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That\'s right, it needs to have your name, current integration percentage, element or elements, affinity rating, bloodline\'s name, tier and rank, and lastly your unlocked abilities in their respectful order. He looked at his bracelet and said, You have 5 minutes, you may begin!

\'Even better.\' Felix smiled pleasantly while filling his profile with the mentioned information.

He was glad that Goerge gave them the liberality to write their own details instead of forcing them into getting scanned by his bracelet.

If he did so, Felix would be forced into disobeying the order to protect the fact he had a 100% affinity rating.

It didn\'t take a genius to figure out that Felix either had ways to increase his affinity or the Queen\'s scan was faulty.

It was obvious which one was more believable.

To not put himself in that position, Felix was planning on rejecting any scanning attempts at him.

As long as he didn\'t give the Queen his permission, no one could scan him and figure out his private information.

Truthfully, Goerge made them create their own profiles as he knew that displaying results publicly would only make the team members compare with each other.

He didn\'t want that as he had no plans to make some members feel **ty about themselves while some feel superior.

That would defy the purpose of making the team united.

In fact, it would just make it worse.

It was all fine and dandy to know about each other\'s abilities, but knowing even the integration percentage and affinity rating That should be private to oneself.

After a while, Felix finished writing down everything.

He swiftly made his hologram visible to only Goerge, showing him what he needed to know and hiding what he didn\'t.

Even when he downplayed 70% of what he showed, Goerge was still shellshocked by what he read, especially the abilities names.

What the Hell! He couldn\'t help but exclaim out loud, making everyone look at him strangely.

Indifferent to their looks, Goerge dashed towards Felix and pointed his shaky finger at the shown abilities names, *Advanced Poison Resistance*, *Superstrength*, *Poison Bombs*, and lastly, *Poison Pillars*.

When he first saw Felix\'s abilities live in the stadium, he believed just like everyone else, that *Poison Bombs* were just *Paralyze Bombs* while, *Poison Pillars* was a sole ability that could put others to sleep or something.

However, after reading \'poison\' in them, he knew that he was completely gassed out just like everyone!

Does your abilities allow you to switch inducements! He stuttered as he asked.

Switch inducements Amelia murmured in disbelief.

What is that Walton scratched his red beard as he asked her.

Hehe, brother Felix can use 5 poison inducements in his abilities. Olivia bragged with her chest puffed out in pride.

After hearing so, Felix just shrugged his shoulders while pointing at Olivia, entailing that she summed it up perfectly.

The f*ck does that mean he still didn\'t use his full strength in the tournament!

Aghast and somewhat frightened, Walton exclaimed while staring at Felix with widened eyes.

Lena and Amelia figured as much the moment they heard Olivia.

At this point, they honestly didn\'t know what to feel.

Felix just keeps getting bigger and bigger in their eyes, not stopping for a single second to look down at them.

It was obvious that he didn\'t acknowledge their existence in the team and they were hoping in those two months to change that.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #.-gama's-voice!_50536464085220117 for visiting.

However, the more they knew about him the less confident they got in their chances of achieving so.

Ding! Ding! Ding!...

Just as Goerge wanted to ask Felix to show him the five inducements that he had, he got interrupted by loud annoying bell noises.

Email me your profiles.

We will carry this conversation in the evening when Adam regroups with us. Goerge regained control of his composure as he pointed at the residential area, The entire field is going to be packed soon with the juniors.

And we are not planning to train with them.

He suggested while leaving, If you wanna stay and watch them train, be my guest.

Just remember my 2nd rule. He turned around giving them a strict gaze, No trouble!

After seeing that he truly left, Felix waved the hologram away and walked in a completely different direction than the residential area.

He was planning to explore the camp until the residential area gets emptied out from the juniors.

From the humongous size of the camp, there were many buildings left to be seen.

Felix wait for me! Olivia chased after him while waving her hand in the air.

Sarah soon followed after her as well.

The rest of the main team each went in their own direction, leaving Amelia, Walton, and Lena to gaze at Felix\'s back, having absolutely no idea how to approach him.


Crack! Crash! thud!...

In an exquisite hotel suite, an old man with a white beard was trashing the entire bedroom, destroying anything in his path.

How could you get wiped out by one f*cking person! How COULD YOU!

Enraged, the elder kept screaming with flushed cheeks while throwing empty glasses into the wall, uncaring about how he appeared to the rest of the elders in the room.

Though, it seemed like some of them wanted to jump in and start venting the boiling magma in their chest.

That\'s enough, elder Joseph. A middle-aged man with l.u.s.trous golden hair and a few wrinkles under his eyes, tabbed with the side of his fist at the table, forcing Joseph to calm down a little.

It seems we still underestimated that junior\'s strength. The middle-aged man said while massaging his temples.

Who would have thought that a full mercenary squad made out of 12 retired S.W.A.T veterans was still not enough for a legendary bloodliner. He shook his head and said, We can\'t blame them though as no one expected that his body was bulletproof.

It was a failed mission before it even began. Another elder chimed in with a dispirited tone.

Dejected, Joseph took a deep breath as he sat on the bed with his head lowered.

He kept gazing at the floor while thinking about the time he rashly promised Mr.

Gama that he was going to bring him a legendary bloodliner.

This was the main reason he was furious.

He knew that Mr.

Gama didn\'t tolerate failures or having his expectations brought up just to be crushed.

Joseph was terrified about contacting him and giving him the report of the failed kidnapping attempt.

He understood that Mr.

Gama could not touch him or send his own people to do so.

However, he could ask his own people to set an irresistible bounty on his head anonymous and his fate was set to damnation.

He didn\'t even need to use supremacy coins as hundred of millions of dollars were more than enough for Joseph\'s head.

What are we going to say to Mr.

Gama Joseph lifted his head as he asked, Should we delay informing him until we catch that bastard

No, I believe that Mr.

Gama received the news earlier than us. The middle-aged man sighed as he added, Plus, there is no way we will find another mercenary squad, who is willing to infiltrate that heavily guarded camp. He waved his hand, Forget about that junior for now and focus on what should we say to appease Mr.


I think we... Just as Joseph wanted to suggest a solution, his AP bracelet started ringing.

Mortified, He gulped a mouthful after seeing the name of the caller.



It\'s him!

Everyone quietened down in the room after Joseph showed them the ID caller.

F*ck, take it! Don\'t make him wait. The middle-aged man rushed him.


Where is my promised legendary bloodliner The moment the call got connected, a deep hoarse voice resounded in the room, making the elders all quiver in their places.

The tone used was as flat as it could get.

Not a single hint of emotions could be detected from it.

Yet, the elders still got tensed after hearing it.

Meanwhile, Joseph had his mouth parted, stamped on how he should respond.


Gama asked him straight to the point without giving him a single chance to lube the bad news.

I apologize Mr.

Gama, but the squad we sent got wiped out by him an hour ago.

In the end, Joseph decided to come clean and give a straight to the point answer.

He knew that Mr.

Gama\'s reason for asking even though he knew what happened was to hear it from his lips.

This is why I abhor dealing with primitive natives.

You still don\'t understand that your planet\'s laws won\'t protect you from having your heads cleaved when you fail to deliver your promise.


Gama\'s deep voice kept sending chills in the back of the elders, making them feel like they were speaking to the grim reaper himself.

Luckily, you still have use for my organization.

The elders sighed in relief after hearing so.

They understood that the Gama Organization was trying its best to stay as hidden as possible.

Thus, they couldn\'t afford to get fall out with them now, unless they had plans to inform another family about their existence.

As for why they were hiding in the first place They had no idea, just like they didn\'t know what the Organization did to the sold awakeners.

You will be given one last chance to prove your worthiness. Mr.

Gama paused, Now, when should I expect my legendary bloodliner

Joseph turned to the middle-aged man and saw him extending three fingers.

In three months! Joseph quickly clarified after hearing heavy breathing from the other side, Not a single person in the world is going to accept kidnapping a bloodliner from the camp or during the world\'s battles. He begged, Please, in three months the battles will be concluded and the juniors chosen will have the lowest amount of protection.

Joseph said so with full confidence in his prediction.

He understood that the entire reason countries were protecting their national team members was in fear of having them getting assassinated before obtaining a representative spot.

However, the moment they got one, not a single country would aim at them, as that means harming the planet\'s chance of winning the planetary games.

This was a tactical understanding between countries since if they kept assassinating before choosing representatives and also after, the entire planet would be screwed big time in the games.

No one wanted that to happen as the consequences were too much to handle.

Thus, after three months Felix and his team would be free to roam everywhere they wanted.

That\'s when the Hiltons planned on striking again but heavier this time!

No one would be expecting this strike as the world council had no idea about the Gama Originazation\'s existence or the Hiltons\' operations.

This was the reason why the Hiltons were certain that no one would suspect them for the previous ambush.

They knew that the government was going to be fully focused on countries with a hostile relationship with them.

After all, in the eyes of the goverment, those countries had something to gain from ambushing their national team, while the Hiltons didn\'t.

Since the mercenary squad was taken by Felix alone, no one had the chance to interrogate them about their mission\'s aim.

Felix killed every assailant was to stop the kidnapping attempts from being exposed to the goverment!

If that happened, the government would be alerted and start investigating those previously kidnapped commoners.

By then, it wouldn\'t be long before a lead, exposing the Hiltons and the Organization would surface.

Felix didn\'t want that to happen, as he understood that the Organization wouldn\'t just pack up and leave after getting exposed but actually would come out in the light prematurely!!

He knew that he wasn\'t ready to face the chaos that would arise after.

Not to mention, the huge impact this would have on the timeline!

Thus, the Hiltons elders believed that they weren\'t suspected by anyone, even Felix.

But in reality, the only reason they were still alive was due to Felix not wanting to flip the chessboard prematurely.

Remember this is your last chance. Before elder joseph could respond, his mouth was left parted after hearing Mr.

Gama adding, And send 5 awakeners in a month as compensation for failing to deliver your promise.

Of course, Of course! Joseph gave a forced laugh, We were planning on doing s..


F*****CK YOOOU! Enraged, Joseph screamed at his bracelet with veins throbbing on his neck.

If Joseph was carrying a phone he would have thrown it from the window after getting treated like ** by Mr.

Gama, and especially after hearing his last order.

Kidnapping five awakeners

What a joke, they struggled to kidnap 6 of them during the last 7 months, yet now they had to kidnap 5 in a month Not to mention their favorite mercenary squad was wiped out!

They absolutely had no idea where to start.

Obviously, Mr.

Gama didn\'t give a ** about their dilemma when he gave out his order.

What now

A sudden silence engulfed the room after hearing elder Joseph\'s question.

They just kept gazing at each other with hopeless expressions.

Should we ask Adam to assassinate Felix in his sleep That will solve both of our problems at once. An elder suddenly offered a shocking solution.

Yet, before the elders could even digest what he said, a slap landed on that elder\'s face making his cheek reddened within a second.

I dare you to suggest that again. The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes dangerously while looking at everyone in the room.

Anyone else has a retarded idea he wants to share with us He asked.

Respectful and somewhat scared, the elders all lowered their heads while answering, No, grand elder.

That\'s what I thought.

For the middle-aged man to be referred to with that title, he must be in his nineties.

Yet, he appeared like he didn\'t even reach his fifties!

There was only one way for that to happen...The Longevity Potion!

It seemed like those 6 kidnapped awakeners were already traded and cashed out by the Hilton elders!


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