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Felix narrowed his eyes in focus, observing the river of lava, which was gushing in his direction akin to a small eruption happening in this tunnel.

This was actually exactly what was happening as some of the lava that was heading upward to the mouth of the volcano, surged into this tunnel first!


After the lava passed by the boulder he was on, Felix threw the surfboard-like rock beneath him and jumped on it, scaring the ** of the spectators, who never thought that he was actually going for it!

After landing on the board, Felix had to kneel and put his hands on the surface in order to hold himself from getting thrown.

Sadly, the board\'s surface was hot to the point, Felix felt like his palms were in an oven.

Pained, He tightened his lips together as he pulled himself upward in a steady manner.

After standing back up, he spread his arms wide while bending slightly forward on the board, displaying a professional surf position.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #._50881159906773460 for visiting.

All of those years surfing on Sky Pearl Island\'s beach didn\'t go to waste!

\'Easy now! Easy!\'

After getting a good footing, Felix let the lava do its work, taking him upward the tunnel in the direction of the exit.

Due to the horrifying speed of the lava, Felix knew that the journey wasn\'t going to take even a minute before reaching his destination.

That being said, the journey wasn\'t going to be easy as the exploding bubbles of lava, which were happening around him, kept him on edge, worrying that a bubble would explode right next to him.


Alas, Murphy wasn\'t wrong when he said that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, as a bubble had exploded right in front of Felix, projecting tens of lava drops right in his direction!

\'F*ck me!\'

Felix could only curse in his mind while guarding his face and letting the rest of the drops do as they please with his body.


The sound of his flesh sizzling akin to a piece of meat being fried on a pan, kept resounding in his ears, making the pain increase by threefolds. 

His clothes were on the verge, letting the spectators see the hideous burnt marks those drops left behind.

Uncaring about losing his clothes, Felix hastily activated the mustard yellow aura, hoping to use revitalization on those marks.

Alas, the instant the mist rushed out from his pores, it started to get evaporated by the hellish heat of the lava river!

Without hesitation, Felix used his revitalization, letting his body absorb whatever it could from the mist before his energy reaches the red line.

The aura was being released continuously from his pores and that was exhausting his energy with a terrifying speed.


Just as he was in the process of dealing with those burnt marks, a loud explosion resounded from behind, forcing Felix to turn around and check what caused it.


Agitated, Meliodas screamed at the mic, tainting it with saliva.

Yet, he didn\'t even care as the sight before him was too horrifying to watch!

The hope that was regaining in the heart\'s of Felix\'s fans was snuffed instantly after seeing the tunnel breaking down from behind, as rivers of lava were gushing from every corner, trying to bury everything in sight!!

Scared **less, Felix faced the exit again and leaned forward with his hands folded behind his back, in a skating position.

He was trying to increase his speed if just slightly!

Boom! Boom! Bam!...

The pain of the burnt marks was wholly ignored as the sound of rocks colliding against each other kept breathing down on Felix\'s neck, making Felix\'s back muscles to tense up in distress!

Yet, his eyes were as focused as ever at the exit, which kept enlarging rapidly in his eyes.

The spectators stood from their seats while gaping at Felix, not daring to blink a single time in fear of missing something.

None of them bothered to comment or speak to each other.

Everyone had only one image in their minds, and that was Felix\'s image of his surfing on f*cking live lava while being chased rapidly by the crumbling tunnel!


\'Almost there!\' Asna cheered in Felix\'s mind.

Yet, he was oblivious to what she said, as his attention was wholly captured by the rocks, which were falling right above his head!

The tunnel\'s collapse had reached him!!!

However, Felix didn\'t seem agitated or frightened as he should be.

Instead, he lowered himself calmly on the board, until his entire body was lying on it!!


His skin started to make sizzling sounds akin to being barbequed on an 800°C degrees grill.

His eyes got a bit watery from the heat and the pain, but he never closed them down as the bright light on the other side of the tunnel was right in his face! He didn\'t dare to miss it!


Meliodas, the spectators, the players, who were running downhill, heading towards the forest, all froze in their position at the booming sound of the volcano erupting!

The Lava had reached the sealed shut mouth of the volcano! Since it was closed, the eruption was explosive!

They raised their heads and started staring in fear at the molten rocks raining down on the volcano\'s premise akin to a meteor shower.


In the air, right beneath those molten rocks, a surfboard-like rock was flying above a river of lava that was split in half after the collapse of the tunnel!

The players would never notice such a small rock within a meteor shower.

However, the golden beam that was projected into the atmosphere made them ignore everything, even their safety, and gaze at it with their mouth agape and eyes bulging out of their sockets.

I am must be dreaming. Rosanna murmured in absolute disbelief while pointing her shaky finger at Felix, who stood up from his lying position, exposing his wholly burnt off red skin!

Since the distance was quite far between Felix and the players, they only saw a completely red human, making him appear just like a DEVIL has escaped Hell itself!


Frosty\'s brain was about to shut down by the notion that Felix managed to escape a 100% death trap in his eyes!

Yet, before he got a brain stroke, his widened eyes brightened as he noticed that Felix was falling mid-air without anything to ease his fall!

Heck, he noticed that even if he managed to survive the fall, how was he supposed to deal with the lava that was falling with him or the meteor shower, which was about to strike down anything in sight!

This question was currently reverberating in everyone\'s minds, who was currently watching Felix getting pulled down by gravity.

\'Felix, jump now!\' Asna, who knew about Felix\'s plan shouted in his mind.

\'Not yet, not yet...\' Felix\'s eyebrows were knitted as he kept gazing at the red circle tens of meters underneath him!

That\'s right! Felix already planned for an escape route after he gets out of the tunnel!

He wasn\'t a retard to think that just be leaving the volcano, he would be safe!

He knew that the greatest danger wasn\'t inside the volcano but after leaving it and experiencing the meteor shower firsthand!

Felix wasn\'t confident in his ability to escape the strike zone of the meteor shower unscratched.

Thus, he had to create a 2nd plan concerning his escape.

The teleportation circle, which was lying near the tunnel exit unused the entire game was the perfect gateway to safety!!

NOW! Agitated and somewhat thrilled, Felix threw himself with his hands extended forward.

He knew that he only needed a finger to get inside the teleportation circle for it to activate it.

Thankfully, the teleportation circle was massive, making his extra efforts pointless, as his entire body managed to enter it!

Still mid-air, his body started to disintegrate into light particles before drifting by the wind under the dumbfounded and awestruck eyes of the players, Meliodas, and 60 million concurrent live stream viewers!!

No one wanted to believe what their eyes were feeding them and they didn\'t dare to! 

They were already shocked multiple times by Felix\'s plays, escapes, wits, strength, bravery, but nothing came close to what they had just witnessed!

They believed that his play of snatching the Crown was going to be his peak performance in the game, just to be shown this!

Silence descended in the island and stadium alike for a second before the booming noises of the molten rocks slamming into the ground, woke them up from their stupor.

Boom! Boom! Boom!..

Suddenly, hell broke loose in the stadium and on the island simultaneously!




No one paid attention to the players, who started to run away from such an apocalyptic scene, as the spectators were jumping from the seats while pulling each other\'s shirts in excitement and exhilaration!

Meanwhile, the live stream viewers made it almost impossible to read what they were typing in the chat as everyone was spamming at the same time in a frenzy!

Landlord proves once again! Meliodas stood on his commentary table as he shouted with his head bent, That HE IS THE BEEEEEST!


Chants raged throughout the whole stadium, as the spectators, whether they were Felix\'s fans or not, all chanted in perfect harmony, making Emma\'s eyes watery.

Just like football fans on earth feeling emotional and proud about their team or their favorite player, Emma and the rest weren\'t any different!

They feel proud when Felix achieve something unordinary and bothered when he fails! But till now, Felix was showing them only the best performance in every single game!

He was always outdoing himself!

From being 100% dead to being the first one to leave the volcano\'s premise safely.

Who could pull that off besides Felix

They were proud of being his loyal fans through thick and thin!

After a while the hubbub was reduced a little, making Meliodas regain his wits back and continue doing his job.

The play was nuts alright, but the game wasn\'t over yet!

There were still ten minutes on the clock! Yet, after eying the players, who reached the forest in one piece, he didn\'t know if the game truly still had 10 minutes or not.

No one was moving!

Heck, even Mr.

Frosty was sitting on a branch with his eyes closed shut, clearly showing that he had no intention to head towards the green teleportation circle where Felix was currently at.

Everyone gave up on the game!

Meliodas soon understood their reason why from hearing a conversation between two players.

It turned out, ten minutes was barely enough for the players to reach the teleportation circle.

After all, Felix being one of the fastest runners in the forest, took 10 minutes to reach the volcano premise when he snatched the Crown.

Don\'t even mention some of those players.

Of course, those with movement speed abilities could reach the green circle in under 5 minutes or so if they pushed their limits.

But, then what They knew that Felix wasn\'t a retard to stay in his place and wait for them until they arrive.

Hell, they were certain that he was currently on the move running at his fastest speed in the opposite direction from them!

In their eyes, the game was already over the moment Felix used the teleportation circle which was unguarded!

Thus, they could only sit in silence on the branches contemplating how were they going to respond to the media after the game ends.

Felix might not get interviewed, but all the players were going to get attacked by the media due to him!!

Even better! This was the perfect conclusion to the game. Meliodas laughed in delight as he switched his vision from the players to Felix\'s small screen.

However, after seeing what Felix was doing, he couldn\'t help but exclaim in stumper, Why the hell isn\'t he running away!

The spectators with omnipotent vision immediately zoomed into the teleportation circle after hearing Meliodas\'s exclaim.

Just like him, they were shocked to see Felix sitting in the middle of the teleportation circle, wearing a brand new set of clothes.

He had a wrist resting on his knee while sitting in a semi mediation position.

He was neither moving nor speaking, he just kept sitting with his head raised, and a faint confident smile was affixed on his lips.

The gems on the Crown kept gleaming under the rays of sunlight while being on top of his head.

This mesmerizing and peaceful scene made the spectators feel like they were watching a natural-born king, who owned this island and everything that was in it.

After remembering every play and battle he went through inside the island, who would dare claim to be the king before him Who!

Only now did they understand why the game was named >The King of The Island!


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