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Right on time. Felix grinned as he saw that five minutes had passed since he dropped.

I do hope that the Crown lands on me.

The spectators didn\'t know whether to applaud his fight or mock him for getting too c.o.c.ky and wish to carry that hot potato at the start of the game.

But who could blame them for mistrusting Felix\'s absolute confidence

The best-known record was one hour and the holder still died.

Yet, Felix was hoping to hold the Crown for two hours and survive it

Unique Legendary Bloodline or not, there was absolutely no way for Felix to survive against 99 players in this game all by himself.

Not to mention, all of them were a peak 1st stage bloodliner!

No one entertained the idea, not even his most loyal fans!

After waiting for thirty seconds and still seeing that the Crown didn\'t show up above his head, Felix sighed in disappointment and carried on his journey towards the green beacon.

Just like everyone else, he was heading there to camp, in case the Crown didn\'t land in the Rain Forest zone.


14 minutes later...

On top of a towering tree, reaching hundreds of meters, Felix was sitting on a branch with his back leaning against the stem.

Meanwhile, his eyes were focusing on the ground, where a giant green circle with mesmerizing inscriptions was drawn on the floor.

He was able to see it clearly as the bright light disappeared the instant he got this close to the circle.

Felix switched his vision to the 28 players or so all standing around it.

Some were grouped up as 5 or 6 while some were just a party of 2 players.

None of them were standing alone.

14 minutes was more than enough to meet and create alliances or partnersh.i.p.s for the upcoming hunt.

\'Only 30 seconds left before the first transmission.\' Felix did a quick glance at the time while thinking, \'I should probably check on the newcomers now.\'

He turned on his Infrared vision and scanned the entire area around the teleportation circle.

After a couple of seconds, he turned it off while sighing in disgruntlement.

He saw that the number of players hiding had increased to 20 in total.

Adding that to the 28 or so on the ground, this made him conclude the unlikeliness of the Crown Holder being in the Rain Forest zone.

No one was retarded enough to hold the Crown and stay close to the majority of the players.

However, Felix didn\'t lose all of his hope, as he believed that it was still possible for one of those players to throw the Crown somewhere in the forest during those past 14 minutes.

Peep! Peep!...

After reaching ten seconds before the location of the Crown gets transmitted, Felix\'s bracelet started vibrating.

Felix stood up while having his eyes roam around, paying close attention to where the place of transmission will come from.

He wasn\'t the only one doing so as every player in the map quieted down their chatter and heightened their vigilance to the max.

Everyone had only one thought going through their mind, and that was the countdown to zero.

Three, two, one...

Go! Go! Go!...

The moment a golden beam of light emerged in the sky above the Rain Forest, every player next to the circle dashed toward it, completely giving up on their camping plan!

\'Good **!\' Thrilled by the sight of the static golden beam that was 10 kilometers or so away from him, Felix let out a booming laugh while sprinting on the branch he was on.


Without a single hesitation, he jumped the instant he reached the edge of the branch, aiming to land at the nearest tree below him!

However, the distance was still a bit too much for Felix\'s knees to handle, thus he caught thin branch mid-air and swung himself to another, smashing into every giant green leaf in his path!


By the time he made it, the rest were already ahead of him.

Yet, Felix wasn\'t worried about it.

He knew that since the golden beam was static, it meant that the Crown was thrown by the first holder.

This meant unless those players were confident in their ability to survive getting chased by everyone, no one would dare to touch it.

5 minutes later, the golden beam of light disappeared from the sky.

Despite so, not a single player was bothered about it, as they already memorized its location, or at least the area it was at. 

After running at his top speed for a while, Felix started to slow down, as he noticed that all of the players had their heads facing a direction without moving an inch.


Felix landed on a tree\'s branch and rolled forward two times to stop the momentum.

After getting hold of himself, he cut down a giant leaf and put it on top of him while lying on his stomach.

\'Oh\' Intrigued, he gazed with his red shimmering eyes at 5 humanoid auras surrounding the Crown.

The golden light that the Crown was releasing appeared as clear as crystal in his eyes.

After finding what he wanted, he turned off his infrared vision and started approaching the five players in a sneaky manner, not wanting to expose himself.

So far, not a single player saw him as he made sure that he was either behind them or way above them.

Those who met him during the last 20 minutes didn\'t live to tell the tale.

\'Hmm It seems like they are talking.\' Felix closed his eyes and focused deeply on what they were saying, hoping to pick up their conversation.

Thankfully, they were speaking out loud.

Miss Rosanna, I apologize but I can\'t accept your offer.

I am simply here to represent my alliance. said a broad-shouldered man with green facial hair while shaking his head towards a tall gorgeous red-haired lady, who was wearing a dress made of red roses and thorns.

Are you certain Mr.

Bio Rosanna smiled alluringly, 50 million SC for each of you is quite a lot.

Seeing that he was still unmoving in his decision, Rosanna sighed and asked the other three alliances\' leaders, How about you guys


Not interested.


A warrior-like man with a n.a.k.e.d upper body full of scars, smashed the butt of his heavy sword at the branch, drawing everyone\'s attention to him.

Make it 100 million each and my six-man alliance will be at your service. He said in a straightforward manner.


Without a single hint of hesitation or showing signs of disapproval at the price getting doubled, Rosanna offered a delightful smile as she projected a huge holographic contract, showing all of its details to everyone.

Even Felix, who was quite far, managed to read the terms.

\'You b*tch, I curse you and your filthy rich mom!\' Felix couldn\'t help but curse in his mind after reading that she was giving 100 million SC to every player, who signed this hiring contact.

By signing it, Rosanna would be getting the protection from the alliance and the help needed to win the game.

This was the same as hiring a mercenary squad inside the game or bringing goons from the outside!

For hardcore players, obviously, none of them would give a ** about this crap.

But for losers, who already figured that they had no chance to win the game, they will damn sure sign it and secure such a freebie!

Retreat! Vexed and agitated, Biohunter ordered while jumping down the branch.

He wasn\'t a retard to stay next to Rosanna, who was about to get another 6 players to her side while she already had 5 in her alliance! 

That\'s right, she already bought 5 players with 50 million each.

This summed up the total spent by her to 850 million! 

Go back!...Withdrew!

The rest of the leaders soon ordered the same thing, leaving only the proud Rosanna and the Warrier-like man next to the shimmering golden Crown, which was floating in the air.

There she goes again! Meliodas sighed in annoyance as he said, Is she planning on continuing her winning streak forcefully by spending her mother\'s money

Meliodas didn\'t give a crap about mincing his words when he was dealing with girls.

He only acts nicely to men and especially cute ones.

That being said, his criticism was applauded by the spectators, as they also didn\'t like what they were watching.

They were expecting an epic battle royal for the Crown between the alliances and the partnersh.i.p.s, yet the end result was this anticlimactic situation.


They couldn\'t help but start booing at Rosanna and her goons, who lacked the backbone to play the game like it was supposed to.

Meanwhile, Felix was staring in focus at Rosanna, who was gesturing with her hand for her alliance to drew closer to her.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50672904442004978 for visiting.

Before long, her entire alliance was standing all in one branch, putting her and the Crown in the center of a defensive formation.

Meliodas, my darling, you better capture this image perfectly.

I paid 850 million for it. Rosanna winked at the sky while approaching the Golden Crown.


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