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Before the driver could even comprehend his words, Felix jumped from the bus into the dark armored jeep, landing on its roof!

Just as one of the assailants wanted to shot at the ceiling of the jeep, hoping to land a lucky shot on Felix, his gun was pulled down by his ally.

It\'s too risky.

We need him alive to complete the mission.

Hold tight! The driver\'s yell was muffed by his gas mask, which he was wearing.

Not bothering if his allies heard him, he pushed the acceleration pedal to the limit while turning the wheel left and right, zigzagging in the road, aiming to throw Felix away.

They only need him alive not fully intact.

This was the reason the driver aimed at Felix\'s none vitals before.

Unfortunately for the driver, his method bore no fruit as Felix\'s fingers were too strong, they dug holes in the alloy, making his grip tighter than he had during his battle against Absolute Vision.


Not wasting time, Felix used his free hand to smash the jeep\'s window like it wasn\'t made to be bulletproof.

What the F*ck! Argh! Before the assailant, who was close to the window could even exclaim, his head was clutched by Felix\'s hand, making him groan in pain.

If only he knew that Felix was using just 5% of his strength to not explode his head and dirty himself, he would have felt grateful about that bit of pain.

LET HIM GO! The assailant, sitting at the back, pointed his gun at the ceiling while threatening, Or else, I will start shooting!

Fine! I will let him go, just don\'t shoot me.

I don\'t want my clothes ruined. Felix annoyed voice resounded in the car as he hurled the man from the window into the road\'s asphalt, making him roll over and over akin to a broken doll.


Shocked, the assailants turned their heads, looking at the motionless body of their squadmate from the back window.


Hello boys. Felix greeted the moment he entered through the broken window, making the assailants snap out of their shock.

Speechless, they gazed at him sitting comfortably with one leg above the other next to them.

I will only ask this once. Felix smiled warmly while hugging the assailant\'s shoulder.

Who sent you

Sadly, the only response Felix got was three M4 guns aiming at his head.

Ladies, if you wanna play that way. Felix\'s warm smile was wiped off his face, as he tightened his arm, snapping the assailant\'s neck, killing him in an instant.

F*ck the mission! Blow this monster\'s head up! The driver yelled furiously as he pulled the trigger.

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His squadmate, who was sitting in the front seat, followed after him, emptying an entire M3 mag on Felix.

Unfortunately for them, doing so just pissed Felix off even more, as he had to guard his face with his arms, completely ripping off the jacket he was wearing.

Peng Peng...!

The sound the bullets made during contact with Felix\'s skin sent cold shivers at the back of the assailants.

They didn\'t know if they were shooting a human or a piece of thick steel!

Their megs were getting emptied rapidly, yet still, Felix neither budged or screamed.

He just continued protecting his face until clicking sounds greeted his ears.

Out of ammo He removed his unharmed arms from his face, showing a frigid expression.

My turn!

Felix kicked the frontal seat\'s head, not holding anything back.


The assailant\'s head immediately exploded without a single ounce of resistance.

The seat did absolutely nothing to relieve some of Felix\'s strength.


The driver\'s entire clothes were covered in the blood and brain matter of his squadmate.

Felix didn\'t need to see his face behind the black mask to know that he was scared **less by the sight.

Felix swiftly moved behind him and caught his neck in a gentle manner, not applying any pressure.

However, that was more than enough to let the driver\'s heart almost leap out of his chest.

Tell me who sent you. Felix\'s devilish voices invaded his ears, If you start the sentence by I don\'t...Your head will be next.

I Don...I swear I have no clue who sent us. The driver gulped after feeling Felix\'s fingers tightening, Our mercenary squad never deal with the employer directly.

I see. Felix smiled, Then tell me about your middleman.

Only the leader of the squad is allowed to meet up with him. The driver turned the wheel to the left, evading a truck, and continued, We are operating like this to keep our sec...

I don\'t give a ** about your squad rules. Felix interrupted him with his eyes narrowed, Did your leader participate in this mission He added after seeing the driver clinching the wheel tighter, Your answer better be what I want to hear.

After hearing so, the driver stopped hesitating as he betrayed his leader in a heartbeat, He is at the jeep behind us.

Felix looked at the back mirror and saw that the bus was left way behind with the other armored vehicles.

Which one Felix asked while forcing the driver\'s head into facing the back mirror.

Argh! The Jeep behind the bus! The driver groaned in pain after Felix applied a bit of pressure in his grip.

You did well. Felix relaxed his grip, making the driver sigh in relief.

Sadly, before he enjoyed this new lease of life, a finger penetrated the back of his skull, making his eyes widen for a second before greying out.

Felix stayed true to his word and didn\'t explode his head like his squadmate.

As for other ways of killing him He never said anything about them.

Using a car is too bothersome. Irritated, Felix threw the driver\'s corpse to the side and took control of the car.

However, instead of slowing down and rejoin the fight in the back, he chose a free path on the road and got out of the jeep from the window!

He climbed on the roof, standing up on his feet, uncaring about the raging wind blowing his hair and ripped out clothes.

Time to pop out the wings. He gave a delightful grin as he beamed a small bottle from his bracelet into his hand.

The bottle was filled with a greyish substance.

Felix opened the lid of the bottle and applied that substance into his hands.

He swiftly threw the bottle away and rubbed his hands on his back shoulders, directly on his skin.

After making sure not a single bit of the substance was left on his hands, Felix called softly, Fuchsia Eagle Wings activate!

Immediately after laying down the order, the greyish substance on his back started glowing brightly for a split second before it started to morph and stretch into two wide wings.

The transformation didn\'t take even a second before it finished, making Felix appear akin to a fallen angel with those gloomy greyish wings protruding from his back!

Without further ado, Felix bent his legs on the roof until the alloy got bent, then abruptly he erupted into the air, jumping 7 meters or so at once.

The moment he got into that height, Felix started flapping his wings a bit awkwardly at first, making him drop and raise continuously.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

However, he soon got used to it and started rising higher and higher speedily until the cars on the highway appeared like ants.

Totally worth the price. Satisfied by the cool air blowing on his face, Felix smiled pleasantly as he kept flapping his wings periodically.

During the first shopping spree he had in the UVR, Felix purchased Fuchsia Eagle Wings substance with 20k SC from Mr.

Piggy\'s shop.

He bought also some invisibility potions, as he knew that those kinds of potions and substances were extremely important in the real world.

Though, he didn\'t buy many as he knew that he was going to spend most of the time in the UVR and SG.

And in those platforms potions and substances were useless.

After all, using them for a virtual body makes no sense.

However, in the real world, that was another story entirely.

Potions and substances reign supreme in battles and confrontations.

Some of them could even be a life-saving item or hidden card used as the last attack.

Felix bought those wings early in time, not for fighting, but just in case the plane or the helicopter he was riding had accident mid-air forcing it to crash.

His parents\' helicopter accident in his childhood made him a bit traumatic.

After staying in the air for a couple of seconds, Felix decided to drop down and continue where he left, as the wings were temporary, lasting 15 minutes at most.


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