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Felix could be seen lying on the floor of his room like a log.

When he left the classroom, he went straight to pick the camping gear from the warehouse before coming to his room and integrating 2% of the remaining 4%.

Even though it was merely 2%, Felix was still finding it harder and harder to tolerate the pain without passing out after the process.

A few moments later, his eyelashes started trembling as he was trying his best to open his heavy eyelids.

\'Oh god, my f*cking head!\'

The moment he regained his consciousness, his brain was hit with the same headache, reminding him that the Jörmungandr had woke up and was gazing at him from the unknown.

Terrified by the thought, his lips quivered as he swiftly drunk the rejuvenation potions one by one until his body and mind were reformed back to their peak again.

I started to get tired of this **. Fatigued and frustrated, Felix massaged his eyelids while standing up on his feet.

Before doing anything, he checked his room with his eyes, worried that the Jörmungandr\'s eyes were going to pop up again.

Thankfully, no such thing happened.

He wondered if it was due to lowering the percentage to 2%.

Damn you Jörmungandr, we were such a good team. Feeling tough again, Felix cursed under his breath as he beamed what left on the floor.

\'Sir Felix, you are low on integration potions.\' The Queen suddenly reminded him.

\'Uhm\' After clicking on his spatial card menu, he noticed that indeed, he was left with only two rejuvenation potions, one pain relief potion, and not a single double percentage potion.

He never bothered to glance at the number of his potions as he always bought 30 by 30 each time he went for a shopping spree.

\'I am really drinking them like water with this slow approach of integration.\' Felix shook his head as grabbed a towel from the closet and threw it on his shoulder.

\'Whatever, I got enough coins now for another shopping spree.\' He rubbed his chin as he left his room, Might as well shop for some expensive battle potions and substances.\'

When he realized that the Gama organization was already on the planet, he always wanted to do a shopping spree on battle potions and substances.

However, he was either broke or busy.

Now, that he had almost a billion and a half coins, nothing was holding him back.


With a towel on his shoulder, Felix left his room, wanting to go for a quick shower.

However, the moment he turned around he saw Olivia peeking at him from her room.

Pssst! Felix, come here.

Speechless, Felix looked at her gesturing with her hand for him to enter.

\'What is she up to again\' Carefree, he entered her room and closed the door behind him.

Eww! You stink! Go take a shower first, I will tell you later.

Too bad, the moment Olivia smelled his nasty stench from his integration, she pinched her nose in disgust and kicked him back out.


Just use the Queen\'s messaging system, if it is important. Annoyed, Felix left this remake before continuing on his way to the shower.

\'I did, but you weren\'t responding for the last hour.\' The Queen\'s voice was heard in Felix\'s mind.

\'I was busy integrating.

So, What\'s up\' Felix asked although he was pretty much certain that she was going to mention his Landlord game.

As he expected, Olivia used the Queen to retell everything that happened in the classroom word by word, snitching without shame.

By the time Felix finished showering Olivia was at the end of her story.

\'Not bad.\' Felix smiled faintly while drying his hair.

He didn\'t expect that Kenny and Johnson to back him up, as he wasn\'t really that close to johnson while Kenny\'s situation was self-explanatory.

That being said, Felix was still wary of Kenny and wasn\'t planning to treat him better anytime soon.

\'Alright, thank you for the info Oli.\' Felix said while rolling a towel around his lower body.

\'Oh, remind me again of your integration percentage.\'

\'88%, I am about to reach origin purity.\' She replied.

\'Did the elders already bought you a tier 2 bloodline\' He asked while walking down the hallway.

\'Not yet.

They are focusing on buying a cheap tier 2 epic rank bloodline for Noah.\'

After leaving this response, silence descended in their mind conversation, making Olivia confused.

A couple of seconds later...

Knock knock!

It\'s me.

After hearing Felix\'s voice, Olivia jumped from the bed and opened the door of her room.

Yet, the moment she saw Felix was it again with his upper body nudity, she pressed her lips in vexation.

I going shopping for some stuff in the evening. Felix smiled as he offered, I need some company.

Oh That\'s rare coming from you. Skeptical, Olivia tightened her lips as she looked at him blinking his eyes innocently.

Be honest, what do you want She looked left and right, Is this one of your pranks

Olivia\'s suspension was on point, as Felix didn\'t want her company when he shops for potions but to take her to Looby\'s shop and get her a good tier 2 bloodline to replace the one she had.

He knew that the elders were going to spend the majority of the coins they earned on getting Noah an epic bloodline.

However, for the rest, they could only settle with rare tier 2 bloodlines.

As for him He already told his grandfather that he could manage on his own, giving the elders a breather on their already tight budget.

Felix didn\'t want Olivia to use a rare bloodline again, especially when he currently had too many coins in his hands.

He wasn\'t that stingy to not gift Olivia a tier 2 bloodline as their price tag rarely goes above 10 million SC.

Too bad, Olivia was sharp enough to notice that Felix\'s behavior was unordinary.

He rarely bothered to stay a single minute with them after the training, don\'t even mention asking to accompany him on his own.

Are you coming or not Not wanting to entangle with her, Felix left an ultimatum before heading to his room.

He was going to buy her a bloodline whether she came or not.

He just believed that it was better for her to choose a bloodline on her own.

Fine, message me when you are leaving. In the end, Olivia agreed.


Two hours later...

In Looby\'s shop, Olivia was staring with a dazed expression at 30 different bloodline bottles, all placed neatly on a desk.

They all had an >EPIC RANKTi-ring!

The deal was concluded in a couple of seconds, not letting Olivia even voice her disapproval.

She just kept looking absent-mindedly at Felix\'s indifferent face, as he threw 20 million SC for her like it was peanuts to him.

The elders were struggling to buy Noah a single cheap tier 2 epic bloodline bottle while Felix could buy two bottles of the best tier 2 epic plant bloodlines in the shop.

She didn\'t know how Felix managed to get so many coins, and she wasn\'t planning on asking.

Unless Felix brought the subject by himself, she would never start grilling him on it as the elders did.

\'He really changed a lot.\' She pursed her lips at his back, thinking that he was getting nicer than he used to.

She didn\'t know if he got nicer to everyone or it was just her.

Alas, she soon found out her answer.


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