!

Just like this, the juniors even with their multiple numbers weren\'t able to make proper trades.

They were getting hit left and right without the ability to dish the same damage out.

Unlike Lena and Lexie, their buffers were absolutely useless as Kenny and Johnson were keeping them busy, forcing them to focus only on protecting themselves.

it wasn\'t like the camp juniors didn\'t have assassins within their ranks to take down Lena or Lexie.

But the sight of Felix, sitting calmly next to them while sipping soup from a bowl, kept making those assassins have 2nd thoughts about approaching them.

His warning was and the image of their captain losing consciousness by one pebble was still fresh in their minds.

\'F*ck this **, hundred low-tier stones isn\'t worth risking my life.\'

In the end, the two assassins retreated, having no plans to endanger their lives for the reward that was proposed to them by the director.

Obviously, everyone who took part in this drill wasn\'t out of their goodwill, but simply to earn more energy stones to better themselves in the training field.

After all, not everyone could afford training in the UVR\'s rooms, where one wouldn\'t need to be bothered about wasting energy after each ability used.


Take it easy Noah! Don\'t strike them that hard. Adam shouted after hearing the cry of junior, who had his entire arm snap into a different direction by a single strike.

Unresponsive, Noah kept swinging his mace at the horrified front-liners, who were trying their best to either evade or defend, not having a single thought about hitting back.

Noah was literally holding four juniors all by himself without even using his peak active ability!

Boom! Boom!...

Meanwhile, the camp was starting to get ruined by the elemental rangers from the other side, as some tents were falling apart while others were burning in flames.

Nonetheless, Felix\'s tent was completely alright as he was sitting in front of it.

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Although the camp was in a bad state, the woods surrounding it were actually even worse off, as Adam and Sarah\'s abilities were extremely destructive in this environment.

Trees were being burnt down to the ground, forcing the juniors to escape from the hellish flames.

However, before the flames start to spread away from the impact area and burn whatever insight, it abruptly burst into orange particles, marking the end of the ability or its early deactivation.

Just like Felix\'s poisonous mist which spread for a couple of seconds before disappearing, everyone\'s elements were the same!

There wasn\'t a single ability that remains permanently after activation.

After all, if that happened, it wasn\'t farfetched to call bloodliners creators!!

Imagine creating a tsunami that would remain even after the ability was turned off, or a single fireball burning an entire forest

That wouldn\'t make sense as the abilities were created by elemental energy belonging to the bloodliner and fueled by it.

If the energy was gone, the abilities were gone.

This meant Sarah couldn\'t burn the forest even if she wanted to, as the flames would disappear after a couple of seconds.

Though, the area affected would be burnt for that duration.

If it wasn\'t for such, the governments around the world would be terrified by the existence of the bloodliners.

As even a lesser purity bloodliner with a single destructive ability could burn down a small city to oblivion single-handedly.

After a while...

Prepare to heal the critically injured ones. Felix informed Olivia calmly after emptying what remained in the bowl with one mouthful.

He noticed that the battle was about to be concluded soon as most juniors were either lying on the ground, groaning in pain, or backed away, too terrified to reenter the battle.

That\'s enough guys, you did well. Felix wiped his mouth clean as he looked at the juniors, who were gazing at them from a safe distance.

You can leave now. He waved his hand dismissively while heading back to his tent, Don\'t worry, George is going to reward you what he promised. 

Felix always knew that George was going to make it tough for them somehow or someway.

He just didn\'t know when it was going to happen.

George sure took his sweet time before sending the juniors, as those five days made Adam and the rest move in the forest with a lax attitude.

Especially when George didn\'t make the juniors strike when they were split up to find the flags.

That should have been the best opportunity to ambush them with small squads.

Felix always believed that George was going to take that approach as it was the most logical one.

Instead, he threw at them 20 juniors or so all at once when they just woke up, hitting them where they least expected.

Thankfully, the team showed a reaction that made George beyond satisfied.

As Felix said, this is over. George\'s voice suddenly resounded from the sky, making everyone lift their heads and gaze at a drone that was merely 50 meters above them.

After receiving a real confirmation, the juniors released a long breath of relief as they turned around and dashed through the woods, escaping from those monsters.

Without Felix even making a move, they still lost pretty horribly.

They didn\'t dare to think about what would have happened if Felix decided to join the fun.

Olivia, please heal the critical injured first, as the others were given a rejuvenation substance.

Okey! Olivia nodded her head at George\'s request and began planting on their heads before using Lilly\'s blessings on herself, healing 7 juniors at the same time.

If her energy wasn\'t holding her back, she would have been able to actually heal everyone in the area, as she had more than thirty petals in her lily flower!

After a while, she was left huffing in exhaustion, making Sarah go bring her the plant energy stones from her backpack.

Though, this time she didn\'t waste her energy on them but took the substance and applied it to the injured area.

Her ability simply alleviated their critical injuries, as it was activated on many of them at once to actually be potent.


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