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Felix spread his arms and legs wide open as he kept free-falling into the rain forest, bursting into the grey clouds for a couple of seconds before his vision was brightened up again.

His eyes were narrowed as he was focusing on the center of the forest, where the beacon of light was at.

His destination was clearly the teleportation circle...Well, at least getting as close as possible to it.

He turned his head to the left and saw that at least 20 players were all diving towards the center as well.

Some were nosediving to increase their speed and reach faster, while some were trying their best to slow their speed just like Felix.

He turned to the right and saw the exact same thing.

They were quite close to him but Felix wasn\'t really worried about being attacked or such, since he knew that as long as they were in the sky no one was allowed to use their abilities.

After all, it was an unfair advantage given to the wind Elementalist or those with flying abilities.


The towering trees were getting closer and closer, making Felix pay close attention to which tree was the largest one of those closest to him.

\'That one!\'

Soon, he saw a tree that was resembling coast redwood, but with literally red leaves, reaching 200 meters in height or so.

He immediately changed his falling positing to nose-diving, hoping to edge closer to the tree.


Just as Felix was about to collide with it, he guarded his face with his arms while drawing his knees closer to his chest, appearing like a human grenade.


He smashed right into the humongous stem of the tree, creating a deep hole within.

Yet, the tree only trembled slightly, making the leaves rustle for a second or two.

That was fun.

Thrilled by the experience, Felix jumped from the hole and landed on one of the branches with a pleased smile on his face.

\'I want to try that as well.\' Asna murmured dejectedly while eying Felix enjoying his time.

\'You will get your chance soon enough.\' Felix promised while cracking his neck.

Asna smiled charmingly and stopped bothering him, letting him focus on the game.

Without a single second wasted, Felix looked at his bracelet and voiced his request, Queen, make three separate alarms, one for the first 5 minutes, 2nd for every 15 minutes after, the 3rd for 5 minutes of the transmission.

As you wish. The Queen did as she was told, making three alarms each with a different sound and ring 10 seconds before the mentioned periods.

Satisfied by the end result, Felix nodded his head and started climbing into the top of the tree, jumping from a branch into the other akin to a monkey.

Before long, he reached the top of the tree and stood on a small branch while holding the tip of the tree with his hand.

Hmmm, I\'m still quite far.\' He pondered to himself as he noticed that the green beacon was still a couple of kilometers away from him.

\'Let\'s see, if there are any free targets on the way.\' He activated his infrared vision and pushed it to the limit, making everything in half a kilometer disappear, except for 3 humanoid auras, each displaced on a tree.

Felix managed to guess so easily by the fact they were standing mid-air.

A couple of seconds later, Felix turned off the passive, not wanting to get a headache.

If it wasn\'t for him increasing his integration from 51% to 84%, his mental energy wouldn\'t have increased, which in turn made the range of the limit increase a hundred meters to a half-kilometer!

Of course, his energy capacity and physical strength were increased moderately as well.

Felix wasn\'t lazing around during the past five days, as he added 4% on his 80%, taking Asna\'s advice and integrating 2% every two days.

After the game, he planned on finishing the last 4% in the bottle.

\'Asna did you note their position\' He asked while jumping down the tree.

\'Yes.\' She informed him, \'The closest one is about 150 meters away from you.\'

\'Time to hunt.\' Felix licked his lips while having his slits narrowing into a string, completely engrossed in jumping from a tree\'s branch to the other.


\'Hopefully, the Crown land in the forest area.\' A short man with grey furry ears instead of human ears was pondering on top of a branch while gazing at the green beacon in utter focus.

Rustle rustle...

Suddenly his furry ears quivered at the abnormal rustling sound of the leaves behind him.

\'Heh, trying to ambush a wolf\' He snickered without turning his head, acting like he didn\'t notice the ambush.

However, his human\'s nails were in the process of morphing into long metallic nails, gleaming under the rays of sunlight.

Whoosh Whoosh!

The moment his furry ears picked up the sound of approaching objects, he immediately turned around with a c.o.c.ky smirk on his face, planning to cut them into two with his sharp nails.

He was clearly confident in his ability to achieve so.

Too bad, the sight that greeted him wasn\'t like he expected, as he saw two acid green bombs, closing in on him with horrifying speed.

\'Dear God, why mee first!!\'

Terrified by facing the owner of those bombs, he couldn\'t help but cry in his mind while dodging narrowly one bomb, leaving the other to hit him right in the thigh!

Poof Poof!

Sadly for him, Felix exploded both of them at the same time, making him get engulfed from behind as well as the front!

Before Felix could smile at having 200 GP secured with only two bombs, he frowned his eyebrows at the sight of his prey getting encased in a metallic grey fur, making the corrosion less effective than before.

HeavyMetal uses his best defensive ability, Metallic Fur! How is Landlord going to carry on his offense Meliodas wondered out loud.

Landlord, the game has just started, there is no need to drain our energy for such a needless fight. HeavyMetal suggested while crouching down on a branch, with his back and head facing Felix.

After seeing his form, Felix knew that whether he accepts his proposal or reject it, the bastard was planning to escape either way.

But so what

During those first 5 minutes, where the Crown still hasn\'t emerged yet, players were free to do as they please.

Felix had no plans to chill in this duration, as he wanted to obtain game points every chance he got.

Oxidification Inducement. Felix created two bronze-colored bombs in his hands with a devilish smile.

You either buy your life or die. He hurled the bombs towards HeavyMetal while saying, There is no in-between in my dictionary!

Poof Poof!

Well, f*ck you then! The player cursed him while bolting away, having absolutely no plan on fighting Felix alone.

He saw enough footage about Felix in the network to let him understand that Felix wasn\'t a player but a monster wearing human skin joining the games to terrorize them!

Why do they always run Felix murmured in annoyance as he chased down his prey, who was running in direction of the green beacon.

It seems like this chase is going in Landlord\'s favor! Meliodas commentated passionately while watching Felix catching up to HeavyMetal rapidly.

The spectators were in favor, as Felix\'s movements were quite fluid, making it seem like he was actually traveling on the ground instead of branches!

Felix always trained in this kind of environment as he knew that the SGA loved using huge forests in their games.

Heck, the first-ever practice he had in the Training Center was in a forest almost the same as this one! Thus, he knew what he was doing.

Meanwhile, the same couldn\'t be applied to HeavyMetal, as the weight of the metal fur was hindering his speed significantly!

It was obvious that he didn\'t have movement-related abilities or even a superstrength passive to let him handle the weight properly.

He couldn\'t even remove it as the threats of getting hit by an acid bomb was always on his mind.

Those little things, little details, were what caused his furry ears to tremble at the sound of rustling coming from above, making him quiver in fear all over.

Landlord is above me!!

This thought coursed in his mind as he lifted his head, witnessing the most horrifying image in his entire life.

A humongous brownish sphere, falling from the sky akin to a bronze coffin descending to seal his fate!

Whoosh! Thud!

Felix landed exactly two meters in front of the petrified HeavyMetal, intercepting his path forward.

Why did you run Felix smiled warmly as he tightened his fist and bashed him right in the stomach!Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!-why-me-first-!_50654086311234068 for visiting.

If HeavyMetal wasn\'t wearing that metal fur, that punch would have launched him or burst his internal organs.


Unfortunately, it just made HeavyMetal merely cough.

However, the sight didn\'t discourage Felix at all, as he snapped his finger, creating a light yellow bomb right next to his head.

\'F*ck me!\' HeavyMetal immediately closed his mouth shut, not daring to inhale after his cough, even when it felt extremely uncomfortable holding it in.

That bomb made him terrified about the consequences of doing so.

Yet, what was making him despair even more was the brownish aura that he was inside.

He wasn\'t feeling much from the sphere.

However, the metal fur, that he was wearing, kept getting rusty gradually, weakening it to the limit.


With Felix\'s upcoming barrage of punches and kicks, the fur was getting obliterated continuously until HeavyMetal\'s clothes were started to get exposed!

Slash Slash! 


Driven mad by getting cornered like this, HeavyMetal gave up on defending and switched on full offense, waving his rusty metallic long nails left and right in a mindless manner!

His retaliation forced Felix to keep stepping back while evading those last effort attacks to the best of his ability.

Snap, Snap!

This back and forth kept going for merely 5 seconds before snapping sounds resounded in the area!

Oh no, they broke! Meliodas exclaimed out loud at the sight of those rusty nails breaking into two pieces the moment they landed on Felix\'s forearm!


Immediately, Felix snapped his fingers with one hand while delivering a heavy punch with the other at HeavyMetal\'s despairing face!


Not able to hold it anymore, HeavyMetal was forced to breathe in the light yellow inducement after having his nose bashed like that.

He froze stiffly with blood dripping down his chin and widened eyes packed with raw emotions, displaying his fear and despair at what\'s about to come next.

Good fight. Felix said, smiling.

The Image would have appeared nice and all if his index finger wasn\'t deeply ingrained in HeavyMetal\'s forehead while saying so.


After removing his finger, HeavyMetal fell backward with his eyes turning grey and dim until the last shimmer of light was sapped out of them.

Peep! Peep!

A second later, the first alarm that Felix set out went off abruptly, making him glance at his bracelet.


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