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Meanwhile, in the VIP room, Robert was pointing his finger at Felix while laughing in pure delight, not giving a crap to the unsightly expression of the Hilton elders.

Those elders had absolutely no clue what had just happened.

They were still processing the fact that their juniors had just got single-handedly demolished by one junior before hearing Robert\'s laugh.

Thankfully for them, none of those authoritative bothered to glance in their direction as they were completely shellshocked by Felix\'s ability.


Jones, who was more informative about the human bloodline system couldn\'t help but feel his dormant blood start to boil after guessing that only one rank had such a massive impact and effect.

Impatience and quite excited, he turned to Robert and asked, Did your grandson awaken a legendary bloodline!

Legendary Bloodline

Startled, the president raised his eyebrows at hearing Mr.

Jones\'s sudden question.

He was also astonished by Felix\'s ability, but he didn\'t think it would have a relation with the infamous legendary rank.

He knew that if Felix truly awakened with legendary rank bloodline it meant that the Maxwells somehow managed to obtain 100 million SC or more!

The entire country\'s yearly coins budget that was given by the Council didn\'t even reach that amount!

Hehe, isn\'t obvious Robert smirked, Adam Hilton already showed us the limits of an epic bloodline. He glanced at the Hilton elders and snickered, Isn\'t that right

Uncaring about his jab at the Hiltons, the President swiftly interjected in their conversation after receiving a positive response, Is it proper to know how you got it He smiled, If it\'s linked to private information, please don\'t address my inquiry.

We didn\'t get it. Robert shook his head and said, It was my grandson who won it in a UVR\'s lottery. He waved his hand, Don\'t ask us about its name, we also have no idea as Felix signed a contract forbidding him from sharing information about it.

Abraham and the rest of the elders nodded their heads, agreeing to his statement.

It doesn\'t matter.

At least our country is either the first to have a legendary bloodliner or one of them. The president smiled while looking at Olivia and the rest, trying their best to lift Felix and throw him in the air.

Sadly, his weight was too much for them to handle.

He chuckled at the sight and asked, Can you set me a private meeting with your grandson I want to talk to him.

With pleasure Mr.

President. Robert\'s grin as he said so was about to reach his ears.

If you excuse us Mr.

President, we are going to check on our children. The Hiltons immediately stood up and left after saying so.

They couldn\'t handle seeing the President getting chummy with Robert while their juniors were coughing up mouthfuls of blood, not receiving a single ounce of attention by anyone.

They were treated like dirt thrown at the side, as the spectators, governer, the president, even the four commoners, who were spared before, only had Felix in their eyes.

All of the achievements and battles, which Adam won before seemed like a joke at this moment.

A joke that the elders didn\'t see it funny one bit.

Felix wasn\'t messing around when he told them that today was going to be the worst day in their lives.

And he always delivered what he promised.

\'Queen please make contact with Mr.

Gama.\' The white-haired elder said coldly, \'Ask him how much he is willing to pay for a legendary bloodliner.\'


20 minutes later on the same white and blue wooden stage, Felix and the rest of his team were all lining up on it.

Cameras were flashing continuously at Mr.

Jones and Felix, who were shaking hands.


Jones took a gold medal from a red pillow, that was being carried by a staff member, and put it around Felix\'s neck.

After doing so, he gestured with his hand, and a staff member carrying another pillow, which had this time a small glamourous box, approached them.


Jones straightaway put the box in Felix\'s hand and gave him a quick hug.

Good job son. He praised Felix with a smile, I can\'t wait to see the heights you will reach in the World Representative Battles.

Thank you. Felix nodded his head politely.

After a couple of pictures together, Mr.

Jones soon carried on to the next in line.

The cameras\' flashes, which were annoying Felix and Asna, thankfully followed after him.

Felix wanted to ditch this ceremonial just because of this annoying nuisance.

However, his grandfather informed him that the President wanted to meet up with him after the ceremony.

Felix absolutely had no reason to bail on the president and offend him.

Heck, he preferred nothing more but to befriend him and get in his good books.

It was always better to have friends of such a heavy caliber.

After a while, the ceremony ended under the heartful applause of the audience.

Felix sighed in relief and walked down the stage followed by the rest of his teammates.


Felix, please this way.

However, the moment he descended down the arena, he was gestured by a man wearing a dark suit with dark glasses.

You guys go ahead, I will catch up to you later. Felix informed Olivia and the rest while walking towards the man in black.


Knock knock!

Come in.


President, I have brought him. The man said.

Alright, leave us.

Just as the man wanted to comment on the order, he heard the President add, Just leave, I will be alright.

The president smiled at Felix and gestured with his hand to come closer, Sit next to me.

Unfazed by being alone with the president, Felix walked naturally and sat next to him.

It\'s a pleasure to meet you, Mr.

President. He offered a handshake with a polite smile.

The pleasure is all mine after that show of strength you just displayed. Without putting airs, the President laughed genuinely as he shook his hand.

I am glad you enjoyed the battle. Felix said, smiling.

The president let go of Felix\'s hand and said, I didn\'t bring you here to interrogate you about your bloodline details.

Your grandfather already told us about the contract. He looked at Felix with a solemn expression and said, However, the fact that your bloodline is a legendary rank could be easily guessed not just by us but by the rest of the countries, who were watching your performance.

Do you understand what that means The president asked.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50351012229205249 for visiting.

They are not pleased by me as I am considered a massive threat. Felix rested his chin on his hand and clarified, Although the current planet seems more unified than ever due to the horrors of the universe, there are still internal conflicts of interest happening as we speak.

Having more representatives in the earthlings\' team is currently the biggest target that every country is trying its best to fulfill.

Felix shrugged his shoulders and said lastly, After I showed them that I am capable of winning against a team that is almost equal to their team all by myself, this will put me in their must eliminate target list before the representative battle starts.

I couldn\'t say it any better. The president praised him, You might be young, but at least you are not naive.

I am glad the national team is having you as their captain.

The president assumed that Felix was able to figure out all of this by himself, but honestly, what Felix said had actually happened in his previous life to some bloodliners in the national team and also other countries\' teams.

Hidden assassinations or public ones, it didn\'t matter as any bloodliner that was considered a threat to the interest of other countries had to be eliminated no matter what.

The leaders of the world only cared about bloodliners from their own country clinching a representative spot.

They didn\'t give a crap if their bloodliner was worse by a mile than another one from other countries.

But who could blame them for thinking like this

The moment the Council\'s voting system was changed to have a relation with the number of representatives each country had in the earthlings\' team, an internal conflict between countries was bound to arise.

Sigh, people think that the world representatives battle is about to start in two months. The President shook his head, What they don\'t realize was that the battle started right after we announced the creation of the World Council.

But you don\'t have to worry about them making attempts on you. The president stopped lamenting as he informed Felix, I called you here to let you know that an elitist squad will be prepared just for you.

They will be protecting you from any assassination attempt before we send you to Germany.

We can\'t afford to lose our first legendary bloodliner.


President I\'m honored by the gesture. Felix shook his head, However, there is no need to put so much focus on me.

If you watched the previous fights, you would notice that my defenses aren\'t that shabby. He smiled faintly, In other words, bullets can\'t really harm me.

And I doubt that they will use heavy artillery weapons for me.

Though Felix sounded like he was bragging, he honestly was just trying to make the president remove any thoughts about continuing his \'protection plan\'.

In his eyes, those elites will serve no purpose but spy on him 24/7 and forcing him to keep his guard up every time he speaks or do something unordinary.

He had no time for such a nuisance.

Plus, he wasn\'t really lying about having bullet immunity.

His skin was tougher than steel with his superstrength.

If they tried to use tranquilizers or poisons to get him...Well, Felix would never say no to free food.

Oh Your bloodline actually gave you immunity to bullets The president got shocked for a second before regaining his composure, You have no idea how helpful such an ability for me.

Amused, Felix merely chuckled at his envious expression.

He knew that the president might say so but actually he probably already drunk many protection potions such as hardened skin to keep him safe.

Those potions might have temporary effects, ranging from months to years, but they were still pretty useful to protect high leveled commoners like the president.

Alright, our time is running fast. The president glanced at his AP bracelet and said, I will respect your choice.

However, I hope you remain indoors for the next three days.

After so, you won\'t need to worry about your safety.

Why so Felix asked in confusion.

Although he understood what he was implying.

Still, Felix had to feign ignorance.

After all, information about what was going to happen after the tournament wasn\'t told to them yet.

I will leave that to Mr.

Jone to explain.

He is probably with your team already and waiting just for you. The president extended his hand and said with a smile, Make us proud, son.

Will try my best. Felix shook his hand for a second before letting go.

He stood up and nodded his head respectfully before leaving through the door.

The man in black who guided him here, gestured with his head to follow after him.

Felix knew that he was taking him to the gathering spot, where his teammates and Mr.

Jones were at.


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